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Per working on Swedish album and follow-up to Son of a Plumber

Written by tevensso on January 3, 2007 to . Source: SR P4 Halland.

HALMSTAD - Radio Halland broadcast a second part of Per's interview on January 3. In the second interview Per reveals that he's writing for not one but two new projects; one in Swedish and a continuation of the Son of a Plumber project in English. He can't say which one will be released first. "It depends on several things, I can't answer that right now."

He's going to the US next week, to plug Roxette's new album, but also to get Plumber released over there. "I don't know why I end up in the US all the time, it's a big and impossible country… But then again, it was the last time as well so…"

Pelle, the reporter, also asks about the tour rumors, and Per says he's heard them as well. But the last solo tour he did, he put together no more than two months before the tour start, so no one knows at this point.

Regarding the 700th anniversary of Per's hometown Halmstad on May 31, Per says that he has gotten loads of questions to join in, but he doesn't like the date. "Doesn't it go on the whole year though? I'm sure we can get something together."

The interview is available on the Internet (it starts after approx. 14 minutes).


Wow..., fantastic news. I love his solo projects. American release of SOAP I? The news of the month, for sure.

Cool! Can’t wait for them!

The swedish solo is good news. I have been on few shows from Mazarin tour and it’s was amazing...

To make something on english is probably fun and “must do” at this stage of life but will have some succsess only under the name Roxette.
I know that Per doesn’t seek success ,but i would prefer if he saves few good songs for Roxette.
I guess he have better songs than One wish.

Gessle always thinking about different projects... I love it!! We won’t ever get bored with this man :D
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

I haven’t got all the SOAP stuff yet, and the man is going to released more material soon... He is a work-aholic, I will need an extra job to afford the new material, haha. And Reveal single in January... It’s a relief Marie didn’t release more singles from her latest album :-D

SON OF PLUBER IS VERY GOOD PROJECT, If we waiting for a new album Roxette, we can enjoy confidence to Per and his musicial talent that he love us, fans!!!
This is a nice news. Per... C’mon !!

Great about solo album in swedish!!
About SOAP,it has no sense,the SOAP album was a big flop.

SOAP is the best thing Per has ever done, so I would hardly consider that a flop.

Just because it is the best thing Per has ever done, it doesn’t necessarily mean it sold very well. Maybe that’s what substitute wants to say...

Anyway, I just wanted to post the download link:


Great news!! I hope he finally comes back with some more SOAP, the album is a great, it’s been in my mp3 player since it came out. I just can’t take that stupid johana song out of my mind. I don’t care how much it sold, some f*** horrible albums have sold millions of copyes out there, and other great albums didn’t sell more than 10 copies. So you shouldn’t judge an album just by the charts, its the music inside the one that can make it speciall, and SOAP surely is.

oh, thank you so much for this interview!! Per in Swedish is what I consider his best field as a musician. On the other hand, SOAP songs are so damn atmospheric too that I look forward to the sequel :) :)

A fabulous start of 2007 - with such news that we got. Per in HBK Tshirt celebrating Halmstad’s birthday? lol :o)

Great interview!!
So, another SOAP cd?
Sorry but i dont like the album.... :(

well as we can see per didnt wait so much time to bring us one more time a new masterpiece of music that obviously will become in collection for everyone i think...cos also everybody knows that per always has great ideas..all the time..well..about the albums..for the one in swqedish i expect as a mazarin but ina updated manner(even more better than mazarin...a little bit impossible..but well)and i didnt know that soap was going to continue at all...i liked soap a lot..i really love this album so...for the second part i want something such as the first one but with songs produced alittle bit better...i know it will be great...but i want roxette back again!!!

Nice News, i like SOAP

But i hope Per writes more Roxette-Songs in the next Time.

From what I understood before, Son Of A Plumber was sort of a tribute to Per’s favourites from the 60-70’s. A follow-up to a, kind of a, tribute seems like totally weird! Son Of A Plumber was a perfect tribute/homage BUT continuing under the same alias? Weird...

I like Per Gessle, I like Mazarin, I like SOAP!
Keep On, Gessle.

no roxette this year it is then. :-( , at least reveal to look forward to.

I don´t think SOAP is the best thing Per has ever done at all. The whole idea behind it is great, and it has some really great songs; but at least in my opinion SOAP is far away from an album like Mazarin. This is his best album IMO.
I´m not interested in charts, or how many copies an album sold, that´s why I don´t consider SOAP a flop. I just don´t like it enough.
Anyway, I support Per and wish him luck on these two new projects. I´d wish it was Roxette related but... maybe 2008...

First, this is great news. But then, when Per states they’d need a whole year for a Rox album (6 months preparation, 6 months in the studio) and simultaneously announces two new solo albums, it seems we have to bury our hopes concerning Rox this year. Which is not as bad to me, cause we get Gessle material after all.

*dance on the office furniture* So if SOAP 1 was compared to the White Album we can expect an Abbey Road then...?!! LOL! Awesome news, I sure hope that someone will notice this project in the US - it seriously deserves a re-release with loads of attention!

Looking forward to more psychedelic tunes from Per & Helena!!!! Hope that there will be more video clips (an mini movie perhaps??), loads of colours and sticky tunes!!

RANDOM TIP FOR THE DAY: Watch the Yellow Submarine feature film by the Beatles!!

I am with Grasi, I don’t think SOAP is Per’s best solo work. That’s very subjective, doesn’t matter if a moderator think it’s the best or not, I don’t take that as the divine truth. Now that I am more used to it, I can say I like some SOAP songs. But as a whole, it is not my favourite album. I remember when it was just released, I couldn’t stand it.

Remember the law: the “part II” is never as good as the original.

I also want new Rox, but if there’ s no plan for comeback with Roxette this year, I’ ll be happy for everything from Mr G. It’ s great that this man don’ t know the rest. Or that his relaxation is writing music.
But I’ m still hoping that there will be future for Roxette. With new songs, albums, videos. 2008 maybe.
BTW: Per’ s best work is Joyride, ofcourse. ;-)

Comment field is required (They do it to me ALL day long!!)

Ah, but sometimes the Part II can outshine the original– The Godfather Part II for example. :-)

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

IMHO, SOAP is a better album than Mazarin. But there’s no account for tastes, and the good news is that we’ll get more Gessle music in 2007. I don’t mind too much about flops or selling figures, I just care about music, and I’m happy to hear that we’ll have lots of that this new year :D
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

so this basically signals no new rox release for this yr and probably the early half of next year if at all, no offense but as you can tell per is gonna have his half as attitude towards promotion in the states as usual, and not for nothing there is seriously NO market for SOAP in the usa



Absolutely BEST NEWS in the last months!!!!!!!!

Also looking forward for the new swedish album!!!!

Have a nice day!

C‘mon Per American´s will NOT buy Plubmer. It´s too “European” and strange.
Do what you do best and make another ROXETTE album!!!

na na na na na

Yes it´s time for a New Roxette-Album.!!! I like SOAP but Roxette was better!!!!
The Last right Album comes 2001!!!!

Marie c´mon ask Per!!!

There it goes, the peaceful 2007... :o)

I can’t deny I’m curious ;-)

New solo album in swedish sounds great! But SOAP....:/
ill do what I do best...keep praying for a brand new Roxette-album=)

2006 was a great year, lots of news and new stuff, and it seems that 2007 will bring good stuff too. i’m getting used to this, finding almost every day a good news on TDR. Per is no doubt a work-aholic, thanks God for that. Keep on giving new songs to us the “per-marie-rox-aholics” !

SOAP has a sound that i love and him making a new SOAP album is not just great but also surprising.

Although i don’t understand completly swedish i love the way it sounds especialy in songs and especialy in Per’s and Marie’s songs, so yes...another great news

In swedish?? i prefer in english!! i still asking myself why not Roxette album, and yes a marie solo album, Whaats the reason?? i think there are some diferent reasons for that, not only maries one.

Ask Marie. When Marie says “yes” started a New Rox-Album.

Hope of a new Rox-Album 2008!!!!!!!!!!

Hope too. It looks for Mazarin II. this year and maybe some album from Marie in fall. New Rox album maybe in fall 2008 or spring 2009. Thats my prediction. ;-)

Who said it’s a Mazarin II? C’mon people, you put the number two so easily... The fact that Per is working on a Swedish project doesn’t mean that it has to be the second part of Mazarin. Note that Per has never made two twin albums.

I think that Per Gessle, Scener and Demos are almost same. And with Mazarin Per discovered himself. For this reason I believe that new swedish album will be very very alike Mazarin. No swedish The World According To Gessle. Swedes love solo Gessle because its their Gessle. Gessle with Roxette is alien Gessle, its Gessle for foreigns. Thats why I wrote Mazarin II.

These are terrific news. I liked Mazarin a lot, but I prefer english albums. I’m very happy to hear about a new SOAP, this is very surprising. Per is such a cool guy letting us know in the begining of the year about his projects.

Don’t forget that there is another Marie album in the works. Roxette is slated for 2008, I guess.

I love Roxette but I wanted more SOAP too, so I am very happy.

their might never be a new roxette album some of you should accept that. if i was marie i would put my family and health b4 a cd that takes a year of very hard work and stress. if their is a new roxette album it cant be like room service ( leftover shit) it has to be a classic. thankyou per i love roxette, per gessle, gyllene tider, gessle, son of a plumber, pers garage, peter pop and the helecopters, lonley boys and grape rock and sometimes even modern times!!!! i will buy and enjoy anything you put out and when someone who as moved as many records with their own labels and publishing companys should not worry about all the crap talk and make music that is important to you - brad, ausrtalia

p.s. i thind the best swedish is “mazarin” and the best english “the world according to gessle” make a new gessle!!!! “the universe according to gessle” because you have already conquered the world

i love this news.

I think that’s gr8 News!

SOAP was a flop in sweden.. but the mazarin-album was soooo great, love it!
a new roxette album please!!!!

SOAP was a Flop in Sweden?

I think no.SOAP became a Platinum Award.

SOAP sold extremely well the first 24 hours, and almost nothing after that. Outside of Sweden no one except the hardcore fans knows about SOAP.

Mazarin sold extremely well for a long period of time.

Per must promote more if he wants the “next SOAP” to be a hit. You can’t just do a lame playback performance once in Germany and think it will be succesfull.

And to be honest, i don’t think the next (english) Gessle project in Sweden will be so succesful, it feels like the peak from 03-04 is very very far away now.

It has been a bit much of evereything the last couple of years for the avarage person.

Still, for a “flop” it sold almost 120,000 copies in Sweden. Name any other Swedish artist that can sell that here, or international too for that matter.

Yes, but it would be interesting to know, how many copies from these 120.000 copies was bought by fans from abroad. Me, for example.


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