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Aftonbladet offers special Gessle CD for their readers

Written by tevensso on August 27, 2007 to and .

STOCKHOLM - On Thursday Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet will have a special treat for their buyers - If you buy Aftonbladet between Thursday and Sunday you may buy a specially made CD by Per Gessle for 79 SEK (€9). The CD, named "Kung av sand - En liten samling 1983-2007," has been compiled by Per himself and will be available in 110,000 copies for only four days and only if you buy Aftonbladet. The Daily Roxette does not know if the CD will be available where Aftonbladet is sold abroad.

Besides a few new live tracks, taken from the "Mazarin" live DVD there will be a new demo on the album. "Ingen kan som du" demo from May 28 2003. This is not to be mistaken for the demo from the album "Demos."

1. Kung av sand (Live from the "Mazarin" DVD)
2. På promenad genom stan (From "Mazarin")
3. Inte tillsammans, inte isär (demo 28 juni 2003)
4. Hon vill sväva över ängarna (From "En händig E.P.")
5. Tända en sticka till (From "Per Gessle")
6. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång (Live from the "Mazarin" DVD)
7. Ingen kan som du (demo 28 maj 2003) [new track]
8. Småstad (Live from the "Mazarin" DVD)
9. Segla på ett moln (With Marie F.!) (From "Demos")
10. Blå december (From "Scener")



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would be cool to get hold off, but i cant see that happening with out paying alot lol.

i’d like to hear the unreleased demo...

besides my comment is always deleted, I’ll say it again “que ladri!!!”

You should explain to us what’s the meaning of “que ladri”, instead... I have no idea, even if we both are from Argentina.

it means “qué ladrones!”

-> Thieves.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Are you awake? -

Of course your comments not in English are deleted... duh.

Duh, why didn’t he use the picture in the sofa from the AB ad? Per looks like a pin up boy there. Ok, maybe that’s why he kept it aside, lol. King session is yummy too...

Ingen kan som du demo makes me really really curious. Tev, you say “not to be mistaken with the Demos one” - does it mean the song is actually a different one, just the title being the same? Or is it just a different demo to a known (my beloved) song?

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

Darling - Tev wrote the answer on TDR forum:

tevensso (moderator) said on August 27, 2007 19:47:

Same song, different demo. :)

Cool, I hope someone will put it up for sale on either Tradera or eBay sooner or later..!

not for nothing but why can’t we get a live roxette ep like this, a best of the rs tour or something :(

Oh, cool cover! I’d love to get it!
Somehow I do like collections and I’m sure there’ll be a proper Per Gessle best-of in the near future! :-)

What a cool picture of His Majesty Per Gessle!!! Really cool !!!

It’s already on eBay - thanks to Ted! lol

As usual, anyone outside of Sweden has to suffer. Per should come to terms with the fact that he is an international artist.

I won’t get the album.

Or fans should come to terms with that these releases aren’t international.

@ tev

But u know, true fans need to have everything ;-)

I wasnt first there is 2 copies on ebay germany
if he can why dont I ;-)

Ted, I was joking ;) I think its good some kind Swede or German makes it available on places like eBay. As a collector yourself you can understand how important it is to have something like this!

Kind Swede or German? I saw it there for 25 euros or even more. That’s hardly any kindness, but an easy way to make money.

tevensso (moderator) said on August 29, 2007 00:26:

Or fans should come to terms with that these releases aren’t international.

no offense tev but it’s that blantant disregard for his and roxettes international fans that has turned so many people off to them in the last 5 years, and i don’t like your sarcasm as of late

he he “que ladri” means “what a little thief ! ” or something like that...
It is not offensive, we usually say that when we see someone who earns
money without doing anyhing.

Animal: I agree totally, and sympathize with those who can’t get the records for some reason. Still Per is a Swedish artist, releasing material for Sweden. Kind of hard to change that. Also, you fans out there are too few to get the English material released in your respective home countries it seems.

Oh, you know russian pirates, there is nothing impossible for them, believe me. THANK YOU RUSSIA!!!

For mother Russia!

Well, I’ve bought it and I must admit that I’m quite disappointed. And of course, I’ll start to moan :P

Here are few photos which I took today on my way to newsagent’s:

And that’s how it looks like:

The most pathetic part of this cd - booklet or maybe just pin-up? :|

I think “Ingen kan som du” is actually my favourite Gessle song ever. I often sing it myself regularly at home. :-) Now I just listened to this new version for the first time, and it has such a wonderful feeling!

Isn’t there also a version recorded together with Marie, by the way?

Thank you for bringing this song back into the open for more people to hear!


…its true only Russian pirates could help here. Thank you Russia indeed

russian? where? how? please!

Nowhere yet still waiting..

These legends about east-europian pirates are way out of truth..
All new movies and cd-s appears first in USA or EU country.
And on the next day they are on net in west sites.
From there everyone can dowload it..

The sad true is -it’s the same with Per Gessle material. It is shame cos 79 sek are nothing for most of people living in Sweden.


I think you should reconsider your comment. ;-)

@all: The previously unreleased demo is pretty cool!

Take care!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Got it!

I just had to pay £18GBP for my copy, that’s loosely the same as the cost of 50 national daily papers.

On top of my £30 for the En Handig Man LP and my ridiculously expensive trip to Stockholm this August, I’m starting to get fed up.

I got a newsletter from today:

You have ordered Per Gessle and/or Roxette records from us earlier and now we have a special offer for you.

CD GESSLE, PER KUNG AV SAND 76209 Price SEK 139 ( about ? 15,- )
This CD compilation was only sold thru a swedish eveningpaper for four days and is deleted now and forever. 10 track CD in jewelcase with exclusive artwork. We manage to get hold of a bunch for our international collectors. Please order soon.
01. Kung av sand (Live från Mazarin DVDn)
02. På promenad genom stan
03. Inte tillsammans, inte isär (demo 28 juni 2003)
04. Hon vill sväva över ängarna
05. Tända en sticka till
06. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång (Live från Mazarin DVDn)
07. Ingen kan som du (demo 28 maj 2003)
08. Småstad (Live från Mazarin DVDn)
09. Segla på ett moln (Med Marie F.!)
10. Blå december

To order use this link:

rossyrox - why ged up?

Am sure that Per appreciates the Kr however no-one forces any of us to buy anything......

Managed to get mine reasonably from Ebay (thanks Christina)

I bought my copy on Tradera for only 42 SEK.
They’re even available for less than 40 SEK now.

rossyrox, I think you are awful at making business. 18 GBP, that’s a total rip off. It’s ok if you wanna give your money away for nothing... You are the king of boast, by the way. Nobody cares about how much you have spent on LP’s or trips.

Rossyrox, I have a deal for you.

How about I pay you £18 to stop going on about how much money you’re spending on Gessle?

Brilliant. Do you take American Express?


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