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“Hey Mr DJ” to be first single in Europe

Written by Jud on February 11, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle revealed today in a new message on his website that “Hey Mr. DJ” will be the first single in most European countries. “Son Of A Plumber” is scheduled for release in Europe on March 6, so the single is expected to start airplay a few weeks before this date.

  Per and his band will shoot a music video for the song, to be directed by Daniel Börjesson, in two weeks. There will also be a video for “Jo-Anna Says,” since EMI Germany “fell in love with that one!!!” Per explains.

  In addition, since he says so many people seem to like them, the “Hey Mr. DJ” remixes – which initially were planned to be featured on a promotion single for radio stations only – will also be released commercially.


Purp, this one is for you? :P

Seems our man listens to us ;) We love that :D

Nice news. I was wondering about all the silence concerning the Eropean release.

Anything about the fairy-tale-seem-like-a-dream US release ? :-)

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.

Sounds good. But please EMI, don’t forget Substitute! It’s a awesome song.

Great news! Now if only they’d release it in Australia :-)

@RobS: Don’t want to sound pessimistic, but i thinkyou can apply my post to yours too.

We have to dream at least...

SOAP on!
Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Right - release the song that barely cracked the Swedish Top 30 instead of the one that reached the Top 5. “I Like It Like That” would’ve topped both. So it goes.

i hope somebody can help me,i would like to know what cologne Per likes

thank you :)

Ooooh, I just noticed on the site that Per says he’s back in the studio making new demos... in English AND Swedish. Hmmmm.... could it be a hint?? ROXETTE! ROXETTE!! ROXETTE!!!

I’ld say it is! And he’s trying to get us off the scent by saying he’s recording swedish stuff too :)

C’mon should not be ignored...

Excelent !!

*cracks open the champers!!!!*


Any idea when the single will drop though?

great news, i love the song! and i hope it will be a big hit in holland

Wow, EMI Germany has taste!! >:)

Oh yeah...give us the remixes. Thanx! A DVD with all the video stuff and the documentary and whatever would be nice too in the end! Just a thought! :D

Hmmn....anyone fancy a shopping trip to London this “upcoming weekend”

Good for me, but not so for Europe. DJ won’t be a hit there. I believed ILILT might be the first EU single. Now I see that is imbossible to be even the second (unfortunately it’s gonna be Substiude).

So, I want to have IHAPIMH (IHINE) as next international single. Anyway, I’ll be there, I’ll see Gessle on stage very soon!!!


yay about the mixes ( even when they wont do anything for the song ) and aboutv the european release.. what what about Jo-Anna as first single with a nice vid?? instead oh Hey Mr-dj ? ( sorry, crappy song :s ) well sounds like suicide for me..

Mr DJ as first european single? That is a step backwards for the Soap project to me. Jo-Anna or Substitute would have made a better choice.

strange choice in my opinion ... substitute, i like it like that or jo-anna would have been much better but who knows... maybe it’s going to be a big hit ... just needs enough brainwash rotation...>:)

Hmmm... don’t know whether this choice is in favour of Roxette. A duet with Helena might confirm peoples thoughts that “Roxette is over”...

A single with only Per singing the main vocals would be a better choice I’d say...

great choice, Per! Simply love ’Hey Mr DJ’!!!! Hope it will also be released in Ireland for a change

Come on! When a normal human being hear “DJ” and the name Son of a Plumber, they don’t automatically associate that with Roxette...

not the words and title no, but the music is kinda similar ;) But Helena’s voice gives it away, so don’t think they people will hear “roxette” in the brains when hearing it around europe.. But bet that EMI will use Roxette name to gain promotion time and press coverage..

Yes, I agree..jounalists and radio people are soooo damned stupid sometimes..I cannot count how many times they already told us that Roxette have split up...yawn..

Sadly to say, Roxette is dead. Like I told you many times before. Release a duet with a different woman, Per will be the pimp of the century. IMHO can replace Marie! NOBODY! The future will tell us and only Per and Marie themselves can decide if Roxette is dead or not. And I’m happy to say that I don’t care about any chart positions any longer cause it doesn’t say anything about the quality of a song...anymore

@CRIZ; can’t agree more

What a great news :) Funnily, this weekend I was wondering about the international release of Son Of A Plumber...

Hmmm... maybe Hej Mr. DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) isn’t the best single for the international release, because of Per singing with another woman, but the song itself is OK. Let’s wait and see.

PS I hope to see the video on MTV... offers the album, saying it will be released may 31st:

Why has this turned into yet ANOTHER Roxette is over “competition!”???

I think it’s a good choice for a single. It’s certainly different from whats on the radio at the moment, so maybe that will help!

Does anyone know if it’s got a UK release?

I really like Mr. DJ, and I love Helena´s voice. I just know that any first single chosen NEED PROMOTION. And the signal of shooting a video is a good first step in the right direction to let SOAP project get known.

Besides, ballads are a good choice during these months. Look at Robbie Williams, “Advertising space” or James Blunt “Goodbye my lover” songs...the worst thing in this choice is that Jo-Anna says or C´mon would have sounded different, more approach to the concept of SOAP album itself. Mr. DJ sounds closely to Roxette sound. But hey, a second single with Jo-Anna says for lately spring would be refreshing and nice.

My god...sometimes I make negative staments, but with no harm intentions. But my prediction about the world not interested in what Jo-Anna says seems to be truth. At least for EMI Svenska.

Hm I’d prefer Jo-Anna says as a single also in Switzerland. I think it would do better than a slow song.

I prefer C’mon being the first single.

Except perhaps the UK.....


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