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Roxette back in studio, EMI confirms

Written by tevensso on March 21, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - EMI Sweden confirms all the articles about Roxette’s coming projects in a press release today. Roxette will release a Greatest Hits album with one or two new songs that Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will record together this summer. “It will be really great to go into the studio with Marie again,” Per lets us know from Vienna, where he’s doing Son of a Plumber promotion at the moment. “It’s been a fantastic journey and I’m so happy to continue it together with her.”

  In addition to this Greatest Hits album there will be “The Rox Box” – a collector’s item with the substantial Roxette history: the hits, previously unreleased material, et. cetera. It will consist of three CDs and a bonus DVD. “Twenty years, it feels like yesterday,” Per concludes. “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

  The releases are planned for October.


Before the moaning starts - 2 new songs!!

I am a little disappointed, but what will the future bring after these two releases??


Per promised “two new songs” for GT 2004 too... Need I say more?


Honestly, the LAST TWO ROXETTE ALBUMS WERE GREATEST HITS COMPILATIONS. Come on, I don´t know any band in the world with so many GH-compilations.

1 or 2 new songs? Hahaha. This is really dissapointing.

Kill me with your comments, but you all know this will be a very bad step for a Roxette comeback. My god...another GH album!! Radio DJ will laugh at that...Nobody would take Roxette seriously after this.

Tevensso: encouraging is possible that, once reunited, Per and Marie would like to go further, for a new and complete album.

Let´s cross fingers...

”...Roxette will release a Greatest Hits album with one or two new songs that Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will record together this summer”.

Im really happy about the future or MF+PG but sometimes I wonder, How many greatest hits the beatles has? Well Roxette has more the them and the most crazy think is that Roxette is still alive and kickin’. So why? Why don’t you take 6 + months and make 6/10 songs. I know That Per is xtremely Busy and He gave us (for me) the most exitings years in music since 99 to 06 (i think that there’s more than 9 albums) But it’s a pity to make another GH compilation. The common think is that ROx is running out of creativity.
However i’m still happy ’bout the news

@Tev, I hope thet they feel the atmosphere of Aerosol studio and then with an active paticipation of Christoffer and his awsome creativity we could have and extraordinary album

@tevensso: I REALLY, REALLY hope you’re right! I mean, seriously, releasing yet another Greatest Hits album after TBH and TPH is simply ridiculous and a slap in the face of all fans who “have” to buy TL or IMHBL once more just to get one or two new songs... *is torn between “YAY, new songs!” and “Please tell me this is a joke!”*

Not again a GH!
Really sounds like a joke.
This is the 4th Roxette Greatest Hits with new songs.
I’m very very disappointed.
Let’s do an e.p.!

GH album...
Not needed...

New songs and box...sounds very good!!

We all knew that, didn’t we?
I think a GH Compilation for the 20th anniversary is better than nothing and a small step for starting something really new and it’s easier for Marie to re-start the whole roxette-project.
At least the Box will offer something new and interessting for the fans and the Best Of CD is more interessting for the anniversary and the public, which hopefully is interessted in Roxette again, will get a better access in this roxette-thing.
Next year they can start the 2nd part :-)

Good news, and nice to be confirmed from EMI! :)

I am in agreement with the GH, it’s not needed, but in a way you got to think it’s a good way of Marie getting back into Roxette and of course it is 20 years, so who knows what will come after this....

All in all, its good news so something to look forward to this year now! :)

Of course he is right :)

I agree with Ally!

I’m happy that we at least get one or two new songs. We shouldn’t forget that Marie was very ill and it’s probably easier to get back to the international showbizz step by step. I think I won’t buy a new GH album, but I look forward to the RoxBox.

two songs :( i hope that this plan will change.

Damn, this is a way to rip offe your own FANS!

pretty pathetic actually. only 2 new studio albums in the past ten years, and more greatest hits compilations. Talk about ripping people off. If there are only 2 new songs I will just download them.

Man, then make it an EP or something for heaven’s sake, but not again a Greatest Hits. Oh boy...

You must the Rox-Box not buy!!!! ýou don´t understand!!! i´m not dissapointed-i´m very happy that roxette come back!!!

It’s NOT just going to be GH!!

It will be three CDs and a DVD.

Think Michael Jackson the Ultimate Collection.

There will be the Greatest Hits there yes, but also a few new tracks and songs we have never heard before. The bonus DVD also sounds great. I hope it’s the FULL Unplugged show.

Remember, Roxette don’t need to do anything to celebrate 20 Years other than go out for a meal or have a party for pitty sake.

I find it rather annoying that everyone complains. Roxette are getting back together...who knows what we’ll get.

Positive attitude people!!!!

Another GH?? *yawn* That’s all I can see and the least the world needs when it comes to “Roxette”. Ridiculous.

I can’t believe you are all falling for this. Do you really think he would promise a whole new album if they were considering just that? Or would it be better to promise a few songs, and come up with a surprise? I’d wait with stupid comments until you see what you get.


Crap! Another GH album? Ahahahahahaha... c´mon. This has to be a joke... “smile, you´re on Candid Camera” !!

For the love of God, what the hell they´re thinking we are? Clowns? Roxette will have more GH than regular albuns... DBUGTTC, BEE, DBUGTTC-USA, TPH, TBH... hell, and now ANOTHER GH? This is unbelievable !!! And what´s worst... people are HAPPY about it !!!

Enough is enough... another GH is a ofense to us, loyal fans.

Yeah... I was thinking about it another day... I´m definitely getting tired of Rox and related world... it´s a big big joke... they just can´t do ANYTHING right.

To the hell with this GH or Box. Blergh !!

C´mon you guys... let´s do something... this can´t not be our 20 aniversary !! Seriously... Pirate bay, here I go again.

PS: At least the box seems to be cool. BUT the unreleased material will probably be songs that we already have from bootlegs... so, not so “new” stuff.

Must be a sophisticated sense of humor that EMI has, playing tricks on the people in an official press release.

thomasc, of course the fans are going to complain about being ripped off. I’ll buy the Rox the very least for the unplugged DVD that its rumoured to contain. As for the GH CD, forget it. Its an absolute joke. Why exactly should we be pleased about forking out money for another CD which contains all the same songs that we have already bought about ten times?

I don’t know what to think about it. Obviously, I like the idea that there is still a project like Roxette. I am very anxious to hear new songs - they will probably sound *much* more mature than earlier ones. (It cannot be otherwise.) So that makes me eager to listen to new stuff, regardless in which form it will come to us. Also, I am very interested in the Rox-Box - this *is* something for the fans and not just rip off.

Having said that I am extremely doubtful whether a new GH can so easily be justified. Okay, there is an anniversary to celebrate. But since the release of TBH and TPH (no major successes btw) there has not been a single new release by Roxette. So there is no urgent need for a new compilation. (Actually, I did not really see a need for a new GH in 2002 - DBUGTC already contained all the relevant stuff.)

So I don’t know what to think but I like the idea of Marie and Per working together in a studio. I also see it as clear indication that Marie feels a *lot* better by now - and that is really good news.

Well, im very happy about todays news. Im SUPER excited about the box, and a liiiiiiittle excited about the new GH. And least 2 new Roxette songs!!:D

I’m happy for every single new song from Roxette. And this compilation* is a good way to start up the roxmachine again. No one’s obligated to buy anything but you could buy the 2 new tracks for 2 € at iTunes and be happy. Alone the fact that Marie and Per enter a studio together would have been unthinkable 6 months ago! Who knows where this leads into... :-)

*There’s always a market for a decent compilation. Not specially for the fans, but for the general public. ABBA have been in the german charts since 1992 – with compilations like “Gold”, “More Gold” “Forever Gold”, “The Complete Collection”, “The Definitive Collection”... I think it was a failure to split Roxette’s GH into 2 separate albums with TBH/TPH. The average Joe wants to buy the biggest hits with 1 album. So a follower to DBUGTTC will do them good.

@ Roxette-atic : Read it again

“Roxette will release a Greatest Hits album with one OR two new songs”

See... maybe just ONE new song... cool huh?

And even if it were two... TWO new songs? Wow... I´m so excited that my heart just stopped... please, call 911... it´s too much for me...

If the problem is Marie´s health, it´s ok not to release a full new album now, but hey... release the “one or two” new songs on a EP or single, so we won´t need to spend so much money in a cd with songs we already have.

EMI and/or Roxette don´t respect us. That´s clear to me.

You can be SURE that one new song will be released as a single. And as it reads the GH disc will be included in the RoxBox as well. No need to buy the extra CD. So what do you moan about?

There aren’t that many Greatest Hits out when you think about it rationally.

The Ballad Hits
The Pop Hits
The Greatest - Japan only

Quite obviously TBH and TPH REPLACED DBUGTTC as that is now OUT OF PRINT so that one doesn’t count - Roxette were updating their catalogue for people that might buy the Greatest Hits.

DBU2000 also doesnt count as that was for America only.

BEE isnt a greatest hits album. Since when was Perfect Day even a single? It wasn’t. That album was for the Spanish market.

All in all you should only have one GH if you’re going to moan about it. ITunes means you can download the new songas if you are THAT desperate. But the way I see it - The RoXBox is for fans and the GH for everyone else. If you don’t want it - don’t buy it !!! The Roxbox has “previously unreleased material” so a new album technically is on the way anyway.

Stop complaining and be happy that Per and Marie WANT to do ANYTHING at all !!! I personally am not dying for a new GH but will buy it and the RoxBox and be very happy in October ! :)

@ Sascha - Great... that´s much better. So, if they release two new songs in this compilation, I will have to buy the GH JUST to have the other unreleased song that´s not going to be released as single. Yeah.. you´ve just made so much happier. Pffff.

@chrisjankunas - Aha... so DBUGTTC, DBUGTTC-USA don´t count because they´re out of print? Tell it to my credit card (stupid me trying to support the band I love). And how soon to update they´re catalogue... Won´t TBH and TPH release just 3-4 years ago? Wow... they´re fast.

Have you not considered that the new songs from the GH may be inside the RoxBox anyway???

I’m sooooooooo happyyyyyyyyy!!!

Doesn’t matter to me if it’s a greatest hits again. The most important thing is that they are back together again. Now it’s only 1 or 2 songs but it’s a wonderful beginning.
Can’t wait to put my hands on this cd and on the Roxette box.
I love youuuuu Marie and Per :D !!!!


In my book “one or two” means a few. “One or two” is never one.
And “a few” can be as many as you want. Smart huh?

I won’t ever buy an album if there won’t be more than 4 news songs out of 12 recorded........... It’s getting like a tradition - to release one more Greatest Hits once per 3-4 years. Mr. Gessle, we’re tired of it......... Give us some really new material... please!!!!! %)))

Another GH? Oh my god... Nobody deserve..

@ mattias - Let me see... for you... “one or two” means “as much as I want” ? Cool... you must be #1 at Mathematics at school... you should change your name to “Mathemattias”.

That was actually pretty funny, good on you!
Perhaps one of our native English speakers could step in and explain what “one or two” means?

“In addition to this Greatest Hits album there will be “The Rox Box” - a collector’s box with the substantial Roxette history; the hits, previously unreleased material et. cetera”

Two greatest hits in one year. Magic.
Anyway, I’m still happy that they decided to do something for the 20th anniversary.

It’s a great message, but Greatest Hits album? Will Roxette record ever Greatest Hits album? 1995, 2002, 2003, 2006 = 4 album... haleluyah

’One or two’ is pragmatic - no definite amount given. Just like ’40 days and 40 nights’ just means a long time.

See, maybe I am not that poor at mathematics after all.

@ chrisjankunas - If you say so, I can´t argue with that... I´m not even closer to know how to speak english... but knowing Roxette and EMI as I know, it WILL be just one or two new songs... and it´s simply ridiculous.

@ mattias - Thanks. I´m #1 in school when it comes to lame jokes.

@ Pietro - What ? Is there another GH album on the Rox Box? So, one of the 3 cds is a GH? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... no need to comment that. Guess Roxette is now #1 in lame jokes.

It could be newly rerecorded versions of hits etc.
At this point the possibilities are endless and still subject to change.
I’m just happy that my favourite band is releasing new stuff whether it be previously unreleased, newly recorded etc.

Yes, LG. You just buy the Box* (if you want) and have it all. Nice, eh?

*Of course we don’t know the price yet. So don’t complain about that! :-P

>>>”It could be newly rerecorded versions of hits”

Huuuuh... much better *ironic*

>>>”At this point the possibilities are endless and still subject to change.”

Hope I´m wrong, but Bad Hair Day is far more interesting.

>>>”I’m just happy that my favourite band is releasing new stuff whether it be previously unreleased, newly recorded etc.”

I´m happy too... don´t get me wrong... it´s good to see Roxette back... but with TWO GH? C´mon... we are good people, we are good fans, we deserve something new and not another GH to make them richier.

@ Sascha - No, I won´t buy the Box... I´ll ask my friend mathemattias to do so. He will ask for “one or two” in his order and them he will recieve five boxes and will give me one. I would ask him to give you one, but you seem to enjoy giving money to EMI and I don´t want to spoil your fun.

PS: Mattias, I´m just kidding ok? Don´t be mad at me ! :)

A good news, but not the one we were expecting... It’s better to have a few new songs than nothing! Per, let’s write a new one the way that “Beautiful Thing” was made with Marie: the result was amazing! (Remember, you said that you wanna repeat that experience another time... It’s now or never!)


Wait wait... I thought I read another GH was in the oven!! :P I must be mistaken of course... offfff course :P

*Humming*: “It must have been good, but I lost it somehow...”

I wish we could petition for a full Roxette album and not aanother crappy Greatest Hits release. There are way too many Roxette GH albums to the point that it’s becoming a silly joke. To me they arn’t albums but more of a way for record companies to proffit.
Per, if you’re reading these comments, please don’t release another GH album. Do something amazing with Marie like you did with SOAP. Something a bit more organic and personal. It’s been so long since Roxette has come together. It could be so powerful, it could be amazing. That feeling won’t happen with a GH release. Do it for yourselves and the fans. It’s been 20 years. Make it special.

Wait, yes yes... of course I was WRONG!!!!.

Hadn’t read that of the ROXBOX!!! :DDD

@Marcos: Because the statement “in addition” mathematically means that is more than one, right?? Or who was the maths teacher? :P:DDDDD


“It’s where the water flows......’s were the winds blows........”

Lone Gunman: Cool Idea! And yes, I enjoy buying items I want to have. If I don’t want them I don’t buy them and don’t care about them. It’s easy! ;-)

How about a petition to have free will to buy what you want or don’t want.
Hang on ... you mean to say that we already have it???

Great to be a fan of the band who releases their biggest hits on the most albums... It must be an early April joke.
No, thanks, I DON’T wanna have more of The Look, Joyride, It must have been love.

There is a simple answer for all those who don’t agree with another GH, don’t buy the friggin thing... it’s not like EMI or Gessle are tieing you down saying “hey your’re a fan you have to buy this”.... you don’t have to buy anything, if your’re not happy with it, then sod off and be a fan of some other group....

I don’t agree with another GH, but I look at the fact that it is a 20th anniversary and it’s what I expected to happen with some new tracks, maybe I’ve been a fan to long and I can sense what’s gonna happen... I’ll buy it....

If you don‘t want another GH album, don‘t buy it! Just download the new songs by itunes or something like that!

And don‘t forget “Bad Hair Day”.Please name one other artist that has been given almoust 2 album for free to all the fans over the world!

PG loves he‘s fans, that‘s for sure...

Ore, what do you all say?


Surely I don’t think another “greatest hits” project is necessary, but I think it will work for the anniversary. Roxette 1986 - 2006. I’m curious though how the songs will be picked for the disc, assuming that it will be a single disc. There are simply too many hits to squeeze on one disc. Perhaps it will have a similar tracklisting to the U.S. 2000 Edel release, focusing on the bigger hits. I’m curious now if we’ll get something from ’Pearls Of Passion’ to make it complete. I’m sure there will be many hits left out!

I imagine that the main reason for another hits compilation is to have a package in order to market the one or two newly recorded songs. I think the idea is to issue these new songs as singles and most people wouldn’t be willing to buy a box set to get them, hence the new hits compilation at a cheaper, single disc price.

I just hope this box set does not include the typical versions of the hits. For example, we should get the U.S. mixes of Joyride, Spending My Time, Listen To Your Heart, The Big L., etc. Let’s hope Per has something nice planned for the tracklisting. Also, I don’t think the bonus DVD should be the MTV Unplugged show. Save that for a separate DVD release, not for a box set compilation. The DVD should include rare performances, a new documentary, interviews, etc.

Also, if the box set heavily focuses on the hits I’m afraid we will be missing some memorable b-sides, demos, and remixes. I think that instead EMI should just simply release a separate “singles” box so that all b-sides and remixes can be added to each single release. That way we will get a complete collection. 3 discs just doesn’t seem to be enough space to cover everything the fans want if we include the regular hits. Don’t you think?

In any case, I’ll be happy to get this material in remastered sound quality. Let’s hope the albums are lined up next for reissues/remasters to follow the box set and new hits package.

better this than nothing :)

I doubt they have time to record a full album until Autumn, so if they plan to release a GH *anyway* (remember they said that already some time ago), better if it comes with a couple of new songs or?

And as Thomas said, who knows what will happen once they are in the studio..

I agree, better this than nothing. But, another GH!!

”... lay a whisper... on my pillow”

There´s only one reason for this GH = $$$$$$$$
If they want to do a comeback with few songs, it´s ok... release a EP, a single. But another GH????

”... she´s got the look, she´s got the looook”

And don´t come to me with this crappy arguments of “don´t like it, don´t buy it”, cause this is not the point of this discussion.


We are together with Roxette for 20 years... we bought all their albuns, we bought their singles, we went to their concerts, we voted for them in radio stations, tv shows, etc... for 20 years !!! We support them like crazy for all this time...

... and when it come to please us in a 20 aniversary they throw in our faces ANOTHER GH compilation???? C´mon !!!!!!! Do they think we are a bunch of idiots??? Release another compilation with just “one or two” new songs AGAIN???? They just did that 3 YEARS AGO when they released TBH & TPH !!!!
And did you forgot about the Dvds “All Videos Ever Made And More” & “Ballad & Pop Hits” ??? The same “one or two” new songs/videos strategy.
This is the lowest an artist can go to get money from the fans.

“I´m gonna get dressed, for success...”

So... the point here is not this “don´t like it, don´t buy it” argument, but it´s RESPECT !!! Respect for the fans that helped Roxette for so many years. Nothing more than RESPECT !! I feel like they´ve just offended our inteligence.

There are no arguments to defende this abusive release from Roxette/EMI. So Per, if you´re reading all this comments, do something to change this stupid release.

I won´t buy this crappy GH... and sincerelly, this Rox Box thing will be the LAST thing I´ll buy related to Roxette if nothing changes about this GH, cause I´m tired of these so called “releases” repeating itself again again again and again... the only confort I have is that the GH project will FLOP BIG TIME and I´ll be very happy about it!!!


hahaha a remastering of a re-master of the mothertape?
And you really think you can hear the difference?
Well, if you have too much money, heck spend it on some good cause instead on stuff you already have!

Wonder how many fans will actually play the GH compilation when they have bought it!

Fellow fans and friends, the GH album is just a platform or a stepping stone to the re-introduction of Roxette around the word including the US. After this, Roxette will be into the worlds music market again, which will lead to a whole new full album in 2007. That’s the plan, guys. Relax!! It’s the come back we’ve been asking for. ;-)

The Rox Box, is of course to celebrate the 20th anniversity and it’s for the fans.

Be happy, optimistic and excited!!!

Take care!
Rox on!
Carlos E., New York.

I’ll do what Carlos Said :)

“Be happy, optimistic and excited!!!”

@Majdy: That’s the way to go! :-)

You will enjoy the next few months much better.

Carlos E., New York.

Oh well, you can always use the old compilations when you have a party to put your glasses on.
Or hej, why not have a new Olympic sport: The Roxette’s compilations disc throwing.

I wouldn’t release a clear “greatest hits” collection since they’re on the market already.

Possibly “The Best of Roxette” type of thing would be better. You know with the most memorable Roxette songs from the fans’ point of view and so on.

For instance, replace singles like
Dangerous, Church Of Your Heart, How Do You Do!, Vulnerable, Salvation, The Centre Of The Heart, Real Sugar, Milk And Toast And Honey with album tracks that aren’t “that known” to the great public.

Songs like Perfect Day, I’m Sorry (Per’s own favourite), Hotblooded or She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore deserve more attention.

I know I was nagging about compilation albums without all the hit singles at Off-Topic but given that we already have The Ballad Hits & The Pop Hits, an alternative hit collection would do good (if they really need to release one, that is).

Gosh, all this whine and crying is deeply bothersome and ear-wrecking.

Could you guys, the ones suffering with the GH album, moderate the tone of your dissapointment?

Bad Hair Day is something you have to consider when discussion wether or not Per only cares about.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Yeah... let´s be positive... let´s start the party :

Oh my !!

Why only in October.... ;)!!!! Wooohooo go dancin around the room!!!

I’d wait and see what happens when the time comes. It’s at the end of the year and things can change a bit.

The GH is really compiled to suit the US market that don’t have one (if I understood well DBU USA is unavailable there) and probably it will also come out in other countries but as a secondary release.

The Rox-box.... well I was expecting more dvd’s but maybe they’re going to reprint the old tapes as separete items later on (look at GT).

As for the hits in the Rox-box.... well seen as it’s a collector item I believe EMI knows that all Rox fans have got ’the hits’ so unless they’re stupid they will probably be different somehow.

And last but mot least, I think that 20th anniversary is not so important as the 25th one. If you take GT as an example, for their 20th anniversary all that was done was a reprint of their first album and that was it.

I’ll cross my fingers....

Concerning a dvd, hope the quality will be better then Mazarin live. Played the damn disc ones and after that it doesn’t play anymore. But well, since ppl don’t mind to buy a GH over and over again. They might not mind to rebuy the dvd a couple times either.

YOU MUST ALL THIS ROX-BOX NOT BUY!!!! oh my god what for a pessimistic mood in this Forum!!!
THIS IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!!!!! I´m very happy. I love Roxette over all.

For Marie is this a better entrance in the Rox-World.
Marie who was sick!!!!!! think on it!!!

Another greatest hits album, terrible, we have so many GH albums from Roxette at the past. New songs are welcome, but this is very discapointed.

And the strange thing I found that i read at the past in an interview that Roxette don’t like live albums because it proberly gh albums. ???
I don’t understand it.

I’m actually so in need of Rox music that i think even a GH with 2 new song would be cool!! Hey if they manage to do more it’ll be a bonus!

per said live albums tend to be like 2nd rate greatest hits albums.

“Be happy, optimistic and excited!!!” Yeeeaaa!

GH and 1-2 new songs is not “the dream come true,” but something new for “20 years” is better than nothing and it’s PERfect news!!!!!

“Be happy, optimistic and excited!!!”

even one song, even one hit wonder :-)
keep the radio on..cos this will be perfect song..!!!

about another gh.... no comment.......

Well, no need for another greatest hits album, but I’m excited about the new ones. I wish it was an EP with about 6 or 7 songs at least. I love the idea about the CD with previously unreleased tracks and the bonus DVD. Is “20 years of power pop hits” official? If so, they should release new powerpop tracks. Electric guitars!! :)

I think it¡s great to know that Marie and Per want to continue with Roxette.. maybe it’s just another GT albums.. but come on! we’ll get de Rox Box with interesting material for all the fans! We can’t complain, it’s the most we can expect after such a terrible situation . It’s totally understandable that recording a whole new album with roxette could be very stressing for Marie because of the international interesting about roxette.
Per and Marie: we can’t wait to hear the new songs!!!

O.K. ... I got the point!
I don’t have to buy the GH compilation since I´m not forced to! So, there is nothing I HAVE to buy and nothing I WANT to buy. It is as good as NOTHING!!! Yeah, I forgot: Mazarin, GT-anniversary, The Change, SOAP and Ba Hair Day filled the gap between 2001 and now BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ROXETTE!!! I’m also fed up with those comments regarding Maries health. SHE HAS DONE AN ALBUM AND GIGS! So where’s the problem?? As long as Per and Marie can remember each other’s names, people here will be happy because of anything the both of Roxette will be involved in together:”Hey, P&M can still identify each other and were seen in the same shoppingmall on two different days! There is hope for Roxette!!” Yeah, no new stuff, no new tour but new hope! A GH compilation with - OH MY GOD - TWOOOOO new songs... smells like the comeback of the decade!!!!! Or (without sarcasm) the funeral of the century.
Since the last album (FIVE YEARS AGO!!!) there have already been two flop(!)-compilations with nooooooo.... not the real hits but with just as many single releases as they can justify. They haven‘t had a solid “hit” since 1994 except “Wish I Could Fly” in 1999!
The people who remember Roxette, remember them for their early hits like “The Look” or “Listen to Your Heart”(already released 10,5 years ago). There is no need to remind them of the so-called hits of the last five years. They didn’t buy TPH or TBH because nobody is interested in “Anyone” or “Stars”. Otherwise the single (and album) sales would have been higher. With a new compilation Roxette underscores and glorifies an era that was the comercially worst for them. Who on earth will notice another GH album??? The ones that slept while TBH & TPH were released???? Or the ones that are keen on the hits between 2002 and now (=none)??? Or the ones that were too young in 2002 to buy records on their own (and are now listening to HIP-HOP)??? How do EMI and Roxette expect the non-fans (to be honest: the major audience) to react? “Oh what wonderful songs they made during the last ten years while I have been watching the ice melt in the northpole!”?!? All these millions of people who weren’t interested in Roxette the last years won’t come up and suddenly show interest for something they ignored all the way back since 1995!!!

I‘d rather have nothing than a proof of lack of creativity. It´s like Harrison “No-blockbuster-since-1993” Ford talking about “Indiana Jones 4”.
Hey Per, listen:
If you don’t have the passion, the fire and the will to do big things anymore, concentrate on the homegrown sound you have been producing for the last years. But don’t bore the people with your memories of your long gone fame!!!
You’re about to commit commercial suicide!!!

For me every new Roxette song is a big big bonus. Why don’t you red-eyed guys not just decide what to buy and what not when the records are finished? Still enough time to complain then if you want...

An up-to-date Greatest Hits collection would be essential if there was to be a tour, wouldn’t it? (-;

Anyway, given that a year ago we were all wondering whether we’d ever hear ANYTHING new from Roxette at all, I think this is a step in the right direction... they’ve got a record company to please, EMI is not going to waste time releasing ANYTHING that only appeals to Roxette’s (now) very small fanbase, short of a full new album...

First, I wanna say how happy I felt after seeing this EMI confirmation. The best one in years. Also, the fact of seeing Marie back to Roxette make me even more happy, but a new GH? THE INTRODUCTION TO THE MARKET? Upside down! It will make Roxette lose maybe not their devoted fans, but that “almost million people” that buys their albums won´t buy again a compilation. This is a mistake and a big one. I really suggest a huge petition from we all...

Go to a music store and look at shelves full of GH albums of other artists. Ask yourself who bought the 10000000000 GH album of ABBA (maybe the snowman) ..and then say THANK YOU God for 2 new songs, say THANK YOU God that Marie decided to do it, say THANK YOU MARIE, THANK YOU PER and calm down... and than maybe they would say thank you fans and make 3 or 4 new songs :-)

I think a lot of you are missing the point. I agree with LoneGunman that it is the slap in the face for fans. ’Don’t like it, don’t buy it’ a very clever argument, but that is not the point. I have followed them from the very beginning and have bought every album they have released as Roxette, as well as various solo/GT projects. Who among the general public actually gives a toss about the 20th anniversary of Roxette? If they are going to be doing anything for the anniversary it SHOULD be for the fans. Maybe they should have thought about the 20th anniversary in 2002/3 and delayed the release of the pop/ballad hits. Then I wouldnt have much to protest about, but the way it stands it is just a piss take. The box set is a good idea, and this is a gift for the fans (as long as it includes some decent stuff). The GH is just a piss take though. OK so I dont like it so I shouldnt buy it....not really as simple as that. Although I protest about it now and say I am not going to buy it, when the time comes I probably will. Why? Because I am a loyal fan whose collection wouldnt be complete without it, and I am sure I will enjoy the one or two songs. Having said that, it doesnt make me any less pissed off that I have to shell out for another copy of The Look, LTYH, Joyride, etc, etc. Nice way to celebrate your anniversary...milking your fans for more rehashed rubbish...

Emil....what about Abba though? They are finished. The more GH albums that Roxette release on to the market, it makes them look more and more like has beens as well. They cant sell any albums unless they contain their old hits

...on the other hand: Sacha‘s opinion might be right as well (and to be honest: the more sensible and better educated one).

cool news, I think. anyway any new release looks cool and great at least for me. Personally I think they are hidding more info about the next releases. Some things might surprise us all on the next october :)

Hey Emil: ABBA sold more copies of their last album than Roxette did, so they had hit-potential to the very end. AND they became part of modern history. That justifies the greatest hits compilations.
But for a band that will never reach this fame and glory and that pretends to be alive it is just poor!
They don‘t play in the same league like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Bon Jovi, Prince, Queen, The Beatles, Genesis or Pink Floyd. They are not that important. So their selling-strategie won‘t work!

The last Album they released was a Greatest Hits! Very good idea: A BestOf after a BestOf!

I WILL ONLY DOWNLOAD THE NEW SONGS! Everyone should do that. That´s really a bad joke.

They should do an EP with 5 new Songs... and maybe a Greatest Hits without new songs for all thouse people who need these old songs...

... because they missed them due to a lack of presence on planet earth...

So, you guys are saying that releasing an EP is better than releasing a GH album with 2 new songs, which would pave the way in the world maket for a full length album in 2007.

Now think clearly, you guys want Roxette and EMI to market an EP ? Release an EP to stores worldwide? Does that make any sense at all? Do bands really release stand-alone EPs to stores to be sold ? I don’t think it makes much sense.

Or are you saying that they should bundle the EP with the Rox Box? If they do that, besides us fans, who wil buy the whole bundle? How will pay for the whole thing? I don’t think that makes much sene either.

However, although it’s another GH album, it’s the most wise way to go because this way, they update Roxette catalogues everywhere around the world, market countries that haven’t seen much or nothing at all about Roxette in the last 5 to 10 years and still pave the way to a full length abum in 2007 to be released worldwide following in the GH foot steps. Now, that, makes sense.

I know, it’s frustrating to have another GH released, but it’s the best thing if you really don’t want Roxette to release a shitty and rushed full length album that would floppy and just weaken their imagine much more in countires were Roxette hasn’t been around for a while.

Take care!
Rox on!
Carlos E., New York.

Eloy, my friend, I wish someone would stop and listen to that!

I don’t know why!!!!
There is no material to update TBH and TPH greatest hits!!!!!!!!!

OK!!!! A new GH album but..........the best solution is a double CD album, CD1 –> Full new album, CD2 –> GH album and...........the most important thing......priced as a single CD album.



I want Roxette to record for a new company...........maybe Warner Music.......EMI is getting boring to me!!!

Per, Marie......thank you for your comeback!!!!
Take your time....we are here to support you.
I’m sure the new songs will sound fantastic.

Hey! What about a song for a film like in the old times?

@Roxrider - Please... wake up dude !! Roxette won´t be big again... they don´t want to be... they don´t need to pave anything... Or are you dreaming about Roxette in USA again? Number one in Billboard charts?

As said before... only us here care about their 20th anniversary... no one else. Instead of doing something for us, no, they release another compilation with “one or two” new songs. They did that 3 years ago (did it worked?).

Look at the logic... they´re trying to use their small fan base to get all the money that´s possible. 4 different GH albuns, 2 DVDs that are ALMOST the same... it´s always like that... wake up !!

And I bet, based on the fans reaction here AGAINST this compilation, that a EP would sell A LOT more than this stupid GH will. They destroied their anniversary for us !!

We are not clowns... enough is enough... petition NOW !!


PS: The Rox Box will have to be GOOOOOD, really GOOOOD, otherwise, the things are going to be pretty ugly.

I agree with LoneGunman and ncurran. Obviously nowadays no one that is not a fan gives a damn for an album. Market for CDs these days is fans, and you can’t just get 20 € + 50 more € (I guess that’ll be the price for the Box) selling them a Greatest Hits with 2 new songs (or if you’re unlucky only one) plus later again the hits in the Box plus a DVD and a different CD... from the fans.
You know, some people here don’t have economical problems, but others like me do or simply we look at Ryanair’s website and we see that with that very same money you can go and pay a visit to Rome, for example... (No offense, but if I had to choose... ehem). And downloading is so very easy...

What I mean is that they have a clearly very old-fashioned and conservative business strategy. The WORLD HAS CHANGED!!! And the funny thing is that they try to fool us saying Roxette is not a dead project. Wake up people, and tell me a single alive band who has released their last 6 albums of this kind:

- Compilation (USA One, also available elsewhere... in case we didn’t buy the previous released 4 years -and 1 studio album- earlier)
- Studio Album (Room Service)
- Ballad Compilation (Love Peas... or whatever it was named)
- Pop Compi (Power peas...)
- GH compi (...again... I hope that for creativity’s sake it does not include the words “great”, “hit” nor any of their derivatives in the title...)
- Rox Box (The mother of all compilations!)

And I’d like to add on Per’s comment “Time flies when you’re having fun!” a question: How was it when you had to work? Do you remember 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993??? :)

@Lonegunman: Has EMI put out a statement saying the the GH is for the fans only as a anniversary celebratory release ? I don’t think so.

The Rox Box is for celebratory reasons but not the GH.

If you guys stop to think, do you really think it’s feasible for Roxette to release a full length new album this year still and also a Rox Box while Per has just begun SOAPs international promotion? Please think. It’s not possible! Unlless you want a rushed and shitty album. And then, many of you will be crying and whining that the album is disapointing and that it’s not like they used to be and on and on.

Well, i don’t know why many of you can’t get this obvious logical thought.

And besides, don’t be naive and think that EMI will release this GH album only targeting Roxette fans. In business, people are always looking for more profits.

But thanks for you point of view. It’s always a pleasure to debate in this forum.

Take care!
Rox on!
Carlos E., New York.


Roxrider said: “And besides, don’t be naive and think that EMI will release this GH album only targeting Roxette fans. In business, people are always looking for more profits.”

That’s exactly the problem, in today’s music business, just fans buy albums... That’s what you and they don’t want to understand, CD’s are DEAD!
And all the songs are still fresh in the shelves of every European music store, they were released 3 years ago!!

@Santi: OK. The European argument is valid. But will the GH release be a European only GH release? As well as the Rox Box?

I really don’t think that this is supposed to be a European only release. Therefore, my arguments stil stand concerning that a GH album is a good option.

Thanks Santi! :-)

Take care!
Rox on!
Carlos E., New York.

@Carlos: Euh... Let’s see. :p
They released a GH in USA 2000 and it didn’t really open up any market for Room Service, did it? (I don’t know but I don’t think so).
And if that happened in 2000, why should it work now when popular music taste standards are even more far apart from Roxette than they were 6 years ago?

I think that if that’s the plan they could well leave it for the 25th anniversary, when hopefully there’s a huge nostalgia-revival of the 80’s (when we all forget how bad taste in dressing they all had by then, like we already forgot the 60’s and focused on their music or about the 70’s more recently).

That’s my say, now I’ll be off to bed, finally :D Cheers man!

Dear Readers: If you’ve already commented on this article, please don’t repeat yourself if you choose to comment again. We heard you the FIRST time!!

Secondly, let’s continue to respect each other’s opinions. Nothing that comes even close to “flaming” is permitted here in the News section comments (nor is flaming permitted in SmallTalk).

As to this “petition” idea mentioned a few times... it’s not needed. Trust me... fans (both old and, hopefully, new) will be quite happy by the time the RoX20 celebration is over. The clue was given, but unfortunately almost everyone seems to have missed it. If you need to have it spelled out for you, you’ll have to wait a while longer [hmm... maybe we’ll run another contest... we love contests, so much more fun than petitions... yes, an idea is hatched].

There may be some naysayers amongst us, but from my perspective, there’s a lot to look forward to right now. We’ll keep you informed along the way. Thanks!

@Lars: Thanks for calming the nerves all of those friends of ours that have suffered with the whole GH issue.

There are always surprises!! :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

This is riotous... someone on here is actually making an argument that when the time comes, they will have no choice but to buy an album they don’t want because they need it to complete their collection and then COMPLAIN about their own inability to self-regulate their shopping behaviour and blame it on the band? Quite funny. “Damn Madonna! She’s stealing the money out of my pocket with that sixth version of the “Hung Up” single... how dare she?!”

@LEO: Hmmm... would you say that many fans will be very happy night after night in several cities around Europe after the Rox20 celebrations are over? (-; “A fantastic *JOURNEY* and I’m happy to continue it...”

(-: (-: (-:

No, not another greatest hits album.

I totally agree with roxtexanet. People is complaining for the GH release. They say “I won’t buy this”. But later they spend loads of money in the Japanese version, the Taiwanese version, the copy-protected release, the one with no copy protection, the European promo (sold for 80 bucks)... LOL!

For my part, I am not excited about a new greatest hits. TBH & TPH are a pretty convincing package, and there’s not need of “update” since no new material was released since 2003. Of course, they can offer a 1-disc compilation in USA or other countries where there is no compilation currently available. But a worldwide release, even where TBH & TPH are still in print is totally pointless.

Of course, the box-set will also include the hits. That’s totally normal, every box-set by any artist also includes the hits and main album tracks (along the rarities and previosly unreleased stuff).

A GH with the songs in the Unplugged version maybe?

I’m happy about this news. Well, somehow I had the feeling that it’s going to be the Greatest Hits album. Think, Roxette will go to the studio in summer, so it should be quite hard to record a decent new album is such a short time. Well, the album has to be out in autumn.

Anyway, I’m happy that this news is being spread:

I also want new material, I’ve waited too much and too long for Roxette to get back together. They should release new stuff.

Yeah, the fact that M-1 radio station ( published short note about Roxette’s comeback, news then are taken as “serious,important,worldwide or at least european-wide”. M-1 has long been known for not liking Roxette, eventhough because of fan voting, it is one of the most successful Top20/Top40 bands in M-1. Actually, I did not follow M-1 for a couple years, but yesterday I went to their homepage and was pleasantly suprised about “front-page news” ;)

The news only came out yesterday none of you / us know what is gonna happen yet for sure…. Why not just hold back and wait and see….

I am pretty sure Per and Marie are enjoying reading your comments right now, makes them feel really wanted…. All those screaming out for a tour and stuff, did you suddenly forget Marie has been very ill! Okay so she did some stuff in her own country…. Yippee! It’s a bit different doing a couple of performances in your own country and releasing some stuff than travelling half way around the world.

As for the 20th anniiversary stuff, your’re getting a Roxette Box... surely that should be something to be happy for! No one knows what is going in it yet.... so your’re all gonna have to wait and see!

Although I am still very doubtful about the new release, I do think Roxrider has a good point: how do you celebrate an annversary and reach out to the wider public? Anniversaries deal with the past by definition. Also, I think it’s okay to release an up-to-date GH in the States.

So, on the whole a new GH might be justified. Even though I believe there is not really an urgent need for that (neither was there a need for that in 2002). Still I believe it would have been more prudent to release remastered versions of their old recordings. That would indicate that they really care about their old music and their legacy.

a DVD of what?

Well I don’t think it is that bad either, for Roxette to release another GH. I think it is a nice way to celebrate and if the two new songs are really good, they might be able to promote this very well! I just hope that the two new songs will be smashing..

Well, if there indeed will be another GH, let’s just hope they’ll put on new 2006 remixes of all songs... that would a. probably attract a fresher audience and b. also keep the fans happy that already have 50+ editions of their four previous GH albums in their collections.

I agree with “Roxvet”. A dobble-CD - one GH and one with new songs would be the best solution. For the price of a single Album (or maybe 120%).

So it would be interesting for everyone to buy that... or two albums at the same time - like GT did in 2004

I’m just so happy they do a comback!! No matter what :D

Well I’m happy!! As LEO says, there’s a lot to look forward to right now. Thanks Marie & Per. It’s time to support :-) Rich

The music business is about money and making money.
With the Roxette covers of late, there would be interest in the old Roxette songs.
There would be little interest in a new album.
I think its time for an updated DGGTTC single GH cd.
They have 1 album left in their contract.
Whats the riskier option? If a new album fails, no more Rox. It would be over.
Put up with the release, enjoy the new songs. It should sell well, alot better than a new album would.
They sign a new contract and we might get 3 or more new albums in the future.


This discussion really pisses me of. Per is spoiling us with a new album every year, gives us free demos, etc. and still people are complaining. The news is that Roxette plans a comeback and goes into the studio. This means there will a new studio album, if not this year, it will be next year. Give them a little time, especially as Marie is just recovered. The fact that they are releasing a new GH album, is just pressure from EMI. Remember that they written a contract a couple of years ago promising to release an album every few years. Due to Marie’s illness these plans has been mixed up. Thus for god sake, don’t blame Per and Marie for this GH album. Moreover, a GH album fits the 20 year anniversary perfectly well. And as we know Per, we can expect some surprises… THINK POSITIVE, PLEASE!!!!!!

PS: Santi, are you really insinuating that Per is not working hard!? The man has basically released 4 studio albums in the last 5 years. Don’t know any artist which has ever done that. Please, your comment on that!!

The simple truth is that some people don’t care about Roxette at all..
They can’t be happy just from the fact that Roxette will continue to work.
They are trying to find excuse for not buying album, but the fact is that they won’t buy even album full with new songs,cos they aren’t fans.
They come here just to do some “social chat” and what’s worst,it seems to me that they feel the plesure to make flames and talks against somebody ,even if this “somebody” didn’t stop working hard more than 25 years!

Are great news that roxette is back. But i don’t want a GH cd. I think could be great a Box with 2 cds of unreleaded songs remastered or new versions because all fans have these songs but many with poor quality. In every cd 1 or 2 new songs and a dvd with a little book about their history. For me it’s a good way for celebrate 20th anniversary.

The best could be a close concert in sweden, just for friends with their best songs and maybe another artist singing and after make the dvd.

Anyway happy for the news and hoping for a new album in 2007.

Why can’t we just be happy that Roxette is going to do something this year? I honestly thought that Roxette are never going to do something again, but this obviously implies that they still want to work on Roxette and I do feel that this is an implication that a new studio Album will follow soon. I think there is nothing negative about the Greatest Hits and the Rox Box. Oh and obvioulsy Per and Marie do LISTEN to us, their fans. For years we have always been saying that we wanted the Unplugged Concert on DVD or CD and now they are trying to release it. I think this is incredible!

I’m quite curious about LEO’s comment, i know i’m missing something here. I’m starting to get really excited. :-D

I completely missed the quote about a *possible tour* on the last article.

It’s still early, october is a long time away, who knows what other info is going to be released between now and then.

I am GLAD!!!! I think two new songs are BETTER than nothing!!!!!!

I am looking forward to The ROX BOX. I think there will be a lot interesting things for us!!!

Sad news... what would be the name of the new compilation? will there be 2 cds or a double album?
will they include Fingertips this time? Songs from POP? or maybe we must wait until the 30th anniversary for another compilation?

I think Per is making fun of the fans that still are following them. I won’t definitely buy any roxette album anymore, I wil download the new songs from internet maybe...

@arnie: Roxette has a contract with EMI and they have to release one more album. They don’t have time to write a whole new album so they release the GH and I suppose the contract finishes there. What will the future bring to us? who knows...
Meanwhile they release this roxbox (btw, I expected all their albums!! not only 3CDs! one of those will include their “hits” so that means another GT!!) to celebrate the 20th Bday.

after edit:
Per dijo esto en el Aftonblådet:
“Jag vet inte hur många låtar det blir” (I don’t know how many [new] songs there will be). That’s a good sign.

Thinking about what I said in my last post:
Maybe they don’t release a whole album because they don’t want to release it with EMI. I mean, let’s say working with EMI isn’t profitalbe for them, so, they reserve a whole new album for another record label. They release a few new tracks with EMI to finish the contract and then, they move to another record company and record a whole new album. That may explain why the Rox Box doesn’t include their albums. It won’t be profitable.

I don’t understand anything about music industry so I may be totally wrong about this...

Antligen! :) The spring has come, the sun returns from its long vacation and what could suit the snow melting mood more than such news! Marie is back, Roxette is back, and God I wish so much they are back to stay!

It seems that some fans are disappointed by the GH idea, but I think that now is the time for all the support fans can give to Per and Marie, because if this new comeback album fails, they might just loose the reason and motivation to work as Roxette in the future. I think we all have to encourage them to continue duetting! I’m sure they are capable of making many more brilliant records, this comeback “signal” release should not be considered as their last... and should not become one.

i am very happy for roxette come back. it is amazing after all that had happened!. however i hope per won´t push to hard on marie..well ... she isn´t ill anymore but i hope he won’t get to “heavy” on her.

regarding to the rox box. it very pleasant to know that there will be “rare stuff” on it. however it is my opinion, hope not to ofend anybody,that it is only money...

i was thinking...we already have two greatest hits.(dont bore us and The american one).
then the balad and pops..and now another one...¡¿?!. To my point of view, this is only busines & money , and i am not very confortable with the fact i feel sad. the only thing that cheers me up is the posibility of a new fresh material.

my question is How many more greatests hits??? my dear per don´t you feel a bit bored???...WE , the real roxette funs had been always here..following every news.. you dont need to give us more of what we already have, unless of corse this is not intended only for fans..which is the most logical to think.

i am a roxette fan and i would die like this. but being argentinian i regret to tell that per . EMI or who ever is in charge of marketing, had forgotten argentinian fans..taking into account that sun of a plummer for eg. hasn’t been realesed here ..not to metioned what had happend to the ballads and pop hits (only one cd for each one..with a very bad paper quality).

anyway it is just my opinion... and of corse it is great news that roxette is back again!!!!

i won’t be mad so long as emi put some of their money behind promoting this if they don’t tis gonn abe a totla waste and I can say for sure i will only buy the roxbox the rest will be illegal downlaods


And please, performe @ WETTEN DASS in germany!!!!!!

The best promotion with million viewers...(-;

I´m happy to know that Roxette is back in studio again.. but I´m also a bit disappointed: another Greatest hits? This is not what I was expecting for.

Should us consider a Greatest Hits as a real “comeback”? I am not so sure... I am not interested in another compilation. For me, a new cover is not enough reason to buy it. I am not in a rush to have my collection complete, I will survive without it.

Another GH has no sense. The last entire estudio album was recorded 5 years ago!! and the last two official albums are GH!! I’m dissapointed too.

chrisjankunas, I agree completely.
Yuo’re all starting to sound like Dylan’s “fans” here, when he started to play with the band.

Just want to say that i am EXTREMELY happy that there’s going to be anything (thinkin’ about Marie here) new at all!
That it’s happening here and now and that I can be a part of it!
Rox 4ever.

Of course it’s a disappointment that they only release another greatest hits instead of a new album. and to be honest, i don’t think it will sell well eighter. as for the new songs: at least we get them. i might download them for free, without getting any bad conciousness about it. i’ve payed enough for the latest three greatest hits compilations that include songs i already had.
The Rox Box is more interesting to me. I will check tracklisting & price and decide then whether or not it’s worth for me getting it.

I’m very happy about the fact that Per is still productive and successful these days. Mazarin, Finn Fem Fel and Son of a Plumber are very good albums. But I’m still sceptical about the future of Roxette. They will never be as successful again as they were 88-94, and if they collaborate again, their sound will be very different from both their heydays and “room service”, the album I personally appreciate most. Maybe they should do a swedish record together, in this case, it would be like starting a new career. That would also be a compensation for Marie’s English album The Change that I found rather weak.

I’m very happy about these news. M&P together again working on new material...wouldn’t have believed it if you asked me 1 month ago.
The Box set sounds good to me...depending obviously on what it will bring us. The rumours so far are quite interesting, the possibility to see the complete MTW unplugged session over all.

...who needs another GH? Not me, neither anyone else on TDR for sure! Won’t buy it!
My only hope is that when M&P will reunite to work together they will go into the right mood and bring up more than just two songs.
Can you really imagine Per writing only two (2!) songs? I cannot believe this...
However I understand that they can’t dare more for now.

I was kinda hoping for remastered 2 CD digipaks with a lot of bonus tracks (unreleased demos and b-sides).
But I guess this will do as well.
Maybe for the 30th anniversary... :)

I just hope the greatest hits won’t be the same as the one on the box and I do hope they’ll include U.S. versions and stuff so it won’t be “exactly” the same thing as we’ve already got a couple of times.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they have ordinary versions on the “normal” GH and a “rarities”-like GH included in the RoxBox

Also I’d like to remind people that we got pretty much a whole new album on the limited editions of TBH and TPH (combined)!

@ Pikappa ...

I think from your comment you are saying no one at TDR will buy a GH... I think you’re a little bit wrong!

I really don’t understand what’s going on here. Why are you attacking Per this way??? He gave us so many wonderful surprises all this years...he worked to us for 20 years. He always treated us very well with a very good mood, with too much affection....always giving us attention....
If we reunite all this comments we can make an excellent dramatic novel. You are so exageratted.
I can read a lot of people talking about respect...that Per doesn’t respect us..c’mon YOU doesn’t respect him.
I don’t know how can you talk with him this way. I respect him too much to talk so bad things.
After a hard and long recovering I think it’s a wonderful new beginning to Marie and I respect her. I can wait a little more for something new. I’m not gonna die because of it. AND NO IT’S NOT THE END OF ROXETTE.
Why don’t you think positive? Just a little bit.
That’s good sometimes.
Fernanda - Brazil.

Another Greatest Hits is not such a good idea for me. But I love the word BACK. Sounds great! :D

Good evening :

You know what ? Everytime I read to the comments of everyone about anything The Daily Roxette publishes I ask myself : ARE THEY REALLY FANS ???... I’m not happy with the idea of having another Roxette Greatest Hits collection on my CD case which will contain 2, 3 or 4 new songs but, when I realize that one only song (Joyride) was guilty of my Roxette addiction I think : MAYBE ONE OF THE NEW SONGS WILL CREATE MORE ROXETTE FANS. And I don’t really care about how many fans they have because those of you who auto named Roxette fans are now saying a lot of crap about their brand new album. So, I would prefer not to have fans like you if I were one of Roxette members.

The real meaning of their new material (according to me) is that THEY ARE HERE.. We will be able to listen to them again. We will experience the magic of their lyrics and Marie’s voice. Maybe some of you will be able to see them perfoming live again (I don’t really think they will visit Venezuela again). It’s a bless to know that Roxette still rock the music world even though they ONLY have 2,3 OR 4 NEW SONGS...

I’m really sad because maybe we won’t listen to a whole new CD but, in the other hand, I’m really happy because THEY ARE COMING BACK. I don’t think it’s not too easy to understand.

I never write any word in here. I only read and thank God because I use my brain as almost no one of you do when you reffer to anything The Daily Roxette show about OUR UNBELIVABLE SWEDISH GROUP!!!

Thanks for your kind attention (for those of you who read my opinion).

Raul Alvarez
A real Venezuelan Roxette Fan.

I’ve always thought that the worst thing of being a fan is to become a fanATIC !!! Maybe some of should stop judging Marie or Per’s attitudes, decitions, etc, and sit down patiently waiting to listen to their new materials on the radio... There’s nothing better than being at home listening to any fm radio station and suddenly realizing that the nice song you are listening is a Roxette new one. That happened to me with Crazy about you and Wish I could fly.

I almost don’t know anything about Marie o Per’s lives, next steps, family, their relationship with EMI, etc, and I don’t really want to know anything about it if I’m going to become a crazy fanATIC like some of you are waiting for them to do whatever you want them to do. THEY ARE NOT YOUR PUPPETS !!!. They only create songs that give shine to our lives.

Thak you.

Raul Alvarez

Here’s another way to look at the whole Greatest Hits mess...

1) Roxette need to release a new GH in the US - there isn’t one available, and there should be.

2) To be taken seriously by the label and the public, there ought to be something new on it. Roxette are interested in working together again, so there’s no reason not to throw a few new tracks on it and see how they’re received.

3) Given this, the other EMI divisions can either ignore this album and let all the non-American fans figure out for themselves how they’re going to get their hands on the album (for the handful that want it! (-; ) or they can go ahead and release it themselves and maybe make a few bucks off it.

If it’s coming out in the States anyway, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to go into a shop in your country and have the option of buying the new GH without the hassle of importing it? If you answer yes, then there’s really no reason to be upset about YET another (albeit, totally unnecessary) GH collection.

OK, you’re all right. I don’t understand, I don’t use my brains and I’m definetely not a fan - you gotta know. So, whatever you say...

Let me put it this way: All I fear is a commercial disaster and M&P making complete fools of themselves by releasing a GH no one has waited for and therefore no one will buy. That’d be embarassing. And it’d hurt me personally though I’m no fan. Chances that after this havoc they’ll ever gonna do anything anymore are very low then.

Now that i think about it, it makes more sense than ever to release a GH for their 20th anniversary. After all the anniversary is a celebration of their years together as Roxette, and what better way to do it than a disc with all their hits plus a few bonus tracks!

Only reason it doesn’t work is the fact they they released the The Hits compilations 4 yrs ago.

Well, there you have it folks.

Have what?

hi there. i couldn´t miss this thread, so here´s my comment: roxette is back and i thought they would never come back. another gh album? so what? i bet that you have the same album with different editions, so don´t tell me you won´t buy it because you all will. i´m just looking 4ward to taking a look at marie´s hairdo in the cover of the... album? alright, and two new songs, can´t wait to hear them. commercially successful? of course not! that is sth that hasn´t happened for a long time.

@unreal: i´m also argentinian and you are right, no one buys rox stuff here because it is not even available, so i hope to see this “new” material in stores so that at least you and me have the possibility to buy it. cheers.

The two new songs might have been something done on the spur of the moment & given time i’m sure there will be more new material,in my view this new GH compilation will be for keeping people/fans know the saying (good things come to them who wait).

@ Ally77

I’m not saying literally that anybody on TDR won’t buy another GH.
I mean that as on TDR many are hardcore fans, they already have at least 3 or 4 GH...I find a bit difficult to say that another GH is worth the money.
You could say that TDR’s guys are not representative of the target market for a new GH so a GH could still have a market outside here.
Probably, in the end I’ll buy it too...;)
I still believe we will get more than just 2 songs.

why Lars-Erik Olson edited some other peoples posts?

DBUGTTC 2000 USA album is still available btw at least in Europe.

Oh no! EP would be better than another greatest hits album. Maybe something will change on the way. Let’s hope so because I don’t want to spend my money on a CD which will contain only 2 new songs. But I’m looking forward to this Rox Box. New DVD! Can’t wait!

I’ve never seen DBUGTTC2000 in Germany. Where in Europe is it available?

I buy... just to have. Whatever :o)

As someone said before: It´s the end of the end.
And that´s all there is to it!


@ NinaP

I strongly disagree!

I’d rather see it as a new beginning. I am sure they’ll come up with more than 2 new songs for the future.

animalkingdom: That’s what was meant when someone cleverly said “the end of the end.” They meant it (at least should be) the END of people saying it’s the end of Roxette.

As for my edits... hello, I’m an Editor here, that’s my job. [As stated elsewhere in these comments, we’re under no obligation to publish everything that is submitted. We don’t like vulgar language, any kind of “flaming,” not showing respect for others, straying too far off-topic, etc. Also, when time permits, I sometimes even correct spelling and other English language-related mistakes.]

Next GREATEST HITS album? Oh, It isn´t a good idea... new album could be a good idea, 15 new song, hey Per what do you thing?

Let’s wait and see what happens.

“the end of the end”????!? What are you talking about?

Sacha: it was available on not so long ago but not anymore (just checked.)

Well, I don’t really know what to say about it. On the one hand, I am quite disappointed but on the other I am glad that Roxette are coming back.

Anyway I wish they re-recorded their greatest hits so no-one can be disappointed anymore.

Let’s see what the future will bring.

I agree with the majority that new songs are, of course, great.. but another GH album is not a good decision career-wise. People will get tired of it and to be honest: so will I.
Let’s just hope this is supposed to warm us up for April Fools Day!


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