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The single is named... “En händig man”

Written by tevensso on May 6, 2007 to , and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) -

En händig man - singleBackThe Daily Roxette is proud to present the title and sleeve of the new single, which is "En händig man" (3.01) The b-side is called "Vet du vad jag egentligen vill?" (2.03) ("Do You Know What I Really Want?") and is according to Per a version of a song named "Solen kom från ingenstans" ("The Sun Appeared from Nowhere") from "En händig EP." Photos by Anton Corbijn.
Planned radio date is May 21, and it will be in stores the 23.
Update: Per has just gotten a green light from TV4 where he will perform "En händig man" unplugged on "Nyhetsmorgon" Sunday May 27.

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kewl! :)


super cool, per rules ;-)

YEAYYYYY! Nice the layout is again Mazarin inspired. I like the pix, and his hairdo is fab too. Can’t wait to hear the songs...hopefully Vet du vad jag egentligen vill is going to be much different to the EP version. This would enhance the value of the first single.. Thanks Per!

I like the look of that Cover!
I think that Per looks gr8!
Mr.G Rules!
Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

Great news! Cool to have the same title om single and album, was a while ago? CBB was the last time?

Nice cover to...

Woooooooooooooooooow that looks cool :-) .... I want it !!!

Great news!!! I’m really looking forward to his performance @ ’Nyhetsmorgon’!!!


Please! Don’t rally us and throw a snippet. We do deserve it now!

WOW !!!

Really nice cover. Love that he keeps up with the Mazarin handwriting and style of cover. Can’t wait to hear the songs :)

Getting excited now! Looks like we’re getting the single two days earlier than originally thought... cool!

Oh, I just realized he’s using the damned handwriting again like on all of the “Mazarin” releases... sheesh! Maybe the similarity in artwork design is a hint that the music will be similar too?? If so... (-:

Can anyone translate what is going on on the back cover?

It says “On tour” and the tour dates for this summer. And the people behind the album (C&C)

Nice sleeve.

Här kommer alla känslorna, yeah :)

Great!! Yes, it looks like another MAZARIN..yeah!!! ;)


is there anyone that can translate the names of the songs from the back cover?

Tev already did it. Read the news again.

Keep on thinking.

I’m so happy! The cover is super. And I’m especially in love with the design of the CD :)

Oh, and Per’s releasing the single on the 21st of May, the day that I have one of my exams :)

I wish it was the 27th of May already!

The moon is alright

Wounderful and the song names sounds terrific as usual! And look at the sleeve, just great! Per’s so handsome! :D

Oioioi... Someone’s getting excited! :-D

When will the new single hit the radiostations? Well, I know that it probably only will hit the swedish radiostations, but when will they start to airplay it?

Yeah! Mr. P.G. is back! Cool pic! Nice design! So it seems Per had a lot of time for funny drawings again! ;)

Please give us a snippet.. Looking forward for this song.. Hopefully it would be a true summer hit song.. but with more depth to it than for example en sten vid en sjö i en skog or tuffa tider..

Ginza have published the front cover of the album, looks nice!

yahoooo! lately I´ve checking online the music stores and I didn´t noticed about the cover of the album in looks really cool!. PER FOR PRESIDENT ;-)

note to tevensso: everybody knows that you hide the new single in the pockets of your jeans. play it now for us all! LOL :-D

Thanks for info Mattias. Anton rulez.

Looks like it’s out June 13th, rather than the 12th as was stated in the press release (which makes more sense anyway, since the 13th is a Wednesday)... I know, picky picky! I’ll have to wait a week past that anyway for the CD to make it across the Atlantic... (-:

The sleeve looks great, but at the same time, it’s maybe less appealing to me given that the photography and everything is quite similar to “Mazarin” (and, for the photos at least, “SOAP”).... still, this might be deliberate, to make us think of “Mazarin” when we see “En Händig Man”...

Ha ha... I just realized that Per embellished his umlauts on the “A” in “händig” with eyebrows!

AAAAAAAAHHHH he’s soooooo handsome in this picture. Can’t wait to import my single and my cd.
Per, you are the best !!
I love youuuuuu!
Fernanda - Brazil

“En händig man” album cover here:

really nice layout! IN GESSLE WE TRUST

the covers are realy cool!!.. specialy de back cover...please if you have a stream post it !!

Stream of the cover?
No I don’t have the single, just a picture of it. I, or someone else, will post the album sleeve here as well soon. I’m on a business trip so I can’t do it unfortunately...

The single is released at the 23rd according to ginza

the 21st is the radiodate?

really cool album cover!

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