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New recording by Son of a Plumber

Written by tevensso on November 28, 2007 to .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Son of a Plumber has, together with Per Gessle, recorded the new theme song for Swedish TV program "Boston Tea Party." "Boston Tea Party" is a show about finding strange things out, like how human flesh tastes like… "Many will see this as a new chapter of Per Gessle's musical career. I can't place this tune in a genre, but it sounds like how it would look when riding a limo through New York way too fast," says Fredrik Wikingsson, one of the show's two hosts.

The tune is called "Shopping With Mother" and will be premiered in the season finale of the show at the end of November. What's even better is that the tune will be released as a double A-sided single together with two remixes by Voz Vibrante. Voz Vibrante is a pseudonym for Erik Hjärpe, from the band Damn!, you can find some of his work at MySpace. Voz has remixed "Shopping With Mother" in two different versions - the Voz Vibrante remix and the Mother's Dub by Voz Vibrante.

Voz's style of music is fast fusion and electric funk, while the tune itself can be described best as a cross between a '60s Bond theme with some Star Trek and general '60s pop in it. Does it sound crazy? It is.

The double A-sided single will be released November 28, with the slightly edited version of "Pratar med min müsli" from Per's hit album "En händig man" as the other A-side, a little later than expected, but now released to the public.

Update: Per tells us there will be a video for "Shopping with Mother," directed by Jens Jansson!


Wow! Now THIS is a surprise. I can’t wait to hear this, the description is intriguing to say the least!!

This is so fantanstic! Such a surprise. After the Release of “Jag skulle vilja...” as a digital release, i thought per won´t release CD-Singel´s anymore. But now everything has changed. Now I´m a really happy man, going straight to weekend.

Hey, what about a snippet?
Maybe TEV got something for us.


Excellent news!!! :)))) Will it be released in a cardboard sleeve or in jewel case?

WOW! How cool! Merging two parts of his career together!! YAY!!

Just had a thought - maybe this is the work which Per meant he was doing with SOAP, no new album, just this one song? I remember that when Per released SOAP he said that it would be very difficult to recreate the atmosphere again. Why would he try to recreate a whole album again? Just my thoughts!

Another comment - is this an instrumental? I’ve noticed on the picture that is says music by Per Gessle and no mention of lyrics??

Per i love you! Tack!!!!!!

I knew it...
though, I thought Per would say something like “hey here’s the theme song for Boston Tea Party. And btw... you’ll find it on my new album that’s out soon.” Or something like that anyway. But a single is always a single... and with “Musli” as the 2:nd A -side it’s really good. Just wich “Musli” would have gotten a single release of it’s own.

Promising... indeed! Another RoadTrip anthem, I can tell!

Is he going to release SOAP II?

According to ’Att vara Per Gessle’ - ’Shopping with mother’ is one of left-overs from Have a nice day album, as far as I remember.

If you read the tracklist, “Pratar med min müsli” will be the first track on the CD, and “Shopping with mother” is the tracks 2 to 4. It will be sort of a B-side (in 3 versions), and it’s probably an instrumental. As someone stated above, there’s no credits for the lyrics.

And people will goes like: “Hey, Per recorded some new single with somebody called Son Of A Plumber. Do you know that guy someone?” :-D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thomas, do you know if this PMMM version is edited one?

Edit: Ooops, I see the answer :D

yeah.... i’m not sure what does it really mean “son of a plumber together with per???

Mmmmm sounds interesting if not a little confusing, but im not right bright to begin with lol.

Really cool cover. One side so much SOAP and the other so much Per. Really great!

EDIT: Shopping with mother was a cool title that Per had in his list of cool titles that he wanted to make a song of. (Att Vara Per Gessle, page 220)

great and cool news, the sleeve art, the songs and all about this looks super!

Will it also be available at iTunes?
I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

Hmmm, i don’t understand how it can be PG feat. SOAP, but it sounds very interesting.

I like your way of thinking Paul.

Yeah, GREAT news! :-)

Hej Per, give us some guitar, please!!!!!

THAT’S AMAZING! I love SOP and I love Gessle :D ROCK ON!

Interesting - for the first time, Per mixes Swedish with English !!

Ha ha, in theory yes, but does he really? ;)

@Tevenso ... Well then it is an instrumental ... Seems quite obvious. No Lyrics credits, and you saing that now ... :-) ... To bad - Intrumental is vaste of space on a cd... Anyway. I’ll buy it *LOL*

Hej RJ1976!
Instrumentals are a vaste of CD Space???? So guitar solos or intros are waste, too??? You must be kiddin´ ! You seem to me, like a blind man talking about coloures!

@Rousseau... Hehh ? ... You can’t compare that ... Anyway. My oppinion. Go flame someone else :-) ... Im not going down to your level...

Accually Per (Gyllene Tider) mixed swedish and english on “Halmstads Pärlor”.

Rousseau wasn’t “flaming” (now there’s a word we need to see less of around here), he’s just saying he doesn’t agree with you.



Im always calm ... Enough of the other stuff :-) ... Im just thrilled that there already is a new release. As said before... We are soOoOo spoiled.

RJ1976 said on November 11, 2007 20:53:
We are soOoOo spoiled.

Yeah! Being a fan of Gessle is a joyride :D

I like the Per Gessle feat. SOAP.. it’s just so funny!
Per featuring himself, or a side of himself.. Per’s humour can be just great sometimes.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

SOAP featuring Per Gessle...ROFL...sound a bit schizophren to me....;) Anyway...nice idea and after watching all the beginnings of “Boston Tea Party” it was time that Per finally gave them something new...Per, your acting talent has developed since “Flumeride” I must say ;)

I love you Per.and I’m so happy,great news.......

Yes, that’s really great news!!!

Did anyone of you take a closer look at the cover of the new single?

Is it Per’s mother who is with him on the cover??

That would be really cute, don’t you think?!

It really seems to be his mother. After all, the name of the song is “Shopping With Mother”. I don’t think it could be his grandmother.... but who knows... :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

It is his mother. I remember that picture, I saw it in a video about the Gothenburg Book Fair.
I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

It is his mother, the same picture is in the book.

His grandmother would be around 100-105...

@Tev: Cool! Right on! You got what i implied! lol

Btw, i hope everything is alright with you.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

That is just great! And I’m thrilled that it is not only digital release!

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower

Ha ha! Things are OK, getting too cold for me though. :)

It’s getting kind of cold here too, but don’t think it’s as cold as there right now. Stay warm!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”


Whoever has access to the TV show on which “Shopping With Mother” will be aired, could be so kind and record it ?I would greatly appreciate it if that could be done and then, share it with me. Otherwise, i would be satisfied with the file for the video of the show.

Thanks again.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Swedish radio stations don’t play Per’s new single yet :(

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower

The single is still not listed at CDON!! Why? I really would like to order the whole new Gessle-Fredriksson stuff now!!!

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded (:

It’s not out - can’t be played then.

It’s out on iTunes!!!! Two days before the hardcopy! And... It’s a Per Gessle release, SOAP is just featured so you won’t find it under Son of a Plumber (it should be removed from the SOAP discography too but this is only my opinion).

“Boston Tea Party” latest episode 10 (26.11.2007) debuting “Shopping With Mother” as the theme-song: also presents a collection of all Gessle-related moments:

@ Carlos: Se ajudar... :-)

I watched the show yesterday evening to see Per. He seemed drunk...

But that’s not what I want to tell you. I think that it’s sad that Per has cooperation with such a horrible show.

I started watching it yesterday and I thought I would puke. Maybe I just don’t get that type of sence of humor, but for me joking around how death looks like while killing a cute dog and the next second seeing the poor thing without the skin and decapitated is simply SICK. And laughing and joking how Charlie (that’s the name of this poor dog) will taste like... A cook fixed them a meal that they were trying on air...

Per, are you really proud of yourself to write a song for this show???


Uhhm, it was a joke... One might find it a poor joke or not, personally I thought it was funny.

Has it been released today or not? It’s not even listed at Ginza, and CDON only has it as a future release with no specified release date.

Has anyone seen it in any shop? Is it worth going to town to search for it?

People, who knows, who’s singing on backing vocals in this song? It’s def. not Helena, but WHO??? ))) thanks

I can’t place the voice...darn!

I thought Boston Tea Party was funny, watched the stream last night! Not keen on “Shopping with Mother” thought…

I liked the song. Shopping With Mother is perfect when you want to relax and fool around.

Talking about the show itself, I liked more the other part of Boston Tea Party, when they had party with Gyllene Tider music.

And talking about humour, what could be worse than the Danish comedies :P

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

And where is video, anyone?

The video is obviously not included in the single *sigh*

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

This is not the answer I was looking for :)

The video will be out “soon”. :)

According to, Per’s third single made its debut on the 47th place
Cheer up, Per! ;))))

@Zenia: I was going to write the same LOL

PS Let me just add that Marie’s album debuts at #35.

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


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