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“I love my work” says Per as TDR sits down for a chat

Written by administrator on March 22, 2006 to .

VIENNA - The Daily Roxette, along with other members of the media, participated in a round table discussion yesterday with Per Gessle who was in Vienna as a part of his Son of a Plumber promotion tour. Amongst the others present, were reporters from Austrian radio stations Krone Hit Radio, Radio Arabella and Welle1.

  We met a talkative Per at the hotel Das Triest in the center of Vienna to talk about the release of SOAP in Europe, which is being positively received. "I'm really pleased because people like the record a lot!" he says with a big smile.
  He went to explain why he released the album, which is very personal. "It all started when I transfered my album collection to my iPod, it took about six months, and I found many songs I had forgotten about, songs I grew up with, it brought me back to my childhood '60s, '70s… and I decided to make a tribute to that era."

  Why Son of a Plumber?
  "My father was a plumber, his name was Kurt. He has a song on the album, because he was the fastest plumber in the west. I think you have be older to be able to make this album, have to have this history and background behind you. I couldn't have done it like ten years ago, you have to have this experience. I didn't make any demos, I always make these complicated nice arrangements for my demos, here I played songs to Clarence and Christoffer, if they liked it, we worked with it."

  You can hear from the album that you had a happy childhood.
"I have an older brother so I spent a lot of time on my own, listening to pop. I had 100 LPs when I was ten, all the money I earned selling newspapers and such, everything was for records, records, records. Then as a teenager I started to write songs, but couldn't play anything, I had the melodies in my head, then I started to play guitar, and started my first band"

  Did you choose the first single?
  "Actually I let EMI choose which single they wanted to release first. In Sweden it was 'Jo-Anna,' and I think here it is 'Jo-Anna' as well, but other countries chose 'Mr DJ.'"

Why are Swedes so successful compared to like, for example, Austrians?
  "I think it's a mix of differect factors;
1. The English language, you don't have all these films and series with subtitles, we grow up listening to English for hours daily. Like my son, he is eight and he listens to English most of the time when he watches TV.
2. The whole Swedish music scene exploded at the end of the '80s, beginning of the '90s, when everything turned digital. Everybody used the same machines and you could not tell anymore where an album was recorded. It could be London, New York or Stockholm. Then all these like Max Martin, appeared, started to make music for Britney, Backstreet Boys…
3. We have a long tradition with folk music, we are very musical.
  It must be this, it can't be all luck, must be something, I'm always amazed with our success, some didn't even ever record anything in Swedish, like the Cardigans."

  You said the reaction on the album is great, but of course people also think of Marie when they hear Per Gessle, how did she like the album?
  "Oh she looooved it, she started crying when she heard one of the songs!"
  Because it was horrible?
  "No! I wish! She really liked it. This is something all artists should do… personal, part of who you are, of your childhood, and I think Marie realized that. Marie should do an album like this. It would be fantastic!"

  We heard there is a new Roxette album out soon?
  "No, not a full album, there will be a couple of songs to celebrate our 20th anniversary, which will be included in a Greatest Hits to be out this fall. And then something called 'The Rox Box,' which will be three CDs with the best of, and also alternative takes, out-takes, live recordings and unreleased tracks. We are also trying to get the Unplugged concert released on DVD."

  This looks like a lot of work
  "Yes, lots of work… but I love my work, I love to do this, I'm really pleased as long as I can do this. I've released an album yearly… 2003, 2004, 2005… to record an album like this is a pleasure, it's like a drug thing. You work for 14, 15 hours, four to five days in a row, go home for a couple of days, then back…"
  "It actually wasn't my intention to make a double album, but we had so much material, and then I asked EMI if I can release a double album for price of one. They said yes, so I thought, 'Shit, that's great! Let's make two albums, 30 minutes each!'
  "I do hope it is the price of one here too," – Per turns and asks the EMI representative who answers it is indeed priced as a single album. "Whoa! Because its actually 60 minutes, and you could put it on one, but it was nicer to make it like this, more of an LP feeling."

  Any plans for a tour or some concerts with Son of a Plumber?
  "No plans, but I could see myself do it, would love to play the album from A to Z, but the release dates are so different so it's hard to arrange something. Then it should work. I can't spend three weeks touring unless somebody is willing to come to the shows, so I don't know, I love to tour these days, so I would not have a problem. But maybe, I'm sure there will me more Son of a Plumber in the future, then maybe I will also tour, then I know people like it."

  A question we must ask; how is Marie feeling? Is she fully recovered?
  "She's fine, she's off medication and she is much better than she was. What she's gone through is terrible, she's a changed person now, but at the same time she looks as before. She's a happy person, now we'll do these recordings this summer, I'm really happy, pleased she wants to do that. For me it's a good sign she's coming back.

  Are the two songs because of that?
  "No, it's also because we only need that at this point of time. EMI wants to release this Greatest Hits for our 20th anniversary, but if these songs work out fine, I can definitely see myself doing another Roxette album, there is no rush though. I'm busy with SOAP right now."

  Ever thought of retiring?
"What does that mean? Never heard that word!! I can't! I'm gonna sit there till I'm old doing records nobody will listen to, but I will make my records! Can't do anything else, that's the way I am. The writing process is always crucial for me as a person, can't really stop that, it's part of me. And there are many things I'd love to try, music for films… instrumentals. We'll see what happens. I have no plans, but it was interesting to make the ones on the album, or even 'Making Love or Expecting Rain,' which is a combined thing."

  Best song ever?
  "Best song ever… shit! I don't know… maybe 'The Look,' the more simple it is, the harder it is to write, certain songs when you write them you know they will be a hit, like 'Joyride.' Can't help but like the chorus! Other songs I love other people don't like much, like 'Queen of rain.'
A reporter interjects "Almost Unreal"?
  "'Almost unreal'? Naaah.., that one is OK… Marie never liked that one, didn't want to sing that," Per says laughing.

  But you are busy with other things, you also run a hotel?
  "I don't really run the hotel, I'm part of the board. I go to meetings, that's fun. And can use lots of things in my work, like art. We have an art gallery, and the Roxette and Gyllene Tider gold records in the pub. If I didn't have my music… I can't see myself running a hotel!"

  You could maybe be a plumber?
  "No! You see, my brother is a lawyer, we are the worst craftsmen you can imagine! When there's a tap leaking or anything broken at home, my wife has to fix it, my father is surely revolving in the grave because he was great. He even built one of our houses… and I am… nah, that's not a good idea!"

  The time is over, Per records some greetings for the three radio stations, "Hi this is Per blah blah" and thanks us for coming. Tomorrow the Plumber is off to Brussels.
  Before this meeting Per was at the radio ORF Ö3 studio, the interview will be broadcast tomorrow. Per was also interviewed by two TV stations, ORF and GoTV, which will surely broadcast the material when the album is out in Austria by the end of April.

Connie Haslinger contributed to this article.



Thanx for the interview!

Great work, thanx!! :D

Great interview!!

Nice from him to explain about the GH.

We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what’s going to happen! Great things for sure!! :)


Nice interview! And good to read Per’s views about Marie, Roxette’s future and the GH/RoxBox. Maybe this will make SOME of the complaining people understand...

NO, it does NOT!

Definitly, EMI has gone mad with the idea of more Greatest Hits. I could understand if there were new versions of the songs, updated for 2006...but ey, it´s only three years since the last one, and I´ll never get tired of commenting this fact.

This is not a real Roxette comeback for me. Just two songs EMI needs to launch new Greatest Hits (if you dont´have enough with one, take two). I don´t understand why Per accepts to do it.

I hope the new songs will be incredibly good ones and with success, as long as Per Gessle is going to take this a sign for a real comeback, I mean, a new Roxette album.

Very nice interview!!!! I hope the two new songs that are going to come out with the GH succeed and Per decides to record a whole new Roxette Album. Good luck with SOAP, Per !!!!

Nice interview!, lets see what the future brings but reading this i guess it will be great!.

Poli as long as they come back i don’t mind if they do it with a greatest hits, i’m just happy with the fact that rox is going to record something new again.

Txiqui: I understand you are happy about that; me too, in a sense.

But this is not the kind of comeback I hoped for, and I must say it.

Oh my god, will people ever stop complaining? I think this interview was really nice and I also think this shows how busy Per is at the moment! What is happening this year is better than nothing! And considering everything Marie went through in the recent years, illness wise and her solo career - and Per with GT and his solo Albums, I think we should consider ourselves EXTREMELY lucky to be getting the GH with new material this year!!! Why can’t we just be thankful for all of this?

Nice interview!!

Poli i’m happy couse roxette are coming back. I would preffer them to do a whole new album instead of a greatest hits, but after what marie has gonne throw ( that must have been something really horrible), it wouldn’t have been strange at all if she had decided to quit the music bussines, but instead of doing that she has decided to record again with roxette. I think that we should all feel really happy about that. Knowing that Marie feels strong enough to record again with roxette is the best news we could get.

ebay: I think many of us can and enjoy the news silently. But the complaining crowd has naturally the biggest mouth – as always! ;-)

great interview... the best iread in months

@ebay and Sasha:


Nice interview. Also, it works to clarify and calm the nerves of all those fans that just couldn’t see the obvious concerning the GH album release.

Hopefully now, most of the fans in here disapointed with the GH will understand the reason for the GH and not a full album.

Take care, guys!
Rox on!
Carlos E., New York.

Oh gosh...
I wonder how an oversaturated GH market (I mean that Roxette have a lot on the shelves...) will digest the new one and how will this be interpreted by EMI as the new songs not having enough potential because they don’t sell...

I think Roxette should go Indie... :D

RoxRider: Not really!

very nice interview!!

Great interview!

{“Ever thought of retiring? “
“What does that mean? Never heard that word!! I can’t! I’m gonna sit there till I’m old doing records nobody will listen to, but I will make my records! Can’t do anything else, that’s the way I am. The writing process is always crucial for me as a person, can’t really stop that, it’s part of me.}

This means we will keep on hearing great music in the future!!!

What a great interview - thanks TDR!

So, it sounds like we aren’t getting a SOAP tour ’in spring’ as quoted before. At least I can now book a holiday elsewhere - my life has been on hold waiting to hear news about a tour date.

Pfff... another GH... wow, so cool... I´m so excited, wow they´re back.. bla bla bla bla... *ironic*

Hope it flops BIG TIME (Actually don´t need to hope, it definitely WILL). Good for you EMI/Roxette.

We definitely should do a petition; Crap!

PS: Per, I never expected to say that... but I lost a lot of the respect I have for you. This is not right, this is not fair. We are not clowns.

Thanx guys for getting the interview up! Roll on the summer for some more news :)

Agrees wif Ally!!

Good evening :

You know what ? Everytime I read to the comments of everyone about anything The Daily Roxette publishes I ask myself : ARE THEY REALLY FANS ???... I’m not happy with the idea of having another Roxette Greatest Hits collection on my CD case which will contain 2, 3 or 4 new songs but, when I realize that one only song (Joyride) was guilty of my Roxette addiction I think : MAYBE ONE OF THE NEW SONGS WILL CREATE MORE ROXETTE FANS. And I don’t really care about how many fans they have because those of you who auto named Roxette fans are now saying a lot of crap about their brand new album. So, I would prefer not to have fans like you if I were one of Roxette members.

The real meaning of their new material (according to me) is that THEY ARE HERE.. We will be able to listen to them again. We will experience the magic of their lyrics and Marie’s voice. Maybe some of you will be able to see them perfoming live again (I don’t really think they will visit Venezuela again). It’s a bless to know that Roxette still rock the music world even though they ONLY have 2,3 OR 4 NEW SONGS...

I’m really sad because maybe we won’t listen to a whole new CD but, in the other hand, I’m really happy because THEY ARE COMING BACK. I don’t think it’s not too easy to understand.

I never write any word in here. I only read and thank God because I use my brain as almost no one of you do when you reffer to anything The Daily Roxette show about OUR UNBELIVABLE SWEDISH GROUP!!!

Thanks for your kind attention (for those of you who read my opinion).

Raul Alvarez
A real Venezuelan Roxette Fan.

I’ve always thought that the worst thing of being a fan is to become a fanATIC !!! Maybe some of should stop judging Marie or Per’s attitudes, decitions, etc, and sit down patiently waiting to listen to their new materials on the radio... There’s nothing better than being at home listening to any fm radio station and suddenly realizing that the nice song you are listening is a Roxette new one. That happened to me with Crazy about you and Wish I could fly.

I almost don’t know anything about Marie o Per’s lives, next steps, family, their relationship with EMI, etc, and I don’t really want to know anything about it if I’m going to become a crazy fanATIC like some of you are waiting for them to do whatever you want them to do. THEY ARE NOT YOUR PUPPETS !!!. They only create songs that give shine to our lives.

Thak you.

Raul Alvarez

Raul: What wonderful insight you provide, about the power that one song can have to create interest in a group’s entire catalog. Thanks for that!!

[EDITOR’S NOTE:] It’s time to point out though, that The Daily Roxette is an online newspaper, and not some exclusive fanclub. Thus, we welcome all who chose to read our pages, not just those are “real” fans. It’s not up to any of us to decide what a “real” fan is.

What we do insist is that EVERYONE exercises self-contol when submitting comments... we want to see people respect the opinions of others, even if we disagree. We don’t want to see any “flaming,” and we don’t want to see any vulgar language. We are under no obligation at TDR to print/publish whatever someone self-publishes. All comments are subject to editing and/or deletion. But frankly, I would much rather spend the limited time I have to devote to TDR creating new content, and not having to check to see who hasn’t been willing to cooperate with these simple rules. I think it’s not to much to ask, in exchange for providing you with this newspaper free-of-charge.

Thanks to everyone who complimented us on this article. Our reporter did an excellent job. With your continued cooperation and support, we’ll continue to keep you informed.

Great interview guys! :)

I’m glad that they asked about Marie and I like what he said. :D

*dreams away of SOAP promo in Serbia and Per giving interview to ME on the radio station I work in* :))))

What a great interview! On the other hand, all the interviews with Per are wonderful. He is a really talkative person.

At the start, I was a bit afraid that Per won’t go on tour with Son Of A Plumber because of Roxette releasing Greatest Hits in the fall. Well, they’ll need to promote this album as well. But it seems Per enjoys to be busy :D

PS I totally agree with you, Raul.

Wonderful interview! Thank you!!!

So not even a club tour for SOAP? :-/ (I knew postponing the release date wouldn’t be a good thing...)

Yep, Per, come to Lithuania, the land of the beautiful ladies ;) I’ve already invited you during Roxette after-party in Karlstadt Nov’2001 ;) And now we already have venue for 11000 fans, it was enough for DepecheMode, it will suit you as well ;)

Great interview by TDR once again :-)

Seems it was EMI’s idea for the GH after all. Still it makes sense to release a GH for the 20th anyway, as a retrospect on the past 20yrs.

Can’t wait for more news to come. :-D

“And I don’t really care about how many fans they have because those of you who auto named Roxette fans are now saying a lot of crap about their brand new album...”

Brand new album? A compilation can’t be called brand new album if 80% of the songs were originally released, at least, 5 years ago...

“Marie is a changed person”....

that part just broke my heart.

A “changed” person, yes. on the other hand he didn’t say a “different” person. :-)

FYI: Ö3 didn’t air the interview with Per today, they probably really meant next thursday...

I was hoping for a SOAP tour, but I don’t think it will happen which would be a shame!

I guess after all Marie has been through she is going to have changed, I think for the better, although to me she was perfect anyway....

@Starrox: They played “Jo-Anna Says” (in the afternoon), though. Didn’t hear if there was any interview since I was not at the office then... :-( (Came back when the song was already on...)

I truly appreciate Lars’ comment as an editor of this site in the previous page. Thanks for laying down some sense about the official point of view of TDR on the “true fan” endangered species.
I’m a bit fed up of someone’s comments in which he always accuses me of not being fan enough and coming here just for disturbing. It is nice to know it is only some paranoid thought of this person.

thank god they’re playing JOANNA in austria as well!!

Isn’t it the common way that D-A-CH share the same releases? With border-breaking TV stations like RTL and Sat*1 promotion would be a mess otherwise. What about Switzerland, Joanna or DJ?

Well not all radio stations here in Austria do play Jo-Anna. Here in Styria some private radio stations are only playing Hej Mr DJ. So I guess the final decision is up to the radio stations

@Sascha: the radio stations in Switzerland that play SOAP-songs play Jo-Anna Says.

@Susi: Yeah, I heard that! They actually aired the interview right before Jo-Anna says - or at least their version of an interview! The whole thing consisted of a short introduction, the amazing amount of FOUR questions (how’s Marie doing, the GH album with two new songs, Kurt and the reason for the name SOAP and the iPod-story) and Jo-Anna says and was over in about five and a half minutes, so the actual interview was about two minutes long... all in all: pretty disappointing!

ETA: Added a “w” to the second “interview” *g*

Ok so who changed the picture!?!

we got one now, thanks to Georg from Welle1 :D

Very nice picture :)

Vote for the song here:

So they are playing it often in Austria!!! :-)

can we listen to the interview somewhere?

Which interview?

The one from Ö3.

Wonder which is the song from SOAP that made Marie cry ...

“Marie should do an album like this. It would be fantastic!”

I´m sorry Per, but every album that Marie released is what I call truly “personal”. Didn´t you ever realise this?

I think he meant nostalgic rather than “personal”

“I do hope it is the price of one here too” - isn’t it nice?

And what a wonderful picture!

I never really liked the idea of TBH and TPH and I complained enough about them by then, but I think this time it is logic and obvious that EMI wants to release a GH for their 20th anniversary.

Taking this into account, I think they could have also chosen to just throw in some old unreleased songs from RS or HAND sessions, and tell us that “it will come with new songs” - instead of recording something new. I think it is a very good sign that they want to do these two songs. Not to forget about the RoxBox and the (hopefully) MTV unplugged.

Then, I also think some of you seem to forget that Marie is still not 100% fit, she might not be ready to get involved in a new album and what this would mean: months of recording of a full album + the promotion (traveling around Europe at least for a month or two, meet the press, record performances etc etc) + a possible tour.. because, of course, if they release an album we’ll want them to tour.. and not only make 1 single concert in Stockholm.

Third, they are both busy with their own projects, Per is currently promoting SOAP and Marie (as she said in Oct/November last year) is recording a new solo album. Yes, you can ask “why can she record a solo album and not a Roxette one?” > I think the work behind it is totally different, she has the studio home, can take as long as she wants to record it and amount of promotion is a lot less, besides she is in her home country. And then she can use this as a “training” for the release of a Roxette album.

And last but not least, IF they would have in mind to release a full album, I say IF, they would not tell us NOW, they would tell us 1-2 months before it is out, or you forgot about Mazarin, F5f or SOAP? :) It would totally spoil the surprise!

I personally prefer they wait until they really feel like making a new album, than having a new album made in a rush.. Meanwhile we’ll have to enjoy Per’s yearly album + free BHD demos, which many seem to have forgotten as well..

If anything I am curious as to the artwork of a new GH!

yeah, me too... i’d love to design/photograph it... i’d have heaps of ideas (e.g. awesome locations aso) ...

hope it will be a digipack at least

So I’m not the only one who thinks how the sleeve etc will look like :)

PS Well said, Judith!


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