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After over a decade in operation, Official Roxette Fanclub quits

Written by tevensso on March 5, 2006 to .

GOUDA - After more than ten years of serving fans, the Roxette fanclub located in Gouda, Holland is shutting down. “Due to many issues, we have decided in an unanimous vote to stop,” they write on their website today. According to the message from the staff, all pending orders have been sent out and more news will be posted on how to sort other financial issues out.

  Apparently, there are plans to form a new “Fanclub” with the endorsement of the current leadership team. They indicate, however, that “if this new fanclub should start, they will NOT be taking over our fanbase,” in their goodbye message.


So, good luck to the new fanclub!

This is really sad news, i just wanna take this moment to thank the FC, for all the nice things you guys have done over the years.

I recall a great release party in Köln (aka acting stupid by the bar infront of Åsa), meeting Per in Jönköping, memories i wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Well, this piece of news makes me feel sad. It’s like if the Roxette empire is falling apart little by little.

Reading this, took me back to the golden years where everything was so much alive and we were all so young... Thanks to the Fanclub for all the things they did over the years.

And what’s now?

Will it be a new fanclub? Please, give me an answer!

I wanna join the ones who are sad! You made great work over the years even though some things didn’t work anymore now in the end. I also wanna say thanx for some really nice memories I have because of being member in the FC! Roxette without any fanclub doesn’t feel nice. Don’t let this be a bad sign for their future.

I agree with Roxann...

I too would also like to thank the FC for the work that they have done for the fans over the years.

There have been some great highlights and I am very grateful for their efforts.

It’s is a shame that some fans have experienced issues with merchandise requests, but it’s gratifying that the FC have taken steps to address this and to admit their failings.

The time feels right for a new, perhaps commercial FC to offer a new service.

No matter what is the plans with a new fan club I think that if a new fan club should be formed it should first of all be made in a fair manners meaning that the official status should be handed over to EMI.
I believe the now strongest fan base is in Germany. So why not move it there or something?? I am sure there are many dedicated people who are more than willing to take over in a responsible fashion.

I agree with Steven here, I think a professionally run fanclub is the answer, as I said already sometimes before, the only fanclubs I know that work nowadays are run by companies specialized on these kind of services, or at least by people who get a salary for doing the work.

In any case, good luck! :)

Sad news! :( Thanks for all your work over the years!

Sad to hear. Thanks for the good work over the years.

Anyone in need of a now unemployed FC translator? ;)

A big thanx to all those involved in the FC over the years, you did the Roxette community very well! :)

The ’new’ team have been working really hard to come up with a good fanclub idea, and have been in discussion with the gouda gang about it, long before all this stuff on TDR (and before the meeting).

Unfortunately they have been met with silence from Roxette’s management - and they have no idea why, not even a ’no, there will be no fanclub’, nothing.

It is really sad bacause they are all very passionate & dedicated, very talented, and know how much work is involved. They are very upset for the fans who don’t have regular access to the net, who would rely on their support (through phonecalls letters etc) and the people on the net, who enjoy the wonderful M&G competitions etc will no longer have that opportunity.

I personally would not be interested in a fanclub that was run by someone who was paid to do it, as they don’t care about the artist or the fans, they are just there to make money. But maybe this is the plan from the management now - if so, I would encourage people not to join such a club

However, the ’new initiative’ haven’t given up hope, and will continue to try and get an answer. They ask to remain anonymous for the time being, and please don’t mail me - I won’t tell you who they are either!! (except that they are very very very nice!)

If you are in support of a new fanclub, please just spread your support here there and everywhere! Maybe the management will take notice & speak to them, and you will all get a fanclub you can be proud of.

maybe the management got other ideas / candidates besides this one, as there were some people discussing about starting a new fanclub here and soap forum.. and they are looking at the different possibilities before choosing to support one?

@Judith: I am sure that could be a possiblity, however, I just believe it is a little bit rude not to at least return their mail to say that they are looking into various options, and not just theirs.

The current FC recommended them, and had discussions with them before as well, so it just seems a little odd that they don’t get any feedback at the moment.

The management might even be busy, it is just sad that the old fc had to announce the closure before a new one is announced.

And I trust the people who want to start it. There are plenty of people I know who would only want to do it out of some kind of idea that they can sit back and get freebies & meets etc. and not care about the fans.

Time will tell I guess :)


Why can’t we have a fan club, which is run by a professional company?

A company, which would provide a good service in return for a modest membership fee and would ultimately make a profit for themselves.

Personally, I would prefer a fan club of this ilk and would not support another fan club run by fans.

Fandom eventually fades.
Profit is an eternal driver.

Edit: Typo.

@steven: so you would rather have a fanclub run by someone who knows nothing about Roxette??? And who will charge you a fortune just to access their website (like robbie williams - do you wanna pay £25 just to get concert tickets and read a blog??)

I certainly don’t!

@ Klair,

Of course I wouldn’t want a fan club like that.

I said a modest “membership fee”.

Sure the Robbie Williams FC is a bad example, but equally I bet there are some fantastic services out there.

Is IS possible to strike a balance.

There are other fanclubs run by a company or even somebody (which can also be a fan) who makes profit out of it, where you pay a reasonable fee and get for example a small present every year, have a lot of contests going on (including M&Gs, merchandise and the possibility to chat with the artist), sell tickets at special prices or with special conditions (like if you get a FC ticket you can be in the first rows), etc etc

I am curious now of the new people who want to run a FC, but I think I might have my guesses on who it is...

Either way, I am too old for fan clubs... and so I wouldn’t join either...

No matter what, I don’t think the successor should be in the business of trying to sell merchandise... they should pick a well-established company like Skivhugget with a proven track record of success in this area and direct all inquiries for merchandise there.

@Steven: there ARE some fantastic services out there, I agree, but there are an awful lot that are just a rip off. I just dont want to see that happen. I like the ’personal’ approach.

I mean, look at TDR - it’s run by fans, they know what they are talking about, we all know their names, and its free! I’d rather see a fanclub like that, and nothing will change my mind! :)

@ Klair,

Fair enough :)

Interesting debate you have to agree.

I wonder which way Per will eventually decide?

Watch this space.

I predict a Swedish based all in one fanclub covering everything they do!

Oh, now it’s official!!!

Hope to get soon my stuff...

I also would like to thank the fan club for its great and underrated work (I not even can imagine what a lot of work it is to run a fan club next to the job, never the less customers needs to be satisfied!)

With the closing of the fan club, there also ends a area in my opinion. Roxette will probably never again reach such a big audience like in the 90ies. Therefore i think a fan club is not really necessary. With such a site like TDR and special services for roxette like those for SOAP by per (demos aso), people who like roxette have enough possibilities to get informed!

So thanx to the ORFC- Team for their work!

@Klair: I would prefer a fan club that was really new and not just a fan club ran by friends to the old gang. I think, as I said before here, that the official status should be handed over to EMI and when there is a good solution the official descision should be taken by EMI/D&D. So I don’t see why the recommendations of the old fan club group should mean so much since they after all don’t seem to be so very interested in the whole thing anymore. To be able to recommend someone for a job like this (or any other job as well for the matter) I think you have to be really dedicated to the job in question.
I have nothing against the idea of a professionaly run fan club either. Then we will hopefully see some action and new stuff in the fan shop since this company want profit. And maybe we will even get what we ordered this millenium!! ;)

I kinda saw this news coming eventually, with everything that’s happened lately.

A very wise decision made by the ex-FC staff.
It took a too long time, full of complaints, not updating the site, well, doing almost nothing... But finally they made the right decision. Thanks for that!

Also thanks for the stuff I bought at the fanshop (and received in time, except only 1 cd), and for the ticket for the showcase in Köln and the mazarin-releaseparty!

Curious about what is going to happen now in rox-land....

I agree with Steven and Judith, they really need a professionally run fanclub. Otherwise in 5 years time, the same thing will happen again. Fans just don’t have the time to run something that takes this much commitment, and fans also lose interest too easily. I know some of the most die hard fans who barely even acknowledge Roxette anymore. But with Roxette’s management the way it is, I can’t see them taking the time to hire a fanclub company. They’ll let a bunch of fans take over and the same thing will happen.

doesn’t look like anybody is excited about the idea of a new fanclub, maybe there is no need for a fanclub the way we know it anymore, as some point out. Ally might have given us the reason: the average age of the fans is not from 12 to 18 anymore. Another sign we are getting old? :D

And IF, then the new team won’t have an easy task ahead, besides starting a brand new fanclub, get new members etc, they will have to convince everybody that they are not the old team and that they won’t make the same mistakes. I think this time nobody will allow them to go on if they don’t perform as they are expected to.. let’s say everybody will be watching, I’m afraid :/

I agree Jud, I was just chatting with a friend who said why do we need a fanclub at all? I think only massively famous people like Robbie or Madonna need fanclubs, and they get good stuff like early access to concert tickets. Also to have a fanclub you need a band who is actively involved with their fans. Per does a few things but nothing that can’t be done via TDR or the official websites. As for Marie...well even before her illness you were lucky to get an interview of “yes, no” answers for the FC.

I can’t see the last news article on Have they taken down their site already?

Ignore that... i think my browser was having issues.

I’d also like to thank them for their work over the years, who’d know what would have happend if i didn’t join the fanclub back in 1992. I might not be a Roxette fan!! :-O

I agree with Judith....

Yep, agree as well that there is not really any need for a new Fan Club. What could be fun though is a shop where we can buy merchandise and records. But that could simply be a link from say this page. No need to start a new “empire” because of that. Fanzines and stuff I don’t see the point with anymore since most people after all do have some kind of access to internet. Then this page is perfect the way it is.

Sad news... I only wonder, what’s going to happen, as I recall to have some magazines in credit still ? will I see the money again, or get something else instead ?

Anyone who knows, email me at : [email protected]

Thansx in advance !

nothings... just sweet nothings

This is a real fanclub:

Take a look to the shop section.

the last iteration of the fanclub seemed to have very little involvement from per and marie, and at this point I think it’s easy to say a new club would have no involvement with them...sad to say it but this happens with artists as their appeal over time dwindles, as long as we are fans we don’t need a fanclub to support them :)

Bye Bye!, :), as always the best web page is THE DAILY ROXETTE

sad news.

i want to join those who say thank you for your work. though surely it wasn’t easy sometimes i (speaking for my little self) never had any problems and have a few wonderful memories thanx to the fanclub. feels kind of sad you really quit guys...

This IS weird... up until two days ago I only saw emails, messages and news items harrassing the former ORFC, and now, when they decide to quit, its all tears and goodbyes.... jesus what a jumpy forum! :)

I personally think it is quite an achievement that the FC lasted what it did, and yes, I also would like to thank and congratulate them. I personally know how much work there is involved in this type of on earth they could keep up at times is unbelievable...but then, it was clear that they were struggling towards the end... I am of the opinion that nowadays, with the fan average age and the Internet as a main media stream for news, FC is not an option.

We have Roxette/Per/Marie with their own website dedicated to us with news, freebies and information. FC role before Internet was essential in this case, but now not necessary.

News-wise, TDR is perfect as it is designed for ANYBODY to participate...

Fanshop...this would be the important we want discounts? do we want tshirts? do we want photos? do we want merchandise? should this be handled separately? should it be sent to outlets? should there be ONE place dedicated to it? if so, would it survive? would we actually buy to make it worthwhile to the seller? (maybe that is why Official Fanshop crashed??)

I’m sad aboud it....
I never had problems with them. I always received my orders in time.
I only have to thankyou guys for all this years.


They did well considering the amount of time they kept it going... I am sure they have many fond memories of there time served... and it’s something they can pass down to there own children about what they did in there spare time...

The fanclub asked for three weeks to allow all the items to arrive. Well, those weeks have passed and I still don’t have my box yet. I have received a message saying that my box is on it’s way but I am soooo sick of these loose promises.
I will give it one more day, Saturday. If the box hasn’t reached me by than I will send a furious email to D&D!!

And what about those members who paid for the magazines but won’t get them cos the Fanclub quits?

in their message they say they are now sorting out other financial issues, this includes the membership fees people already paid, which will be refunded.

“We are working out the finer details of closing up the shop and sorting out outstanding services (i.e. fanzines). Please do not spam us with requests as to what is happening with your credits. We are fully aware of them and finding the best way to meet everyone’s needs in an efficient and practical manner. Watch this space concerning Fanshop news!”

I guess that it’s perfect timing that I just completed a 5-year project of building a kick-butt hifi
system–with Scandinavian speakers (Dynaudio)– so that I can finally realize the
beauty of “Watercolours In the Rain.” It’s a wonderful piece and is my
favorite song of Roxette. I’m wondering why no video was ever made for
Images of a small town with evergreen forests and railroads come to
The setting could be either in Scadinavia or the USA...

I hope that a new embodiment of a fan club can be realised.

Best Regards With God,

Brook Garrettson


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