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“En händig man på turné” to be released in December

Written by tevensso on November 1, 2007 to and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Per Gessle's new DVD, titled like the tour "En händig man på turné," (5153989) will be released as predicted; before Christmas, namely December 5. The DVD will contain the full tracklist of the Stockholm concert (see below), and also the tour diary previously published on YouTube. Other bonuses included are the clarinet version of "När vi två blir en" and the video of "En händig man."

According to the sleeve the concert is fully filmed in Stockholm. The sleeve is designed by Karl-Magnus Boske, the same art director that designed for instance the sleeves to "The World According to Gessle" and "Have a Nice Day" series. The front sleeve photo is taken by TDR's Thomas Evensson.

Technical specs of the DVD: Dolby Digital and dts, anamorphic widescreen in 16:9 format.

The tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Juni, juli, augusti
03. (Hon vill ha) Puls
04. Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar)
05. En händig man
06. På promenad genom stan
07. Vilket håll du än går
08. Hannas kärlekspil
09. Det hjärta som brinner
10. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
11. När alla vännerna gått hem
12. Om du bara vill
13. Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
14. Kung av sand
15. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)
16. Band presentation
17. Födelsedag
18. Fru Nordin
19. Spegelboll
20. Gå & fiska!
21. Om du kommer ihåg
22. Tycker om när du tar på mej
23. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
24. Ska vi älska så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
25. Sommartider
26. Min hälsning

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YAYAY! That’s great news!!! Looking forward to getting this!!

Can’t wait!! The sleeve looks fantastic. It is the Stockholm concert, right? Have to check if I see myself in the audience! Looking forward to it!

I thought Per said that it will be a mix of the concerts in Sthm and Gtb...??
Well..anyway...I’m looking forward to it! Nice sleeve! What a summer...! Sigh!!

Yeah, no Göteborg in it?? Hej, we had such a big party there!!! What about a documentary??

yep..Göteborg is still shaking I’m sure! ;))


btw: wasn’t Stockholm shown live by Telia??

The cover looks VERY similar to the En Mazarin Alsking DVD

Per said after Bokmässan in Gothenburg that it WOULD be mix of Stockholm and Gothenburg. So I think he will keep his promise :)

We didn’t say that Gothenburg won’t be on the DVD. The only thing mentioned is the tracklist.

I Don’t care from where the concert is ... Just wanna see it :-))) ... *JOY* ...

Slowly but for sure Im needing a bigger house for my Gessle / Roxette stuff :-S ...

Be good if he did what Marie did and combine all of his solo videos with this.

Can’t wait to see it. The Stockholm gig was great:-))))))))))))))

Yeah, I wanna watch Göteborg on the DVD as well..... I was standing in the very first row!!!! ))))))))))))))))
Göteborg!!!! Göteborg!!!! Göteborg!!!!! yay-yay-yay!!!! )))

Finally!!!! I was in Stockholm, almost front row. I’m looking forward to buy it!!

Wasn’t it last year that Per mentioned (in an article/interview) he was getting closer and closer to a new record label to release Roxette material (old/new???) as well? Even if Roxette doesn’t tour anymore but, they record a new LP here and there–sort of what The Beatles did towards the end–wouldn’t that be PERfect! Cheers and Peace.

Strange, to put a concert on DVD which was already shown on TV and therefore could be recorded....

But nevertheless a nice souvenir for those who went there ;)

I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

Will be Gothenborgs concert shown to the public in anyway? Either like a bonus or somehow? Or we will just see that Stockholm gig?
Why everything’s so complicated and unjustice???? :(((

The concert wasn’t shown on normal TV but Telia’s digital channel that A: not too many has and B: the ones who does didn’t necessarily tape the concert.
We’ll see when the DVD comes out if Gothenburg is in there or not.

Indeed, the concert was recorded and was available for download somehow (torrent files). But you can’t compare that with a real DVD, because the picture is very grainy. And the sound is even worse, very weak and low. It’s no competition for the real DVD. I hope they are going to keep the title of every song on screen, like in the Telia broadcast.

re: tevensso >> We’ll see when the DVD comes out if Gothenburg is in there or not.

So, there’s still a chance? Inspite of they’d written that the whole dvd was filmes in the capital? =)))

Cool that you took the front sleeve photo Thomas!! Looks great! :-)

Per still claims there are angles from Gothenburg interspersed in the footage, we’ll have to take his word for it. ;)
@PA: tack!

Added a larger pic of the back sleeve now, just click it.

It might mean that there would be some scenes from Gothenburg in the tour diary....... Well.... Per was never famous for bearing his promises... ))) Anyway, that was a cool summer and the very shows were amazing. Even if that would be Stockholm on DVD, I believe that ti would be indeed worth seeing!! )))))
Tack, Thomas.. ))

Clarence for President!!!

@ Junkie: I think there is a chance, that there are both Stockholm and Götheborg in it because on the Mazarin-DVD was also written, that it is the show from Götheborg an everyone knows, that this is not true.

I am not that fond of the sleeve, it looks weird (both front and back sides). By the way, the clarinet version of “När vi två blir en”... do you know where it comes from? Is it an outtake or something like that?

Could you please write more about it.... I don’t know the story.... Are you telling that on Mazarin DVD we can see scenes from some other cities? I mean Stockholm or any other city?

Yes -it’s correct.
I’m sure cos i was on 2 Mazarin shows –Stockholm and Eskilstuna
And you can see few times on DVD me and other fans from Bulgaria ,which you know very well ;-))

“Junkie said on November 2, 2007 14:42:

Will be Gothenborgs concert shown to the public in anyway? Either like a bonus or somehow? Or we will just see that Stockholm gig?
Why everything’s so complicated and unjustice???? :(((“

you must be kidding me!

what is so complicated about a press release concerning a DVD where the sleeve states that it contains a concert recorded on a specific date at a specific venue?

do people really have a hard time taking things for what they are?

justice for Per Gessle completeists now!! LOL

Though I was only at the Stockholm concert, I’d like to have both concerts on DVD. For me it would be interesting to watch how was it in Göteborg, the concert that I didn’t have a chance to attend.

However, I’ve heard that they had technical problems recording the concert in Göteborg. So if this concert isn’t released, it’s not because of Per not keeping his promises, but because of technical problems. Maybe...

@Gachy: the clarnet version of När Vi Två Blir En starts and ends (if I remember right) the concert. I think, it was recorded especially for this tour. By the way, I’m still waiting for the e-mail from you!

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower

The tracklist sounds absoletely amazing!!!! I know it’s a bit early, but I would like to know from where can I buy the DVD, as CDON (and only CDON) does not accept my credit card lately. I hope that when the time comes there will be a possibility to buy it via, do you think it’s possible.

I doubt will sell it as that site doesn’t have the business systems needed. But I’m sure will pick it up. Or any other Swedish site that sells abroad.

Am I right that this is a picture from the Vasteras gig on the back sleeve? :-)
’cause I can see some friends of mine from Russia (me with the Russian flag in the very first row) and some great Argentinian fans nearby ;-)

could you add a bigger pic of the fron as well?

OK, it’s up.

Thanks :-)

Thomas, is it possible to see the orginal picture that you have taken?

Yes I’m sure. I’ll upload it to Flickr.

According to, Per’s new concert DVD made its debut on the 4th place
Well done, Per! ;)


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