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Written by tevensso on July 10, 2007 to , and .

HALMSTAD - The Daily Roxette is back at the crime scene - at Leif's Lounge in Halmstad. This time it's for Per's "sneak preview" of "En händig man på turné." There are several hundred people there, among them Freddie Ljungberg, Martin Dahlin and Börje Salming, or should I say as Per puts it "All the guys with their own underwear label is here!" There are also some 20 South American Roxette fans here. And The Daily Roxette of course!

The concert starts at 22:15, a bit fashionably late, it's Per. The whole place rocks with the opening number "Hannas kärlekspil." Per and the band plays 11 songs, and skips one. All of the songs are great, but one stands out; "Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke" which turns into exactly what I had imagined. A show stopper that keeps on going!

TDR meets Per after the concert, where he and the band are presented a triple platinum award for "En händig man." Per is very satisfied with the concert "It felt great, everyone tells me I should do more club gigs." Naturally TDR asks why he doesn't. "Actually it seems I will. I wanted to do this thing for SOAP down in Europe, but now 'En händig man' goes so well in Norway that we are planning a club tour there. We may even pop over to Finland and Denmark," Per says.

Everything seems set for the big premiere tomorrow.

The set list:

1 Hannas kärlekspil
2 Det hjärta som brinner
3 En sten vid en sjö i en skog
4 En händig man
5 På promenad genom stan
6 Juni, juli, augusti
7 Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
8 Här kommer alla känslorna
9 Födelsedag
10 Gå & fiska!


11 Fru Nordin *
12 Sommartider

* They skipped Fru Nordin as an extra for reasons unknown.


Mazarin - great!!!! ))))
I wish they played a bit more of old GT during the tour! ))
Gessle for president!! %))

Great songs.
First is suprice ,but maybe it’s good for oppening.

Tev-tell us more about Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke . It’s one of my fav. Did they change it for live concert?

From mazarin -i would love to hear again Tycker om

From EHM–Pratar med min müsli or Om du kommer ihåg/Min hälsning

For the tour, I hope Per will play more songs from the new album, not just three or four. I don’t really care too much for the GT stuff as he’s solo, and i frankly don’t think they fit in there (especially not the old ones, excl. Gå & fiska etc). But I guess that’s what most people wanna hear.

Great news! Go Per Go!!! =D

I think that’s GR8 News!!!
Have Fun!!!

Hope he stops by in Finland!
The opener of the show is probably the worst song on the album...If I get to see him I wish he’d play more of his solo stuff than GT. We don’t want a rerun of GT25, do we?

By the way the only thing doing well in Norway (Gessle-wise) is GT’s Sommartider (in top-10). So I have to wonder about the comment on the success of EHM. Or is he just talking about radio?

It has gotten very good reviews in Norway, I assume that’s what the man is referring to.

20 South American fans??!!!Great!! but..Who??
Names plz!!

Do you have links to these Norway reviews? Good to hear it. No. 36 in Norway album chart last week.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, yes, Finland pleeze! It would be great if he again plays in Tavastia.

Ljungberg ?????? No Marie Fredriksson?

Anyway great story. Gessle will do a great job tomorrow!

We love you. Puss.

South American fans are ROX !!!!

Fernanda - Brazil :D

A couple video reports on the concert are found @ Aftonbladet and TV4:
(view online)

(downloadable stream)
(view online)

(downloadable stream / beware, though, this is over 2 GB)

If useful, I’ve cut TV4’s stream video to include only the segment with Per.


Check the forum at, there are links to the Norwegians reviews there.

Well..the 20 fans were actually really mixed and not all from Southamerica (greetings to Brazil and her mobile-phone...grin) but also from Austria, Poland and Germany....and who knows from whereelse...this world is still full of Rox-GT-PG-MFfans! :)) It was an amazing and very special evening!! Thanx to all who made it possible!

It´s totally unbelieveable - but my wife and I was able to join that concert. We arrived in Halmstad at Monday evening and wanted just to listen it from the outside (because we thought that we don´t come in).

BUT: When we arrived at Leif´s Lounge I saw a sign: 120 skr. So we asked if that a puplic concert - and it was!!! That was unbelieveable!


20 South American Fans????? NO THAT WAS ONLY ME: Dany from Brazil! But I think I did so much noise that they though I was 20!!!! This was my 1st Gessle concert (not counting Roxette tours...) and it was Fantastic!!!! Finally I could enjoy for real a “release party” that I always saw only by photos on Roxette Reviews from the former-official Fanclub! Thanks specially to Dita & Dimberg for the Gäst Vip Card!!! I will never forgot it!!! It was the TOUR of my life!!! Email-me if you want to swap photos or any kind of stuffs... Dany Mrs.Gessle Brasil (I was wearing a jacket with “Mrs.Gessle” and Per called me “Mrs. Gessle from Brazil. So now on my new name is “Mrs.Gessle from Brazil” This is almost unreal... the penny didnt drop yet... I was part of all that...)


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