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Year in review 2007: Gessle on tour, Marie and husband in studio - but where was Roxette?

Written by roxeteer on January 5, 2008 to and .

12 months have gone by in a flash and it's again the time for The Daily Roxette's annual "Year in review" article.

2007 was something you can call a slow news year - Roxette wise. Per released a Swedish solo album, "En händig man," and did a summer tour, but there was not a single Roxette news article after March 2007.

Late December 2006 and a couple of days later in January 2007, Radio Halland aired an interesting two-part interview with Per Gessle. In the interview Per revealed for the first time that he's working on a new solo album. The reporter had also heard rumors of a summer tour and asked Per about it. According to Per, nothing had been decided at that point and that the "Mazarin" tour had been put together only two months before the premier night. In March the tour looked more likely when Expressen published a story about Per releasing an album soon with a tour following it.

Per also claimed he's working on a follow-up to Son of a Plumber album, but later Per admitted that he was only trying to fool people with it. Although, later in the year, Son of a Plumber did make a surprise comeback…

Album and tour finally public after months of rumors

In February, the last Roxette single, so far, was released. "Reveal" included two new remixes of the song and a slightly modified single edit. The same month, Roxette's "Hits!" reached gold album status in Sweden and got a raving review in a US magazine Blender.

Only a week after Expressen's article, Per published a press release about a new solo album, "En händig man," to be released in June and a tour, starting in July in his hometown Halmstad. Per also did something not many artists can: the concert tickets were available immediately, three months before the album. Good or bad? Who knows…

In March, we also had a great exclusive interview with the Man himself. Per told us about the recording sessions of "En händig man." 21 songs were recorded, some live in studio. Originally, Mats "MP" Persson was playing in the band, but his parts got removed in the mixing process. Per also told that EMI Blue Note was going to release the Son of a Plumber album in the US, but because of EMI downsizing, the plan was cancelled. "Too bad, as my contact at Blue Note just loved the album. I'm still shopping around though, as the album is quite timeless it doesn't matter if it's not released in 2007," Per said to The Daily Roxette.

In the interview, Per also predicted that the Swedish press will call the tour a flop because he will never reach the numbers Gyllene Tider did in 2004. Per predicted well, since in June the Swedish tabloids wrote about bad ticket sales: none of the concerts were sold out. EMA Telstar's CEO Thomas Johansson tried to put them back on track: "En händig man" tour was at that time the best-selling tour in Sweden and in any case, usually only 50 % of the tickets get sold beforehand. Out of the 140,000 tickets, 80,000 had already been sold. This didn't help and tabloids continued to compare the figures to the record-breaking Gyllene Tider tour.

Micke and Marie - husband and wife - in "A Family Affair"

At the end of March news broke on the first solo album of Marie's husband Mikael Bolyos, "A Family Affair." We also got the chance to publish a snippet of the lead single, "When The Lord Is About To Come." Later, when we published the track listing, we also published a snippet of another song from the album, "Me & My Guitar."

"A Family Affair" album was interesting to the fans of Marie, since she was contributing to many of the songs. The last song, "Hometown," is extra interesting since it was featured in the Colin Nutley movie "Sånt är livet" which contained many of Marie's songs, one of them being "Tro," but was never released before this.

There were a couple of more new Marie releases later in the year. Aimed to the Christmas shoppers, Marie released a ballad hits album "Tid för tystnad." It contained a fully new song "Ordet är farväl," written by Py Bäckman and Micke Bolyos, which was also released as a single, and a Swedish version of "A Table In The Sun," "Ett bord i solen."

The summer of the handy man

The lead single of "En händig man," a song with the same title, was published in May and the complete track listing of the album a few days later. The Daily Roxette proudly presented the world premiere of the song.

We had a nice chat with Per and heard his feelings when the album was finally ready. In the interview, we hear some nice tidbits about the songs on "En händig man." For example, "Om jag vetat då (vad jag vet nu)" was originally intended for Roxette and had the English title "If I'd Known Then (What I Know Now)." It never got recorded, because Marie was ill at the time and they decided to concentrate on "Opportunity Nox" instead. The closing track "Min hälsning" (my personal favorite! -Editor's note), was originally recorded as long as 29 years earlier in 1978. Per had totally forgotten this song he found on an old cassette while looking for cassettes to be photographed for the book! More details on the songs we got in June, when Per told details of each song, exclusively for The Daily Roxette.

Like so many times before, right before the tour Per and the band had a "secret" concert in Per's hotel in Halmstad. Two days later, they climbed the big stage at Örjans vall. 17,800 people witnessed them perform 23 songs live. "The concert itself was very Gyllene Tider oriented, with 10 out of 23 songs. The rest consisted of seven 'En händig man' songs and six from 'Mazarin'," wrote Thomas Evensson in his article for The Daily Roxette. He wasn't the only who noticed the large number of GT songs: the Swedish newspapers wrote about it over and over again during the summer.

One month and 20 cities later, "En händig man" tour was over. The Daily Roxette had a chance to meet him. "Life's empty, boring and quite sad to tell the truth. It always is when you've finished a tour. So the whole band is singing the blues at the moment!!! Everyone wanted to go on for at least another month. This has been the most enjoyable tour I’ve ever done," Per told our reporter.

The final concert in Stockholm was filmed, broadcast on TV and later released as a DVD in December. A notable thing in the release was that the cover picture was taken by our very own Thomas Evensson.

Being Per Gessle

In October, Per's biography "Att vara Per Gessle," got published. The book is written by Swedish journalist Sven Lindström. The book itself is huge: it's roughly the size of an LP, has 280 pages and weighs more than 2.2 kilos. A bonus CD is included, containing previously unreleased tracks, such as the demo of "The Look" with Per singing and a demo of "Joyrider" which, of course, was made later famous with the name "Joyride." There was also a special edition of the CD, available only through AdLibris. That CD contained two more tracks, including an earlier demo of "Joyrider," showing nicely the progress made when a song turns into releasable shape.

Per and Sven Lindström had a few signing sessions around Sweden. Here are a couple of previously unpublished photos from the Malmö session by Ulf Stjernbo:

Per Gessle and Sven Lindström signing books in Åhlens, Malmö Per Gessle and Sven Lindström signing books in Åhlens, Malmö

Oh, and that surprise comeback of Son of a Plumber? SOAP and Per released a double A-sided single with "Pratar med min müsli" from the "En händig man" album and a completely new instrumental track "Shopping With Mother," (supposedly written for the Swedish TV-show "Boston Tea Party") which really sticks to your ear!

A more or less complete list of releases in 2007



  • Roxette: Reveal
  • Per Gessle: En händig man
  • Per Gessle: Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
  • Marie Fredriksson: Order är farväl
  • Per Gessle & Son Of A Plumber: Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar) / Shopping With Mother


  • Per Gessle: En händig man på turné


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2007 is the year in which Roxette died. Should’ve known that was coming since the Fanclub decided to stop.

2007 - well, it sucked if you didn’t like the solo/sideprojects, didn’t it?

Well 2007.
En handig man was nice surprise, A Familly Affair was also nice surprise, Ordet är farväl too. Pitty we don´t get full new album but only ballad hits.
But I am still waiting for other surprise. Hope it will come sometime.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, the roxyear 2007 wasn’t so great for my liking. I was rather bored by the Gessle album and liked only some songs of the Marie/Bolyos songs. The Reveal remixes were cool though! Hope to get some more Rox in 2008!

“Fanclub decided to stop”? Ha ha, yeah sure, that was a “decision”...

Well, I hope that 2008 will be a better Year!!!
Have Fun!!!

“Min Hälsning” is my favourite track on “EHM” too! Glad someone else thinks so (-:

Nicely done - thanks as always for taking the time to do this every year!

@tevensso: Maybe -in some visions- only few exist but I’m one of those who has good memories about the fanclub. At least people could order at the fanclub stuff that was only open to Scandinavia. For exemple, I’m sure the fanclub would have delivered “Att vara Per Gessle” all over Europe. This site is by far the best Roxette newspaper but it cannot replace the role of the fanclub on fan-material-related-items and thus is only a nice second best :-) . Don’t take it personal.

By no means this is taken personal, I was just saying they were shut down by the management for their overly crappy performance. I’m sure there are happy people out there, for some strange reason, but there are many many that aren’t happy. Enough said. Enjoy 2008.

For me it was a great year!!! I saw 3 EHM shows last Summer and I also met Per on his signing session in Malmo.:-)

I just got 5 of all these releases, haha! I am a bad fan, hang me in the nearest tree if you want.

2007 was a good year for the Gessle fans. Not so good for the Marie fans like me, as we only got one new song and a compilation. The one and only Roxette release was the maxi of “Reveal”. A nice one, but it was almost invisible to the audiences (it charted only one week in Sweden).

In my vision, Gessle shouldn’t release so many things in a short period of time (album, singles, tour, book + CD, compilation, live DVD, multiple appearances on TV and newspapers). It was too much. People got tired of him, clearly. I got tired too, somehow. We can say only the 1st single of the album was a success. “Tanka” and “Pratar” didn’t get any support beyond the fans and charted poorly. The same could happen to any artist in any country.

Yes, it looks like that Sweden is little bit tired of Gessle. It was something new and fresh to have a swedish Gessle after so many years back in 2003, but now after 5 years... Now it´s time to go abroad and make again something for international fans. But no experiments. Something what people knows and miss on today music scene and what Mr. G can the best. We all know what it is. Fresh and driving pop rock.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tev wrote:

“I’m sure there are happy people out there, for some strange reason, but there are many many that aren’t happy. Enough said. Enjoy 2008.”

Ok, why are those who bought from the fan club “strange”? I never bought anything from them, but I wouldn’t immediately assume those who did are “strange,” which is what you’re inferring.

And “enough said” ? This a forum, don’t you know? :-)

Thank you all the TDR team for your great work.

IMHO, 2007 has not been a good year for Roxette’s fans, but it has been a great year for Per and Marie’s fans. I mean both Per and Marie have released new songs, so our hungry ears can listen to different material. Anyway, I guess many people is yet frustrated because Roxette seems a closed chapter. As far as I am concerned, I love Gessle’s band and I am waiting for a new Son of a Plumber album in 2008 or 2009.

Greetings and happy new year to all!

Last night i was in the night club and they play 2 roxette songs.
I don’t think that they play second time other artist .
Peolpe enjoyed it.
So i don’t think Roxette is dead.
They never be!

The “reveal” single is most beatuful song of the year from Roxete and co.
If Per put 10% of Handy’s reclame on this single, even Reveal can be hit.

Per must do some english stuffs under the name Roxette or SOAP this year.
(better Roxette cos almost nobody outside Sweden knows about SOAP)

Although i was on 3 Per’s concert and it was fun, i must admit ,that you are probably right about swedish solo and the fact that people get bored.

Per, please
1.Make some good ,new version of old song if you willing to perform GT or old solo once again live!

Common - it’s hard to see the difference between Mazarin and GT concerts and dvds .

The klarinett version of Nar vi tva was a good idea,but ended the WORST WAY.
What a “great’ bonus for DVD - to watch NOTHING in dvd quality.

Hire an orchestra . Make it as professional.
THAT would be a bonus.

2. It’s 2008 !! Make some videos !!

Good video clips ,not selfmaded or homework !
People still talking about Roxette video clips.
Give people some imagies to visualize lyrics,something to remember for long time.

Even the poorest musican make video clips.
It’s part of todays life.
Without clips ,the song is incomplete!
The package is half empty.
(For example -i don’t remember “Party in my head lyrics ” but won’t forget the small video in the forest for the rest of my life -)) It was cool.

Sorry for hard words ,but yestarday i was on concert of young bulgarian singer who probably earn 10 000 euro for year in best case.
But he never say that he don’t have money for video.
He made video for every single.
And for concert he maded diffrent version of every song.
He hired an orchestra ,he even play on different instruments.

The experiance for the fans and the whole audience was incredible.

Maybe Per is spoilt by swedish public ,but i’m sure he can do it much beter.
The Roxette unplugged was great and unforgettable.

It doesn’t matter if you can earn money without clips or such efforts.
If you love music -it’s “the whole package” ,not -the Britney kind of business.

Don’t get me wrong -It’s just constructive criticism :-)

The 2007 was the greatest year of my life because of Per and Marie in many ways.

Big “THANK YOU” for Handy CD ,Boylos CD ,and Marie CD which came to me finally yesterday :-)

@ChrisWilliams: Tev didn’t say that the people who bought from the former fan club were strange. He meant and saisd that the fact the some people who bought stuff from the fan club were happy, is strange since the former fan club had a very messy and creppy operation going by providing no consumer satisfaction to lots of its consumers. Therefore, the former fan club had a very bad credibily issue.

So yea, it’s strange that some people were happy with them, when their services to their consumers were so horrid.

Concerning the year of 2007 relating it to the TDR year in review, i think it 2007 was a regular year. Had some excitement, so therefore it was not a completely boring year.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I think, 2008 will be another box of surprises and I think Per will open it in any other way!!!!! Let´s see what the future brings !! Listen to Don McLeans “American Pie”, we still haven´t reached the day the music dies!!!

@P-p-p-pelle : roxette “died”, not because the fun club stop. roxette will never be dead ’cos they live in their music. in any case, i think it was a marie´s (mainly) “desition” to “retire” from roxette. (just to use some words, not litheraly).

@abysmo , i totaly agree when you say : ... Now it´s time to go abroad and make again something for international fans. But no experiments. Something what people knows and miss on today music scene .... AND I hope this will apply to Roxette if they ever come back.

Regarding to 2007 . I like EHM album very much! and MIN hälsing is one of my favorites also.
i also like Ördet är farväl...but of course i wish Marie would be able to writte her own stuff again. and if she doesn´t it is not a problem cos her voice is everything we need!.

I would have preffered per releases his biography in 2008. I think, but not complaining, there was a lot of per´s stuff to buy. (it is a bit difficult specially for those one , including myself, who traveled from abroad to sweden , to attend per´s shows), but this is just a subjective opinion.

Oh Swedes. They have so much of Gessle, that they can even get tired of him. That’s what I call lucky nation. And who is dead? Roxette? Then why do I hear Rox regularly on the radio? The year 2007 was good enough, come on! I only regret that there was no video for Reveal, even simple video would be great for me. I can only say thank you Per, Marie and TDR, let’s hope for the great 2008!!!

I agree that 2007 wasn’t the best year for Roxfans, but at least Per and Marie keep doing music, and that’s good enough for me. Of course I hope Roxette come back one day, and I know that will happen sooner or later. I keep my faith.

2007 was a good year. EHM was a great album, but just not as good as Mazarin. I think it is time to move on from that sound now though. As normal though, I wasn’t keen on Marie’s new song, but then again, I’m not a big fan of her solo work. Shopping With Mother proved to be much better than I thought. If only I could get rid of that stupid laughter at the end!!

Let’s see what 2008 brings....

i think think 2007 was a great year, because Pers solo album is fantastic i just love all the songs.

For me 2007 was a fantastic year. I finally got to see Per live on stage. I also love En Händig Man album. Marie’s ballad compilation is great! I’m still listening to it regularly.

Yes, there was almost no Roxette this year. But hej, 2008 is here, let’s wait and see!

I’m gonna get dressed for success


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