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A word with Per, the handyman

Written by tevensso on March 12, 2007 to and .

LJUSDAL - The Daily Roxette is talking with Per Gessle in the mix, down in Skåne:

- A handyman, that's not really what people think when they hear the name Per Gessle, is it?
"Ha ha, no I suck at most things like that and people know this, that's why we chose that title. There's a song called that too."

- Speaking of that, you've been recording new Son of a Plumber material simultanously with this, how has that worked out?
"Nooo, I just said that to fool people. We've only recorded Swedish material… 21 songs. Some are even over three minutes!" he says with an obvious humorous grin present in his voice. The fact is that we are mixing as we speak," Per says as the sound of a keyboard blares in the background.

- Ha ha, OK, funny as ever… What has been your inspiration this time?
"Well, I'm an old man, so it's the same inspiration, same influences as ever." Read: We're getting soft pop á la Gessle. "But there are a few rocky Gyllene Tider-power pop numbers as well!"

- So, you're still in the mix?
"Yes, and we've also recorded material live in the studio, because it's so much fun to sing and play at the same time. But I'm really a bit nervous. What if the album isn't good? Some of the material we haven't heard since September… then it might not be done in time? But they wanted it in the press release so they could sell tickets," says Per.

- I'm sure you'll do fine. So this Plumber story, it's dead at the moment?
"Naah, no, yes, at the moment. EMI Blue Note was releasing the album in the US, but as EMI is down-sizing now I've just received a thanks but no thanks. Too bad, as my contact at Blue Note just loved the album. I'm still shopping around though, as the album is quite timeless it doesn't matter if it's not released in 2007.

- A handyman on tour?
"That's right, it's been four years, isn't it time again?"
- Absolutely!
"Yes, my feeling exactly, it's so much fun to play, we have a damn hunger [for that] now, after four years… and MP is with us this time. He was on the album but we remixed him off of it! Although some Gyllene Tider songs can't be played without good old MP. And Christoffer," Per divulges, "can't play 'Det hjärta som brinner' so… This Gyllene Tider thing is hard, you can't play for example 'När vi två blir en' without a bouncing Göran Fritzon behind the Farfisa, can you?"

No you really can't, but Per and I quickly agree that "(Hon vill ha) Puls" sounds quite decent with Clarence behind the keys.

- Back to the tour, what will you play for us?
"You know, we don't really know yet. We've been considering playing some Plumber live, because it would sound great. On the other hand, it's hard to mix languages because you may lose the focal point. Besides that we have tons of material to choose from."

Per says that the Swedish media will probably call this tour a flop as he'll never get the numbers that GT got in 2004.

- Who cares about that?
He agrees reluctantly, and says "well, you know media…"

Per tells us that as usual there will be a single before the album release, but as he hasn't even mixed the album yet, he doesn't even know what it'll be. "I may not even be in on the decision making," he says. Nor is the sleeve even started. The new press photos, taken by Henry Diltz in Los Angeles, were taken only for the tour and possibly posters, but won't be used for the album. "It'll be Anton (Corbijn) or Jonas (Åkerlund) if I can get them," he explains. "They're both shooting movies right now. Jonas was going to do the L.A. shoot but couldn't get away from Canada, where he's filming."

- As you've been recording since September, will Marie be on the album?
"No, not this time."

"See you soon!" says Per as our conversation comes to an end and he returns to the mixing board.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of our readers may be interested to know that Henry Diltz, who recently photographed Per when he was in California, has been a rock photographer for over 40 years, having helped "invent" rock photography in the 1960s. His work has appeared on over 80 album covers and has been featured in books, magazines and newspapers. He's produced photographic essays of Woodstock; The Monterey (California) Pop Festival; The Doors; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Jimi Hendrix and scores of other legendary artists. – LEO

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Geeez, what an amazing interview. Reads like you were sitting in a pub together. Very well done, very handy, man!

Keep on thinking.

Very nice interview indeed! Thanks a lot Thomas.

Hi Per!! I really love your work and your new material but don‘t you think its time to give us a proper ROXETTE new album for God Sake... !!!
Come on Per get back on truck with Marie and give us something to sing,dream again! we are all waiting for roxette new Material, life is short so please do something for all of us!!!
Many Thanks from Ivan the one that loved you both from the very first time i heard you both singing.
PLease Please Please
By The way for the all readers Please be with me and lets screem to roxette that we still need they songs in our lives..

You Right Great interview! please help me to shout that we want a New ROXETTE album.

hmm so it was amrie that tried to resurrect roxette for the 20th anniversary and now per seems to have effectivly put roxette back to bed, I’m so depressed :(

This is fantastic, I can’t wait to hear the new material. I’m sure we’ll hear from Marie again before the year is out, too (or next) but I’m certainly not complaining about having a new Per CD to add to my collection. Bring on summer!

No SOAP #2 in 2007 - how does mentioning THAT help ticket sales?


Nice Interview.. I’m getting curious about the album... (Tour is out of reach for me this time :-/ )

Thanx for the interview! I’m just a bit disappointed that Marie isn’t on the album and these new press photos don’t look that inspired again (think bowling alley), do they? Jonas/Anton will do much better. Let’s hope for a great album, not too soft poppy, rather powerful and fresh!

I thought it was quite clear that it’s not up to Per what happens with Roxette. And it’s not like he does this “instead” of Roxette. Personally I think Per’s solo material has been way better than any recent Roxette material! Really looking for ward to tour and album, and great interview, thanks!

sounds really rushed to me i dont know if anyone else got that impression :-S ?!


Great Interview!!!
I’m really looking forward to the new album. I miss Mr. G music.

Im really exited about the new album and the tour! If it’s anything like Mazarin or SOAP it will be amazing! And he’s tour reach my town Västerås! Awsome summer awaits!


“rox-kuryliw said on March 13, 2007 09:30:
sounds really rushed to me i dont know if anyone else got that impression :-“

Rushed?? I don’t know. Do you mean because the info and dates for the tour came long before the album is even released... then yes maybe. But I think that’s kind of cool aswell.

The album feels rushed? Just cos we got the news yesterday dosen’t mean he start working right now on it. The tour has problaby been planned for a while and Per has been working on the album for a while for sure.

Rox would be nice, but accually I think this is better! Gessle live in the summer, it can’t be better!

Great news... but It’s quite expensive for stundet to get to Sweden...

So, I’m hoping for second shortest world tour... ;)

A new Rox-Album was better. ok,but i´m very happy over new Music.

@in a hallandsposten-Article stand: Roxette.door is not Closed!!!

C’mon Per be nice and book Örjans Vall a second time after the 12th of August..hmmm??? I’m sure you have to...;)

Well, I’m curious about the new album...hopefully it will sound NEW.

whats gonna be really disappointing is when son of a plumber 2 comes out and we hear more songs that were meant for rox

@coyboyusa: That could actually happen, as whatever recent Roxette songsthat were recorded and haven’t been used so far, might be used in SOAP 2 since Roxette has gone into another hibernation period. So, yeah, it might just be like “I Like It Like That” and “Something In The System” which Per said were songs for Roxette, and you can actually notice they sound Roxette.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Hmm, Per tells TDR that SOAP2 was just mentioned to fool people. And he tells Hallandsposten that he’d like to do something with Marie after this project. My conclusion is that he writes english songs from time to time that he wants to use for Roxette. If that isn’t possible they’ll end up in a SOAP2/whatever... :-)

I read in a small note that Micke would never accept the same conditions as MP “I´m not a comp-musician” he says . So I guess he´s not that friendly with Per.....

The tivkets are numbereds in Halmstad&Örebro so you have to be in a hurry to get the best seats I guess

How can you number a soccer field?

I so can’t wait til tomorow morning... I’m really looking forward to the tour and the album.

In Gessle we trust!

Everything here close to me is just the way I want it to be

Tevensso, they aren’t. Only sitting places are numbered, not standing places on the football field. As usual.

I wonder if he will go on tour alone or which band he will bring with him for warm up!

Well I bought a ticket for Stockholm. Not 100% sure I’ll go, but I thought I’d better buy one anyway in case they sell out and I decide I want to go later. I’ve never been to see Per in concert without Marie, so it could be interesting

” Read: We’re getting soft pop á la Gessle. “But there are a few rocky Gyllene Tider-power pop numbers as well!” “

Sounds very good. “The Soundtrack” for the next summer. :)

Must admit, I’m very tempted, but I know I can’t afford the flights. Hmm!!


Well, at least something new.

But, nevertheless, disappointing for me cause I more looked forward to new songs in English, e.g. a new SOAP-Album or something near it.

I’m not quite sure, if i’ll buy this album...


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