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Fans in Buenos Aires plan big Rox20 party with support from EMI

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on December 9, 2006 to .

Fans in Argentina are collaborating together to host an event in one of the city's newest hotspots on December 13. Run to Roxette (R2R) together with ¡Roxette Latino! – with the cooperation of EMI Argentina – are preparing a big Roxette party to celebrate the first 20 years.

The party will take place the evening of December 13th at The Roxy, an "in" restaurant and bar often used to host CD launch parties because of the outstanding sound system and large video screens. During the party there will be music, videos, contests and more surprises! The Buenos Aires-based Roxette tribute band Hot Joy (featured in a previous TDR article), will be guests of the party and perform several songs.

Courtesy of The Roxy, the two sponsoring websites are conducting a contest to award five free pre-party dinners-for-two (each for 2 persons) for that night. The winners will be revealed on Tuesday (December 12) through the websites and communicated by e-mail. The Roxy is located on Gorriti 5568, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires.

Get in the contest!


I wish I could afford a flight and stay in Buenos Aires.

Maybe we could arrange some international celebration in Sweden to celebrate 20 years of Roxette... Just a thought...

Anyway, I’m extremely happy for Argentinean fans :D


*chuckles* Seriously... have fun down there in BA!!!

Tattooed White Trash

wow very cool, personally i think EMI should have thrown roxette a HUGE party in sweden for them.

I thought the band was called Hot Joy? Oh well, I guess the name doesn’t matter.

I’ve seen Hot Joy a few times and they are great. I’m sure we’ll have a great time there!

Buenos Aires rules ;-) Although wednesday is working day I will do my best to attend the party. see ya all out there!

You lucky lot!! I hope you have a great time!

Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup...

’Even if I am in love with you. All this to say, what’s it to you?’

It will be a great party!!
Well done people from r2r & Roxette latino.We’ll spend a great evening.Hope to see you all there :)

A pity I can’t go. I have spent all my money on the Rox Box.
Anyway, for those that will be there: enjoy the party!!

I will try to go a this party ;-) with my friends :-D

Roxattaq Argentina
*I’m going to Bs.As*

dear friends from south america (I’m from Brasil)... it’s cool a party, but while the southern ones makes a rox-party, the europeans fans have THE ROX BOX and HITS - DE LUXE VERSION...

you should to use to advantage of this part to tell EMI that the south loves roxette so much and it’s responsible for SALE of TOO MANY ROXETTE ALBUNS AND DVDS!


The “Hits” - Deluxe edition was released in Argentina after all. But I am not that excited about it, it’s pretty poor!

hello friendz!!! a few minutes ago i´m back from this wonderfull party, i think that roxette should have more promotion in the media and more support fromEMI, but we, the true fans ,we´ll have roxette in our hearts, all the life, for ever!!! anyway, it was an unforgetable evening, because we could see old friends that we didn´t see for so long, and i hope that per and marie will realise much more albums in the future!!!(and more parties bye!!! jorge ojeda , from ARGENTINA( the country in the world with the greatest fans in the world!!!!!!!!)ROXETTE: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS FOR THESE FIRST [email protected]

It was really great!. I hope to have more party like this on the near future. The next one will be in the beggining of March for sure.

I want to thanx to EMI Argentina because all support, to Jorge Diaz from Run to Roxette & Ezequiel from Roxette Latino. Party was conducted in a very good way.

Keep on Roxing!

Aleks Lerin


hi! i agree with lerina and jose. however the organization of the place “the roxy” it was a disaster... i am not talking about the guys from r2r or latino americano, just about “the roxy” it self...our pizza came just when the guys from hot joy started to play. and for the disert we have to get it to the weitress (sorry for the spelling) in order to remeber her !. it think it was to much a 19 th people table just for one girl.
on the other hand it would have been nice that instead of the same videos againg and again they would have played another ...

i like very much the unedited videos from the unplugged show. the karaoke section. the prizes. and the cool vibres that where among us ( no matter wich forum it came from). nice party indede!!!, . nice accoustic versions rom Hot Joy!.
it was amazing when we sung “happy birthday” to roxette. coooollll!!!
i hope you understand what i have just said i don’t want it became into trouble.

Here are videos from the party:
1) Hot Joy - The centre of the heart
2) Hot Joy - Place your love
3) Hot Joy - It will take a long long time / Listen to your heart
4) Hot Joy - Things will never be the same
5) Hot Joy - So far away
6) Happy Birthday Roxette (in spanish :-P)

Here you can find lot of pictures in the R2R Gallery.


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