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Gyllene Tider and Per Gessle released in the USA

Written by tevensso on October 10, 2007 to , , and . Source: EMI.

STOCKHOLM - EMI Caroline has released a few Gyllene Tider albums in the US – "Gyllene Tider," "Moderna Tider," "Puls" and "GT25!." But it has also released Per Gessle's "Mazarin" and the compilation "Hjärtats trakt." All albums can be found on iTunes USA.

On November 13, "Finn5fel!" and "En händig man" will be released as well.

According to Per this seems to have worked out great for other non-American acts so EMI thinks there's an audience for Gyllene Tider and Gessle in the States. "Amazingly enough, if you ask me, but it's fun nevertheless," Per says.

Naturally we're talking digital releases only.

Caroline Distribution, EMI’s U.S. independent distribution company, was founded in 1983 as a unit of Virgin Records. It has become one of the U.S. music industry’s largest third-party distribution companies for the independent music sector.

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Great! I wish, Per will make some promo in US...

Hmmm... What’s about some promo in RF? I’m sure he’s more popular here than in USA. The last tour revealed it!
Anyway, collectors will buy US releleases, not me =).
Fattar du vad det handlar om?

This is unbelievable! lol

When you least expect anything at all being released in the US, we get like 5 releases at once from Per and GT. It’s not even Roxette. lol This is totally unexpected.

So now, i think that even SOAP will be released here. Even the new SOAP, Per is working on right now... Wow, En händig man released here! Amazing...

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Do you think it makes sense?


per maybe needs money for a new Ferrari......... he points US because he wants to make money........... He has no need to prove in US how good his music is.

I’m shocked, pleasantly. Don’t know what else to say, it’s just WOW!!!

9 copies will be sold and thats it.
na na na na na

All albums can be found on iTunes USA.

They all are digital releases. I don’t think they are going to be released physically on CD there. It would be totally pointless. So, the collectors have nothing to collect (unless they are also interested in “different versions” of files)!

Digital releases are pointless where applications like emule or ares rule the world.
I don’t understand the meaning of “american release” when everybody in the world can buy on itunes (also in America)

Yes, but you can’t buy from another country’s iTunes, so therefore a US “release.” And no, there won’t be “nine copies sold”...

It’s wonderful... I hope he will get the attention he deserves...

“you can’t buy from another country’s iTunes”
Why not?
The music biz is stil run by stupid people ..
They are one of the main reasons for piracy.
Maybe they wil sell more than 9 copies ,but lets be realistic -If someone from USA wanted to have Handy man album -he found the way to get it , long time ago..

Or you think that someone, who’ve understand about Pers album and read all the comments here - waited with the neverending hope in his heart that EMI someday will do the right thing?

To release something monts after first country ,maybe has a sense with physical CD’s ,but now “USA digital releases ” sound funny ..

This is great - hope the trend extends to Canada (since we usually just copy whatever the Americans do :-D ).

I hope Marie’s albums show up - preferably the new GH and the box set releases so that we can download the tracks we don’t already have. Yesterday, that would have been a ridiculous thing to suggest, but today... who knows?!

Great, it was about time! Logically it would have made more sense with Roxette’s missing albums but hopefully they follow. :-)

This is just So odd i find it funny ! ! ! No roxette but Per albums in the US. Yes that makes sence ! lol. I mean yes its good and all but you dont need brains to work out it would be better for Full roxette cataloge to get a release. Well ill leave them too it lol.

Good news, eventhough I could’t imagine “Gringos” listening to something that isn’t in english! A SOAP realise... I would’ve understood but the swedish stuff?? Well. good luck anyway...

Swedish Per and swedish Gyllene Tider? Strange. Missing Roxette albums, SOAP or TWAT make a sense. But this? Well, let´s wait and see what will happen. Maybe another releases will follow.
But on the other way, GT will finally hits the States.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

he he so today a “release” can be summed up in 3 words (rip and upload)

Why can’t those Albums also be physically released in Germany and are they available on ebay(D)?

Have Fun!!!

You can get them from CDON.

Have Fun!!!

Have I missed something?? beacause I dont reallly understand the huge amazing news this is?? So some albums will be “released” as downloads?? So what? No one will download them anyway. If the latest Roxette collection sold ZERO in the states...what can we expect for these releases? I dont want to sound pessimistic hehe...=). But if Per thinks this is great news then Im with him!

@Roxette-atic: So i guess that you are saying that whoever is responsible international markets and releases in EMI, is just releasing these albums as digital downloads for fun because they have nothing else better to do. I guess they are bored and decided to release these albums in the US so no one will download them. Might be a game of sone kind. Right? Let me know if you agree...

Common, if they are releasing the albums over here as digital downloads, of course there’s gotta be a market for those songs.

PS: By the way, news about Marie’s husband releasing an album is totally amazing huge and relevant news, right? What is the difference?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

@ Emil__BG : Ha ha, you´re completelly right. Nothing to add. Have those people brain and tried they use it? Not copying or sharing, not pirates, but music publishers are killing the music.

For example: Here in Czech rep. there´s no iTunes, so you can´t download it legally. For CDON and many other internet shops Czech rep. is not part of Europian Union, because they don´t listed Czech rep. on the list of country, where they deliver merchandises. So the easiest way to hear new songs for me is to download it ilegally somewhere from the net. Only Bengans deliver to Czech rep. (I have The Change, SOAP, Min baste van and En handig man from them because I am a Rox & related collector).

And a question for music publishers is:
If you can´t download it legally and you have options
a) download it now, but ilegall or
b) buy it and wait some days / weeks for delivery
what do you think will they do?

Marie´s The Change was released in Sweden in October 27th 2004. Here in Czech rep. it was released in early December. Probably every Czech fan had his own copy of this album in this time bought from Bengans or downloaded ilegaly. The whole world is connected with inetrnet, you can shot a picture and share it in next seconds with everybody. Why the publishers are waiting for some 5 weeks with releasing the album in other countries? So who is killing music?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

abysmo is right. There is no point in “releasing” these...every fan in USA already has thoose albums. Who is going to pay for the downloads?? America didnt even want the lastets Roxette HITS. And there are some well known songs in there..

my whole issue with the topic boils down to this, Per, Marie and Roxette all have distibution deals with emi. Wmi for over a decade fought and lost the digita rights management game, and only recently have been offering their material dmr free through Itunes and But when you go to either service it isn’t their entire catalogue, you can get look sharp tourism and the hit package, but in some cases not the entire joyride album, no CBB, no HAND, no ROX BOX. So what is the point of half assed ventures into the digital market like the one we’re getting news on. I’m not a huge fan of either of their solo careers, I just want my friends to have easy access to the rox catalogue when I play songs from them and they want them, I still want them to pay for it too, so why not release the rox catalogue digitall and stop playing games?

Every fan may have them, but the casual listener more than likely doesn’t. If a quick listen is all it takes to score a sale, then there’s no harm in having it available.

It’s not as though they are spending heaps on printing CD’s, logistics, marketing etc.. If anything it doesn’t make sense not to. The real question is why is the complete Rox back catalogue not available?

In Argentina and South America there are more Roxette fans who are willing to have those albums released

I believe that the reason these digital albums are going to be released in the US market is because buyers over here, even though their numbers might be smaller than those in Latin America, especially South America, they still have more buying power or economic clout, if you will, which is a main point and fact when deciding where you should release music or anything else for that matter. Also, remember that the USA’s populational diversity is huge. Although, all the people over here a considered Americans, there’s people here from all over the world, including millions of latin americans or south americans. Not to mention all the europeans and asians. So, the huge diversity of people from countries where Roxette and Per Gessle are well known and successful in the US market coupled with their buying power, for sure supports the decision to release those digital albums over here in the USA.

Think about it! 300 million souls in the US. If just a little percentage of those 300 million souls decide to pay to download some of those songs, voila, they’ve scored!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

It’ s only good to make it all legally downloadable, but only if also new releases will be provide to download, in as many countries as possible and from the same day everywhere. This is the way how to prevent piracy.

If I wanna hear new songs, I will try to get them, and if I can’ t get them legally, I will do it illegally. And then I have much less motivation wait some weeks or months to get them once more and pay for them. Hey EMI and others, world became global, there are no local markets, internet don’ t know borders, so why is needed licence for every little country? It’ s time to wake up, guys.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It’s really good news. Finally Americans will get to hear Gyllene Tider :P I’m thrilled just by thinking of it :)

I agree with everything Roxrider_USA said. You just took words from my mouth. Yes, the US is a big market. That’s the main reason why the US is still a dream land for many artists. And if EMI is realising those albums, it means that there’s market for it. C’mon, EMI won’t waste money on Per Gessle music!

For me this news sounds like EMI wants to make Per Gessle’s and Gyllene Tider’s music available in the US, not that EMI is realising new stuff. (I hope that you understand what I mean.) And yes, all Roxette catalogue should be available as well. There are no excuses for it!

Jag ska bygga mej en båt och segla tills det blir Per Gessle konsert :)

I hope the GT25!. became the nr. 1 album on the i tunes usa!!! but i don’t know.... will be difficult....
roxette forever

PS my english is not the best.... sorry

Let’ hope that many Swedes live in the US!

I know your bussiness but I don´t know your name...

Would be nice for a new Roxette album instead of the Swedish albums that us Americans aren’t really going to be able to enjoy. I know Per doesn’t cater to the US since EMI screwed them over back in what ’94-’95 with that horrid McDonald’s deal? Anyho, they (Roxette) should just consider what The Beatles did towards the end and just release strictly studio albums and make an appearance (t.v. talk shows) here and there and not a full blown concert due to Marie (too much stress, away from her family etc..) We would still buy the album(s).... I do “hope” S.O.A.P. will be released here though. I’ve heard the 3 tunes on Per’s myspace and they are catchy as hell–as always!!! Cheers and Peace from the US of A!

@oasissupersonic: I think, that those TV talk shows could be even more stressful for Marie. She would have to answer the questions about her illness again and again. Besides, she has never been fond of interviews and promotion, has she?

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower


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