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Year in review 2006: Roxette turns 20, releases stir dispute

Written by roxeteer on December 31, 2006 to and .

Year 2006 is nearing its end and it's time for the annual The Daily Roxette "Year in review" article.

This year was obviously a very important one for Roxette, since it was the band's 20th anniversary. On July 8, 1986 a mysterious duo called Roxette released their debut single "Neverending Love." The members of the duo, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, didn't even put their faces on the single sleeve. The song became an instant summer hit in Sweden. It still took some time before the band broke through in other countries, but that's a completely different story — a story you've heard so many times before.

The first half of 2006 was mostly about Per's solo project Son of a Plumber, although the fans were already anxiously waiting for news about how Roxette will celebrate their big year. Son of a Plumber — or SOAP, as we call it — released its second single in Sweden, "Hey Mr DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)." Per also convinced some of the European EMI branches of the SOAP project and "Hey Mr DJ" was announced to be the first SOAP single outside Sweden. To promote the song, a music video was shot and a remix EP was released in digital format only.

Bad Hair Day was another digital tryout by Per. To the delight of fans around the world, he released "Mazarin" and "Son of a Plumber" demos for free on the Internet using the pseudonym Bad Hair Day.

While Roxette is in the headlines again, fanclub calls it a day

A surprise or not, in March the Netherlands-based Official Roxette Fanclub announced that it will cease all operations immediately, with disgruntled fans and obvious management problems. The problems still keep going on to this day as their debts are still not settled. Marie Dimberg of d&d management, manager of Roxette, released a press statement saying that there will be no more official fanclub in the future. The fanclub, in this format, opened its doors during the mid-nineties after the UK-based fanclub closed for much of the same reasons.

An interesting coincidence was that at the same time as the fanclub quit, Roxette was in the headlines again, the press touting their comeback.

In March TDR met Per in Vienna where we discussed Son of a Plumber and of course the upcoming Roxette 20th anniversary, which showed an excited Per. Per was traveling around promoting SOAP. However, the few countries that picked up the album, didn't manage to sell it to the extent it was worth. So what else happened in March? Well, TDR met Per in Stockholm too, where he re-hashed his mumbo jumbo about "Roxette" whatever that is… No, seriously, it was yet another successful interview. We are very thankful for our conversations with Per, and from the looks of it, so are you!

We also finally got the confirmation from EMI that Roxette was back in the studio! No one knew what was coming out of it, a new album maybe? Well, we got quite a few releases in the end. Most importantly, the Skåne recordings ended up in two new tracks: "Reveal" and "One Wish."

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Roxette documentary on TV4

Written by tevensso on December 28, 2006 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - As per usual Swedish TV4 will have a Gessle-related program at the end of the year. This time they will broadcast the brand new documentary "Roxette - 20 år" (Roxette - 20 years), about the 20th anniversary, on December 29 19:30 CET. The half-hour show will be re-run December 31.

Using previously not shown and unique footage from, among others the Gessle family's private camcorder, Roxette's progress from a small band touring the Swedish countryside via the breakthrough with "The Look" in the US, to the big venues in both South Africa and Argentina is shown.

In the documentary Marie and Per tell about the historical gig in China where Roxette as the second western band ever (Wham! was the first) was allowed to perform in Beijing. They also talk about the reunion after Marie's sickness.

Pelle Alsing has a new blues group; MP goes on tour

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 27, 2006 to and .

The drummer most often seen in Roxette's band, Pelle Alsing, has been playing with a new group called Moosters. They just released an album called "Executioner" in Sweden.

Pelle is very excited about this project but says that his love and devotion for Roxette will not be compromised by this. He calls their style rockin' blues. If you would like to hear what Pelle has been working on during the last two years visit their MySpace page.

In another news, the guitarist of Gyllene Tider, co-owner of the Roxette demo studio Tits & Ass, Mats "MP" Persson, is touring in March with The Cadillac Band. Three concerts have already been confirmed, one of them being in a church in Stockholm.

Merry Christmas from Roxette!

Written by tevensso on December 17, 2006 to , and . Source: Roxette.

STOCKHOLM/HALMSTAD - Per and Marie have been kind enough to share a Christmas greeting with us once again:

2006 turned out to be a good year! Not only for the roses but also for this little band from the outskirts of Europe.
We managed to deliver a good-looking
RoxBox as well as 2 new songs (btw, you have to check out the new remixes of Reveal…. very cool if you ask us…) and a few TV-shows to go with that.
2007? Well, who knows. Marie is talking about more art exhibitions and more exciting solo stuff, Per isn’t talking at all at the moment (he wants to go xmas shopping, the taxi’s waiting…) but knowing him some raunchy urban x-rated hip-hop music isn’t far away!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish y’all a white xmas and a sunny new year. And as always, thanks for your heartwarming uncontrollable support and affection.

Marie & Per

Marie also sent a very special surprise to all the fans around the world - which you see to the left; click to enlarge.

Judith contributed to this article.

“Reveal” to be next single

Written by tevensso on December 15, 2006 to and .

STOCKHOLM - January 23 Roxette's next single "Reveal" will be released "here and there," as expected. The single will most probably contain at least two remixes of the song, including one which is called "The Attic Remake." The Attic being a new band signed by EMI. "Reveal" is already out as a radio single, slightly remixed and with a different middle-eight.

Fans in Buenos Aires plan big Rox20 party with support from EMI

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 9, 2006 to .

Fans in Argentina are collaborating together to host an event in one of the city's newest hotspots on December 13. Run to Roxette (R2R) together with ¡Roxette Latino! – with the cooperation of EMI Argentina – are preparing a big Roxette party to celebrate the first 20 years.

The party will take place the evening of December 13th at The Roxy, an "in" restaurant and bar often used to host CD launch parties because of the outstanding sound system and large video screens. During the party there will be music, videos, contests and more surprises! The Buenos Aires-based Roxette tribute band Hot Joy (featured in a previous TDR article), will be guests of the party and perform several songs.

Courtesy of The Roxy, the two sponsoring websites are conducting a contest to award five free pre-party dinners-for-two (each for 2 persons) for that night. The winners will be revealed on Tuesday (December 12) through the websites and communicated by e-mail. The Roxy is located on Gorriti 5568, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

Get in the contest!

RoxBox gets nominated for Grammis award

Written by roxeteer on December 8, 2006 to and .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette's 20th anniversary release, "The RoxBox/Roxette 86-06", has been nominated for a Grammis award in the open category. Other nominees in the category include Peter Jöback and Evert Taube's compilations, "En kärlekshistoria," a collection of songs from Swedish indie records (including "At School" by Brainpool) and "Bra dagar," a homage to folk singer Totta Näslund who died last year.

According to the Grammis rules, albums containing previously released material can only be nominated in the open category. At least 50% of the material on the album must be Swedish to be able to take part.

The winners will be announced on January 30, 2007 at Hovet in Stockholm. The gala will be broadcast "live" on TV4.

Update: In other news, Roxette got nominated in Aftonbladet's Rockbjörnen awards to the Best Swedish Group category. Go vote now!

Auryte contributed to this article.

The RoxMas contest

Written by tevensso on December 6, 2006 to . Source:

SÖDERHAMN - To celebrate X-mas, or rather RoxMas, has a new contest out to win nice prize packages, including guitar picks, signed 7" singles and more.


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