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“Hits! goes gold

Written by tevensso on February 19, 2007 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - According to EMI Sweden Roxette's "Hits!" has now reached gold in Sweden, which means 30,000 delivered copies, as per usual.

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Well, I guess that the only thing we can say is congratulations :)
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

great!! i wish i’d live in sweden

I think, it’s great news, though no surprise :)

Everything here close to me is just the way I want it to be

an absolute flop...
only 30.000? I can’t believe we’re celebrating this flop

well, 300.000 would be something to consider. As I see, that’s just numbers for the Sweden which is not too bad. However if that’s the same for the total worldwide, then ...

i wouldnt call it a flop at all, considering how many hits albums we have had. some folk on this site are just so negative its bores me really.

Wow, that‘s almost good...

30k....nelly furtado does that on a single in a week and we’re celebrating a hit comp that barely moved that? It’s not negativity it’s realism, and now with all the financial problems emi is uner i am wondering if roxette will truly ever release anything internationally again

According to the limit for gold is 20000

That must have been changed not long ago. For singles it’s only 10000 now.

Yeah, I think it was not long ago... So maybe Hits is going under the old limit...

Wow, changed AGAIN? Dorks...

30.000 not really much, but better than nothing.

but it´s ok for a fourth Greatest Hits, thats my meaning.

Let’s see if Nelly Furtado sells as much as today in 2027... That’s a silly comparison. You can’t compare any artist of today with Roxette. If you wanna compare them, you should take the Roxette that used to be in 1991.

Congratulations...and celebrations!!

One of these sold “Hits” found its home here...
I still wonder why we didn’t get any REVEAL in Germany! No wonder that you get Gold in Sweden when we have to order it there all the time...har har ;))
Are the people from CDON already driving Ferraris too?

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded (o;


But what rox-records is exactly right, it doesn’t make sense to compare a current artist with a huge fanbase to a band that’s been around for 20yrs. And comparing a new album to a GH (2nd of which since the last release.)

Hits albums are made to be sold years and years ..
new single or album with big promotion can be sold in million copies this month and 0 after 3 months...

My question is: how many copies of TBH and TPH were sold in sweden?

TBH has received gold award, TPH not. So TBH is over 30.000 and TPH is under 30.000. No more details from me.

I totally with agree with rox-kuryliw. Hits! is the fourth “Best of” album in a short period of time, so 30,000 copies sold in Sweden is a good new.

Why keep on a discussion that makes no sense...

personally i don’t think subsequesnt hit albums should have sales ranking just any singles from the release, be honest if marie had been well to promote ballad/pop hits they both would have sold roughtly 2 million each, having just per available for hit and miss promo basically dooms any release and frankly hurts whatever chance americans have of getting releases over here

“Hits! goes gold <- typo... ;) I guess it should be “Hits!”... :)

Nelly Furtado???
oh my God!!! the worst and most commercial mid-singer in the world. I don´t understand how anyone can comparise Roxette with her.
My mind can´t understand this

I live in the USA and just bought “Hits” at Walmart on line and I am very satisfied. I am still enjoying watching the dvd. My “One Wish” for us in the USA is that we could turn on our radios and here this wonderful music. This is the kind of cd that any collector of fine music will want to have in their collection. As usual, Roxette AWAYS delivers!


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