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Written by tevensso on February 19, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per has just announced that on April 3rd two new digital releases will come out, namely “Son of a Plumber (iTunes Edition)” with three extra tracks added; “Keep the Radio On (This is the Perfect Song),” “A Girl Like You” and “Plonk”, the two latter never before released. Ronnie Lane’s nickname was “Plonk”…

  The second release is the EP “Dancing Plumber Vol.1” with the following line up:

1. Hey mr DJ (Love-for-sale remix)

2. Hey mr DJ (Jimmy Monell Treatment)

3. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up (Jimmy Monell Short Treatment)

4. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up (Jimmy Monell Long Treatment)

  While the first release is an iTunes exclusive, the second will be available via other digital stores (at first only in Scandinavia).


Ooooh shall I be the first annoyed non-scandinavian to complain about being treated second best?

Thank goodness for illegal file sharing....

Klair please do share those songs once you’ve accuired them - I ain’t gonna support I-Tunes!!

...But i MUST add that I’m quite interested to hear two remixes of INQGOTFTTBBU!! Think that these with some mixes of ’Carousel’, ’I like it like that’ and ’Making love or expecting rain’ would make EXCELLENT bonus EP for the international releases - they must simply print normal album on one disk & have a bonus ep as a second disk... that way, buying the Swedish edition seems not all that useless!!

They could as well add these songs in the European release, this way they make sure we’ll buy the CD _again_ ;)

Why must we still endure this geographical lottery that still inexplicably exists for all Roxette related fans.

The Internet and digital downloads were intended to break down these barriers and make it easier for artists and record companies to make money.

This makes no sense at all.

@ Klair: I’ll see you on Pirate Bay et al.

copyright :/

Looks like only iTunes in scandinavia has bought the rights to sell the songs.. same happens with CDON, now they have opened the market to Germany, BUT try to buy from Austria or somewhere else, credit card won’t be accepted :(

I suppose that they are trying to get iTunes in other countries to buy the rights too, but they wait until the CD is available in those countries..

I could understand it if it was in Swedish and only aimed for that market, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

But it is in English and is going to be released in Europe, that why I think it sucks to be available in Scandinavia first.

is anyone else extremely confused by this release? I.e. how is it being released, where is it being released??? and - heck - I should know that things are never simple when it comes to Gessle or Roxette.

I don’t know but i’m REALLY starting to like the idea of remixing some of the tracks on SOAP & offering it as a bonus disk... it takes the SOAP project so much further than just being a piece of references to some nostaligic places/time - instead it can be translated in a more 2006... it would also make for more radio friendly music however the buyer will be introduced to the more chilled out sonds on the original LP!

I live in Brazil... how will I get these songs? Credit card? I do have one... but can´t use it because it will be released only in Scandinavia? And even if they release it in Europe... HOW I´ll get the songs in Brazil if they don´t accept my credit card? Is there a iTunes in Brazil? I don´t think so.

That´s the best worst news ever... two new songs that I can´t have... even with the money to buy it.

Crap !!!! Hope some scandinavian fan upload it somewhere for the poor and forgotten south american fans. !!!! >:(

I´m so furious !!!

The first release is an iTunes exclusive, the second will be available via all digital stores. However, at first only in Scandinavia...

That’s crap! First, I don’t like the “digital downloads” at all. iTunes and such is just a waste of money. Sell a CD to me, with a nice and colorful sleeve, and I will but it. Don’t offer just a lousy file, composed in binary code because I won’t buy that! Give me a physical support, please. Do you feel the same excitement when you got a CD at the store (or when the postman rings your door, if you order it via internet)... a A file through a cable doesn’t provide the same emotion.

The artwork is also part of the concept. iTunes is just for lazy people, who don’t care about records as a whole (music + visual part, like the artwork), people who don’t wanna walk a few metres to the closest record store! Yes, digital downloads are cheaper, but what do you get in return? Just a file, are you happy with that?

While I don’t care much for the mixes, I do want to hear “A girl like you” and “Plonk”. Hopefully you guys share it. Were they released on a real single I’d be the first one to buy it, but without the cool extras like a sleeve and a CD artwork, I won’t even bother. Not a smart move - far more fans would order a single from CDon or any other store. Not many at all will support iTunes.

I-tunes?? I’m afraid that one day we won’t get any CD’s at all anymore! *shakinghead*
I’m in a bad mood right now! Please be nice and change that by releasing the stuff on CD somehow! Tack



How are people like me who live in the US supposed to get these songs ? There are like about 6 songs people like me can’t really get...

This frustrating... Any ideas or help ? I’d really appreciate it...

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

@Lonegunman: Just my situation.... How can i get these songs?

Unless there’s a digital or regular release for people the live in the US or those of us in countries like Brazil, we woud only be able to get the songs if people where to help out or if we find them on the p2p programs.... Really frustrating...

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Great but Scandinavia only.... not again please!! :’(

@ Roxrider - Yeah... it´s frustrating !! And later, when the album don´t sells a piece, fans got pissed and other people don´t even know what the hell is SOAP they ask “why” !!! Seems like EMI Sweden learned with EMI USA how to do stupid things again again again and again.
I try to help, I buy all official releases, but I´m tired... I feel like they don´t want to be supported anymore.

Where to get the songs, dear Roxrider... it´s easy... Pirate “that´s where I´ll meet you”.

It’s actually sounding more like an early April Fools Joke this I-Tunes cr*p!

Yes, it’s just bad.

Hopefully we can give each other a hand somehow.
I mean, we want the songs but we can’t get it... Isn’t that insane? Only a few can actually get. I mean, we are fans too. We should have to have to wait weeks if not months to get songs or even be left out altogether....

@Lone: Thanks. Somehow we will do it.

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

Not to worry Roxrider - where there’s a will there’s a way; not always legal but what the hell! ;)

Yeah way to go ;) I mean what else can non scandinavian fans do? :-/

yeah - how the hell is the music industry supposed to deal with illegal file sharing when they only release a song in one partof the world! Crazy MoFos!

Onlywhenidream, you are right on! Distribution is still a problem even with digital downloads. And record companies wonder why illegal file sharing still exists? LOL.

itunes sucks....

Well folks.. another USA person here.
I’ve literally given up.
I’m to the point I’m tired of “chasing” the music.
iTunes.. Ha. Per may have an iPod, but some of us can only afford a lowly mp3 player. Geez....

I thought I would never say this but I agree with you, Room_service so much :) Please, stop this digital releases mania!!!

PS I’d really like to hear those new songs...

I think you are mixing up things... That such stores like itunes exist doesn’t mean that an album is automatically available everywhere..

Itunes is just like another record store, they also get the albums released in the country they operate in.. so it is logic that if the album is only released in Sweden/Scandinavia, they only sell it there.. as I said in my first post, I am sure the album will be added to iTunes international when the album is released internationally.. it’s all about copyrights and the rights of selling a song or not.. if iTunes only pays to sell songs in Sweden, that is it.

I am all for a digital release.... but I just don’t rate itunes... would have been a lot better to have released it via his site, and let us pay for it there...

Well, I say as I always said. I will NEVER pay for a digital song. If I should pay for a song it should include a real CD, covers and most important of all quality (which mp3 and so on is NOT).

Yeah not a fan of digital downloads either.

Once again.. if only they’d release this in Australia.. but i’m not gonna hold my breath for that.

Any previews of these songs yet? Can’t wait to here the beatles ones!

Judith - I think that you are wrong on this one. Sorry. Having worked for OD2, which is the digital download platform for the likes of Wanadoo, Virgin, HMV, Tiscali, Coke etc etc - the main point about the whole point about the digital revolution was that it was supposed to stop the international violation of ilegal file sharing by making available to everyone the files that were being shared illegally, legally.

By viewing Itunes or OD2 as just another record company who has to make choices of where to release the songs goes again this ethos. I know that the guys at OD2 work hard with the likes of Sony, BMG, EMI to get all of the artist catalogues and to get them out to as many people as possible - by releases just via itunes is fine - but NOT just in Scandinavia. peeeerrrlease!

I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up is the best ballad song on the album. I really love Hey Mr DJ Jimmy Monell Treatment, this remix sounds really cool, modern and still very Roxettish. So I´m curious about this new remixes. And as I said before, hope that Jimmy will make some remixes for next Roxette singles.

That’s the thing, “only in Scandinavia”. If they want us to buy the songs, release it through the SOAP site encoded at the same quality as the songs on a CD or even better quality.

This way, we all can get them at the same time and with high quality. That’s why many of us outside Scandinavia end up having to download the individual songs and special rare releases through ilegal or p2p routes. Doing that, you make sure you have the songs without waiting i don’t know how long, especially for people in countries like the US who never know what’s going to happen with anything related to Roxette over here, and also, most time we end up getting high quality files.

Don’t you think there’s something wrong with the way that music is being spread commercially especially when we talk about Per releases and his related projects? If it was the 1960’s i would probably not even know about any of these releases, but nowadays, come on, it’s totally different.

Just letting out the frustration of being a proud fan that can’t get specific songs from my beloved artist.

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

Well said Roxrider! But we will get these songs I’m sure, I’m from Switzerland not far away but in the same boat. :)

@Arlanda: Thanks Arlanda. Hopefully you are right.

Take care!

Carlos E., New York.

onlywhenidream: this is is what I was told to why I cannot download songs from cdon or => because they only have the rights to sell the songs within Sweden (or to Swedes or holders of a Swedish ccard)

I’m not saying this is right, I’m just trying to explain why. Of course it doesn’t really make sense when you think of the reason behind such online stores, but this is the way it is .. so far :/

And I repeat, I’m sure iTunes in Germany and other locations will add the album to their catalogue when they have reached an agreement with EMI..

Or put another way: why would iTunes pay EMI for the rights to sell an album that nobody (except the 200 fans) has heard of (yet)? It makes sense as a company to wait until the album is released in the country/Europe and EMI has done its work = promotion, else it’s an investment that won’t bring any income..

Now a question to collectors: will you buy the songs from each store that will sell the songs? :D

@Judith I can only speak for myself but: Be sure I gladly will. :D

would not in my life pay for digital downloads... so on to limewire! unless the INQGOTFTTBBU remixes will be released on CD as well

Am terribly confused... maybe its cos its early. am i right in thinking there is no cd of this ep? i dont do digital music and stuff but looks like gonna have to get into 21st century. but there is a cd of Hey Mr DJ for sale but it doesnt have those mixes on right? so confusing!!! what happened to 7”, 12” tape and cd u knew where u were then! lol

Yes Claire, this ep is digital only.

Oh Thomas isn’t there some way we can convince the management to give the fans some sort of compilation of these exclusive tracks... maybe a DailyRoxette special or something...!! Dammit I don’t want to support I-Tunes... it’s not up to my standard & many others WOULD agree!

I agree myself. I hate digital only tracks. Not good enough quality for me, and I love sleeves. I doubt we can convince them, but I will die trying. ;)

@Thomas: Same situation here. The quality is shaky. And there’s no way to really know the exact encoded quality used. And i also like the cases and sleeves like many other of us.

Thanks for any effort you might put up trying to persue purplemedusa’s idea.

I still hope i can get all the six songs. I still don’t have any of them, including the still not released and the already released remixes of Mr. DJ. I don’t know who to get them... frustrated.

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

I also prefer CDs.. I guess that’s why I own most of the CDs that I like (instead of having only mp3s..), but hey, until we get the CD version, it’s better to have the digital vers. than nothing! ;)

Very true... :)

April 3 is here, but NO sign of these songs yet.. Seems Itunes almost only releases songs on tuesday also.. hmhm


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