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“Roxette Announce Comeback” declares news headline

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 20, 2006 to .

NEW YORK (UPDATED) - It’s finally started!! While The Daily Roxette has been reporting this story for months now, the first reports heralding the return of Roxette from other news sources have begun to appear. Roxette’s 20th Anniversary – that many fans have been almost afraid to start celebrating… for fear of somehow jinxing it – can begin to get underway!

  With a headline of “Roxette Announce Comeback,”, a website devoted to entertainment industry news, published a story today, one of the first of what’s sure to be many to come.

“Swedish pop duo ROXETTE are heading back to the studio later this year, singer and guitarist PER GESSLE has announced. THE LOOK stars took a break from music-making when singer MARIE FREDRIKSSON was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2002. But having received the all-clear, the band will now record new material, Gessle reveals. He says “We haven’t written any new songs yet, but we’ll definitely go back to the studio this summer.” Roxette, who are considered the most successful Swedish band since ABBA, launched their career in the 1980s and hope to mark their 20th anniversary with the new material.

  Rheinische Post, a German newspaper, published a similar article. Meanwhile, Per made a firm promise during an interview on Swedish TV4 yesterday (while presenting his new “Hey Mr. DJ” video) that this anniversary would be observed with new Roxette material. “It feels like we are not really finished with what we’ve started yet,” he said.

  Aftonbladet also writes more or less the same thing, but adds that Per and Marie will go to Christoffer Lundquist’s Aerosol Grey Machine studio this summer to record “a few new tracks.” Per also tells Aftonbladet that a tour could be in the cards. “You never know,” he says.

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This is a great headline, let’s hope it’s based on truth :)

Sounds promising... who knows what will happen!!!

Wonderful news and I’m glad this wasn’t posted on April 1st. ;P

(This year I’m prepared for April Fools. You won’t trick me again Daily Roxette! *shakes fist*)

Excellent!!! :-)

“Let’s hope our prayers are in good hands tonight”

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

i don’t reaf it the full report but my heart is jumping of happiness!!!!

Cool news. Does that mean there will be no more threads titled “The end of Roxette?” ;)

It’s The End of the end of Roxette!!

Now it´s getting really better... :)

@Roxryder-V2002 : Ha! I agree!

I hope it will be a true comeback. I don´t want a Rox-Box with 4 new songs...I just want a new album. The best Roxette album of these 20 years.
That would be a real comeback. Bigger than 1999. Better than 2001.

So please Roxette. Take your time to make decent songs (not more “I feed the the ducks with a bun, only to find me in love with you..”, R.S. 2001) and release a full complete new album.

Ahh...and personally I don´t mind if you don´t tour this time. I fully understand your personal situation. Listening to new song from you would be enough for me...(and a bit of promotion and travelling for telling the world: Ey, we are here again!!!!).

By the way...why do people insist in categorize Roxette songs as Power-pop. As far as I´m concerned in my little musical knowledge, the power-pop era was a different thing than Roxette is...look that space to find it!!!

Why do I get the feeling this one’s going to set off a shit-storm? (-: In any case, all signs are positive, even if it seems that this news source is stretching what Per said yesterday just a tad (interesting though that the same thing showed up in a German article too, see the “Hey Mr. DJ video is complete” thread).

Any chance of clarification from management on Per’s comments??

@Roxryder: That’s brilliant!! Made me laugh out loud and momentarily forget the pissy mood i’m in. Kudos!

Im so happy! can´t write any other thing!! im so very happy!

na na na na, na na na na .

I Want another Roxette song
to keep me singing all night long
I miss the good old teenage years
reminising to the sounds of Per & Marie

(chorus from my new song “I Want Another Roxette Song”) (see the off-topic thread for a link to the song)

will be great to finally hear some new Rox material :)

So who copied that from whom - ContactMusic from Rheinische Post or the other way around? I kinda hope it’s the second option, I wouldn’t exactly call ContactMusic the most credible source out there....
(According to the timestamp, Rheinische Post was first, but who knows...)

There’ll be some people here that claimed it was the end of Roxette, which will now feel really stupid, I bet. This is why having faith and a little patience is so important.

Great news! :)

Am I dreaming??? *jumping from happiness*

And people, can you leave your favourite hobby to complain about everything aside.

Yippee please let it be true!!!!

Who’s Roxette?

Royal: *lmfao* The funny thing is, I think you’re almost serious.

Hey... here’s to hoping.

Well that was unexpected :-o

I was thinking a little later on...

Great news, let’s just see what happens :-)

Great news! Suddenly this day turned out to be a great day! :P

Best news we could get!!! roxette are coming back!!!!

What a way to start the day ! :) :) :)
Maybe they’ll release something unreleased soonish and release a new album lateron. I can’t wait !!! Rox Rox Rox !!

Well nice news.... a nice thing to read in a morning with your cup of coffee!,2789,796253,00.html

They write besides the above that they don’t know how many songs they will record, they will record in Aerosol Grey Machine studio, and the songs will be included in a GH out in Autumn. The Rox-box is also supposed to be out in October.

It’s all very well and good that they are recording new music, but the important question that hasn’t been asked is: what will Marie’s hair look like??

What a beautiful news!!!!
Marie is so great and nice!!!!!

I think album would come out in the Spring or Summer 2007!!!!!

I Can only think of one thing to say.. Pardon my english, but: YEAH!

Great news!! If there’s a Greatest Hits in the autumn then maybe something DBUGTTC-style would be good:

1. New Track
2. New Track
3. It Must Have Been Love
4. The Look
5. Dressed For Success
6. Listen To Your Heart
7. Joyride
8. Fading Like A Flower
9. How Do You Do!
10. Sleeping In My Car
11. Run To You
12. You Don’t Understand Me
13. Wish I Could Fly
14. Stars
15. The Centre Of The Heart
16. A Thing About You
17. New Track
18. New Track

I think that 2006 has come too soon for a new Roxette album. Per has Son Of A Plumber to occupy himself at the moment and I would rather wait for a top quality album in due course than have something rushed out this year that’s not so good. Maybe there will be some more Bad Hair Day tracks this year to appease the people who will complain about the release of another compilation, but in any case it’s time to get behind Roxette and support them!! Best wishes from Rich ;-)

PS But Per, please no ’Peas’ in the title or artwork...

No more GH albums. There´s only one option acceptable for me included greatest hits album.

>>> Greatest Hits with 1 or 2 new songs in autumn, and brand new album in spring or summer next year.

@[email protected]
This is not the End from Roxette!!!!!!!! this is a new start!!!!
why so pessimistic? i don´t understand!
I´m very happy over the news.

Super!!! Maybe they start with a Best-Of and then can’t stop recording! Like Gyllene Tider’s latest album... It’s great news anyway! :-)


But please there has to be more than a greatest hits with a few new songs!!! Oh I so hope they are recording themselves in the studio and release a DVD later on with footage of them, I would love to see Marie recording like Per did with Mazarin and SOAP at the Grey Aerosal Machine! I love that behind the scenes footage :)

@Sparvogamarie: What do you mean? Hope for another hairstyle....

Way Hey!! Finally!! It’s all very exciting!

Wonder what the sound will be like!

Just hope that they don’t try and rush the album for realise this year. It won’t be good! It always takes them around 12 months to record an album.

Maybe an EP before boxset and then the new album next year.

Yay, that would be a dream coming through :-D

THE BEST NEWS POSSIBLE. I hope for a tour!!!


The article in the RP sounds very much like written by a fan. ;-) I slightly doubt the accuracy of the phrase that Roxette had to stop 2002 ’at the height of their success’ (auf dem Höhepunkt ihres Erfolgs).

Still, nice news. :-)

OMG! Im sat at my desk at work crying my eyes out cos im so happy...

but i was badly fooled last year near april fools about a new album...that crushed me

can we get confirmation from marie dimberg????

Check “SOAP” webpage!

It’s 20 years ago Roxette started conquering the world with the hit single “Neverending Love.” Per and Marie finally go official with the info that this will be celebrated with a few new tracks! This summer they will travel to the now famous studio that produced “Mazarin,” “Finn5fel!” and “Son of a Plumber,” namely Christoffer Lundquist’s - the Aerosol Grey Machine. How the new Roxette will sound is not yet determined as Per hasn’t written any songs yet. “That will have to be on my spare time” Per says. Per also confirms, once again, that the infamous “RoxBox” will be released for the anniversary

I just got outbid on ebay for the *room service* tour in barcelona on dvd - a 1hr tv special apparently - so this news about them getting back together has just blown my failed ebay bid out the water...

Roxette 4 Ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.....

sorry to be stupid - but what is the Rox Box?

But.............another GH???????
Two last Roxette’s albums where GH albums (POP and BALLAD Hits).

So if it’s time to return from forced holidays......why not making new songs???

If a new GH album is edited it would be the third in 5 years and people who bought GH albums before will not buy a new GH album so they will DOWNLOAD new songs from ILEGAL internet sharing software.........then the new album maybe become an unsuccessful album.....

In my honest opinion this would be the perfect Roxette’s 20 anniversary celebration: (Two options available on the market)

A.- Full new album with 12 new songs

B.- Rox BOXED (BOXette)

1.- Full New album (first single could be edited as a vinyl CDsized item)
2.- GH Album
3.- B-Sides Album
4.- Best Remixes Album
5.- Full Unplugged Album
6.- Rare Material Album
7.- DVD with behind the scenes, into the studio, etc. material
8.- MiniBook with Roxette’s through the years biography

No fan people could buy A option, and OLD and NEW fans could buy B option.

But, well...this is only a dream.........any news from Roxette are well received even if a new GH with 2 or 4 new songs is edited.

It will be fantastic to hear them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From “How the new Roxette will sound is not yet determined as Per hasn’t written any songs yet”...

One request here for CBB meets Mazarin!!

I don’t need to ask for the killer melodies ’cos they’re guaranteed but I’d like plenty of guitars please :-)

All the best, Rich


I’m really happy to read something like this.... =D

There will be so much this year to celebrate!!! ;-)

As other people say, I love the idea of a brand new album, but not if it´s a rushed album. Then, I would prefer another Greatest Hits with four new songs and to publish the next record in spring. Having said this, I hate the idea of another GH.

Diego tp, Spain.

The fans are fed up with greatest hits albums and people who just like Roxette already have Don’t bore us.., TPH or TBH so they don’t need another compilation either. So who are they making another GH album for! Nobody really wants it!
I really don’t understand how EMI dares to come up with this idea again. It makes no sense. Everyone can tell that it will flop.

A new album is the only option according to me and if that’s too much for Per & Marie now, well, than I think they should just take some more time to record it or release a short album or maybe just an EP. Also this last option would be very good promotion ahead of the Roxettebox that is suppposed to follow up, don’t you think?


@[email protected]
This is not the End from Roxette!!!!!!!! this is a new start!!!!
why so pessimistic? i don´t understand!
I´m very happy over the news.



Please take your time to read mylines again:

It’s The End of the end of Roxette!!

It’s THE END OF THE END... Meaning it’s the end of the coments about Roxette coming to an end after Marie’s situation. Not pessimistic at all it’s the exact opposite. So very very happy about the news, no longer Roxette no more for a while that’s waht i meant and what people is happy about.


And great to know that the Aerosol Gray Machine is the chosen place, magic has happened there several times. And who knows if these “few new songs” wouldn’t turned out as a new album. Wouldn’t be the first time an artist decide to make few songs and end as an an entire new project, we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Well on the German website, they even mention the unplugged session to be released on DVD!!

@eBay: in the swiss bluewin chat last week he also mentioned that they tried to publish an unplugged DVD, therefor they’re talking with MTV.

@ athingaboutyou:

“Wonderful news and I’m glad this wasn’t posted on April 1st. ;P

(This year I’m prepared for April Fools. You won’t trick me again Daily Roxette! *shakes fist*)”

It wasn’t us who published on April Fools that Roxette would release something new ;)

HALLELUJAH! It was crystal clear not to give up the faith in Roxette, why should we in the first place?

I so want you...BACK guys, thanks for lightening up my day!!!

Just found this note at my mail provider

Roxette preparing their comback - they’re going to the studio to record new songs. Nothing much more news, jsut that Marie got sick and now she’s healed and they plan to do a comeback. They didn’t write new songs yet but they will go to the studio in summer. They started their carreer in the eighties and are the most successful Swedish band since ABBA.

GREAT! But please !!!no more!!! Greatest Hits albums! we want completly new full-lenght album!

german TV station kabel 1 also announced this yesterday. They also said in the summer roxette will celebrate its 20 years anniversary with the release a 3CD Boxset and an UNLUGGED DVD! Let’s hope it’s true and it’ll be the whole concert ;-)

Am I the only one thats not really excited about this? Sure I would love a few new songs, but it sounds like its just something that is being rushed together to cash in on the anniversary....another excuse for a GHs album. They probably have more GH and compilations than they have original albums.
Its great that Marie now feels she has the time and energy to record new material with Roxette, but I would prefer them to take their time and release a full album some time over the next few years. Why not just release the Rox Box this year, perhaps with a couple of new tracks for the fans, as lets face it, it is only them that really care that it is the anniversary. But another Greatest Hits? Come really is taking the piss

SOAP makes it official ! I cannot wait !

I feel totally the same way like you do.
It all seems like a rushjob to get something finished for Roxette’s anniversary. That’s so stupid! and probably a waste of time. As like I said before, a GH album has a big flop potential.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am extremely happy that Per & Marie want to do something with Roxette again, but I expect them to do it properly. That’s all.

My heart is really jumping - After beeing now an absolute true fan of both for more than 17 years I still love this moments of disappearing and coming back - I eager to see them again !!!!!!!! wow


I´m happy...but at the same time, DISAPPOINTED.

Don´t think I´m pessimistic...but I don´t like the statement of “A FEW NEW SONGS”.

Should we take that words ironically? Why only a few songs after such a long time?

PLEASE, MAKE A FULL ALBUM. I really don´t want a few songs and then four years of silence.

Please, please...

I am cautiously optimisitic...a few soungs to me sounds like another compilation, which in all honesty would be faster and easier to put out in time for the 20th anniversary, lets hope its a box set instead......I hope to god this ISNT a joke :)

There are news about this on, but not Strange, very strange.

I don’t think EMI or P&M would want to realise another GH really. I mean the last two didn’t really set the charts alight. I’m hoping for a none-rushed album and if that mean early 2007 then that’s fine. As long as it’s worth the wait!!!

I just get freeze, I waited a long long time to read it and also thought it was just only a dream, now it’s real!!! I can’t believe that!

Maybe this will be some ’special’ compilation, not a normal Best Of. This is for the public. And then there’s the RoxBox – for the fans. And the DVD... So no reason to complain! No matter if GH, EP or Album – the main point: Roxette is still alive! Right now I’d take anything from them, they can still do a new studio album later.

GT_85: Maybe just because there isn’t any news area on yet...

after recordinding mazarin f5f and soap i hope per isnt sick of his own voice like he was after twatg and only do lead vocals on a few tracks like on hand! dont get me wrong have a nice day is my fav rox album!!!! but it didnt have enough per dont male it like room service and you cant go wrong (centre of the heart the only exception) mind you i thing all the newer songs of the 2 gh albums is a step in the right direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!brad, australia

Did I understand that right: Per said it in front of a camera? Because all other news are worthless. You know that ALL newspapers lie. So if he said that really it would be great.

Haha, now every TDR-User can start again creating songlists of a BestOf-Album and start Topics like “what songs should they use in a best of album”. very funny.

@Galning: But it’s also on Per’s official site (SoaP), with a quote and everything! I don’t think SoaP would publish anything that wasn’t absolutely true, especially since we all know who’s behind that website... (-;

A few new tracks suits me just fine. Remember, GT released a new GH before surprising us all with a whole new album, and they were the LAST band anyone expected to come back from the dead (except for ABBA, of course)!

Already saw that on the SOAP Page there is also a statement.


I hope it´s no greatest Hits again... the last two Albums where greatest Hits.

@roxtexanet: Our answers where at the same moment. Saw it at the same moment... But thanks for the info.


Crap! Another GH album? Ahahahahahaha... c´mon. This has to be a joke... “smile, you´re on Candid Camera” !!

For the love of God, what the hell they´re thinking we are? Clowns? Roxette will have more GH than regular albuns... DBUGTTC, BEE, DBUGTTC-USA, TPH, TBH... hell, and now ANOTHER GH? This is unbelievable !!! And what´s worst... people are HAPPY about it !!!

Enough is enough... another GH is a ofense to us, loyal fans. And there´s going to be a Rox Box... probably with all the albuns we ALREADY have plus all GH, and maybe 3 or 4 new/unreleased songs (that we also have in several bootlegs).

Yeah... I was thinking about it another day... I´m definitely getting tired of Rox and related world... it´s a big big joke... they just can´t do ANYTHING right.

To the hell with this GH or Box. Blergh !!

PS: Yes, I´m pissed off.

finally, here we are again!!!great news!!!!!I just hope a new world tour!!!!here in argentina, we‘re wating for roxette since 1999!!!!I‘d like you to write me, if you want to be my friend, wherever you [email protected] thanx!!!!I´m so happy!!!!!!!!

thats the best news ever :D

Ive been waiting for these news for months!!!! Finally!! Im so looking foward for the Rox-box. I wonder what it contains ( esp. on that DVD). However, Im not really looking foward for a new GH album, but off course I will buy it!! And the best thing of all: NEW SONGS!!!! ( even if its only 1-3 new ones).

!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS!!!!!! PER AND MARIE!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!





!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this message made my day...

THANKS from a big jump inside my heart,


I’m sort of hoping that the greatest hits album, might be a USA only release, while the rest of the world gets the Rox-Box and an EP made up of the new songs on the GH.

That way the USA get a comprehensive GH & everyone else gets the Rox-box + some new songs as a leadup to a *possible* new album next year!!

I can hope anyways.

Still great news :-D

I missed the part about a tour!!!!


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