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Per and Sven to sign

Written by tevensso on November 27, 2007 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - Per will sign his new DVD "En händig man på turné," and Per with Sven will sign Sven's new book "Att vara Per Gessle."

Where will they do it? Of course The Daily Roxette has the dates, places and times:

STOCKHOLM Saturday Dec. 8
Hedengrens, 14:00-15:00

MALMÖ Thursday Dec. 13
Åhléns City, 17:00–18:00

HALMSTAD Friday Dec. 14
Halmstad Bokhandel, Brogatan 20, 16:00-17:00

GOTHENBURG Saturday Dec. 15
Wettergrens Bokhandel, Avenyn 21, 13:00-14:00

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Please don’t forget to share pics with us who can’t go!

Per and Sven, c’ya on the 15th of December in Gothenburg :)

That’s my busiest week in December :o


vi var tillsammans hela natten du och jag
jag minns du sa att du var ensam liksom jag
jag minns den första gången
dina ögon svarade ja


I would like to go to the Malmö signing, but I haven’t been to one before. Can someone advise me about the procedure? Do you buy the DVD/book then queue to get PG to sign them? Is it best to buy the stuff in advance or at the time? How long do you recommend I am waiting in the queue? ... I would like to get one for myself and one for my father.

All the best, Richard

hej richard!
im going to the malmö signing too.
you can do as you wish, either way it’s best 2 be there early. So that you’ll be first in line ;)

i’m bringing soap and EHM with me so that he’ll sign that 2, loool.
do i dare take mazarin? i’m not sure lool, as i missed that signing also.
I miss everythig and i spend most my life in TDR...

I love Per! I don´t know if I can go? Maybe for Malmö?


Well, it can really differ from shop to shop. I hope I won’t have to buy dvd before signing, because I’ve ordered it on CDON... The same thing with book - I bought on AdLibris and I’m not very intrested in having two copies...

Yeeeaaaahhh! Great! Per & Sven, see ya in Stockholm :) month too late

I can get a flight into Skavsta airport on Friday 7th and back out on Sun 9th for next to nothing but does anyone know anywere nice and cheap to stay in Stockholm for those 2 nights?

When I say cheap, I mean £50GPB a night tops, I can’t find much under £100GPB a night!

try this

Where actually is Avenyn in Gothenburg? doesen’t found any street with that name.

Avenyn is the main street in Gothenburg. I don’t know what its real name, but it’s called Avenyn :) It’s like 10 min from Central Railway Station on foot.

I will visit signing session in Malmo too. :-)

Amazingly Ryanair now fly Liverpool > Skavsta for £20GPB return including all taxes !!!!!

Amazingly Ryanair now fly Liverpool > Skavsta for £20GPB return including all taxes !!!!!

Rossyrox - Ryanair have been flying Liverpool to Stockholm since October 2006! I saw the flight on Wednesday evening the flight leaving on Friday 7th and coming back on 9th was priced at £26 for a return, then when I checked again on Thursday morning it was £20 return! TALK ABOUT CHEAP!!! Of course you have to add baggage charges to that but for two nights I would pack what I need in my hand luggage.

I didn’t book, god I was tempted at that price but passed on the idea! What puts me off is the time the flight get’s in, by the time you get from the airport to Stockholm city it would be about 2am! I didn’t fancy checking into a hotel at that time!

Re Gothenburg… plenty of buses and trams run down Avenyn street in Gothenburg! I stayed in a Scandic there back in 90’s on my first visit to the city!

Have a nice signing, everyone, who is going to meet Per. Greet him from me :P

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


Man that annoys me, I live in the NE and flew from Stanstead to Stockholm for the En Handig Man tour, I could have gone to Liverpool!

Unfortunately the flight times have put me off too, plus I plan to be in Liverpool on Wednesday already watching the mighty blues destroy Zenit.

The other thing that puts me off is the 2 day trip, I saw everything in August so I’d be sat arounf for 2 days in the cold or spending £10,000 on a coffee somewhere!

Next time.....

Ahhh you’re an Everton fan! (((me too))) !!

I’ve uploaded the first video with me and Per & Sven

the second part of the signing session in Stockholm for your attention ;)

and the last video for you - a farewell from Per & Sven :(


Thanx for the videos!! I was at the signing too.
Unfortunately I can’t download the second video, just the 1st and the 3rd. :-(((

Try downloading this one

For those who plan to visit Per’s signing session in Malmö please note that Ahlens City sells DVD for 199 SEK and the book for 298 SEK ;)

@Zenia: I can’t download any of those videos :(

PS I hope you feel better now ;)

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

Now I could download the fourth part, well, it’s still something :)

PS @Zenia: I’ll write an e-mail to you, when I have more free time, ok?

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår


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