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Roxette’s management decides not to endorse another “official” fanclub

Written by Remco on March 27, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Marie Dimberg, manager of Roxette, has put out the following message:

After many discussions we have decided not to have an official fanclub. We hope that the existing websites will be sufficient communities for the fans and through these we will do our utmost to supply information and activities to keep everybody happy.

Kind regards,


  Sites she refers to include,, and Additionally, Per said in the Swiss chat the other week that they also support The Daily Roxette (which remains an independent news site).


*claps hands* THANK YOU!!

So who will pay for internet access for the fans not fortunate enough to have regular access to those sites? ;-)

(ETA: Yes, I know not much will change for them, but someone had to ask... *g*)

It was no surprise.....

Good decision!

“Additionally, Per said in the Swiss chat the other week that they also support The Daily Roxette”

I like that fact you point that every time you have the chance...

Glad you noticed...

Well they do tend to get the news to us the quick!

Wif ally!

Not surprised there... and I’ll leave the comments at that. No sense in rehashing old refuse.

This is the right decision. As long as we have TDR, we don’t need an official fan club at all (and we’ll ALWAYS have TDR, right...? (-; ).

I’m with roxtextanet (sp) wholeheartedly(again (sp) lol

Well said roxtexanet

I don’t know why they don’t just make dailyroxette the official site

Yeah, I support that decision also! And that they support the daily roxette is obvious, knowing that this website is even mentioned in the booklet of some of their Albums. ;-)

When Visa Kopu, our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief first launched The Daily Roxette, the reporting was done in a journalistic style. Since then, we’ve continued to use a newspaper metaphor. We appreciate the close relationship we’ve developed over the years with both those we write about and those who subscribe, read and contribute to our “paper.” Nothing makes us prouder than to know that our efforts are appreciated and recognized. Certainly Visa never imagined how successful we would be in that regard.

We’re also pleased that our SmallTalk discussion forums have become a defacto “fanclub” of sorts.

However, there have been many times when we’ve published news items that the OIRFC site could not... due to our status as an independent newspaper and their status as some “official” site. We’ve never had any interest in changing this.

I do think a lot of use will always regard TDR as the place for the upto date news... a kind of Aftonbladet for the Roxette world!

I’m a bit sad that Roxette won’t have the official fanclub :( But after all, there are quite a lot fantastic sites :D

I think that times and technology have changed so much these years that a fanclub is not necessary anymore. I mean, it’s not like 15 years ago when internet was not and you had to wait for Roxette Reviews and your national radio station to tell about them.
Now you can check yourself 10 newspapers from Sweden, their official websites, leave your comments on TDR or the other Roxette forum (sorry, don’t know the name :$), and order any DVD or CD they’ve released thru online stores in about half an hour.
Obviously is not the same! And there’s no use in a fanclub...

Yea.. despite my previous comments around here, I also think this is the right decision. As long as we get the news from here and, and as long as there will still be some nice competitions every now and then. Those competitions the old FC had when there was some tour or special concert was the thing I really liked the most. Perhaps because I usually ended up among the winners... for some reason. ;)

“We hope that the existing websites will be sufficient communities for the fans and through these we will do our utmost to supply information and activities to keep everybody happy.”

Perhaps someone can enlighten me about who’s the “we” in that sentence and what actually do “they” have to do with (as in what are “they” responsible for in regards to) the mentioned sites? (I ask this solely because, from the start, the idea I had was that that complex of sites - which include,, and - was indeed owned and financed by Per personally, for personal promotion, as well as the people responsible for creating and managing the sites were as well “hired” (I put “hired” in quotes as I do not wish to mean this word in its “financial sense” whatsoever) by Per personally. Or maybe I got a wrong idea all along?...)

hmmm......I´d liked it to be member in a official Fanclub. Also if it was sometimes a bit mad, but I like the outmoded kind to have some news or old interviews in form from a Review on paper. Not all in Internet. So I lost maybe some interessting news and interviews. :-\
A popular Band without from a official Fanclub is like french fries without from ketchup.
It´s sad. We need only a serious Fanclub but NOT nothing. :P


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