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“Jag kommer hem till dej, jag är en händig man...”

Written by tevensso on May 18, 2007 to , and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - The Daily Roxette is proud to present the world premiere of a snippet of the forthcoming single "En händig man." The single will be relased to radio Monday May 21 and to stores May 23. Enjoy!

By the way, take a stroll to the new site where Per blogs about the new video shoot.

Both Rix FM's MorgonZoo and Mix Megapol's Äntligen Morgon med Adam & Gry will play the single early Monday morning. Per will be a guest at Rix FM, and possibly even Mix Megapol. Both radio stations have webcasts. Per will be on Rix around 07:25 and Mix Megapol shortly after that.

En händig man

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Sounds good...

I don’t understand a word but it sounds cool too me. It reminds me a little bit mazarin and soap.
(It’s cool to be one of the first to comment ;) )

Belive it or not, there is some fans in France, at least one... me !

:)))) sounds great!!!! Gessle for President!
Can’t wait to see you on tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))) Russia’s coming! ))

Hmm... I’m little bit skeptic...
But if the album is at least half as good as Mazarin it’ll be great :)

sounds lekka....

English ?

One part of this snippet makes me think of “Sol vind och vatten” by Ted Gärdestad.....hmm don’t know why but it just jumped into my mind....

I had the feeling of having already heard part of the melody, now that you mentioned sol vind och vatten, i instantly knew why :-)

sounds great!!! now i’m really looking forward to the album!.

This snippet of the song reminds me sound of Per Gessle and Scener albums. And I don´t like this part of Per´s music legacy. May I´ll change my opinion after listening the whole song / album. But right now I´m not excited about swedish solo Per.

sounds like the theme song to a 1970’s american tv sitcom it’s swedish bleh.

Can’t wait anymore to hear the whole song on MixMegapol Monday morning. See you in Stockholm!!!

I love it... The “Jag är en händig man” part at the start reminds me of a part of the Theme from ALF *LOL*

I JUST LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

I think that this song isn’t good. Could be more pop or tempo. It’s a “ha ha ha” or “café” song ??? Maybe another song will be good....

just great!

How is it possible that Per never fails to produce a catchy, heartwarming song? I can’t really say what it reminds me of, might be no Per song at all, but I like it... the lyrics too...whatever we could hear now...

How wonderful that we have a chance to listen to this 30-minute snippet. A really mouth-watering piece of music I must admit. I want more!!!

lol 30 minute?? That would be something. :)But what we’ve been given so far is quite a treat as well :)

I wouldn’t say it sounds like the “Per Gessle” and “Scener” eras (which I love) because the sound is too full... more like a combination of “På Promenad Genom Stan” and “Kung av Sand” with a little “I Like It Like That” thrown in (-: Anyway, sounds good so far!

edit: I wrote “Kung of Sand,” ha ha... my Swenglish is improving!

ye its nice, although is his voice getting higher and higher or is it just me LOL.

Yay! Så fint det är! :-D

Jag kommer hem till Dej, jag är en händig man.

Jag finns för Dej, jag kommer så fort jag bara kan.

Jag lyssna på Dej, håller om Dej, erbjuder en hand.

Och vill Du, jag ska stanna. Jag är en händig man.


I come home to you, I’m a handy man.

I’m there for you, I come as fast as I possibly can.

I listen to you, hug you, offer a hand.

And if you want, I’ll stay. I’m a handy man.

I like and enjoy the relaxing, mildly up-beat tempo of the song. It’s quite pleasant. :-)

Can’t really comment on the on lyrics. However, the little bit of translation our friend above did, gives me a nice impression of the lyrics. It’s clearly a Gessle lyrics. That fun-happy-disengaged-don’t worry-everything will be alright feeling with a touch of melancholy.

Yeah, it’s Per Gessle, guys. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Wow, sounds really really NICE!! I like it! Can’t wait to hear the full song on monday ;-)

Gessle ROCKS!!!

Per, vi ses i Malmö! :)

The song gets better and better for every listen, and I have listened about 50 times now.

personally the song sounds warm, I think. I thought it would be a pop song but it seems to be a ballad. what can I say: the sound looks natural and really good! I like it :-)

It strikes me as a perfect soundtrack to another great Swedish summer :-)

I really like it!! Sounds great.. reminds me a bit of the SOAP sound..

Ops! I meant a 30-second snippet not a 30-minute one. That would be something, you’re right Gyllene_tjej.

I like The sound!!! very mazarin :)

Very Gesslish as always.Like it or not.Nothing new undersolen

It sounds soooo good! very happy-summer-song. I want the complete cd now!
Thanks Per!

It’s morish! On the new site I read a video was shot too.... I still don’t get it why most of the songs don’t get a video release in Sweden and then, every now and then, one does... it’s good to have a new video!

Also a new Video ? ... Wooow *S*

Hmhm... I don’t know.

I first want to hear the whole song before I comment :-S

And he uploaded a wallpaper ? ... ? Well it’s nice :)

Hmm, sounds boring 2me. I hope the rest will be better!

Hey, sounds nice! It’s a mix of Gessles younger records, Gyllene and Mazarin. “Fälla tårar på en ros”, Isn’t it sooo Gessle!? I don’t understand who you can make a song with the title “en händig man” sound so good (The little bit I’ve heard). Honestly, I doubted a little and couldn’t really inmagine how the song would sound like. The king of pop has done it again! If it’s gonna be a hit is another question...


I may be mistaken, but this text seems another homage to Kurt the fastest plumber in the West, aka Per’s dad.

The bells in the backround sound a bit too much Xmas.....anyway..I will judge after the full song...the 30 sec snippet doesn’t make me jump yet. Too poppy!
Aannd..does this kind of man really exist Per is singing about? >:)

The bells in the backround sound a bit too much Xmas.....

@Criz: mouse - this was my thought too! But I am really hooked on the song, repeat mode, on and off, this shows on :)

Hej gyllene_mouse! So let’s bring some Xmasgoodies to the concert! Lussekatter? Julmost? Pepparkakor? 3;o)
Oh no..thanks I’m glad when it’s summertime!
The lyrics are sweet!

hehehehehe!! have you seen this:

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded

Well, it’s hard to judge the song just from the 30 seconds snippet. When I listened to it for the first time, I really had a feeling that I’ve heard it before. When someone mentioned Kung Av Sand and På Promenad Genom Stan, I thought, yes, the new single really reminds me of those songs. Anyway, after listening to it for about 50 times, all I can say is: Please, give me more :)

PS Per, if you are reading this, please, be so kind, and show at Rix FM as early as possible, so I can hear your voice!!! Cos I won’t be able to listen to the whole show, cos I have to go to the exam :(

The moon is alright

In the meantime I tried to catch some more lyrics

lätt att göra när din kärlek - easy to do that when your love
flytt sin kos has disappeared
När inga blommor blommar - when no flowers bloom
i din korg - in your basket
Är jag en vän - i’m the friend
Som suddar ut - who erases
Din stora sorg - your tremendous sorrow.

I really like the song more and more. I fell for it at the first listen :o)

the cowboy pic is cool, yet too much solarium on Per.

where did your hear that last lyrics?

Good pic, Per as a westman. But it’ s pitty that blog is in swedish only and I understand only a few words.

@ daniel alv

You can listen to snippets of the single - EHM (different 30 seconds) and VDVJEV (it looks like it’s instrumental)

Well EHM is not an up tempo song. OK, I need listen the whole song before making attitude.
This second instrumental song sounds good. Very 60s. And I can hear Helena in the backing vocals.
Thanks for the link.

Ha ha, the German site continues exactly where the other sites fade! :)

But “Vet Du Vad Jag Egentligen Vill ?” it’s not on the album’s tracklist??????

Yes, some three or four more snippets and we have the whole song. ;-)

@ Robbie

Because VDVJEV is B-side of EHM single and won’t appear on EHM album :)

You guys really need to start reading the articles. :)

Okey.. Not commenting on the whole song now because obviously i havent heard it yet. But regarding the snippet...its in some ways... honestly in my humble opinion.. Sorry for saying this Per... but quite boring..
Or should I rather say that my expectations were higher about the song..

While not completely bad it quite clearly lacks that certain “edge” of becoming a summer hit..
Had been waiting for a somewhat more “power-pop song”..
And hopefully this title song for the album hasnt got that: “Its setting (and telling) the tone of the whole album” to it...
Or is it simply just me who hate those church bell/x-mas bell sounds in a pop song? (Gives me the feeling that im watching Home Alone 2 xD)

But still waiting for the album like a mad cow :D ... Jonas from Finland.

PS. In a nutshell: Not enough summer (feeling) in the song.

Jeezzz, am I the only one who thinks this is a perverted lyric about how handy Per is with his hands or what?
I think he is out of ideas with lyrics. Damn worst lyrics and album title I ever heard.

BTW can anybody tell me from what sites can I download the single if I am from Czech rep? Legally of course. But sites in english, please.

Cool, had not heard the snippet from that german site, strange that they have an other part of the song.

Both songs can be downloaded from Musicload now, BTW. It’s not a second HKAK, that’s for sure, but still a good song IMHO! *is very amused by the fact a new single again didn’t get its premiere on the radio like planned*

Is there anyone else who also thought this song is a little bit similar to “Sista gången jag såg Annie”, from Gyllene Tider´s first album?
Well let´s wait for the entire song...

By the way, great pic!! :D

Anyone listening to the radio right now ??

I´m listening right now. it´s 02.24 am over here! he! but I can´t sleep waiting for this ;-)

I am listening.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York

Still listening and ready to record it. It’s 1:30 AM EST here.

Carlos E., New York

here it comes the release! THE KING is talking right now! ... yaaahhhooo!

Per will be in MixMegapol on Wednesday morning:-)

7:37 CET - premiere on MixMegapol!!!

he is there :)

thx Jorge!
Marie Fredriksson Online

Välkommen tillbaka Per Gessle!

...any minute now... (-:

...and there it is!

A great little song with a very big sound. Comfortable, like an old pair of shoes... maybe nothing new that will turn Swedish radio on its ear, but sometimes artists should just do what they do better than everyone else. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

COOL! IT WAS PERFECT! the song is warm and great ;-)


I hope the album will have stronger songs.

I really like the change-up in the chorus following the bridge... the marching beat in the first part of the chorus is cool too. I’m sure this song will be played quite a bit on the radio this summer.

roxtexanet: agree! the song may not be that big hit we are used to (like Här kommer...) but it’s very pleasant to the ears! A nice little pop song to enjoy again and again :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

the begining only with voice and guitar is my favourite part. I will try to figure out the song with my guitar and later will be able to sleep. it got very late here! :-)

It’s warm and has real strength yet is really quite understated. Inevitably it will draw comparisons with HKAK, and for me it lacks that wow-factor, but I think that it’ll be a grower. I’m sure come August or September it will be the song playing on the radio that reminds people what a great summer they had. It certainly leaves me wanting more. Maybe that’s the idea!! All the best, Rich ;-)

So, the Mix Megapol premiere will be on Wednesday as stated above?


BTW, the song is cool. Couldn’t expect less from Per!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Missed the song this morning... Can I hear it again somewhere?? thx, Martin

Miss them too. Would be great to hear them. Thx

I love the chorus but now as I heard the whole song I can say that I hope, there are better songs on the album. Perhaps I just have to her it once again...

I recorded it on both radio stations. But I have to cut it (recorded half an hour ;-)) and change it to mp3 because it’s a asf-File right now.

But I’m at work now and can’t do this all before 18:00/19:00.... If there isn’t anybody faster, I’ll upload the file this evening.

I think it is obvoius that this song is a setup for the rest of the album, Personally I don’t care for the blues in the song cause I listen to pop rock music not blues so that is a kinda let down, chorus nice but thats it

No, the premiere on MixMegapol was this morning 7:37 but Per will be in studio on Wednesday!!!

And the lyrics

Hanna hade stormigt, kärleksliv
Hon kraschade alltid i samma bil
hon hade tur, jag gick på söndagspromenad
och hörde hennes ord, så detta är vad jag sa

Jag kommer hem till dig, jag är en händig man
jag finns för dig, jag kommer, så fort jag bara kan
jag lyssnar på dig, håller om dig, erbjuder en hand
och vill du jag ska stanna är jag en händig man

det är synd att fälla tårar, på en ros
lätt att göra när din kärlek flytt sin kos
när inga blommor blommar i din korg
är jag en vän som suddar ut din stora sorg

Jag kommer hem till dig, jag är en händig man
jag finns för dig, jag kommer, så fort jag bara kan
jag lyssnar på dig, stoppar om dig, håller hårt din hand
och vill du något mer är jag en händig man

He he hej

Jag kommer hem till dig, jag är en händig man
ring till mig, jag kommer, så fort jag bara kan
jag lyssnar på dig, håller om dig, erbjuder en hand
och vill du något mer är jag en händig man

Who have the song in good quality ? Please, “answer” me ;) [email protected]

Hahaha, Per is soldering in the rixfm pictures.
Just notice how concentrated he is :))) Really made my day!

So Hanna’s the new Jo-Anna then?!!

why is he soldering? haha! Look how close he is holding the solder at the end. Wouldn’t want to burn that hand!

just to check how (un)skilful he is, lol ;)

Anyone with the song to share in the meantime?

i have just listen a little part from the midle to the end of the is nice!! . mixmegapol!

I tuned in to rix - I’ve been listening since noon and to no avail. now I need to go to work. Unofrtunately, getting up at 7 o’clock to catch the interview and the song was a too high price for me. Nevertheless, I’d appreciate it if anyone shared - my single is already ordered on cdon...:) Gessle is great - so I say after the 60 sec I know by heart now :)

let’s not have a repeat of last September with the song sharing here please!!


Whoever would like to have the song from those who recorded, should use the TDR email tool to contact each other and then from there email each other using your own e-mail accounts.

No need to place your e-mails on the discussion itself.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

The song is getting better and better, it’s aviable for download on, (only for swedes I think)

Here you have my radio record:

The song including the interview:

And the song without interview: interview!
I think I like the song! :) ...och vill hon något mer är Per också en händig man..ahaaa..good to know...;)

It’s a really nice song, and getting better each time! I have it on repeat repeat right now, recordet it from the interview with SR P3 Morgenpasset.
You can listen to the whole program here:
The interview is after about 3 hours. (Or nine clicks on the Next-button in the player)

En händig man is a good song. I like it! Sounds like Kung av sand and Bla, bla, bla! (you broke my heart) mixed together!

Thanks Smurfie! I like the song, the only thing that bothers me a little is the lyrics in the beginning, “... hon kraschade alltid i samma bil”. You can only crash a car once, after that it’s crashed. Halting rhyme? But maybe I’m too picky! Good song anyways! Any news on the LP?

maybe she has a really good mechanic that fixes the car very good after each crash

Must be pretty darn good yea! :D

I just bought the song from What a great song, so summer! Not as good as Här kommer alla känslorna, but still very good song. Btw, Jo-anna->Johanna->Hanna. And who is she?

“kraschade” .... could mean “slept over in” (when she was thrown out due to “stormigt kärleksliv” ?)...

Just a thought :-)

Very nice song, have been playing it over and over and it get’s better and better each time! Really looking forward to the album!

I hope the song will grow to me during the progress of time... It’s definitely NOT as catchy, summery as HKAK :-/

HKAK has catchy verses and chorus’s ... That’s hard to top :-S ... But I think the Album will be GREAT !


Good point, accually I think you are right, specially as he sings “i samma bil” instead of “med samma bil”....

A not so bad review @
Still just 2+, but some praising words. Is their scale 1 - 5?

Yes, the scale is 1-5

I love the song ,everything about it,the chorus,voice this is the perfect song congratulations Per...

Per is now on MixMegapol talking about football, difference between SOAP and En handing man, also he was asked to continue the words by 5 of his songs. He successed by 3 of them. Per hosted the radio station for almost 45 minutes.

cool, any source to listen now? If you give me the stream I’ll work out and fix the mp3. This time I couldn’t make it to get up either...not when I work the same day, sorry Per ;)

I think those reviews are fair. Its not 4 or 5. It ok, nothing fantastic. I like thew song, the chorus is good, the verses and the rest is the average heard it all before. Im sure there are better songs on the album. This just might be the most commercial sounding song for a 1st single.

I like it really. Wasn’t very sure at first, but after a couple of listens I think it’s good


After many listenings I must say that song is not so bad as I thought after listening 30 secs snippet. Now I like the song, especialy the guitar bridge and the second part of the song, because it’ s much driving and more popy. I am not a big fan of Mazarin sound, but this song is good. So my result is somewhere between 3 and 4 from 5. But probably 4 (because of great guitar bridge and Helena).
I said that I am not excited about swedish Per some days ago. Things changed. Now I am excited.

Has anyone who ordered the single at CDON checked the order status? Mine is still not shipped, and surprisingly I haven’t been charged a cent in my credit card... strange.

I got mine today, works fast within Sweden.

I got mine today to....

The orderstatus is a little behind because they changed their systems, so maybe it’s just a mistake.

What is wrong with you, people ! I remember that 4 or 5 years ago new songs were availible for dowloading anywhere ! Who bought the CD firts, share with others without any problems. But now, i don‘t understand, the people became greedier, or what ? Single is out, but there‘s nowhere to download the songs !!! What is the matter ??? If i could buy the single, there would be mp3s everywhere !!! Cos i‘m not a greedy ! I can share with everyone whatever he wants that i have ! Shame on you, who bought a single and listening the songs by himself, like a rat ! We‘re all fans here.

You’re right and I totally agree with you!!!

“En händig man” enters the Swedish single chart on No. 59. But single was released yesterday, so I´ve been expecting this entry from next week. Little bit strange, because theres no entry in Swedish i-Tunes even Swedish radio chart

Yea, because we all are fans here we should rather support Roxette and BUY the stuff instead of downloading. Since the new Rox songs leaked the rules here got stricter and people are more careful, that’s it. You don’t want TDR to be closed due to illegal sharing of official stuff, do you?

I agree totally with you Mary, it´s great that we can buy and download single in few minutes and enjoy it, but there are still countries, where you can´t download this song legaly. For example Czech republic, part of EU. I ordered an album on Bengans, like I always do, but it´s impossible for me to digitaly download single or whole album legaly. Somebody can correct me if I´m wrong.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Latest Rox news in Czech:

I agree with you, we must support our fans and BUY the stuff. BUT ! I‘m living far far away from Sweden. I ordered the single and the album through the man who lives closer to Sweden than me, and he‘ll send them to me, BUT, i can get my stuff only in july ! In the end of june at best ! So, you suggest me to wait 1,5 month, instead of download and listen the songs right now !? No way. Besides, i‘ll take the album and the single anyway, so i don‘t think i‘m steeling something, i just want to listen what i want right now !!!

@banany: you should have said so from the very beginning, otherwise it just sounds like you demand songs from people and don’t give a sh*t about getting the single.

The Expressen review is now changed to 3 wasps out of 5. If think they got it wrong in the first place, because 2 out of 5 didn’t fit the words in the review

I don’t know if the single will do well in the charts... I’ve looked for it in 2 record stores in Lund and haven’t found a copy yet... Rich

Did you others who ordered at CDON pay any freight? My orderstatus is still “not shipped” and there is no freight...well I’m happy for that but..did they change something about it?

The orderstatus is not correct these days because they changed system last month... My orders also showed no freight, but they put it on the bill anyway, it’s just a misprint on the statuspage I guess...

@ gyllene_tjej

Yes, i bought legally all the latest releases, Per‘s, GT‘s, and SOAP stuff. And now i‘m going to buy a Handig man stuff. And, it seems to me, that noone going to share songs, no matter am i (or someone else) going to buy the album legally, or not.

So can anybody translate what is written in those articles about new single? At least the main thought.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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for those who want to spoil the surprise and the anticipation - you can now officially listen to 30 sec snippets of ALL the songs on the roecord here:

I’m not doing that though, wanna wait till I put my hands on the CD. Track Min hälsning is the old and forgotten GT demo from the 1970ies, but in a new version (said Per on P4 on Wednesday)

No, I won’t click on that link...
No, I won’t click on that link...
No, I won’t click on that link...

(trying to convince myself.)
————————————————————————————————————————– don’t look like a librarian?!...

No I won’t click on that link too
No I won’t click on that link too
No I won’t click on that link too

..jag kommer hem till dig jag är en händig fan.......

I clicked on the link.

Oh, sweet Jesus, I listened to all of the snippets not once, but twice, thrice, the album is the WORST which Per has ever done, for sure, besides it’s difficult to listen to it from A to Z cos it’s too God Damn BORING. It sounds very very oldish, like some Beatles demos mixed with Gessle demos from Demos ’82 -’86.

The songs which are worth to listen to are:

Solen Kom Fran Ingenstans (a very nice ballad), Dixy (which is kinda I Have A Party In My Head), TomTom ( a midtempo tune in Mazarin style) and Pratar Med Min Musli (an uptempo like Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her, in that style)

All in all, it’s an album for just the real fan and collectors, I am gonna buy it, but probably I’m gonna keep it away from my ears.

I think it sounds like a mix between Konstpaus, Mazarin and SOAP with a little touch of Pers old solo songs. Some songs sounds really promising, and some doesn’t, but it’s hard to tell from just 30 secounds. But I remember how I fell in love with the 30 secounds of Om du bara vill, that feeling I didn’t get today. But some song sounds REALLY promising. Right now my favorites are the ones on the EP, Dixy and När Karolina Kom.

If I were Per I would immediately pack my bags and leave that Aerosol Grey Machine Studio, fire this guy Christopher Lundquist & his Co. and replace them with MP Persson and Jonas on guitars, put Michael Ilbert back as a producer, and try to come up with a more intelligent sound and up-to-date tunes [(or get some Stephan Malmstedt demos in case of lack of inspiration :-)))]

Otherwise, I think I’m gonna join the Official Bon Jovi Fanclub. Did you guys see Bon Jovi’s performance at the Giants’ Stadium??? If not check out The song “Have A Nice Day” totally rocks!!! They always can come up with something new and powerful in their songs working with different ppl like John Shanks, Billy Falcon, Max Martin or Desmond Child. Why Per cannot do that? Why he has to stick to this guy Cristopher??? [Btw, during Room Service Tour aka Mr. F***face :-)))]

As far as I know Clarence has been his producer since 1986, not Illbert?

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion of course, but if you call this album crap then maybe you should get your ears checked. To be honest I think this album will be a great seller.
Although I have to add that Bon Jovi really rocks Giants stadium... :)

I also think it will sell a lot, but I don’t think it’s gonna be as good as Mazarin, but I like the snippets more and more for every listen and I think that this CD will be good.

But since many people will buy it just because it’s made by Per Gessle, that is accually not an argument of how good quality the songs have.

EDIT: När Carolina Kom is Great!

plz help my, need money pretty ricky wet panties woman sexy leg sexy leg photo

I couldndn’t resist as well ;) Love them all! :D Can’t wait until my copies arrive!

Did I called the album crap??? I said it’s the “WORST” he has ever done. You guys really need to pay more attention to the comments.

If my memory serves, Michael Illbert co-produced “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, plus the whole TWATG album. That is the STLYE I am talking about!!!

If my memory serves, Michael Illbert co-produced “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, plus the whole TWATG album. That is the STYLE I am talking about!!!

And of course the whole Have A Nice Day album as well!

@Bananylopalabomba: Is your e-mail down or having some kind of issue?

I’ve e-mailed you like 4 times and the e-mail got returned. And, yes, i checked and rechecked the spelling of the e-mail.

Let’s me know what’s up with it. Thanks!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

OK, I thought you meant that Illbert had made all the albums in the past, sorry.

It looks like spam was able to get into this thread. Someone with access to the anti-spam tool should teach it that the message above is actually spam and not a comment about the new single.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Mikael Illbert is also co-producer of Have A Nice Day album. In my opinion his work sounds really fresh and driving. She Doesn´t Live Here Anymore, The World According To Gessle (masterpiece, Gessle´s real music legacy) and Have A Nice Day are really great records.
And BTW, if En handig man sounds like mix between Mazarin and Konstpaus, I´ll be really happy, because Konstpaus is almost swedish Roxette.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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I think this guy Christopher Lundquist is a bad influence for the records. Even GT sounds strange in most of the songs on F5F! Actually, since he’s been involved in producing the records Mazarin, F5F!, SOAP, En Handig Man and I would mention the song “Reveal” as well, have the SAME SOUND, which I find boring and annoying after a while.

2 more albums like the above mentioned and sales will be under 30.000!

But Mazarin is the best Per album ever, and I can’t agree on F5F, but on SOAP I agree with you.

I think Per and Rox should only have Clarence and Per (and Marie) as producers.


This guy Lundquist really f*cked up big time the ORIGINAL Rox - Gt - Gessle sound.

He should be FIRED, / he plays the guitar in a sissy way that annoys me.
That´s soooooooo not Gessle & Co.
It all sounds strange since he came into scene. he should only be as backup bass player or comeback with his Brainpool that sucked a lot too.

Gessle & Co. should comeback to Tits & Ass, with Ilbert, MP or Clarence.
and do what they do best. CLASSIC SONGS WITH A STRONG SOUND!

Missing the summer of 97 =/


Yeah, guys, TOTALLY agree with you all !!!! Lundquist‘s sonud is soft and so much “old style” ! His sound is not fo Per ! I agree, TWATG sound is so strong, so Gessle-style, that in my opinion this is the best album EVER ! IMHO.

TWATG is SUCH a PERFECT album that I am not able to compare it with NO album up-to-date released by Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Oasis who are also my favourites. Also, in my world, DYWBMB? is the best ever single released! I just can’t get enough of songs like Stupid, T-T-T-Take It, Wish You The Best, There Is My Baby, Saturday and even Kix Cha Cha as an idea!
It’s the album which suits best into your walkman!!!

Don’t you guys miss Anki? He is the BEST bass player, I think, and so much into roxette!

Robbie, your opinion is just a mirror to my :)
TWATG - is the best album ever released a man who name is Per Hakan Gessle ! And it‘s so sad that Per don‘t even reacall about this greates album.
I‘ll be allright, Stupid, B-any-1-u-wanna-b, Kix, Saturday - is my favorite ! TWATG is always in my cell phone ;)

Who is Anki ?

Anders Herrlin... ;)

I like Anders too ! :)

Per´s solo projects in last ten years (TWATG, Mazarin, SOAP) belongs to his best in his cariere. This is not only fan opinion, but also a statement from critic. After listening to snippets of new songs i think that also this new cd can be as big as previous ones. I found there beautiful gesslish melodies (mostly in slower traxx), which can be adored by many many listeners (i think that new album has bigger hit potential than SOAP). I hope that also faster songs will grow on me when I obtain whole cd:).

Kilasir, I can’t believe my eyes, the album is so so boring..., I just can’t emphasize it anymore! Mazarin was very good, HKAK, Fodelsedag, Spegellbol & so on, nice tracks, but since Mazarin every song it just sounds the same to me, same instruments in the same studio with the same ppl, same mastering (Btw, George Marino was the best inmo), whether if it’s F5F, SOAP or Reveal and now EHM.

Even the artwork for the cover / sleeve (Mazarin - EHM) is the same...

A little strange thing
The last song? Ett perfekt ägg? Where did that come from?

Probably an other ghost track...

I give you an example how Per can record one song in two different ways. Just listen Something In The System from SOAP album recorded to sound so oldish, so simply and so much like in 60s and then listen Roxette demo version, recorded in maximalistic Roxette way. You know that Rox demos are very professional and Per is perfectionist. It´s only demo, but it has incredible power, it´s driving so much, it has right and modern sound, there is a melody in the front, it sounds so fresh. And then again lets play SOAP version. Now you will understand what I mean. I really miss that sound so much.

PS: There is one hit for the first listening on En handig man and it´s Samma Gamla Vanliga Visa. This song sounds really promising. Especialy this part when Helena sings. And also Pratar Med Min Musli (Hur Det Än Verkar) sounds good. And Fru Nordin. But other songs sounds like Gessle´s 80´s solos.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, but nowadays since this guy is around (Christopher) even the demos are as a no need thing :-) or the demos sucks or are very simplistic like “One Wish” demo. One of the best and recent demos inmo were those from the HAND album and many were very similar to the final album versions. I really like the outcome from WICF demo to WICF album verison. That is called magic and real producing! Or Dangerous demo to Dangerous final version.

It would be naive to suggest that Lundquist is solely responsible for the change in Gessle’s music... I suspect Per is the main force behind what he would call the “Gessle sound.”

Yes, that’s why he should not cooperate with this guy anymore, it’s the worst sound ever...

oh well, there lies some truth in what you say, something in the system demo is WAY better than the SOAP version. But since I refrain from listening to the snippets, I will not voice my opinion on the new and satill unheard songs. I just hope they are good, with the Gessle hint inside.

So... Did anyone manage to record Per’s unplugged performance of EHM from Nyhetsmorgon? It was supposed to be today. I haven’t seen it in the archives on TV4 yet; hopefully they will update it soon

Edit: OK, it was already updated just a while ago. I’m not sure about the very direct link but go to:

and then the most recent item “Per Gessle pa Scen”.

ojjjj... i just dropped dead... call the man cute, or what do you say? A very heart warming personal version of a so far great song. And what a beauty of the Man himself... thank you for a skipped heartbeat on a Sunday morning. Gessle RULES, lol ;)

Also an interview:

“Per Gessle: Latarna kommer till mig (2007-05-27)”

I guess, I have to listen to the interview some time this week again, cos I listened to it very silently, as I didn’t want to wake up my friend.

The moon is alright

Could someone please give a short English translation of the interview??

Thanks :)

We live in a free world.... ;-)

Would it be possible if someone could translate the song ? I’d highy appreciate it.


Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

The audio to the video of the unplugged version of the single skips from 1:54 to 1:58. That sucks big time. Does it happen to you ladies and gentlemen too ?


Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

@roxrider -yest it is so. you couldn’t skip the skipping on TV either. sad it happened during the great song. :(

@gyllene_tjej: Wow, so it did skip on the TV show too. That’s really messed up. And really unprofessional on the TV station’s site. It destroyed this beautiful accoustic version of the song.... :(

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”


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