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The Lonely Boys are back

Written by tevensso on August 23, 2007 to and .

The album "The Lonely Boys" will be re-released, remastered and with two bonus tracks August 29 in Sweden. The Lonely Boys is a ficticious band basically consisting of Per Gessle and Nisse Hellberg, with some help from Micke Syd, MP Persson and Thomas Holst (Wilmer X.) Per wrote himself in 1996:

Who are The Lonely Boys?
Good question.
The Lonely Boys was from the beginning the name of a novel written by the Swedish writer Mats Olsson.

The story was about a young rhythm'n pop band located in the south of Sweden circa 1965. Mats asked me and a mutual friend Nisse Hellberg if the two of us could provide a soundtrack for this book, writing and recording what could in fact be The Lonely Boys' debut album.
What a wonderful idea.
A soundtrack to a book.
It must be a first.


Nisse and I formed The Lonely Boys together with some friends and recorded the album in 6 days and nights. Did we have a ball! All of the 14 songs are originals except Jagger/Richards' "So Much In Love". The Rolling Stones never recorded it but The Inmates did. And now The Lonely Boys.

To get the sound we wanted we used only equipment from the era; reverbs, echo chambers, amplifiers, guitars, microphones. Everything in our power was done to make the record "for real".

The debut album by a Swedish rhythm'n pop band 1965.

Nisse can usually be found in the rhythm'n blues combo Wilmer X.

And myself is paying the rent with money made from Roxette records.

We plan it to stay that way.
This is a one-off project for both of us that we enjoyed enormously.
Lots of laughs, lots of beer and a lot of love for the '60s.
Don't you wanna come?

Per Gessle, Roxette
Stockholm, March 1996.

The album was released as a limited edition together with the first issue of the book "De ensamma pojkarna" written by Swedish journalist Mats Olsson in 1995. The "real" edition came a few months later, in 1996. In 2007 the album has been remastered, has a new sleeve and of course the two bonus tracks; namely the demos of "Lonely Boys" and "Adam & Eve."

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First I thought it’s another April fool’s joke but it seems to be true:

I love the idea!

Must be the last Gessle-album of the last ten years which has not been rereleased until today - so finally we get a remastered Lonely Boys-album. *yawn*


Why would it be a joke? It is true, otherwise the record I have seen is a pretty decent knock off...

Mmmm, I am afraid I won’t order it anywhere...

Well, that’s your choice Gachy! I’m quite excited about it having a re-release! I had it on tape from years ago, but the tape broke and I haven’t heard it for ages!! YAYAY!!


That‘s great that there is the “new” CD of LB. Well, I will buy it. I‘m looking forward to the remastered songs and the two demos. ;-)

For what this senseless re-release????

For Mr. G’s bank account I guess..


now that emi has been offically bought I hope the powers that be put an end to these frivilous reissues. Why the hell haven’t we had reissued roxette albums? Or a live album, isn’t music supposed to satiate the fans not use them as an artists personal piggy bank?

I agree coy. So whats this album like music style wise ? Anywhere to here clips of the songs first ?

Don’t like - don’t buy.

The sound is a mix of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, in short. It’s a fake band from 1965.

This is great news, I really like when they digitally remaster old albums so we get them with better sound. I will definitely buy it.

Milking the cow again...

Well I already pre-ordered it, TLB album has always been one of my Gessle faves! :) I can’t wait to get a hold of it....

I do wonder if all these Marie fans would be saying half the crap they are about Gessle re-releases if Marie did the same....

This has nothing to do with the Per vs. Marie hysteria. If they’d release “Het vind” plus 2 demos tomorrow, I’d say exactly the same. Who cares about a fake band that only recorded one album? This is only meant for fans that want to have the same countless times.

And for your information, I hardly believe the sound will improve that much in this remaster. The original CD was released in 1996, not in 1950. You can expect nothing, but a louder sound (which is not better in all the cases).

So my namessakes are back?! *yawn*


vi var tillsammans hela natten du och jag
jag minns du sa att du var ensam liksom jag
jag minns den första gången
dina ögon svarade ja

Question: whats the point of remastering (=increasing sound quality) an OLD (on purpose) sounding fake 60’s record?

But: two “new” demos, i think i’ll go and buy this one sooner or later.

It’s a good release for those that missed out the first time round, since the original CD is deleted now. I certainly wont be buying it again, as I already have the CD and am not at all interested in the demos. The Lonely Boys is one of my favourite gessle solo projects though. I listened to the album loads when i first got it...maybe i should dig it out again

The Lonely Boys remastered, oh my god, I can’t believe it!!! With two new tracks on it, must be Christmas Eve. And a new English Gessle album on its way, Mr. G, please, tell us, what have we done to deserve all that...
officially milked since 1989

I already have it on CD. For people who don’t have this CD, it is a good CD. I won’t buy the new one because it sounds good already.

If Per or EMI want to remaster something, Please, Please just remaster old videos to DVD:

MTV Unplugged
Look Sharp Live
Tourism Video

Now I would buy these items!

Please not another re-release of a video collection.

Hey Per! Good luck with this release! Hope you’ll get lots of money from your fans! You deserve it!
No seriously, what cow?....what milk?

Since about 10 years I m trying really hard to get into this record but all of my atempts have failed. It s a good thing to make a record that has not been available for long re available yet I also don t see that the sound could have improved much. If i wanna make the level of a record a bit higher I can do that myself.

Phoenix, I didn’t know the CD was that hard to get these days. I had no trouble in getting a still sealed copy for little money, and it was like 3 years ago.

By the way, the demos are basically the same as the album versions, but only Per singing on them. No big deal, but I think “Adam & Eve” sounds better this way.

Mmm.. does this mean that the original release will be worth more from now on? ;-) (Just trying to find something positive about this re-release, since I own the original release..)

I already bought the cd a few years ago, I won’t spend some money for two demos !


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