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Radio Halland meets Per Gessle

Written by tevensso on January 3, 2007 to and . Source: SR P4 Halland.

HALMSTAD (Updated) - Radio Halland's Pelle Hörmander has met Per Gessle for their traditional Christmas talk. The show was aired Dec. 27, 11:30-12:00. (Follow the link, click Dec 27 and select 11:30-12:00, the interview starts after approximately seven minutes.)

Update: Radio Halland broadcast a second part of the interview on January 3.

Welcome to the program. Do they still turn their heads when you walk down the street here in Halmstad?
Ha ha, thanks. No, not really anymore.

Busy fall?
Some I would say. Some TV and radio promotion, but not so bad no. It used to be worse.

Is it still fun to travel around?
Truthful? Not as fun as it used to be. Sometimes it's good, when the full band is with us. When in a hotel bar in Berlin for instance. Press and TV isn't fun. I wish it was.

Same kind of questions?
Yes, oh yes. Lately lots about Marie's sickness. It's very tedious. Nothing about music at all, just about Roxette's past success.

Why not?
I just don't know. When I make solo albums or Plumber, they all talk about music and influences, but when it comes to Roxette all we talk about is US #1s but never music.

So let's talk music Per Gessle! Tell us about the new songs…
It's been a giant step for Marie. It was sensational, at least to me, that Roxette recorded again. So I stepped up to the plate and I wrote a few songs. We thought "Reveal" would be the Big Hit, but in the studio "One Wish" flourished. Not a song we will be remembered by of course, but still as good as we could do under these circumstances.

Once again you will release an album in the US. Do you think they remember Roxette over there?
Yes, the album will be released in January, believe it or not. I'm going over there in January to do some promotion. Our music is played a lot, more than ever actually, especially "Listen to Your Heart" and "It Must Have Been Love," but do they remember Roxette? I doubt it.

How will the future be?
Nothing really right now. The slate's clean. It's a possibility but Marie can't decide now what to do next fall for instance, she takes one step at the time.

Where does that leave you?
I'm old and gray too now, but I don't need that much heads up. We do need at least six months in the studio to make a Rox album, maybe six months to prepare.


...Wow... Now the slate is clean, but, we hope in a future, a nearly future, the slate looks like a dictionary, with many words they can made a new roxette songs.
Marie, youre right, take a breath for a moment, but please, dont get apart us...We (ME AT LEAST) cant live without Roxette... i have the spin so deep in my heart, touching my soul.
Gacel Spain

I liked this brief interview it’s like in so little Per was so honest in termos of what we all have perceived ... interviews all about the same stuff (past sucess and marie’s sickness) no wonder the present music gets aside ... no wonder it’s no fun anymore, why would it be? Per alone?? Nahhh...

I agree that it makes sence that Marie needs a lot more time to focus on certain things, it’s important for her and I hope the fans can go along with that need as well without expecting too much.. after all the band isn’t over pleeease LOL something will always pop in every now and then ...

I also believe that the “they” the general audience in the US might not remember who Roxette are ... but those 2 ballads have remained which is something to be proud of no doubt about it. At least the very few fans there know exactly all about Roxette so having the Hits there will be something to be happy for. It’s not like Joyride days of course ... but more than 10 years after ... it should be a proud moment to have some rox music again on their cd players and pcs. I guess ...


Not really surprising... no one knows what Marie wants to do next year, even herself. Recording a new Rox album could be fun but promotion could be really stressing. Remember that new lyrics could be really hard for her to learn.Anyway, I believe that there will be a new album but no one can really tell when it will happen...
About promotion in US only by Per.... I don’t think it will work out without Marie.. I believe roxette is a duo and she was more involved into Roxette image in the past and people in the radio stations, TV, etc will start wonder.. Where is she?.. and Per will have to tell the same story about her illness all over again. We must think that the situation is not easy for Marie and I fully understand that...

Per is so great!!!! %) Oh, what a cutie....
But it all, once again, depends on Marie who, it seems, doesn’t wish to pay any attention to Roxette....... oh, damn, how sad to realise.. :(((((

I think Marie will join Per in January. You never know with her...

This is the most optimistic message this year.

The story behind these words is: “When will Marie tell YES, after some 12 months we´ll get new Roxette album.

No matter when it happen. We´ve been waiting some 4 years, one or two more is no problem.

At this point, I am tired about all the “US release” issue. There nobody cares about Roxette anymore, apart of a bunch of loyal fans here and there. I don’t understand why they are so obsessed about that territory. They haven’t released a studio album there since CBB. Why the things should be different now, when the charts are dominated by crap like Fergie and Beyoncé?

The US is a lost cause. Per should focus the promotional efforts in places where Roxette is still supported. I hope they will consider when the supposed new album (hopefully) be released. After all, the “Hits” is just one more compilation and doesn’t matter at all.

Per sounds tired. But I agree - there’s something positive here, if Per is saying things like “we need at least six months to prepare a Roxette album” at least they’ve been thinking about it. Time will tell.

@Room_service: I don’t think P&M are obsessed with the U.S. at all, they just probably figure (rightly, I think) that any country where there music is played as much as it is in the U.S. has *some* kind of audience for their music, it’s just a matter of tapping into it. Obviously it’s not the new stuff they’re concerned with selling in the US... the last three releases have been GH...

Hotel in Berlin?? Per that was Hamburg and Düsseldorf...;))) (at least what I know..God knows where you’ve been inbetween harhar)

Nice interview! I also like the not mentioned part about the mixed dialect his son is speaking! Sweet! :)

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded ;))

I agree that Per is kinda tired in the interview. I somehow feel sorry for him. I think that he challenges both himself and the United States by doing something there. And I would really love to see Roxette having an influence there these days. Still being quite big in Europe and having nothing in the states is somehow not fair. I think it’s worth trying.
I really hope that SOAP-2 will jump in the next year and then maybe a new Roxette album.

Happy New Year to everyone.

I think this interview is great!

Nice :)

Sweet... January.

Hey Per! Come to Salt Lake... give ya a massage! Definitely need the practice! :o)

In all seriousness though, I’m glad to hear the news from that side of the pond.

Tattooed White Trash

The reason Per is so “obsessed” with putting Roxette back into the American lexicon is simple; the U.S.A. is the pinnacle of a recording artists success! Not to sound pompous, but would you rather have a #1 hit in Bolivia or the United States? You could add all of these small countries together where Roxette is popular and they wouldn’t equal the sales success they could have here if their music was even semi-popular in the top 50 U.S. cities. The global music industry totals $40 billion annually, and the U.S. recording industry accounts for fully one-third of that world market. Get it?

I’d prefer a #1 in Bolivia instead of wasting my time in a country just for nothing. Anyway, the US has showed good taste with all the stinky pile of crap that charts there nowadays. There is no room for Roxette over there. In addition, I don’t think Per Gessle talking in some unknown radio over there, or doing some TV appearance in some anonymous talk show will change the fate of Roxette.

In addition, a lot of acts were plenty of success globally while in the “States” were totally ignored. According to your theory, all the people around the world would be listening R&B. Let me say that is quite lame. Get it?

A #1 in Bolivia??, haha, that would be great since they have never had a #1 there, whereas in the States they were at the top almost six times!!!

@Shammes: I think we all “get” that the US is the world’s biggest music market, centre of the universe, birthplace of freedom, democracy, all that is right in the world, etc. but as a quick perusal of the top of the US charts will show, unless the next Roxette single is “Roxette f. Ciara, Beyoncé, & Timbaland” and Marie strips off a significant quantity of clothing in the video, they won’t be getting another number one hit there anytime soon. Which is a real shame because even the pop/rock songs that are taking Roxette’s place on Billboard (see Goo Goo Dolls, Snow Patrol, The Fray et al.) are nowhere near as good as the weakest Roxette track. Get it?

I never said Roxette’s music would ever be popular here again, as a matter of fact I’d bet against that. And I too hate the current U.S. music scene. I’m just trying to explain to some of you that don’t understand why Per would hope for a huge return to the States. Being number 1 in Sweden sells you a handful of records and makes you a big fish in a small pond...being on the top of the charts in the U.S. makes you globally relevant and very rich! I’m not being ethnocentric, it’s just a fact. Per had a taste of how good it can be and is chasing his glory days...I don’t blame him one bit!

I can’t wait to get the new album when it hits the States!
I’ve loved Roxette ever since I heard The Look the very first time. I’m so excited finally a cd worth buying over here, Yay!!!

I hope Roxette won’t forget CANADA, they’ve always been popular here (more then in the U.S, if we compared population) and don’t worry, we do not forget our favorite here...See you soon in Canada (and you won’t be to much homesick since we almost similar except you won’t find many people who speak swedish here...)

@ Room_service
Wasting his time? Yes, I do doubt that Per (/Rox) ever will have another #1 on any US chart. But I can’t see why releasing a Gh would be such a waste of time. Even if only one child in the US discovers the wonderful music of Roxette by this release, it’s worth it. “There is no room for Roxette”. With such fans, Per doesn’t need any enemies.

Roxette in it’s former appearance is definitely over, yes. And no, Per appearing in some TV shows won’t change that. Don’t you think that Per knows this?! Do you fully believe he thinks this will be the Ultimate US Revenge for Roxette? Per is just as intelligent as you and me, and he probably knows this more than well. So why not let him run his race? To me, his career this last 27 years has showed me he probably have a reason for his acting. In Gessle (and our own minds) We Trust.

Sometimes a brief interview is the best. When you don’t have that much going on w/ a band or whatever you represent then there’s nothing really else to talk about (besides getting too personal.) I was just thinking the other day about how they came out w/ another greatest hits collection which is fine but, sometimes I still “feel” that I and maybe some other fans are hoping for this “rebirth” of Roxette. The big comeback basically is what I’m trying to say. And when you read the articles like this one it does give you hope that “maybe one day...” we will hear Roxette’s music again (atleast here in the United States.) i don’t understand with all the other hits they had why do we only hear IMHBL and LTYH?


the reson they don’t write off the states entirel is it’s the american fans who stood by them when in reality europe didn’t even pick up look sharp till the usa did, and the chance that u can make one or 2 more fans here is well worth it, there’s always the chance something here can happen even if they can’t enjoy it or promote it as fully as before, europe isn’t the center of the heart :)

I really enjoyed the interview. Per seemed very honest :)
I’m happy for all the fans in US. But I hope that Roxette and EMI won’t forget South American fans!
Det bor en ande i en flaske hos mej :)

i think that it is a great news that per is going to USA...
however i understand the feeling of some guys at this topic because USA as market is very very dificult...and as far as i know most people have almost to sell their soulds to get something there...

but a positive thounght is this: think that everything that sounds at USA , comes soon or later to argentina...maybe there is a posibility for us to get the roxbox edited here. (althought i have allready paid u$s110).

it‘s a shame we couldn´t listen this interview on line...

i wish per has luck there at USA, and do good business there..i believe it´s very important that IMHBL, is still played there , however i don´t realy belive roxette is remember, as a mather of fact a friend of mine who lives there told me in 1994 , when i met her , that she didnd´t know roxette (until i mentioned “pretty woman” film)

Um, the interview IS online. Just click the link.

I think that thanks to the Billboard #1 Roxette is famous all over the world. Besides, they’ve just received an award for two of the most played songs on American radios. So, in my humble opinion, the US deserve a promo tour.

The strange thing is that he admits the two new tracks are not up to their best material. As far as I remember, he was putting it different while Hits album was released...

Well, it’s not the first time Per contradicts himself. In 2001, when Room Service was released, he said that it was their best album, whereas five years later, in the Roxbox, he says that when he listens to it he finds it uninspired. With time, you get used to his contradictions.

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