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“Reveal” to be next single

Written by tevensso on December 15, 2006 to and .

STOCKHOLM - January 23 Roxette's next single "Reveal" will be released "here and there," as expected. The single will most probably contain at least two remixes of the song, including one which is called "The Attic Remake." The Attic being a new band signed by EMI. "Reveal" is already out as a radio single, slightly remixed and with a different middle-eight.


bet it wont be released in UK


let us have one of them at least

Whats a “middle-eight”??

Great news, but... no surprise, actually! %)) I wonder if there would be any Gessle solo album during the summer ’07... ))

The middle eight is that part of a song which is not a verse, a chorus, an introduction or a bridge (although the two are virtually identical, a bridge is often played to fill a gap between each verse and chorus, whilst a middle eight stands on its own); it typically comes towards or just after the middle of a song, and may or may not last eight bars. It is often occupied by an instrumental solo and can simply consist of a repeat of an instrumental repeat of the verse, but the classic middle eight is an entirely new piece of music. Middle eights are typical of classic rock/pop songwriters; drum’n’bass artists do not go over large on such things.


strange, everything so lowkey , and whats all this abit a remake by another band by emi ?

Strange, What write me EMI Germany for a Shit. She writes me ” Reveal” comes only as Radio-Single out.

Hmm... maybe a new Video for the Song was great.

Behave, sille-rox. ;-)

The article says the single comes out “here and there”. So maybe not in Germany. Anyway, it’s nice there’s a proper single with b-sides after all. “The Attic Remake” shouldn’t be so strange, since it should be a remix of Roxette’s/Marie’s performance and not a cover version. Just like Jesus Jones did for Fireworks. I just found their Myspace page (, judging from the samples they do atmospheric guitar music with electro beats. Could give Reveal a nice twist!

A good example for middle-eight is “Inganakee Leo Io” from IWTALLT or “God Is A Girl” from Jefferson... ;-)

great! I love Reveal!

“reveal ” it’s a beautiful song .

how about a demo on the single itself?

ow no more demos ! i never know why people like them at all. I did read it as a cover of the song, but them doing a remix makes better sence. have a nice christmas a new yea everyone :-)

thats’s great news!!
I wanrt a good classic video for it!!

I don’t know if I like or hate this song!?

What do you think about The Attic music?

Thats’s great news!!Maybe with a good video clip!!!!!uff FANTASTIC!!!!

it’s on my B-day ;) so it’s fine, but why remixes again, why not an unreleased song(s)?

Well, after all speculations it’s great to have confirmed that Reveal will be released as a single. I’m already looking forward to it. However, it’s sad that it won’t have a proper release, I mean, just “here and there”. It’s Roxette’s 20th anniversary after all. If Germany doesn’t get the release, then no comments!!!


Would the following part of Almost Unreal be considered a middle-eight ?

“It’s a crazy world out there
Let’s hope our prayers are in good hands tonight”

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Yes it is. Btw. The Attic also have songs on their website – more dance-orientated than the older myspace stuff. And the pictures are quite Pet Shop Boys like...

hmm 23rd? do i smell reveal as being the usa single too?

It’s lilkely it will be a single here in the US too.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Hi from Poland ...
>>> I love Reveal !!!!!!! Its Great song !!

... here and there... ok
no surprise. and The Rox Box? well, it’s like Santaclaus or the Witches... people say that they are real... but I never saw one... only a few are the chosen one...who said that the world is a just place?


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