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Mikael Bolyos’ album turns into a real “Family Affair!”

Written by Jud on May 24, 2007 to and .

Me & My GuitarMikael Bolyos revealed the tracklist of his coming "A Family Affair" album to The Daily Roxette today. The CD, which will be released on June 14, includes a couple of surprises:



  1. Merry Go Round
  2. On & On & On
  3. Me & My Guitar
  4. When the Lord is About to Come (duet with Mats Ronander)
  5. In the Corner of Your Eye (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
  6. Lilly
  7. Tell It to My Heart (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
  8. You Are On My Mind (sung by Mats Ronander)
  9. What Am I Supposed to Do
  10. Outro (sung by Marie Fredriksson)
  11. Hometown (sung by Marie Fredriksson)

Update May 25: Courtesy of Mikael we are able to stream yet another song from his coming album: "Me & My Guitar". Enjoy!! (Editor's note: where has Mikael been all this time??)

Update May 30: Mikael's website is now online: 

Me & My Guitar

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Is Hometown from ” Sant är livet” Movie?

Wow : )

WOW was my first word too!

yes, I think so. Hometown is that song included at the movie. It really surprised me, A lotta fans have been waiting for that song, I think.
5 songs sung by marie in english make the album an interesting thing, I think. :-)

My first reaction was one, two, three, four songs sung by Marie, then reading the titles, the after reading outro came HOMETOWN!!!! That was when i say: WWWAIIIIIGGGGG - or expresion for luck of air!!! :)

Let’s hope for Hometown to be the same song


So Happy

Wow!! i’m really looking forward to it!!!.

I’m so much looking for it!!

PS: We’ll stream another song soon :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

So what do you know, Marie decided to release Hometown!!! Great stuff... wonders if this will b an international release (although I strongly doubt it!).

@purple: must have been some fan-request again? ;-)

Marie Fredriksson Online

That’s just to f.... cool ... An solo “EP” from Marie included :-) *WOOOOOOOOOWWWW*



Colour me very, very surprised. And happy! Marie sings lead on FOUR tracks?!!?! The legendary Hometown?!!! This is too much!

SUPER!!! What a great surprise! This has really brighten my day! Hometown finally! Oh, I know I will really enjoy this...

Hometown, FINALLY!!! *party*

And so many songs sung by Marie. Hehe, that will be a double order from CDon then. ;)

Greaaaaaaaaaaat news!!

Make it international!

well now we know why we didnt get a new rox album :( it’s funny how mycke’s new single showed up on mtv urges’ new singles roster almost immediately and it’s on an independent label yet rox had almost no online promotion at online retail outfits . Bleh, I hope the marie tracks are cool cause i won’t buy it

Will this also be released in Germany?
Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

WOW!!!! I waited for one or two duets with Marie in swedish. And Marie sings 4 songs as a leader in english!!! THANK YOU, MARIE!!!!!

Wow, I really look forward to hearing the whole song Hometown. I thought it will never be released.
To me this album seems to be more interesting than the new Gessle CD. Something new in the “Roxette Family”. Great.

Wow!!! What an amazing surprise! Hopefully I can get hold of it ASAP.

Wonderful news. :D
I cant wait to get the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^


rrrreally nice, another great record for the great rox summer! Luv them both, thanks a lot!

fantastic! I can’t wait for this album!

I’m so happy for Marie !!!

Oh my god!! What amazing news!!!!!!!!! 4 songs sungs by Mrie...and... in ENGLISH!!
It will be release in Spain??i hope so... June 14!!
roxworlds never stop surprising me!! even when the faiths gone

Marie helped to Micke with his new album, I hope that he will help her with successor of Den standiga resan or I en tid som var now. ;-)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Latest Rox news in Czech with extensive charts results and complete discography:


Marie Forever! Can´t wait to hear it!

Whats “Hometown”??? Never heard of it before...

I’m really surprised with the song title “Outro”. It’s Portuguese for Another/Other. Never thought Marie would sing a song that she has worked on with a portuguese title.

Really surprised!!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

someone explain what hometown is etc ?

“Outro”? In portuguese it means “another”.

Will she sing in portuguese or there’s another meaning to this word in another language that I don’t know?

Fernanda - Brazil

If you have a look on Den standiga resan tracklist, there are songs Intro and Outro. Titles means something like opening and closing track of the album. Both of them are instrumental with backing vocals of Marie, but without lyrics. So maybe that Outro is something similar. Or I am totally wrong.

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Now for those who never heard of “Hometown”: it was written by Micke and there was a very short piece of the song in the movie “Sĺnt Är Livet” from 1996 but it was never released nor even available in full; all we had so far was that short scene from the movie where it was in the background. If I remember correctly Marie didn’t want to release it cos it was too private. But now it will finally come out; I’m sooooo looking forward to hearing it for sure as many others who have been waiting for it for such a long time.

@abysmo: I think you’re totally correct - “Outro” is just a cute ’answer’ to “Intro,” which is a common abbreviation for “introduction” (of course!) but there’s no such thing as an “outroduction” so it’s just Marie being cute again. So, it’s probably under a minute long and with not many vocals... but who knows?!

@abysmo: You could be right. However, unless the TDR article has a mistake, it says “Outro (sung by Marie Fredriksson)” . So, if it’s an instrumental, there’s no way for it to be sung by someone, at least i think so.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Roxrider: Mikael clearly wrote those 4 songs are sung by Marie, but it can be an instrumental with some typical Marie vocals in it á la DSR :)

she also sings some backing vocals :)

And Micke has a fantastic voice, where has he been all this time!!
Marie Fredriksson Online

Judith, you’re so right! He sings much better than Per does - so I really wonder where he was all the years..


Wow! Am so happy reading this tracklist! Really can’t wait to hold this album in my hands. :D!!

Right now I’m happy I didn’t pre-order Per’s album yet... This one might make it on my list too ;-)

————————————————————————————————————————– don’t look like a librarian?!...

Wow, there’s Marie all over the place!!! And what a treat to finally get Hometown! :-D

now you all know what marie has been doing the last few months - perhaps you can get off her back about not coming onto this board.

That are great news!!!
I’m really looking forward to hear the full “hometown” and the other songs. Not only those sung by Marie but also Mickes.
He has a fantastic voice!

Judith (moderator) said on May 25, 2007 04:59:

”...she also sings some backing vocals”

As in, the rest of the songs??... 8-)

HOMETOWN!!! Finally!!! After all these years and prayers!!! I can’t believe it! Bring the champaign!!!!!!

outro is a segue between songs she could just humm for the minute that it lasts, i seriously doubt she sings in portugueese.

mmmm streammmmmmm

It’s been an eternity since what? Yesterday?? I need to hear THE voice again!!! can’t wait!!!

So Happy!

Here can you here the snippet from ” Hometown”

don’t care. waiting for EHM!

@ Bunio

Don’t care that you don’t care :)

Waiting for both albums. And the most likely I’ll be much more satisfied with AFA ;)

Wow, Me & my guitar sounds awsome! Thank you Mikael and TDR!

@Judith: Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Wow!! I´ve just heard the new song!! It´s brilliant!! Mike has a amazing voice!!!
Can´t wait to hear the whole album!
And it´s not only because of Marie!!

hometown snip sounds good can wait for this album, Me and my guitar has marie doing backing vocals on it, im 75 % sure that is her on there aswell.

Good song!! Good job Mikael !! And I’m happy to hear Marie’s voice again. Looking forward for the hole album, I’m sure it’s great stuff

Yes, I also think that it’s Marie doing the backing vocals. I like the song Me & My Guitar as well.

The moon is alright

wow this is really good!!

Wow, I’m very excited on the album!

Amazing song and this guy can sing!!

The lady doing the background vocals should start a solo career she has a unique voice ;)

Very polished sound :)

So Happy


Forget to say Thanx very much indeed to TDR staff for all the info and today specialy for the stream Nice way to start a friday night

mmmmm streammmm (8?V)”””””””

So Happy



Thumbs up Mikael!

This song “Me & my guitar”..woow.. i had the same vibe when i heard “Look Sharp” songs for the first time.

More roxettish than Gessle´s album! hahahahahaah


oh my, i just can’t stop listening to this!

Thanx Mikael for getting down to work again to Ms Bolyos

So Happy

I like the song too!!! I am so looking forward to the album!!! What a nice family!!

wow so far seems like its a mega hit among fans lol.

I do like it! It’s wonderful to hear Maries voice again!

—-> kiruna_92 or L from

mick isnt a great singer but he writes great songs, whats sad is me and my guitar rocks harder than anything by roxette in years :)

Very nice song again! I’m pleasantly surprised about the straightforward songwriting and sound. There’s rock instead of blues or jazz. Great!

Ahem..that really rocks....I think that is really good!! Sounds a bit like Tom Petty. Per must like this too! ;)) Wow! Marie..bring your husband with you for a next Rox-album please! Great! Thank you!!! Pop isn’t all! It has to rock sometime too!!! Fantastic! **headbang**

Great song, really cool!

the song is ok, might even be catchy, but unfortunately it reminds me too much of the Change slbum and it is repetitive at times.

I love the hook in this song (Marie’s part in the chorus). It rivals a Gessle hook, in fact - the highest praise possible! But aside from that, I agree with what others have said... it reminds me of “Love 2 Live” or “All You Gotta Do Is Feel” - not a good thing. Still, I’m hooked on that hook - and this album looks like it is going to be MUCH better than I predicted it would be.

Well, I don’t know why some of you still listen to Gessle music when you actually don’t like repetitive songs and sounds. ;-)

I like the song a lot but I still don’t get along with the trumpets or whatever that is in the background. But it’s rocky!! Nice one.


@Kiwein. I meant the song is repetitive in itself, sometimes it sounds like you press the repeat button. but that does not disqualify the song, it is catchy, as I said.

well.. this is one of the characteristics of pop: repiting the chorus again and again.. so I think Kiwein didn’t mean that Per’s songs are similar to eachother, but that if you like Gessle stuff, you _must_ like repetitive songs, just listen to “The look!”! ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online

That’s exactly what I meant. ;-) Thanks Judith for clearing that up.


Legendary Hometown !
I´m as surprised as you are.

Welcome to TDR, Mikael! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

What a nice photo, I see. Is it a photo from the booklet of the album?

The moon is alright

Thank you !
yes , it´s a photo from the booklet.

I like that song too. It´s catchy and has a lot of guitars. Very nice :)

Is it really YOU Micke?

Marie is soooo amazing. She´s beautiful and perfect. She had a great career and we love her so much. I hope you know that.

Marie Rules the world!!!!!!!!

Hi Mikael,
nice to see you at TDR! Your 2 songs sound fab.
Many greetings to Marie! :-) Sascha

I’m quite looking forward to this - WTLIATC was very catchy and interesting, now I quite like this one as well. Looks promising ! Now, if only CDON would list it !

Edit: Oh, and welcome to the site MIcke - You and Marie both sound very inspired in this new song ! Thumbs up !

@Mikael: Marie is the queen in this music-bizz! She‘s better than Kylie, Britney, Madonna. She´s amazing. She had a fantastic career. Jag älskar Marie. She´s my big idol. Please tell her that! Puss.

Is it a Marie picture in the booklet too?

Hey Mikael,

Loving your new songs ;)
Can you give us a bit of info on the tracks marie sings hehe? are they ballads or more poppy kinda songs??

Best of luck with this, im really looking forward to it!!! me and my guitar is so catchy :)

For the sceptic: I can confirm it is really Mikael :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

Hej Mikael!
How cool that you have registered yourself here and welcome! I am soooo looking forward to get your solo album and I hope it will be available to be bought from . From the two songs I heard, I am soooo damn impressed! Someone else said it here and I’ll echo it, it was great on the first listen. So much to appreciate about it, the lyrics, the voice, the music, how it all comes is great!

En stor kram till dig och MF.

Great songs, thank you, Mikael :)

That’s the kind of music that rox my world!!

We live in a free world.... ;-)

Hej Mikael,

I so adore the two tracks we could hear from you and I wish you the best of luck with the album. I can’t wait to hear all the other songs and please let me say it’s so wonderful to hear Maries voice again. Many hugs to the both of you. :)

Thanks Judith for confirming he is indeed who his nick says hi is :)

@Mikael: Why do you say you’re surpriced too that Hometown is in the album? Was it hard to convinced Ms Bolyos to let the song go public?

By the way congrats on the album... so far Nice!!

And special THANX for getting as to hear that amazing voice once again. Don’t be jelous it’s just platonic :)

All the best from Argentina,


P.S.: I supose you didn’t forget to buy a present for the lady, did you? haha.


When is you Site online?

By the way: I´m very excited about the Album and the lovely Song-Hometown. Hope CDON listened soon!!!

dear friends !
I am surprised that you know about the song Hometown.
I wrote it to a scene in the motion picture ” Sånt är livet “
I think it was on for about 7 sec , and thats why I´m impressed
that you remember the song.
I´m so happy to hear that some of you like it.
Hometown is one of my songs , that I´m most proud of.
My site will be active before the album release 14 of June.
And just relax , I won´t forget Maries birthday tomorrow. I hope.
take care,

Hej Mikael

That´s so great that you writing self in this Forum.
yes, i loved ” Hometown” since i hear in that Movie-great-melody i think. How long is the full Song” Hometown”?.

by the way: I forget never Maries birthday!! I think i speak for all Fans!!!!

Have a nice and sunny day tomorrow with Marie and your Family. She´s great!!!!

Hi Mikael,

nice to read you on TDR. Great thing to do and a pleasure for all fans.
Maybe Hometown became even bigger because there’s such a “myth” about it. Nobody ever heard it completely and Marie once said that she doesn’t want to release it because it’s too personal and a bit too private. And the song is obviously a great one. So finally we get the song in full length. That was a quite surprise - at least for me. ;-) BTW: Do you know that someone cut the 7 seconds out of the movie and made a mp3 of it? :-) I think nearly every fan of Marie has it.

Have fun tomorrow, best wishes to Sweden.


Hej Mikael!!

Yes..we fans are like that sometimes!! :)
Great to read you here! I hope that we can order your album somewhere (CDON??) soon!!
Forgetting Maries birthday?? NEVER! I will have a little grin on my face the whole day tomorrow! :)

The best ever long-awaited birthday present for ME would be MARIE and PER getting back together in the studio a.s.a.p. and record a new 14 track kick ass album (of course, without this guy Christopher Lundquist)!!!

I think Mikael could write and record songs with Asa as well (Per’s wife) since she has been involved in some sort of songwriting so far (see “Joyride” or “Det är blommor som har fångat dej”). So it could be a big big Roxette Family Affair :-)))

What do you think? It’s really crazy to stay sane...

Hehehe..Funny idea Robbie! I’d like to join. I can cook the coffee or help with the table-icehockey.....

Roxette will always stay my fave project of all what this fantastic crew ever created!

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded (o;

nice one Robbie, I like your idea
very funny !

..maybe they’ll like it too ;) least the first part, he he

Criz, everybody can make coffee, I’d prefer some seafood paellas or pasta instead. It must have been lunch...

Just imagine Marie, Asa, Mikael and Per the next ABBA or bigger :-)))

Hello Micke, it’s OLLI from Germany. I guess you still remember me. :-)(Leipzig, Hamburg last year..)
How great to see, that you are here with us! Feels so close to you and Marie! What a wonderful feeling. Like a family!
I have sent you a letter. Well, it’s for Marie and her birthday. As always. :-) Best wishes to the lady of my life! SHE IS THE BEST AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER!!! NOTHING COMPARES TO HER!!!!
I am looking forward your album! It’s something I have dreamed and Marie together on 1 album! What a nice thing besides the Gessle stuff. You can imagine how much I am looking forward YOUR album! I will buy it in Halmstad this summer. Yes, I will be there again. I also will pass by the Penny Lane pub where you have played with The Husbands so many times. Will miss you again and again! Come back to Halmstad! PLease!
Ok, please send MARIE all my deepest love for her birthday! I will think of her tommorrow! All day long! Wished I’d celebrate a little bit with her! ;-)
Hope to see you soon again! You both are a wonderful couple! MY ALL!!! I LOVE YOU, Olli (sorry for all the tears)

PS: Yes, HOMETOWN will be so special for us - the MARIE fans!!! :-)) We know and love the 7 sec :-))

Hej hej Micke!!
I hope you are ok!? Overall: It’s so coooool to read you here ;-) Well, what can i say, your voice and your music is fantastic. ’Me and my guitar’ sound really great and ROCKS my I-Pod at the moment :) The swedish radio channels should play such ’rocky’ music. We should SPAM “RixFM” / “Mix Megapol” etc.... Can’t wait to hear the full album. I’m very excited right now. ’Hometown’ is brilliant and “Sånt är livet’ has been played many times here in “Tyskland”!! Hope to see / read you here again. Wish you a big success with your music and a happy day tomorrow ;-) And let me say it: Your wife is GORGEOUS!!! She’s the queen of all stages. Hope to see her soon again ... she’s UNBELIEVEABLE. I love her!!!!!! Marie Rules!

All the best from germany,


Hello Mikael,
Nice single. Send to Marie our best wishes for her. ;)
Also the best of the wishes for you new release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

———————————————————– // MFwebsite

Hello Mikael and Marie,
great to see you talk here with fans.
I really like your new Familly Affairs (Me & My Guitar and When the Lord is About to Come) and hope that there will be another pearl on the new album as Mother was.
Happy birthday to Marie, wish you the best, very luck, good time with your family and if possible some great new songs.
Take care.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Personally, I prefer the PG´s music BUT I gotta say that the MB´s music it seems to be really good and I like it. At least these two songs sound really good and the first time that I heard WTLIATC I really got surprised with the MB´s voice. He has a powerful and deep voice.
“With some promotion y some Night Club Tour with marie on scene at some cool places in sweden” the album could be good in sales, I think. Just one idea from me :-)
I will buy it. It seems to be a good one. I will buy EHM album too :-D

Hej Micke! It´s great to see you here!
Hometown is one of the most wanted song for us, i guess.
“Me & my guitar” is a fantastic song, congratulations!!! You are a great musician, as always! I can´t wait to listen your “Family affair”. Of course, it was very moving to hear Marie again! She touch my heart with her voice since 1989.
And i wish her a wonderful day with you, Jossi & Oscar.
All my love for Marie..a strong, incredible and fighter woman.

Take care! Kisses.


Hi Micke it is very nice to see you here!!! welcome!! and thank you very much for writting us...this is very important.

I have a few tears in my eyes, because there are a lot of things I would like to tell you, but I will sum up.

First I think you are a great musician..the influence you have on marie‘s albums is great..and the arrangements you have made for her live shows are amazing.

I don‘t know you as person but I imagine you are a great husband and have change marie‘s life and always stood by her side in her worst moment. I always imagine myself telling marie‘s “thanks for being alive”..however this time i would like to thank you for behing there for her and in consecuence for us, who admire her.

Well Micke when I knew you was releasing an album I felt very happy for you...although I was doubtful at first, then I listen to “when lord is about to come” and ” me and my guitar”...and I think YOU DESERVE A LOT OF SUCCESS...

I was impressed by your voise, I have never hear it...and don´t know why I imagine it was different,like “rough”...however you have a really NICE voice !!! and, I repeat, I think you are an EXCELLENT musician....really hope to buy your cd soon!!!. I will be travelling to Sweden this Agost, and it would be great if you could give a little live performance.

From my heart I WISH YOU THE BEST ! Warm Regards from Argentina!.


Hej Mikael and welcome to the site :)
As crashroxer already said, I think you should try the luck with the radio. We, Roxette and Marie fans, will help you to rule the radio!!! hehehe
Greetings from Denmark :)

The moon is alright

its not bad song by mike,i think thats so because i think marie helped mike to do it.
but i can’t understand why mike wants to became a star, in he’s age it might be difficult,besids he must be satisfied that has such vife like marie. i want to see roxette again,marie and per singing together.they were best together.........

Very good album Micke!!! Marie, please... could you record new trax for Roxette album with Per... We want a new Roxette album, it will be pleasure for all fans of the world...

Thanx !!!

Hi Micke
How is Marie doing? I hope she had a great birthday. We miss and love her so much. She´s my big idol! Zelda is online now.

3 new Marie Pics under Images.

the pix are soooo great of Marie & Micke! Both are sooo wonderful and handsome!!

Hej Mikael,

I really like these two songs as I really like the other ones I know from you (especially from “The Change”). So I wonder how I can buy your album here in Hamburg, Germany? Without having a Visacard or something like online-banking, it´s hard to order it from swedish internet services, I guess...

I´ve been listening to Marie´s music for more than 15 years now, and I still listen to her songs and voice every single day. Since I saw you together on stage in the Penny Lane, I know what a great musician you are, too. Marie sounds great singing your songs. The music, you´re doing together, sounds so real! You´ve got the blues!

So, do you think, we can get “A Familiy Affair” here in Germany, somewhere...?

I wish you a big success!
Greetings to you and your wonderfull musically wife from Hamburg,

It´s the only online Store who can buy the CD?

Hello dearest Mikael!!
It’s great see you posting here.
How could “not” remember hometown??!!! If i bought the original VHS of the movie Sånt är Livet when i was in Sverige in 2001 just to hear HOMETOWN!!!??
Mike,Marie and you are together PURE DYNAMIT!!
I’m so ecxiting to hear your brand new album!
i love you,guy!! you’re rulling my heart!
PS: Please post a link in yer site to:! it’s a great site!! Exclusively dedicated our angel called Marie Fredriksson.


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