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Written by tevensso on January 13, 2007 to and . Source: EMI/

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - The next single off of "Hits!" is "Reveal" as The Daily Roxette revealed a while ago. We can now present the tracklist and sleeve for you. It seems EMI and Roxette decided to use the Kleerup remix after all. Kleerup has worked with Robyn, among others, but also does music on his own.

While the Kleerup remix is a slower, heavy with drums and strings, dance mix, The Attic remake is a poppy ditty that reminds one of early Depeche Mode.

01: Reveal (The Attic remake) 3:29
02: Reveal (Kleerup remix) 3:41
03: Reveal (single version) 3:43
04: One Wish Video

The confirmed release date is February 14. Click the titles for snippets.


When will be it release?? And will be it release on cd-maxi, cd-single or vinyl??? I want a vinyl remix of Reveal!!!
One Wish Video!!! Yeahhh!! I hope it will be in great quality!!

Looking forward to it !

According to Kjell Andersson for Littlemarie, the new cdsingle, will be release in the middle of February.... ;)

Will there be Reveal video? Or will be Reveal first Rox single without video? Any news from Mr. Andersson or tevensso?

Per is away on promotion in the US, so it seems unlikely.

Not good news but thanks for reply. Still hope for a little chance.
Single with remixes and without video? Hope that Per and Marie find one or two free days for video shooting.

I don’t see any reason for shooting a video for Reveal. I mean, did anyone, besides the Swedes, catch One Wish on television? I saw it on Viva’s Neu (that was actually recorded for me) but nowhere else. My 9-year old nephew said he saw it on Finnish MTV3 Kids Top 20 -chart as a video preview. However, there’s very little sense in having a video for Reveal as a promotional tool...

Tider12_, do you really think it will be released on vinyl??? No offense, but c’mon...

I am not dying for a video. But now that animalkingdom has mentioned it, I catched One Wish many times on TV, here in Argentina. In one of the public channels (Channel 9) they show videos in a section called “Trasnoche pop” (Late-night pop). It starts at 2 AM and runs until the proper programation of the channel starts in the early morning. The videos are selected by Pop Radio (, that turned to be one of the most popular these days.

It was really nice to see One Wish along Madonna, R. Williams, Pink. Though Roxette is bigger and better than those :oP

It was my sister who watched it there for first time. So, the following night I stared at the TV almost all night. Just after I watched it, I went to bed in peace!

I hope the picture sleeve is not final because it looks like a promo CD. Any old photo would be nicer.

I would say this is final yes.

I like the cover.
And I like this one: “The next single off “Hits!” is...”
sounds like leaving the door open to further single-releases. IMHBL maybe... *lol*

I prefer this instead of an old or new photo. Looks more classy this way.

It’s not promo cd. I have Reveal promo. It’s pretty much same kind of like, but on the promo single there’s more pink colour and text “Roxette Reveal Single version”.

...any chance to have Reveal (Instrumental Version) on 2 tracks cd single?

I saw the “One wish” video even in Italy, where Roxette have never been well promoted. Anyway, I think that it’s better to have a single with good tracks instead of a poor video like the Salvation one.

yay at last a tracklisting, could we please have a fixed date when to buy it ? ? ? one wish should of had some remix for fans on it.

Do you remember when we used to have a 30 second snippet of the songs as a preview? I miss that.

There has never been snitppets of the second singles. Snippets has always been of first singles like Wish I Could Fly, Här kommer alla känslorna, TCOTH etc.

...because when the 2nd single is out, you already have the album and the track on it, supposedly. Gessle-addict meant to say snippets of the bonus-tracks. We had the snippets here when the remixes of “Hey Mr. DJ” were announced.

Yes, room_service, you’re right, I was talking about the remixes.

I’ll look into snippets. Would be cool.

@alesluc: WHAT??? Salvation is one of their best videos ever!!!

@at Veneziano: you really think that the Salvation video is good? I find it totally meaningless and without any connection to the song, which is wonderful.Notwithstanding the director is quite famous (Corbijn)...

Stay on topic.

tev relax lol

” is a slower, heavy with drums and strings, dance mix” mix? Haha.
Anyway, since there hasn’t really been any news regarding the release of Reveal before I found odd that they “decided to use the Kleerup remix AFTER ALL”. Was it off the single at some point then?

By the way, where can you listen to these mixes beforehand?

One Wish is still broadcasted here! I watched it 5 minutes ago. They have showed it since early December, every single night.

salvation video is awesome!!!

Is there any news about a final release date for the Reveal single?

I will be in Sweden next week for my work, so I really hope I can buy it in the shops :)

No news yet, we’re waiting for info from EMI regarding final date, formats and snippets.

It’s just wonderful to have One Wish video on the single. Regarding the sleeve, I’d prefer to have Per and Marie on the cover :P

Anyway, I hope that Roxette will find time to shoot a video for Reveal. Maybe that’s the reason why the release date is not clear yet.
Det bor en ande i en flaske hos mej :)


Maybe Per and Marie on the cover would’ve been better but definitely NOT the bowling alley shoot. Worst photo sessions ever, imo!

I´ve heard it give no Video for Reveal and this is the finally Cover for the Single.

two fo the most horribel mixes of a rox track ever i hope to god this isn’t what they are going to try and push in the states, i am so disappointed

Can’t judge the remixes with 30 seconds. Gotta wait for the full songs. The attic Remake remix sounds interesting. Thanks for the snippets.

Tev, do you have any idea where the single will be released? Either the physical CD for sale and the radio station releases?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I won’t judge these remixes until I hear the complete versions. I remember when the snippets of “Hey Mr DJ” were made available and everybody said they were crap. But they loved them afterwards. I don’t think 30 seconds is enough to have a certain opinion.

Regarding the States, good or bad remixes is exactly the same because nobody will pay any attention to them.

I think the attic remake sounds great! Can’t wait to her the full thing. Not so sure about the kleerup remix...sounds very bizarre, but will be interesting to hear the full mix!

Cool, I like The Attic Remake! Adds some energy to the song – while not being a dumb dance tune. Not sure about the Kleerup remix yet, at least it sounds interesting. ;-)

Love the Attic version!!!! Definitely adds some life to it. Not sure what to make of the other one.

Wonder if we’ll get this over here in the States (doubt it?). Wish they’d remixed One Wish too while they were at it.

Meradi: Love the Attic version!!!! Definitely adds some life to it.

Totally agree.

Sounds very US and very 80´s. This would be radio hit.
Kleerup is little bit strange. Needs to listen the whole song.

Hmmm... I’m weird: I quite like the Kleerup mix and don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to the other one again!

The kleerup remix crap?? It‘s superb!!!!!!!!! Drum machine and strings!!!!!! So cool!!!!!
Dind‘t check out the other snippet so I´ll have a surprise the day I buy the single :-D

Attic - VERY 80’s! Hehehehe....

Kleerup - sounds VERY interesting.


Cheers cheers

Attic sounds cool, very 80’s. I think i’ll wait till i hear the whole Kleerup mix before i judge that.

They should’ve done a remix or two for One Wish though. I still think it would’ve been a great song to be mixed.

I hope they promote the remixes to radio/djs as well. Could imagine the remake works better than the original.

heard it on the radio today. On Switzerland’s thirs biggest private station!

Ahh feb. 14 on my birthday!=) About the b-sides: LOOOOOOVED The Attic Remake so much!! WOW! Totaly my cup of tea! The other one I think was OK, need to hear more.

It’s fantastic to hear that Reveal gets airplay in Switzerland. How about the other countries? I’ve heard Reveal only once on a small local Swedish radio station. But well, we have time as the release date is the 14th of February.

Hej, what a day - the 14th of February!!!

Det bor en ande i en flaske hos mej :)

Ive heard “Reveal” on P1 a couple of times ( swedish national radio).

Which version they played on the radios? Original or The Attic Remake? I think that Attic would be a hit, really great change, it’ s another, new song.

Reveal as a single - beautiful decision - an appropriate ballad release for the romantic 14th feb date - maybe the use of that song around that time on radio and maybe being included on some sort of romantic tv shows popular in some countries (like the soap operas in Brazil) will give at least some popularity to the song ... as One Wish didn’t really had the chance to shine the way it should have... But with or without sucess the thing is that the 20th anniversary event has ended perfectly ... just by listening to “Reveal” on the Hits! album gave me that vibe that this song is a perfectly farewell for this chapter on Roxette’s path ... so now what whatever happens, it will happen... I like Reveal in that sence as a song that closes a door but allow you to wait for the next one to open somewhere later in the future....

Not having a video makes sence to me ... promo was only done primarly for the one wish single as the presentation of the Hits album and that was it ... having Reveal released is just to allow more Rox music on the radio ... and since things now will always be slowed down due to Marie is no surprise to me... after all the 20th anniversary is already celebrated and both must have done it in their very own way ...

As for the remixes ... cool homage to a 80’s early sound done by Attic ... trully reminder of Depeche and A-Ha’s “Take On Me” ... makes the sunny lightweight and cathier. It’s one of those cases when a fast beat does not take away any credibility to a slowtempo number ...
As for the Kleerup Remix ... love those strings mixed with those bubling synth sounds creating an even more haunting feel to this half-peaceful half-sad love song ... I felt it more intense and emotional without touching any depressive mood ... the only element i’m not so frienfly with is the slow beat ... don’t really know why but it does bother me a bit ... and oh! the additional vocal on the chorus trully loved it... 30 sec snippets may not be enough but these worked wonders for me!

I love this song! I very happy! Will be the next single!

I love Reveal !!!!

The Attic version - is VERY 80’s end Cool!!!
Kleerup - sounds very interesting (like some Bjork remixes)

Cheers from Poland.

The Remixes are good!!!

But any News about Video for Reveal?

Roxnow, you almost made me cry. I totally agree with your statements. Let’s hope for a shining future bur the two Swedes.

Thank you guys for the snippets! I have always preferred Reveal over OW. I like the new middle-8 of the single version not really better however. A to the mixes, I guess I gotta hear them in full length.

BTW, I heard Reveal on German radio today for the 1st time.

Judging from the snippet i prefer the attic version a bit.
I sure hope they will release this in the US or, or i will be mad lol

The Attic remix sounds very good. This 30seks are much better then the original song ^^
Kleerup is to short to judge. But i hope the whole song is a bit faster. This tempo is to boring.

I prefer Attic remix .
Is it Reveal on radio everywhere already?

Release date is good ,but THERE MUST BE A VIDEO! if they want to sell even some singles and albums..

Woah. The “Attic Remake” adds a whole new dimension to the track! I think this sounds much better than the original album version. The album version is solid, in my opinion, but has always sounded like it needs a better production. This is it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version!

The “Kleerup Mix” sounds interesting. I’ll have to hear the full version before further judgment.

Just heard the Single version of Reveal. i don’t really like it as much as the original. But atleast it’s something different. Still can’t wait to get the remix versions though :-)

Just got the single yesterday. I don’t see these version so different. Actually, I didn’t hear any difference between album and single version. Waiting for remixes..

You have the CD and didn´t hear any difference between the two versions!? :0
Listen to them carefully... ;)

Is it true that there won´t be a video for “Reveal”? Any official news?

One remix sounds ok, the faster one. Sounds better than the original.

so im guessing its not to buy until 14th then, or can people buy it already ?

@ above

No you can’t buy it yet.. I think JoyridErno has only the promo CD. I saw the promo at an online auction store here in Finland but thought I’d wait for the retail version with 3 songs for the same price.

Yes, I got the promo cds. I think differences are quite small between single and album version.

animalkingdom said on January 13, 2007 18:34:

I don’t see any reason for shooting a video for Reveal. I mean, did anyone, besides the Swedes, catch One Wish on television? I saw it on Viva’s Neu (that was actually recorded for me) but nowhere else. My 9-year old nephew said he saw it on Finnish MTV3 Kids Top 20 -chart as a video preview. However, there’s very little sense in having a video for Reveal as a promotional tool...

The fact that OW video wasn’t good makes the need of new video –good cllasic Roxette video –even bigger!!

Is it this so called Radio edit version of Reveal –the single version or it is just for Promo CD?

the cover is bad...
it’s loks like part of Roxbox–yes ... but like a speckle from Roxbox cover

You can order at

Any News because of Releases in other Countries?

you will be in sweden, wow how lucky u are, i would like to go to sweden too

i would like to met, people who likes roxette, specially girls who likes marie fredriksson, write to my email: [email protected]

you can order now on CDON!!!

The single is already in Moscow stores! Yahhoow!
Finally, the last Roxette’s single came to my CD-player! Halleluyah! :)

Hope it´s not the “really” last Roxette Single.

Heard the full remixes. Both are cool, but the Attic one is the best!

It seems like all Roxette/related new releases start to surface and float on the net between 2 to 5 days before their release dates.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

On what site could you listen those remixes? I’ve only heard the snippets but I’d love to listen the entire songs.
Thank you

Buy the single and enjoy remixes, that’s all.
I think the Attik is too simple.It sounds like numerous songs of many artists, nothing special. One russian fan said that the Attik remembered him A-HA “Take on Me”. =))
Kleerup is VERY GOOD. Like it. They cathed the idea of song rythm.
Single version is almost similar to album version.
Quality of “One Wish” video on the single is TOO BAD.

Is “Reveal” cd in card picture sleeve or jewelcase?
Is it available in other countries?


From what I heard, I think it’s jewel case

’Even if I am in love with you. All this to say, what’s it to you?’


Thank you very much, wait of my CD from CDON.

The Attic’s MySpace link in the tracklist is wrong, it should be


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