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Helena Josefsson to release a solo album

Written by tevensso on February 23, 2007 to .

STOCKHOLM - Helena Josefsson, the girl from Per Gessle's "Mazarin," the girl from Son of a Plumber, the girl from behind The Ark, Andreas Johnson, from her own band Sandy Mouche and many others, is back. With her new debut album "Dynamo." "Dynamo" will be released February 28 on EMI Elevator Entertainment, Per Gessle's own label. Helena's first single from the album, "By Your Side," does well on the charts in Sweden. The follow-up "Never Never (My Dynamo)" was released to radio February 14. Helena will do lots of radio and TV for the release. Per Gessle himself sponsors her album and claims it will be a world hit, according to Expressen.

"'What do you want to be when you grow up?' 'Either a troll or an artist' I replied to that question in the "My friends" books one had in elementary school. Being an artist or a songwriter is probably one of few lifestyles where you can be a troll at the same time?
When you think about it, a troll and an artist have a lot in common. What I wanted, and still want, is the feeling of freedom, to be a part of nature, to have a place in a city, to find a good spot for picking mushrooms. To be OK to be like you are and still get loved at the same time!" Helena says.
"Once when I was a kid my mom got angry with me and then I made myself a sad song as comfort. Since then it has always been like that. Just that the songs have been about other things: love, revenge, to be afraid of everything, consideration, to feel inadequate, longing, then, now, later.
The music my mom played at home was a mix of Kate Bush, the '80s David Bowie, The Temptations, Enya, all the soul queens, Bruce [Springsteen] and a record that was on heavy rotation for 15 years was Jane Fonda's aerobics vinyl with everything from The Jacksons' 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' in a disco-soul version and Jane cheering on. It never gets old!
I've always sung, if I am to describe my music it sounds like my maternal grandparents were Kate Bush and Michael Jackson, and my paternal grandparents were Madonna and Nick Drake!" she continues.

The album is recorded in Christoffer Lundquist's studio the Aerosol Grey Machine using hand picked musicians like Martin Josefsson (Sandy Mouche,) Erik Hjärpe (Damn! Timbuktu) and Jens Jansson (Brainpool). "My goal with the recording was to get the contrast between glowing hot and icy cold, plastic and wood, between the most beautifully beautiful and the ugliest ugly. Like an enchanting siren of the woods with a black soggy hole in her back!" says Helena, who has written all the material herself.

Check out Helena's MySpace and also her own website.

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Not charting equals a single does well on the charts??

what a surprisssseee... * zzzzz * Sorrry Cant stand her

Looking forward to getting this one :)

It’s much more interesting to me than a Marie covers album, that’s for sure...

I think she has such a sweeeeeet voice *S* ... Just perfect..! And I just got the album 1 minute ago... Will listen to it today, and comment it later, but what I have heard until now is soooooo nice.

Per sponsors her ?! ... Hehhe.... Gessle the Money Maker :-P For sure he wont sponsor anything that doesnt give profit *S* ...

Anyone knows who have written the songs for her ?

I don’t believe it’ll be a world hit. If I didn’t know Helena through Gessle I doubt I ever would have considered listening to this. But on the other hand - she’s cute and has a fine voice. Why not broaden my musical spectrum?

Helena is great!!! The songs are amazing and the most important thing in all this - is her brillian voice!!!! ))))
Good luck with everything you do!!
Hugs!! %))))

She’s written all the songs herself.

Not my thing at all, to dull and bland.

don’t like whispering high pitched voices so nothing for me either. I’m more the Melissa Etheridge type :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

I’m more the Marie Fredriksson type, haha just kiddin’.

Well to stay on topic i have to say that i kinda like the album not quite sure just yet how much i do but the girl can sing... SOMETIMES!! The high pitch verses lowers the songs but it’s half high and half normal so all in all it’s good. Some backup chorus sounds like a Marieish voice (Sleepyhead). There’s plenty of Björk too... plenty. And of course the Gessle influence is all over you can’t say exactely where but it’s there.
Never Never (My Dynamo) and Sleepyhead are really nice songs you can almost hear Reveal in the production, almost?

Nice and slow piece of music. A good album. By the way By Your Side is the most up you can get with Helena’s first solo album.

Could it be possible to comment on the album without the need of comparing Helena with Roxette/Gessle/MF all the time?

No. This is The Daily Roxette, so the context is given. ;-) I’ll have a listen...

edit: Never Never is a nice song, By Your Side not bad either, but the third one makes me switch off. I just can’t stand her personal expression all the time. And the red legs are a no-go for me... ;-)

Who cares. People are here for Roxette.
na na na na na

So this is classified as ’Roxette News’ because its on Per Gessle’s label I suppose?

She can´t sing! Sorry!

@Shine ! ... You have’nt got a clue about singing I see. You can say you don’t like her voice, but not comment if she can sing. You are just not qualified for that. Actually she sings very proffesionel. Hits every tone, and has a very fine colour line in her voice.

I now heard the whole album, and its beautiful. I love her sweet childish voice. Hope she works with Per again on the next SOAP Album... Marie would be great to, but SOAP for me is Per and Helena.

Anyway... Wish you all a nice sunday...

It’s only 14,95€ at CDON. The normal price is just 15,95€, too... Cheaper than the new CD’s usually there. But I’m sure it’ll sink to 10,95 or 8,95 soon :S I’ll get it then if I really need it.

@RJ1976 : But you have a clue? She definitely can´t sing! She has a terrible voice, I got sick when I hear it! Some people should not sing!

Well, you have your opinion I have my!

Shine, the problem is that your opinion is quite offensive, like the ones of all who can’t stand that Per works with another singer who is not Marie.

Looking forward to listening to the album. Helena rocks!!!
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

Well that is just my opinion!

Let’s not start another useless flame. We all have different tastes and opinions and this is good this way. If you like HJ, good for you, enjoy the album. Those who don’t, fine as well, we will enjoy other albums. Nobody gets hurt :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

[gessle-addict said on February 24, 2007 13:12:

Could it be possible to comment on the album without the need of comparing Helena with Roxette/Gessle/MF all the time?]

I think you didn’t understand what i’m saying.

Never make a comparison between Helena and Them. Just say that some singing reminds me of Marie not saying wether it’s better or worse just reminds (and i really like that singing by the way) and that 2 songs sounds very much alike Reveal not saying wether they’re better or worse just sounding and Per Gessle music involved in the songs somehow is just that.

That i like (love) Marie way over Helena it’s no news but never said that on the coment of the album. Ok? People please read carefuly before starting a fire.

Enjoy Dynamo.

Well, Judith, it wasn’t me who started the flame war anyway :)

And I agree with gessle-addict. I don’t know why we all should compare Helena with Marie, Rox or whatever. We should judge her just for her work, and her voice!!! They sound very different,they’re not comparable. Never never is a very good song, and she NEVER sings out of tune there. Or at least, I can’t hear it :p

“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

the songs i have listened to so far sound great i cant wait for the album to arrive next week

What the... I don’t understand what a piece of news like this is here. Let her fans make a website to promote her, but don’t do it here, please.

Well, why not? She’s related to Per in a way, and if we can read a piece of news about his relatives making an art exposition, I don’t see anything strange in having Helena’s album here.

Besides, due to the lack of Rox news, we have to entertain ourselves with someting :p

“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)


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