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Marie Fredriksson releases ballad compilation

Written by tevensso on November 7, 2007 to and .

(Updated) - Marie Fredriksson's new compilation, "Tid för tystnad - Marie Fredrikssons ballader" ("Time for Silence - Marie Fredriksson's Ballads") will be released Wednesday Nov. 28.

The two "new" tracks are "Ett bord i solen" which is "A Table in the Sun" in Swedish, the other new track is called "Ordet är farväl" "("The Word is Goodbye".) Enjoy the cover.

Update November 8:

Tracklist is as follows:

01. Ordet är farväl
02. Ännu doftar kärlek
03. Den bästa dagen
04. Mot okända hav
05. Aldrig som främlingar
06. Även vargar måste välja
07. Jag brände din bild
08. Tid för tystnad
09. Ett bord i solen
10. Den ständiga resan
11. Medan tiden är inne
12. Min trognaste vän
13. Vinterängel
14. Sparvöga
15. Den sjunde vågen
16. Ett hus vid havet
17. Så skimrande var aldrig havet
18. Berusa mig
19. Tro

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Love the cover, Very Den Ständiga Resan ish for me for some reason. Elegent classic.

Very Nice! Marie looks so nice!

Nice photo, nice colouring/colour scheme...just not sure I like the fonts used. Never mind, small fry really...wonder what the tracklist will be?

Really nice cover

CDON says the release is dec 5

As I said. I like the title and cover. Very nice and decent. And yes, reminds me Den standiga resan cover. I like the flowers in the booklet. And great choice for the font.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Beautiful cover! Can’t wait.

What a nice cover! It’s simply great and Marie looks totally beautiful just as always :-) Go Majsan!

How many tracks on it ? does anyone know ?

Do you think there will be a video for new single? Would be great to have video in same style as cover, with white backgroud, flowers, ....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Great news! Thank you :) Marie rules!!!!!!

she looks a little bit older now.....

eventhough there’s no track list, there’s the new track title: “Ordet är farväl” , check

“Ordet är farväl”?!?!

I hope that´s not the end of her carrier...I mean that sounds strange to me...

Nice cover / artwork!!!

Amazing cover!!! I love you Marie!!! So much beauty in just a one picture!!! Fantastic!!!

yeah, I also hope that it’s just the name of the song, nothing about a real goodbye

Ummm... “Time for Silence”, “The Word is Goodbye”... anyway, looking forward to listening to the new track :-)

Great news!!!!

I really really love Micke’s style and music but this time I desperately hope for a “all alone Marie”-song. *keepspraying*


Great that finally ’Så skimrande var aldrig havet’ is seeing the light! I hope ’Innan du går, kom tillbaka’ will be there too.

Where did you get from that ’Så skimrande var aldrig havet’ will be included? There’s no tracklist yet according to the article. And the cover... is not much ’alive’, looks slightly cheap - I hope they are not going to delete “Äntligen”.

The font reminds me of those romantic books for ladies, like Danielle Steele’s, haha.

With all that Marie went through she still looks beautiful. God really blessed this woman in so many ways. Cheers and Peace to Marie! xoxo

Som lyssnare kommer du säkert både återupptäcka och upptäcka nya älsklingar som t.ex. Maries enastående version av Taubes Så skimrande var aldrig havet som tidigare bara funnits på hyllningsalbumet Taube. Tid för tystnad innehåller även två nya sånger, den helt nyskrivna Ordet är farväl och Ett bord i solen som är en omgjord version av A Table In The Sun från Maries engelskspråkiga album The Change.

“As a listener you will for sure both re-discover and discover new favourite (songs) like for example Marie’s version of Taube’s SKVAH, which to the date was only to be found in the tribute album Taube. “Tid för Tystnad” comes with two new songs, the completely newly written Ordet är farväl and Ett bord i solen, which is a re-done version of A Table in the sun from Marie’s english album The Change.

This is part of the promo leaflet which is delivered with the album to reporters and to the stores announcing the album I guess. it’s on ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Wonderful! I have a feeling listening to this as an entire CD (and not just as a collection of tracks) will be quite a different experience than “Antligen”. I for one am excited for this release and support Marie in her decision to release it :)

What a great news,Marie looks so nice,i’m very happy to hear that shes back again

Great to see that we don’t get the songs in the “chronological correct” order. Very good decision!


dosen´t sound that promising with “the word is goodbye”
it cant be the end of her carrier hope not..
lets wait for signing sessions

Amazing tracklist!! :D


I have to be honest. I absolutely admire Marie Fredriksson, and I love her music, her style, her looks and - of course - her voice. However, I do not like this cover, for one thing, the font looks really cheesy, and the picture triggers strange associations in my head. Nor do I like the title of the album or of the new song, for that matter.

Sorry to say so.

Edit: Please note that I am certainly the last person to angrily demand new material by Marie. I am very glad indeed that she seems to be fine under the circumstances and I certainly hope she just enjoys life now. She should not be all too bothered by any critical comments like mine above. ;)

I Like this release.

Marie choosed your tracks very well, did not repeat the songs like in “Roxette´s the Ballad Hits” as I though she would do in “Äntligen” album (2000), except for the most amazing songs of yours like Ännu doftar kärlek, Den bästa dagen , Mot okända hav, Sparvöga, Den sjunde vågen, Ett hus vid havet and Tro. I Liked very much she included not so-known tracks like Även vargar måste välja
, Jag brände din bild (wonderful song), Tid för tystnad, Den ständiga resan (melancholicly wonderful), Vinterängel and Så skimrande var aldrig havet (I prefer live version more).
I Like the cover, I think It´s like your state of mind today and she is like she is, mature women, she did never hide this fact to anyone.

Marie I love you and be always happy

Adriano from Brazil

I think the Album Cover is very nice! I LOVE YOU MARIE!
Have Fun!!!

’Medan tiden är inne’ is a masterpiece! Good to know it’s there.

Let there be no misunderstanding: I am not at all opposed to a new compilation by Marie since she only has released one and that was some years ago. Also, I am all in favour of Marie showing that she is not 20 anymore! It’s more the composition of the cover that I dislike.

For a compilation, this seems to be a really well thought-out tracklisting. Besides hitting some of my all-time favourites (“Medan Tiden Är Inne” and “Även Vargar Måste Välja”), the songs ’hang together’ really well - even for Marie, these are for the most part, the most mellow of the mellow. Really nice - can’t wait to hear the new track!

great news! I really loooove the title and the cover of the CD! CAN’T WAIT! :-)


There are new photos of Marie on website!

And the new song is quite... strange.


It sounds like most other songs Marie has done lately (the last 15 years), doesn’t it?

Not at all if you ask me.. ;-)


mm I don’t think it sounds like any of what she did before?

PS: the lyrics were written by Py Bäckman, music by Mikael.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I agree - totally different but still strange.


It’s good because it sounds both something fresh and stylish and also you can definitely recognize Marie at her best!
Although it’s not a ballad in my opinion, it is worth listening to it.
The arrangements are mild...those accordion and guitar tunes in it drive me crazy - in the most pleasant meaning of this word.
The pictures are great! I noticed that Marie started painting in colour - it gives me more positive ideas ;)

I quite like the tune or melody, but it may well be that the way the song is produced still needs to grow a little bit on me. ;)

I really like it , to me it sounds like a mix between the sound from ientsv album and mellan sommar och höst ( the guitars)

she has done it again!

What a great news,Marie looks so nice,i’m very happy to hear that shes back again

“Ordet är farväl” sounds like it would be right at home on “Min Bäste Vån” and I’m not entirely convinced it’s a ballad, but it’s better than most of the songs on that album. How strange to mix an accordion with a Spanish guitar, then move on to a church organ mixed with distorted electric guitars...! Certainly can’t say it isn’t interesting!

Very nice song, I like it very much. I tried to figure out what is so strange and different in it. I don’t know, to me it’s typical Marie song in a good sense of this word. THANK YOU MARIE!!!

Where are you all listening to this new track?

In the right corner you’re able to listen to the whole new song.

The new song sounds amazing. I’m really happy about this release, atleast Marie is doing something and that’s all we can hope from her. Ofcourse I hope there will be all new albums in the future. But for now I’m pleased with this, although I’m “sad” that my favourite song ain’t on the album. I would have liked to hear the song “För Dom Som Älskar”, I just LOVE that song. One of my all time favourites.

Strange song! Marie’s voice is very different. I just like it!
I guess I like this song!

Will be a new single?

Fantastic cover!!!
Marie i wish you all the best, and this album will be the nr.1 in the charts!!

I don’t think it will be released as a single, since it’s a low profile release (not like “Äntligen”) and small, if any, promotion will be done. Having it on the compilation is enough for me; I have no plans to buy it immediately, though.

On Roxroom main page you can mark marie´s new singl. 1 means fantastic, 5 means horrible.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Beautiful cover. She looks fantastic.

I still haven’t heard the whole song, just a few seconds. But I’m sooo looking forward to it :)

And I think, that the cover goes very well with the compilation title and reflects the tracklist!

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower

Lyrics for “Ordet Är Farväl” [The Word Is Goodbye] is written by Py Bäckman.

More information/songsamples can be found on or at the official homepage

Enjoy! :)


Well, I’ve listened to it a few times and I have to say I’m not keen. Nothing new there though as I generally don’t really like Marie’s solo stuff apart from a few songs. It just sounds strange with all the different instruments.

I like the song itself very much. I agree it’s different sound but it is anyway incredibly beautiful and tender, very melodious and the Marie’s voice is brilliant of course.
Wish it was just a song, very beautiful song but no real goodbye to anyone.

Has the album release been delayed one week? According to Ginza it is now 5th December.

According to, Marie’s new ballad compilation made its debut on the 35th place, not bad for a compilation ;)


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