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Suzie Candell records Roxette tune

Written by tevensso on November 5, 2007 to and .

German country & western singer Suzie Candell, born 1986, has recorded a c&w version of Roxette's old hit "Sleeping in My Car" on her latest album "I Gotta Be Me." Suzie's album was released in March 2007. Check Suzie's homepage for a snippet. Click "Discografie," then "I Gotta Be Me."

The Daily Roxette has not reached Ms. Candell for a comment. 

Martin M contributed to this article.


bleh when the hell is a credible popular artists ever going to cover a roxette song, i mean christ celine dion is covering hearts alone on her new album.

Sorry, I dont wanna be rude, but I don’t like covers on Gessle’s songs!


I’ve heard it all now...

This version belongs in the trash bin. Anyho, the only credible version of any Roxette song was done not too long ago by some “DJ” whatever that actually pulled of a nice version w/ piano on Listen To Your Heart...though the vocals don’t compare, at least it was decent and not too hard on the ears. I just don’t think anyone should do Roxette tune covers period. Either they (new artist’s/musicians) don’t know how to handle them and/or don’t really try that much to make a Roxette tune their own sort of speak. Ugh!

Not to “hog” up another comment spot but, I haven’t heard anyone in any recent years come close to trying and/or showing a dedication to Roxette musically or lyrically. I ran into one guy who seems to be a “real” and true Roxette fan on a myspace site/page?. They also like another band (who i enjoy as well) that I think is a great Pop/Rock band (oasis) Anyho, THIS IS ROXETTE’S SITE!!! if any one is into myspace sites/pages check him out. not sure of his name though... “Oppnox” is a title that he uses. I am assuming he got this from Opportunity Nox off the 2nd to last greatest hits Pop album? or am i wrong? check it out. i support anyone that dedicates anything musically towards our R O X E T T E! co’s they
R U L E !!!! states oppnox or sloveproject ? hmmm, whatever. NO MORE COVERS OF ROXETTE TUNES BY UNKNOWNS!!! ;o)

I’d do the same thing!
Have Fun!!!

Just to be different ... I LIKE IT :-)

Honestly, I’ve never heard of Suzie Candell though I am from Germany...
And honestly (again *g*) I don’t like her version of SIMC...

I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

It just doesn’t have that dressed for success anger vibe to it... Those
who have been fans for a long time should know what I am talking about

Didn’t realize there was another musician that did a cover of “S.I.M.C” a while back. A dj friend of mine stated it was covered by another unknown but, from what I could hear from the snippet, it was pretty “danceable” and not all that bad. Never thought “S.I.M.C.” tune would have seen the daylight/re-make from other artists!?! Hmmm.....

I haven’t heard this cover of Sleeping In My Car yet, but every time I see artists covering Roxette songs, I hope that they are fans of Roxette. And that is a positive thing :)

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower


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