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Listen to Mikael Bolyos’ single

Written by Jud on April 5, 2007 to , and .

Courtesy of Mikael Bolyos we are able to stream "When The Lord Is About To Come," the first single off his forthcoming album "A Family Affair".

Mikael has also revealed that Marie Fredriksson is singing on the album, which will be available through the usual online music stores such as CDON, Ginza and iTunes.

The Daily Roxette also wants to take this opportunity to congratulate Mikael on his 50th birthday!

Listen to "When The Lord Is About To Come"




I really like this, very soulful. MJ

Wow... I´m impressed! His voice is so powerful, and the song is exquisit. Great job Mikael! I can´t wait to hear the duet with Marie.

LOL and I can´t help but think Per´s singing sucks hahahaha

Great voice, and I like the song....very different. Looking forward to the album. So I take it the single isnt getting a physical release and we have to wait for the album?

Really happy that marie is singing on the album as well!

But is it Mikael or Mats who’s singing?

Funny that Marie Fredriksson is on backing vocals or singing duets on the album. Happy birthday Mickael Boloys.

I like it!!!!

alexandru, ROMANIA

What a great surprise!
The song is amazing!

Yes, I agree. The song is simply great. I was deeply moved by it.

Happy birthday Mickael !
Wish you all the best!


Yes, it is a very good song. And his pronunciation is great!


Tattooed White Trash

I like, I like!! Great song, reminds me a bit of Zucchero! I suppose it’s Micke singing, not Mats..? Is there a release date for the download single?

I like it so much,mike you’re great! Your voice sounds so deep & raw,so touching.
I want the album now,I’m just can’t wait!!
Happy B-day Wish you the best.

I like the song. Very happy birthday:)

Maybe one day...

I like it. And it reflects the point that the heart and soul reaches after surviving a catastrophic event as Marie suffered.

My own family and I understand this point. I am a survivor too.

i’m surprised but it’s quite good. i like it.

Wow! His voice is great! And the song is also very good! I want to listen to the whole album!

I like it! Really great song!! Looking forward to hear more music from Mikael!

This is fantastic!

I’m really surprised about how good this is (keeping in mind this is the man who brought us “Love 2 Live”...). Of course, we all know this story but it’s interesting to hear it told from Micke’s perspective. A very pleasant surprise for me.

Lucky Marie for having such a talented husband (Well, he’s also lucky to have Marie of course). I must say that I love the song verymuch. The voice is so powerful and the music is great aswell. I hope he gain verymuch success with it.


I think it´s sing Mats. Or?????

It’s supposed to be a duet, but I can’t tell them apart.

What a great song, I cant wait for the album,have a great birhtday x

same question as gessle-addict. is it michael or is it mats???..i must hear it a second time to give an objetive opinion.

the thing is i‘m not a religious person so that ...maybe i am missing a lot of the meaning or feelling of the song..

at first glance i could say in general i think the voice is powerfull but in some parts is a bit rough...the music is nice...but don‘t like the begining.

not shure if a duet with marie will do...but we have to wait to see....

I think it sounds a bit ARTSY! Even the title’s got a little too much “finesse”.

i like it, very moody and dark feel to it i think. its not bubble gum pop lol.,

Per who...? haha

Well, I like it very much. It is the kind of music I sometimes enjoy to listen. BUT. It is not creative at all. It is rather a cliché of what some people call good, professional music. The voices are very good, the tune is good, the arrangements are good, everything is good and that’s about it. It makes no difference. It is nothing original in it. It is faaaar better than maaaany roxette/gessle songs, but this is not the point. Sure, the comparison is stupid and useless. But I tend to like those things that have an idea behind. Something recognizable, something that talks about a personal style. This song talks about how it is like to make music that is supposed to be good, classy, professional. But nothing more. And the song is so damn good. And it’s so very listenable. Like it enormously. but don’t love it.

Micke’ s voice reminds me Mick Jagger in the chorus.

Extremely strong and touching!

When can i buy the Single?

I liked the lyrics and the music. Good singing there, no doubt bout that. Soulful and touching.... loved the vocal arrangements too. Congrats to Mr. Bolyos and his band!


Happy Birthday Mikael!! I like your first single! Tack

eh it is what it is

I love the song a lot :)

I ran a long long way from home

Funny how when this release was first announced we al dreaded it and now that we are listening to it we all love it. ;-)

Love it too.. Love his voice!! He sounds so masculine!! Lucky Marie!!!! :-)

I don’t like.

Not hit for the first listen. You must listen it many times to find out all hiden moments. Really beautiful bluesy song with great guitar and Micke’ s great veiled voice. Perfect combination. I was sceptic about this song, because jazzy moods are not my cup of tea, but this song is really great. First I was surprised when I’ ve heard Mother, which is fantastic dramatic song with emotional music, text and the most emotional vocal of Marie ever. Now I’ m surprised again. If it’ s true that Marie is singing on Micke’ s new album, I’ m ready to add this new Micke’ s album into Per’ s En händig man album to the Bengans shopping basket. :-)

Not my cup of tea... although his voice is really impressive.
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

I like it, although I admit I didn’t expect to.

It has a deep sound and the voice fits perfectly but I doubt that it’s Mikael’s voice; I don’t remember ever hearing him sing.
But I hope it is ’cos I really like it :D

Anyway, Happy birthday Mikael and Good Luck with the album !!

Ione, Romania

*Fingers crossed that the album will be really available at online music shops*

I ran a long long way from home

Wow,I think this song is Great!
Mikael you did a great Job!

Life is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

It´s great, reminds me of the late Johnny Cash.

Looking forward to the album, his songs on the change were great.

Love it..perfect..MORE

I have heard alot of bad music, but being a music major and vocal major – I would say his vocal technique’s are horrible. The vibrato on the end of his phrases are shaky and don’t sound very good to me. He sounds like a guy doing Karaoke, I’ve heard better Karaoke singers than him. Maybe this also has something to do with him not speaking English (or being his native language), or perhaps even being married to Marie Fredriksson – her voice is so beautiful so rare in the music world today. She has a strong voice and her tonality and strength in her technique is very powerful. Maybe I was expecting him to be a better singer since Marie is amazing.

But as to him being better than Per – no way! Per’s voice is unique and he has his technique down – Per is very good, way better in my opinion that Mikael Bolyos. And Per is a much better music writer. I see many of you posted “move over Per, or Per Who?” – and I’m wondering if you like him just because he is married to Marie. I really don’t see this song becoming a top hit or minor hit – maybe the rest of the CD will be better – if not – this will probably be his first and last album. On a positive note, I give him applause for trying and for putting out material – not everyone can do that – good for him and may he have the best of luck with the new album release.

Tack Micke. Jag bugar och bockar till en grymt bra làt!!! Grattis och hoppas livet leker. Kram

It’s not about comparing with other members of roxette. DO YOU have the balls to record a song when music is your dream, passion and life, and being married to one of the best voices in
the world???????? Well done Micke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT

No, News about the Album????

@R. Strongert...



you can load the Song on:


What is ” Mirror” ? a other Song?

aaronlbarta, you should get a LIFE instead of saying so much bullshit. We all know Per’s voice has been always awful. Buy a new pair of ears and try again, dear!


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