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Per Gessle, a handy man with a plan

Written by tevensso on August 21, 2007 to and .

HALMSTAD - After 20 Swedish towns and 128,800 friends in the audience Per Håkan Gessle has finished his latest tour. The Daily Roxette got a word with him. Per, how do you feel now?
Life's empty, boring and quite sad to tell the truth. It always is when you’ve finished a tour. So the whole band is singing the blues at the moment!!! Everyone wanted to go on for at least another month. This has been the most enjoyable tour I’ve ever done. Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s just the cycle of life I’m in at the moment, I’ve got so much more confidence in what I do these days. And of course it helps to have all these wonderful people in the band, both on and off stage. The crowds' reception have been tremendous. That helps, of course. And yes, I’ve got some great songs to play. I’m really proud to be able to offer this smorgasbord of music without even a glimpse at the Roxette door. By the way, I have to send some big hugs to all the incredible fans all over the world who came to our shows this summer. You’re so sweet!!! We loved to see y’all in the front row!

Yes, you certainly have a plethora of songs to chose from! Even so the Swedish tabloids have been going on and on about Your Big Flop. What's your comment on that?
Well, the tabloids tend to see everything in black or white. I’m 100% satisfied with this tour and the number of people that came by but apparently the blood seeking journalists' commercial expectations were even higher. And I think that whole discussion is a load a crap. I can’t understand why it’s so important if 6000 or 16000 come to a show. The most important thing must be if the concert’s any good! And I'm convinced that the audience thinks so as well.
The local press, on the other hand, has been very supporting and has given us loads of great press. Yea, the tabloids have really lost it. Check this out: They ran a story in Malmö’s Kvällsposten the other week just before our Malmö gig. The article mentioned that my tour was by far the biggest one in Sweden this year and that our Malmö-gig was the highlight on the season in that particular area. The headline? "The Fiasco continues"…

So typical… So, what's up next, after a weekend off? You mentioned in an evening paper that you have a new "secret project," what can you tell us about that?
Nothing. Sorry.

Per in the rainShort and sweet. Besides that, you have described almost every gig of the tour as the best gig, doesn't that come out as hollow words after a while?
No. The last seven or eight gigs all went up the #1 spot immediately!!!
The last half of the tour was totally mindblowing. At least to me and the band. I'm thrilled that we recorded the Stockholm gig for the DVD. I've seen a rough copy, and it looks and sounds really amazing!!

Lovely! Stockholm was indeed a killer. I saw the opening show in Halmstad, and while it was great, it wasn't even close to the Stockholm concert. It was like seeing two different band almost. How would you explain that, it can't be just that you've gotten better during the month?
Well, I think the difference for the crowd is quite marginal, to tell the truth. Cos this band has got a very high “low level”. We notice ourselves, of course, that we get tighter and better for every show we play. I thought the opening gig was excellent, but sure, compared to the finale in Stockholm, or the burnouts in Örebro or Karlstad, I guess it was slightly weaker.

Like I said, "weak" is such a big word. It's like you say, a very high lowest level, so the gig was definitely not bad…
Anyway, back to the tabloids. They also claim there's a schism between you and the other guys in Gyllene Tider, is that a fact, or is it just more of their fiction? Also, what are the plans for Gyllene Tider?
No, there’s nothing there. There’s no fighting at all between us, it’s all in the tabloids wet dreams. And there are no plans either. I'm sure Gyllene Tider will be back sometime in the future, but not for a while. I'm busy doing other things. However, it was a treat working with M.P. on stage again.

Right, your new project… Speaking of projects, your other project - Roxette, will it get off the back burner anytime soon? They say Marie was at your Stockholm gig, did you get to discuss anything?
Sorry no, no plans there either.

When we met at the opening gig you mentioned a possible "world club tour," is that still in the cards? I mean, the band is still hungry…
Well, since we love to play together we have discussed possible options for doing some more. And yes, a club tour has been discussed. Sounds like fun but I really can’t see it happen until late 2008 at the earliest. Unless, we’ll do a couple of shows in Finland/Norway later this year. At the moment, I don’t know.

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Another great interview. Good work.

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Tavastia is calling!

Nice interview. Tabloids does anyone expect differently from them nowadays lol. Shame nothing on roxette still :(. Does this man have a family ? lol He should take it easy abit more. I would lol.

well since he mentioned a possible world club tour towards the end of 2008, i’m guessing his new project is an english album (SOAP 2?) which would be released next year and he would tour with the record....just a guess, but thats what it sounds like to me. A pity there are no roxette plans.

I have the same feeling. SOAP 2. Will we ever hear something new from our favourite band?

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Very sadly, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve heard the last Roxette song. Per’s happy going solo and Marie’s not well...seems like they’ve both moved on from Roxette.

Bring on SOAP 2. I am at peace with that probability that there is no more Roxette. Would of been good to ask the question to Per concerning Roxette what contractual obligations for releases do they have left?

@Tevensso: you did a great job with this interview. For me it was really great start in the morning.

Ingen sommar utan Gessle...

Yeah Per, we need more shows!! the Spanish fans in the front row wanted more concerts !! we enjoyed them so much....
we would love a club tour... (like the Madrid ROX-concert) and we would make another t-shirt to give to Helena for sure...
Thank you for all the crew that made the concerts really confortable for the fans, you had a great team of people who made the concerts more enjoyable.
Thank you!!

According to different people I talked with, Clarence and Christoffer told that the next in the pipeline is SOAP2, which should come out somewhen early next year. Just some bla bla I heard from like 5 fans (who should have nothing to do with each other and went to different shows ;-))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Are you awake? -

Great interview, Out of the five concerts I did Örebro was the highlight for me, Växjö, Malmo came joint second! I was too sick for Västerås to pay attention that much but still got a smile from Per on the front row! Stockholm was a top end to a great summer tour!

The band where on top form and Per is right he seems to enjoy it more and more on stage that was very noticeable especially as he finally interacted with the fans!

Roll on the DVD release!

Yes, such a short answer concerning Roxette means we won’t hear from them for a long long time. Sad, but predictable and understandable. At least *no plans* doesn’t mean the end, so there is a little hope. If the new Gessle album will be in English it would be really great!!!
Nice interview TDR. Thanks

@ flowersonthemoon - I wonder if Helena wore her Gessle shirt that, she was impressed with that! ;) By the way I have some photos of the Spanish fans at Västerås with Clarence at the end!

what a pity to realize that there would never ever been sounded Roxettes new songs,i think like many fans that rox. is disbanded with endings,there is nothing unussual in this fact,such things eventually happening almost with all the great bands,and besids Marie doesn’t feel so well to thinking about her old band,and about new projects.i’m glad for Per that he is still succsesfull in his career.nice interview,thanks tomas for giving a news from Per.

Sad to say, but I think it is over with Roxette. It is time that Per
starts up a new group with a new lead female lead singer (maybe Helena).
Of course I prefer Marie, but if she does not want to do it anymore, why
not somebody else. I think that Per’s wonderful music needs a good female
voice. For the moment, we’ve heard a bit too much of Per’s voice.

So suggestion: SOAP2 with Helena in front.

Kind regards,
Koen from Belgium

“Very sadly, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve heard the last Roxette song. Per’s happy going solo and Marie’s not well...seems like they’ve both moved on from Roxette.”

If that’s true, they should write a press release an make an official statement about Roxette’s break-up. Why do they keep all the fans wondering about their come-back or a possible new album? That’s cruel, somehow. It’s better if they put a final to the story and all the speculation. Then, they can release all the solo projects they want.

Regarding SOAP 2, I am not much excited about it.

Reading the interview I knew precisely what the comments were going to be like. All focused on one little line in the interview - no plans on Roxette! So? I had no plans to get a part time job last week, and tonight I start one!! Things change, not everything has to be set to stone. Relax people - don’t start getting upset!!


Thank you Per for your concerts, for all the attention you devoted to us standing in a front row! Hug you too!
You’re right, Örebro was amazing, the best show of three concerts I’ve been! And thank you very much for your little ’after-party’ there in Örebro, surely, you’ve made your fans the happiest people in the world!
Say ’hi!’ to Clarence! He’s really cool!

ye i sometimes wonder if they should give make an offical statement regarding roxette, but then another part of me thinks maybe it is on back burner and there working on other things just at this very moment so whats the point in making any statment.

Anything but no SOAP2, please... no reason to repeat your worst album ever.

Something new would be great, change your producer and your background singer... all your latest songs tend to sound all the same...

@ Paul, congrats on the new job.... I laugh at you having no plans to get a part time job then you got one - a little like mine I had no plans to quit mine two weeks ago but I resigned last week! :)

Thats so sadly , that the mostly Fans here not more Roxette hear will.

I´m a Roxette-Fan not only a Per-Solo or Marie-Solo Fan.

Was One Wish the last Song and the Rox-Box the last Album is this for me a sad End for so a great Band.

Nice interview.

Seems Per is very happy with where he is at the moment and in no way affected by any of the tabloid reporting. Good on him!

I wasn’t even expecting there to be a Rox related question and somewhat would have preferred there not to be. As Paul said, everyone seems focused on that one line.

BTW is that rain in the picture with the purple guitar?

Good luck with the part-time job, Paul. I should do the same :-P

Halland, please send me an email. Check my profile for details. I have no way to get in touch with you...

But I think it is strange about Roxette because in a few local papers this summer he said that there where some plans for more Roxette and I really thought that it was that he talked about when he said he will start working on a secret project. Maybe he just don‘t want to say anything yet

a great interview i hope there will be soap2 and if it is true that there will come a world tour i hope they come to holland

New Gessle band with Helena in front??? OMG I hope it will never happen
I’d rather wait forever for come back with Marie, than see Gessle has Helena as female leading singer in a new band. Maybe I’m selfish but…Gessle please no. Agree with Halland, hope the next album will have the different sound than SOAP. I really hope he has done with his nostalgia for 60-70 and come back to 21 century and make smth fresh and powerfull, maybe smth in Roxette style. Miss that sound so much. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not moaning, I’m just dreaming. WHAT THE SECRET PROJECT HE IS TALKING ABOUT, I’M ALMOST SCARED OF IT WHEN I’M THINKING ABOUT NEW BAND WITH GESSLE AND ANOTHER FEMALE SINGER OMG

Yes, rain. That’s why the title is “Per in the rain”... ;)

SOAP 2? :(

SOAP 2.....okay..but not with the gammalmodig 60 sound was a nice idea but ONCE is enough. Tack! ;)

Nice interview! Thanx TDR!
Club tour for the first row would be nice...grin...

Hi all there:

I met Per in örebro right in the backstage of the concert. I asked about the next projects: He told me: SON OF A PLUMBER :-)

Later, in the middle of the night we met the other guys of the band. This time I asked to Cristopher: what is the next project, we need to get more albums :-D and he answered: SOAP IN ENGLISH FOR THE NEXT YEAR.

All the team was absolutely kind with the fans, they are great, I think.

OK, SOAP was nice idea, but as a one legacy album. The sales was really low and now it’ s 2007. If another 60’ s influence, then with the modern sound, like Per did with The World According To Gessle. Fantastic combination of fresh guitared Roxette sound, with 60’ s roots but modern elements. This is the way, at least according to me. So I am voting for successor of TWATG.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

time for my complaint again. We need an official statement so we can begin mourning the end of roxette, and per can finally unearth the vaults and give fans what they’ve been looking for and basically gut the bootlegging market, there’s got to be tons of vaulted concert footage and audio just waiting to be put out, I’m not even looking for cd’s make them web exclusives, I don’t care, just don’t keep me logging into a page that’s turned intot he daily per. I like per alot, but his swedish material isn’t why I became his fan.

What a silly thing I wrote *come back to the 21 century* OMG. Of course I meant come back to out times Per. You have your own unique style why drop it
2 abysmo: that’s exactly how I think I am voting for TWAG2 to. But our voting won’t change anything I think

I know that, only thinking aloud. And hoping.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I dont get why people are asking for a statement on roxette’s future. Per has said on many occasions before that the door is open for roxette to return. If Marie turned to him tomorrow and said she wanted to record an album, I’m sure he would drop everything else to work with her. So really the ball is in Marie’s court, and whether she will feel like returning to Roxette at some point, who knows? I’m sure Marie doesn’t know herself. I think it will depend a lot on how much her health continues to improve over the next few years.

I’m not sure why everyone is so anti-soap, I think it is some of Per’s best music and I am seriously hoping SOAP2 is released followed by a SOAP tour featuring songs from both albums!

As I don’t speak Swedish, I was really hoping for some SOAP at the Handig Man tour but it was not to be. Didn’t detract from the enjoyment though.

tevensso said: “Yes, rain. That’s why the title is “Per in the rain”... ;)”
Don’t know how i missed that! Even in the rain, it seems Per can still look great and put on a superb show.

I agree with Neil, if a statement is made, then it’s pretty much final. This way as has been said many times the door is still open.

Coyboy, i don’t see why Roxette have to finish up for them to release a few goodies from the vault. The last few years where nothing has been happening with Rox releases was a perfect opportunity to put out a remastered DVD set of the VHS concerts with some bonuses etc or something similar.

What is “Per in the Rain”???

I think in a few years have the mostly People, Roxette completly forget (out of Fans).

Now is the right Time for a new Rox-Album after all the years. The last Album comes 2001 between 2 Greatest Hits and 2006 the next Greatest Hits with 2 new Songs.

I Love his Music and SOAP was great, but is too much “Gessle” in the last years. Sorry.

And: No more Helena in front.....

I vote for TWATG 2 everytime instead of a SOAP2. SOAP almost ( just almost) made me want to stop being a Per fan. Sure, Roxettes future is really up to Marie, but please please please Per; leave the 60s for a while and record something more fresh and new!

@coyboyusa : you ’re mixing up something. Per is NOT making music to please us fans but to please himself....and than he is even more pleased when we like it too!
My wish is that Per soon will get tired of his childhood sound...but I’m afraid that won’t happen...Same to me..I think I will always love the really late 70s and 80s....(no matter how stupid we all looked with our shoulderpads and funny haircuts and stuff...haha)
Okay..that was said wrong...he shouldn’t get tired of it...the influences from this time are brilliant! Roxette would not be Roxette without these influences...but I also would like to hear it all more fresh for a change. At least a bit more know what I mean...and if not..well..I’m sure you just don’t care...grin. Do whatever you want. You’re the boss...but maybe it’s time to invite Marie for some coffee again! YEP! :)

I love Per, love his music and respect his decisions, and of course it’s for him to decide what kind of music he creates but i really don’t understand why copy 60s style when you have your own style that is much more interesting and incomparable (at least to me) and btw timeless too. Per, you like Rolling Stones, if I am not mistaken. Maybe you’d like to record smth in their style too for a change, that would be great, funny at least. Just my stupid (maybe) suggestion. Maybe someday you will have nostalgia for 91-94 that would be even better. Yes! And what’s the secret project is all about, could you please tell us? thanks

If Per releases a SOAP2 i’d be quite happy. I really enjoyed the first one.

YES more shows please. like one show in germany, france, austria oder italy?
oer an gt30 birthday album and tour? but i think this wouldn´t be such an record tour like the last gt25.
a new gessle band with helene - roxette?
okay but not with helena. she hasn´t the power in the voice like marie. for background an one or two songs but not for an album.
i think at her video bevor the gessle concert - i dont wanne see this anymore - ist so scared

keep on ROXing in the Gessle world !

It’d be great to have more shows, it’d be nice to have SOAP shows, that album was great but there wasn’t any tour for promotion.

On the other hand, please, stop saying that trash upon a new Gessle-Helena band, that’s freaking, nothing will get over Roxette, that’s the reason we’ve got to know Per and Gyllene, eventhough Roxette can’t be active now. it stills being a good sweet memory which leads us to more Gessle stuff.. more shows, more to dream about...

I wouldn’t say bye to Rox yet, it doesn’t matter if we had to wait for while... despite waiting for a new album or a formal good bye.

Amen to Cowbyusa’s comments! I’m sure that Per wants to put Roxette to bed but out of respect for Marie he’s going to let her make the final call. I’d bet that if Marie told Per right now that there’s no way she’s coming back to Roxette that he’d like to move on with another female lead vocal like Helena. I suggested exactly that about 2 years ago and was ridiculed for even suggesting such a thing. I’d like would give Roxette some new life though I admit it would be hard hearing Helena sing IMHBL and other Marie trademark songs.


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