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Mikael Bolyos’ first single out on April 6

Written by Jud on March 29, 2007 to .

Mikael revealed in an interview with TDR last year that he was planning to release his first album in April, on his birthday, and it looks like his dream is now about to come true. The first single, "When the Lord Is About to Come," will be released on April 6. The album will be released mid May, "I'm so happy I managed to finish my album on time!" Mikael tells The Daily Roxette.

The song is a duet with Mats Ronander, whom you might know as ex-guitarist of ABBA and support act to Per Gessle's Mazarin tour 2003 or playing the harmonica on some of Marie Fredriksson's albums. Mats is a blues guy and the ex-hubby of Sanne Salomonsen.

More information about the album will come soon.



He is right releasing it in April...with a solo-Gessle album coming out, this project could be a serious disaster...

Boring again...

I can’t wait to hear the album.I’m sure Marie will be in the album.
I love Mike,he’s great.

@PolicarpoAroca: I agree - this album is sure to be terrible, just look at what he wrote for Marie...

But I doubt anyone is expecting this album to be a commercial success... is he even signed to a major label? I think just getting it finished and put out is all the success Micke was expecting to come of this venture. But who knows? I mean, if he thought he could make it as a commercial artist, I would think he would have put out his first solo record decades ago...

Anyway, I hope we get to hear Marie on it! I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be on there somewhere....

Before calling it a commercial flop I’d really like to hear his music. But it seems this time it’s not commercial enough to buy the single on CDon or Ginza.. :-(


Great to see he gets the chance to fulfill his dreams!! I’m curious about his album. Micke, well done, that’s the way we want to see you! Good luck with the release!

x Nienke

Jeez some of these comments remind me of the anti-Yoko statements in the late 60’s. No people, Micke’s been a solid musician for many years; I think we will be pleasantly suprised by the result! I am looking forward to this release... and I’m holding thumbs that there will be some ooooooooo-ing from MF as an additional bonus!!

Great news!!
I’m really curious about it. I’m sure it will sound great!.

some comments and people are so predictable ;)

Song is good - one word: M U S I C :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

Oh, that’s pretty soon! Is that release date for promo or retail? And is it a religious song/album (the lord = Jesus Christ)? I’m curious about possible Marie features. No news on yet...

Let’s listen and than judge....I’m curious
funny how all the swedish musicians seem to be connected....Ex -Abba guitarist and ex-hubby of Sanne...Sanne is a very dear friend to Marie if I’m not wrong. Do all the musicians in Sweden know each other? :D One big family eh?

Judith: Do you know if the single IS a commercial release?


before i call an album boring or bad i at least listen to it a few times before i judge it.....

my first thought was ow a religious song lol.

It’s not religious in that sense and yes, it is a commercial release.


It‘s a great news!!!... hope to hear it soon...and then i will tell my opinion...

Fantastic news!!
Im very curiouse about the songs and the album!
Maybe Marie will be in the middle? ;)


I’m looking forward to it, and unlike some I am a great fan of the work he has done with Marie. To be honest, I am looking forward to this more than Per’s album. Does that make me a bad Roxette fan? :p
Glad to hear it’s not a religious song though, that would have really put me off. Let’s hope Marie features somewhere on the album! I wonder uf he will tour with the record? I suppose it depends on the success of the record.

cool, i’m very curious about it. he did a nice job in “the change”, writing the best songs in the album (i.e. “all you gotta do is feel”). go bolyos!

@EmEx: Sure, but how many Kevin Federline songs or episodes of “The Flava of Love” do you need to hear before you figure out that the next one probably won’t be any good? 5? 10? 100? I’ve heard Micke’s songs... I’m not saying that there couldn’t be a dramatic turnaround and suddenly he’s writing fantastic music I’ll enjoy for years to come, but from what I’ve heard of his work, that would be very surprising. Although “Mother” was one of my favourite songs on “The Change” and it was his, so who knows?

I have to say I was positively surprised. The song (yes, I’ve heard it) is not really a ballad, but a slow-paced song, with full instrumentation and an acoustic guitar playing around in the background. Can’t say anything about the lyrics, as I usually don’t think about that.

Has Per been sharing illegal mp3s with you?

Naughty boy!

Ha ha, when did Per get involved in this? :D

I just thought that was the most obvious source of your “exclusive first listen”, since you are in regular contact with him. I doubt Micke would send it to you after you slagged off his wife’s english album :p

Well, if Thomas likes it, that’s a good sign - I know what he thought of “The Change”!!!

I look forward to hearing it, then.

song will be available for all soon :)

source is Micke himself, btw :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

noone ever said thomas had taste in music :)~

Sanne Salomonsen is Danish, not Swedish.
But it’s true that she’s a very dear friend to Marie. I think that most of the biggest artists in Scandianavia, more or less, know each other.

I didn’t even know Mats Ronander played the guitar in ABBA, cool. But I still think he is boooooring. Though, I think it’ll be intresting to hear something completely done by Micke. Let’s see if it is something even close to what he did with Marie’s latest albums, or something completely diffrent from that....

“I’m not saying that there couldn’t be a dramatic turnaround and suddenly he’s writing fantastic music I’ll enjoy for years to come...”

Well, why not, Per had written fantastic songs till SOAP. Everything can happen.

Yes Sanne is Danish, she was still married to Mats.

I just realised that the release date of the single is only 5 days away! March passed quickly!
Is there any info about where we can buy it? There is nothing on CDON

Sings Marie with on his Album or is she involved?

Sings Micke with on the Duett?

Neil, I think u must offer your services after hours! My hands itch when I see posts like the above!

Marie is involved, yes!
Marie ’sings’ on an album, yes!
And we suppose Micke would participate on his own album!

But if i understood u completely wrong, I’m sure TDR will give all the saucy details pretty soon. BTW have you not read the previous posts of other users? I don’t think TDR is in the business of finding out how many people want to know the same facts...! (Correct me if I’m wrong, Thomas!)

Oh, I look forward to this album. And yes, I hope Marie to be here. And even more I hope, that there would be a way to order it!

Everything here close to me is just the way I want it to be


in 3 days is the 6. April...but no update on , Single not in a online-Store ( Cdon or Ginza...).. strange

We have to wait till the album release, I guess...

The moon is alright


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