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Per reflects on Roxette’s 20 year milestone

Written by tevensso on March 27, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Roxette… multiplied by 20 years, that’s a milestone most bands never reach. How do you feel about it really Per, the best and the worst of these first 20?

  “It feels excellent even though we’ve slowed down some these last few years. The best thing is of course the huge response from our audience, everywhere on planet Earth; different religions, skin color, political values… they all like ’The Look’ and ’It Must Have Been Lunch’. Amazing. The worst things are that time passes so fast… and that I never learn how to play solos.”

  What do you miss accomplishing with Roxette? Roxette has accomplished so much, but maybe you have an unfulfilled dream?

  “No, nothing really, it would be fun to play more concerts and record more albums. We’ll see what happens.”

  So, the RoxBox, can you tell us a little about what will be in it? Remixes, live, demos?

“It will contain the best of what we’ve accomplished so far, plus hard-to-get stuff, (like the Abbey Road Sessions ’95). A DVD with, among other things, hopefully MTV Unplugged from ’93. And possibly a bonus-CD with 20 demos…”

  Benny and Björn (from ABBA) hate releasing demos, you are quite the contrary, why is that?

  “I didn’t know they felt that way. I think demos are interesting so you can figure out how a song came to. I guess I’m a bigger nerd than they are.”

Any new remasters of the older albums?

  “I’m sure.”

  Tell us more about the new Greatest Hits album. Of course you can’t tell us about the new material as it doesn’t exist yet, but what will make the cut? Maybe it’ll even be a double?

  “No, a single CD with our biggest hits, plus one or two new tracks. Some are whining about another compilation, but Roxette’s music gets more and more airplay in the world (trust me, I see the royalty figures!) and we get new fans all the time and new generations that want to buy the albums. That’s why we release new, updated collections in regular intervals. The alternative would be that people would have to try to get our records among the catalogue selection and there one very easily gets lost.

If you have a problem with another compilation, my tip is to skip this purchase and put your money on your local women’s soccer team instead.”

  EMI Sweden is a sure thing on all of this (GH & RoxBox)… what can you tell us about the other EMI units? What’s your best guess on all that?

  What’s you best guess – given your unique insight on the music business as it relates to Roxette – as to what will happen in the States? There are many of our readers who believe that “Wish I Could Fly” would have gone further up the charts if a label with more financial resources than Edel would have been promoting it.

  “I’m also (of course) under the impression that Roxette’s music is very special, and my gut feeling is, yes, WICF (and more songs for that matter) would have been bigger hits under different circumstances. However, the US market is extremely complicated and Rox can’t really offer what most companies demand; heavy touring, endless promotion and preferably a change of passports! All these issues make it tuff for these two geezers from the south of Sweden to work that part of the planet properly.

  But believe me when I say that Ms. Dimberg is on the case… working her way with her usual endless devotion to secure a future American partner.”

  And speaking of your fanbase… there are fans EVERYWHERE who hold on to the dream of another chart-topping Roxette hit. You told our Managing Editor once in Boston that you had more Roxette songs in your head that could become Billboard #1’s. Might this be the chance for that to happen again?

  “I wish!”

  Radio Sweden last month had a segment where they were talking about Roxette and The Cardigans. You mentioned that group in our interview with you in Vienna, what’s your opinion of them?

  “I think the album before the most recent one is one of the best albums ever made in Sweden [“Long Gone Before Daylight”]. Terrific stuff! The new one is not up to that standard to my ears. However, I consider myself a fan. Peter S. is a stunning guitarplayer. Happy now?”

  And while we’re at it… what other Swedish acts do you see ready to break onto the international stage? Anyone worthy of mention?

  “Helena’s new solo album will kick a##!!!”

  You were seen at the premiere in Stockholm of Benny and Björn’s “Kristina” that is now set to open on Broadway in a year or so. The story, as you know, is a historical one about Swedes emigrating to “the new land.” What did you think of the show, and does your family (or Åsa’s) have relatives in the U.S.?

  “Not my cup of tea really, to tell the truth. I’m known to leave musicals after the first act… No relatives in the US that I know of, no.”

  Since you will be recording at the Aerosol Grey Machine, how do you think this will affect your sound? Will it be softer like “Mazarin,” “Finn 5 Fel!” and “Son of a Plumber” or something completely different?

  “Wow, dunno. I hope we get lots of ’80s and sounds of sunshine.”

  There’s been some magic coming out of that little studio in Skåne. Can Roxette fans hold out hope that some of that fairydust or Skåne gooseshit or whatever it is rubs off on new Roxette songs?

  “Yes yes. It’s gonna be fab to get together with MF down there. She’s gonna love it. We’ll do our best to make the songs extraordinary. If only I could find my rhyming dictionary…”

Lars-Erik Olson contributed to this interview.


THIS IS AN AMAZING INTERVIEW! Bravo!!!! I’m not worthy....

*runs off into the distance*

Wow, I guess I was the first one to read that! :)
Per, I’m not really a fan of women’s soccer, so I guess I’ll have to choose the new GH over it. Plus, I already know what’s going to be a hot item in my Christmas presents category.

Rox On!

Well, never mind purple:)..... You write faster!

Edit: type-o :)

Nice interview... where and when was it done?

Thanx for that!!! Hey Per, please don’t stop after the first 2 songs! ;-)

Abbey Road Sessions ’95 - rare... hardly...

Not read it all yet, but I do love the “whining comment” from Per... lol nice one!

Cracking words, nice interview TDR....

I’m just gonna sit back down and wait for all those strange comments on the GH! LOL

Interesting interview.

These are very insightfull. Thanks. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Very nice interview, thanks!!!

Can’t wait to hear how the magic skånska studio will affect the two new songs.

*goes and gets the phone directory to find a women soccer team*

I know women’s soccer is in great need of money and supporters, so why not? :P

Normally it’s even free to watch their games, at least for me. But on thing about women’s soccer, that makes it better than male’s soccer, is that they are less rough in their tackles, and fewer red cards I have to give out, hehe. But they do take back with their talking on the pitch, LOL.

Wow great intervew! these the kind of quest r the 1‘s I love the most :) specially Per speaking about rox/market..etc all that stuff instead of what‘s ur fave color? u like sushi? i respect that but in my opinion a waste of time.

And I have to admit Per‘s right about the GH at least has sense but..

Per.. PLEASE add a few more songs than 2 ;) we all apreciate it TRUST ME

skipping a Roxette-Album? Huh? That would be a big ugly hole in my collection even if it’s a GH. Would be nice to get the skipped songs like “She doesn’t live here anymore” on it.

“Kristina från Duvemåla” is an epic, big masterpiece. I have to admit it’s loonggg, and you need a lot of patience to listen to the whole soundtrack (it’s a 3-CD set). I never had the time to listen to it in its entirety. But I can’t deny it’s a masterpiece. Apparently, Mr. Gessle only have ears for bubblegum pop and is not able to enjoy other kinds of music.

well I Love ” She doesnt. ” ok was not a hit better take out of it ” vulnerable ” :) nice song but.. come on!

Excellent interview, but I miss the typical, but always obliged, question about gigs (SOAP or Rox)... Is good trying to ask it, although he wouldn’t say anything probably... or maybe that question was asked and the answer is not worth writing it here since it was dull?

I think the girls of Turbine Potsdam FC will let me join their after-game shower... Thanx for the hint Per!

abbey road is rare? ok maybe because of the internet and the singles I own I am spoiled but eh I dont consider them rare, and 20 demos? sigh I know I’ll still buy it but ...

Be a bit more positive please. I’m excited about the box, I’ll buy for sure. I like demos and I don’t have the Abbey Road Session at all. I’d love to get it in CD-quality.

I can’t believe it! MTV Unplugged - hopefully; the greatest news I’ve read this year :-) And the demos with Pers voice. I can’t wait to have the box.

Roxette - you are the greatest group of all!!!

...luv ya...

A nice interview. That’s the reason I keep TDR as my frontpage when opening the internet.

Oh I am curious about Helena’s new solo album...

@ Ally - Unless he is maybe talking about Help (Acoustic Version)

I love Roxette with all my heart & soul!!Surely they’ll do the best new song ever made!!

“If you have a problem with another compilation, my tip is to skip this purchase and put your money on your local women’s soccer team instead.”

It´s a sad day when you definitely lost the faith in your idol. Instead of doing stupid jokes you should learn about “respect”. You know what... you´re not worth.

I´m leaving... good lucky for you.

How about I get this compilation AND donate to the US Women’s Soccer Team? ;o)

Gr8 interview! Thanks!

“If you have a problem with another compilation, my tip is to skip this purchase and put your money on your local women’s soccer team instead.”

It’s why I love Per AHAHAHAAHAHAHAH.He’s covered of reason.
If you don’t want to buy another compilation you are free to invest your money in whatever you want.
I think it’s so ridiculos to regain them for something that they gave us for 20 years. And
20 years covered of joy.
Don’t bore them, let they do what they like and what they think is the best.
I’m REALLY their fan and the best news that I could have was that they are coming back. Doesn’t matter if it’s one or two songs. I don’t care.
The best thing is that they are back.
Vivaaaaaaaaa Marie and Per!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

I think it’s a sad day when fans think a band they like owes them something other than the music they paid for when they bought the albums or the concert they got to see when they bought a ticket. You got what you paid for - Per and Marie don’t owe you a damned thing. Just because you bought their albums doesn’t mean you bought their stock. Buy shares in EMI Sweden if you want to dictate what Roxette should and shouldn’t do with their music. Good on Per for setting the record straight.

well i have to confffesssss that i dont care AT ALL about Helena‘s.. solo album.. GOD she can‘t sing! mm wel she does but not properly =P

Here’s what I don’t get if it’s a 20th anniverary GH then it should have songs from 86. And it should have 2 cd’s.


Thomas- EXCELLENT interview.

PER - The States miss you! (At least those of us with Roxette tattoos...)

The US fans desperately need Roxette to save us from all this hiphop, rap and girly - boy bands!!

Per, keep Ms. Dimberg and even yourself on the US case. Highely appreciate it. Life or death situation!!! :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Oh I do like LoneGunman comment!

Great interview once again :-)

“(trust me, I see the royalty figures!)” LOL i cracked up at that!!

Dave, you have a good point there, they might surprise us with the tracklist, you never know.

I still think it makes perfect sense to release a compilation for their 20yr anniversary. I’m hoping the RoxBox is something quite special for us fans.

Good to hear the dvd isnt just MTV Unplugged!!!! 20 demos.. Im hoping the demos to The Look and LTYH are on there. They are cool demos and it would be nice to have them in better quality.
Why does he keep teasing us with ’one or two new songs’. Better be more than one! :P

I was really looking forward to this milestone. Of course i will buy the boxset or cd or whatever, it will go with everything else collecting dust with the name roxette on it that i cant bear to part with. have to say am a bit dissapointed though but im not sure what i was expecting to be honest.
Im sure the new sounds will be great and i suppose with everything that has happened we should celebrate the fact that Roxette are making new music.
Not sure about the demos and abbey road stuff, or MTV for that matter- what about more recent stuff? RS tour and new interviews?

I’m looking forward to Helena’s solo album...

btw, what’s this “abbey road sessions?”

Great Interview!
The roxbox gets better day by day... it seems its going to be something great.

Finally one of the better and more interesting interviews! I like how he said that he and Marie will try their best to make the new songs extraordinary. :-)

Interesting also what he said about the increase of Airplay they get itnernationally. Hmm.. makes you wonder if they will ever reach such cult status as ABBA has done..

You should’ve asked simpler questions (not four-line long)! And not in “question - question (- question) - answer” form. And what was that about possible US relatives? o_0

Nice interview, not amazing..Sorry!

Also, I am a little worried about this:
“Roxbox will contain the best of what we’ve accomplished so far, plus hard-to-get stuff”

So does this mean we get the Greatest Hits on one CD, and another best-of in the RoxBox? :/

@animalk mm was thinking about it too

Thanx for your advice.

I have a question. Has there been any indication yet that the proposed Unplugged DVD will be anything more than the 12 tracks shown on MTV? I hope that there are some of the other tracks but I can’t remember if Per has actually mentioned words like ’complete’ or ’whole’ in his interviews. Thanks, Rich

this warrants the question tho are they really back or is this them fleshing out the remiander of their emi contract under the name roxette? Its gonna be a squeeze to actually write and record good new quaility material in time for october, I really think hes gonna pull what he did with RS and drag out some canned HAND and TWATG songs and record them or put the out on the hits cd, I don’t see them really being a full fledged band again, and its really saddening :(

Maybe Per already answered your questions – if you trust him: ;-)

“It would be fun to play more concerts and record more albums. We’ll see what happens.” > This is not meant to be Roxette’s Goodbye.

From some other interview: “We haven’t written any songs yet” > All new material, not left-overs.

One thing that I’m still not sure about: Will this release be promoted with a full single release, promo tour and TV performances?

I like what he said about the royalties and the Rox air play! Great and very interesting.
*and hooray for Dancing DJ‘s, Cascada and DHT!!*

So he wants 80s sound? oh god, even I hope they go back to what they used to sound!

“Abbey Road Sessions ’95 - rare... hardly...”
Except for “Help!” I adore their cover of this! I’ve only heard it in the low quality mp3 that has floated across the ’net for years. Hopefully this will make the cut!

Great article!

Great interview :) I’m gettin’ happier every day :)

For me (and possibly the majority) the Abbey Road sessions are pretty rare. I have only some crappy mp3’s of the songs (apart from YDYM on Anyone).

They were only released for the UK market in 1996 (I believe) and not all of us have the same amount of time & effort to get our hands on everything.

what a great interview. it´s great to hear (read) per talking about roxette instead of his solo projects. i would really like to know what marie has to say about this new release. can´t wait to hear the new songs and i hope the box is released “in this town where i´m from (everyone tells you to have a nice day... babababa...)”

It is always great to hear anything positive with regards to Roxette! Living in Pittsburgh, PA USA it is frustrating that there is no representation for them on this side of the pond. I agree that “Wish I Could Fly” could have really done well in the US with the proper representation. I teach a spinning (cycling) class at our local gym and often use Roxette music from later CD’s. People often come to me after class asking, “who was that group, thats great music”? and the are shocked to find that Roxette even made any CD’s after Joyride! That is indeed sad!!! I tell everyone to get on and buy it there!

BTW. Per, if you read may have not been wild about “Something in the System” but everyone thinks it is a great workout song!

@mjliberatore: Nice to know that people come up to you and ask about the songs expressing how much they like the songs. It’s really nice.

“Somehting in the System” was supposed to be a Roxette song. So, do people work out harder when you play that song? :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

RoxRider - That song and Opportunity Nox really gets them going. So many of their songs just have that perfect beat for working out and beleive me, I use alot of their music! You can tell if they like something when they just close their eyes and just really “get into” their workout........and I can always count on a Roxette tune to release those endorphins and get them moving.

Take care,

Pittsburgh USA

@mjliberatore: Keep it up, friend!

Give ’em what they want. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

royalty figures... do you think DHT and Dancing DJ‘s plays a big part of this?

Someone really has a Roxette tattoo?!? Wow.

They would have to, but i’d say that the original songs probably made him more, and are still making him lots of money.

I think Per’s royalties comment was about original Roxette songs, not cover versions. Wouldn’t make any sense otherwise...

Great interview!

I appreciate Per’s explanation as to why there is another compilation release. That eases my annoyance with other bands (like the Scorpions, one of my all-time favorites) who release a “best-of” after each studio album (i’m exaggerating a little).

But as long as Roxette and Scorpions can release new material, I’ll take compilations anytime.

Looking forward to October!!!


Excellent to hear new Roxette news! The U.S. is a hard nut to crack but if anyone can do it again it’s certainly Roxette. Per and Marie- you habve more fans in the U.S. than you think!. I teach piano on the side and every one of my students know LTYH and Fading Like a Flower! I hope for a U.S. tour otherwise I better start saving to go to Sweden when an European tour hits! And also nice to see another ABBA play coming out. Mama Mia is such a hit in the U.S.!

nick U.
Whitehall, PA

I think Per’s comment was rude. I do believe that fans did not deserve that, even if they strongly disagree with what Per and the label are doing.

As far as the new Greatest Hits compilation is concerned, I don’t think it is a bad idea, if and only if they put the new songs (recorded for GH) on the Rox Box, too. Let the Greatest Hits collection be for new fans and the Rox Box be a treat for the hard-core fans.

Speaking about Rox Box, I have to say that there is absolutely no need to put Roxette hits on it. I don’t think that casual fans would be interested in the collection (it is probably going to be expensive). Hardcore fans do have all those songs on original albums.

However, if they decide to put the hits on the Box, I really hope they will put rare edits, remixes, live versions or remakes of those hits. That way no fan, either casual or hardcore, is going to be upset and neither Per, not the record company will have to spend additional money on the project.

It must have been “lunch”, but it’s too late now! :-P

There was no need for the comparison with ABBA. Why should they think the same about demos? Just because they were born in the same country???

Per comment I think is just typical!

well ? much too long to read, but to sum up: if there is the Unplugged Session + Abbey Road session, it ’s interesting... and expected, too ... After this long time we’ve been waiting for ...

and the wait is nearly over...........


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