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“New” Gyllene Tider releases out

Written by tevensso on April 14, 2007 to and .

April 11 EMI released new versions of Gyllene Tider's first four albums - "Gyllene Tider," Moderna Tider," "Puls" and "The Heartland Café." What's new with these is that "Heartland" is finally remastered and no album contains bonus tracks anymore. The price is low; 79 SEK, which is about €9.

Gyllene Tider's albums have now been released on CD three times; 1990 (jewel cases, bonus tracks), 2004 (digipaks, bonus tracks and remastering) and 2007 (jewel cases,) except "Heartland" - 1990 and 2007.

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The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself..


Strange. Why dont they re-release Look Sharp!- Crash! Boom! Bang! instead? Remastered and with better sound??

I agree why earth havent they done this with LS, joyride, tourism and cbb, My LS and joyride sound bad compared to my newer cd’s by a great amount!

I’m sure Roxette’s back catalog will be remastered soon enough. Per talked about it last year. These CDs he talked about back in 2004 already.

i dont really believe we will see remastering of roxettes catalogue until they retire as roxette

Releases the world doesn’t need...

There is still a GT DVD release waiting (with the documentary and stuff) - where is that thing? Will that be published for the 50th anniversary? *yawns*

The same over and over and over again...really boring.
PS: someone are going to buy them? only swedish people.but who knows...

I have The Heartland cafe, Konstpaus and Finn 5 fel. Last two are great, but their first 3 albums is totally different music, so I don’ t need them. Would be great to get Roxette albums in Dolby sound. I have Depeche Mode’ s Playing The Angel, and it sounds fantastic. I would like to hear Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way in Dolby Digital. But I don’t believe we get it. Even Roxette Hits DVD is only in Dolby Stereo.

I guess, in Sweden there has always been a market for Gyllene Tider releases.
As for myself, I’d buy them if I had more money :(

The moon is alright

Why would i re-buy Heartland Cafe just cause 20 seconds of it has been remastered?.......and thats not even a song, just the intro

There’s something wrong with that article, isn’t there?

Let’s hope they mean the whole “heartland café” album wil be remasterd and not just the song “heartland”, that would be stupid ey.

Guess it’s a mistake in the article.

animal: what’s wrong with the article?
Marie Fredriksson Online

Anybody needs this?!?!?!?!

God knows how much I love Gyllene Tider (more than Roxette and anything else - perhaps because the’re a sentimental part of my youth...) but this is just another useless thing to release... “No album contains bonus tracks anymore”. Wow, I GOTTA get this!!!! An album with less songs than the releases I already have, this is gorgeous! Ha, ha.... :(((((((((((

EmEx: You are joking, right?

I’m not sure, but could it be that some Roxette albums are already remastered and are now for sale. Some weeks ago I was in Austria. There was the C!B!B! album quite cheap, brandnew and sealed. I’m sure these albums weren’t from 1994. In our record store here in Switzlerand I can get “Tourism” for only CHF 7,90 (=EURO 5,00), brandnew but not sealed. So is it possible that the remastered releases are already out?

It’s not a mistake, I just merely thought that people would be smarter than this, and realize that “Heartland” was referring to the whole album. Guess I was wrong...

Why are they releasing the same material again and agian? The fans already have these album WITH bonus tracks... Who’s going to buy the same albums without bonus tracks? I don’t understand.
And, by the way, there’s an album that has not yet been released. It’s called “Mats Arne 30!”. They should release this one, instead of early Gyllene Tider albums.

MP30 will of course never be released. :)

i really thought they only remastered the intro....
I like the Heartland Cafe really amazing album....besides Roxette albums among the best so it might be worth it if i can find it cheap somewhere

@EmEx: the remastered “The Heartland Café” costs just 9 EURO on CDON!

The moon is alright

... I was really hoping for a DVD. Why, oh why! Oh, amazing, that album which is the worst one GT ever spat out is remastered ... and less songs on all of them. Yay. However; it’s good for new fans who might want the old albums (like I did in 2004) but for us who already have it? Yawn.

Tevensso, why will it never be released??? I’d think that that’s the only unavailable album of Roxette out there. Fans will be happy to buy this one!

There’s an error in the article.
Gyllene Tider got released on CD 1990, 2000 (with a re-release in 2004) and 2007.

Is the sound on Heartland Café a lot better or is it just a waste of money buying an album that contains 5 less tracks than the 1990-version?

That’s not an error I would say, it’s been batched in with the other releases. That’s just nitpicking.
MP won’t be released officially as it was just a 30th birthday gift to MP and nothing else.

It’s a factual error, but whatever.

Mmm it’s about time that Heartland Cafe gets a re-release - but it would be nice to have the bonus tracks remastered for the sake of completion!

Wasn’t bothered with the previous remasters, but think i need to get atleast one more set... although I’m not to sure if I’ll go for these without the bonus tracks.

@purplemedusa: Just wait a couple of years, then we’ll get re-mastered albums with the re-mastered bonus tracks!

And I have a rather strange question: will from now on only these versions of Gyllene Tider albums available in the shops?

The moon is alright

Well i guess there’s no more excuses for anyone that lives in or near Sweden to NOT own a Gyllene Tider CD!

Can we get remastered Gyllene Tider LP’s too?

Gyllene Tider was released 2000 and 2004, yes, but it’s the very same release.

Regarding the 2 ’factual errors’.... Might be best to just amend the article, for the sake of correctness? That’s why we read TDR and not Expressen :)

Is there any audible sound difference between the Heartland Café remaster and the previous version? And is there any interesting difference in artwork?

Haven’t had time to listen yet. The booklets are identical, but under the tray you have Gyllene’s four albums and they are numbered “#1” etc. just like in the Marie Fredriksson box. Same on the spine.

Thanks for not responding to comments about the error in the article, Tev ;-)

They looks handsome. I was in a Rocks store today in Sweden and I had to order the 2007 remastred Gyllene Tider CD Albums to get them and I asked about the price and the seller said 120 SEK for each so I waited. I thought that 79 SEK was a “nice price” price and then that all record shops in Sweden who only sell new CD´s would sell it for the same price (79 SEK). Then I can get them cheaper anywhere else.


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