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New project by Per releases album - tomorrow

Written by tevensso on January 11, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, Roxette, The Lonely Boys, Son of a Plumber and now… Bad Hair Day! Bad Hair Day releases a totally secret album - tomorrow, (on his birthday). The album is free of charge, and can be found for download, together with a printable sleeve, at Per’s official site. More surprises to follow.

  Per’s own comment: “I’ve got boxes and drawers of so many songs & ideas & rubbish lying around my house and I just felt like sharing all this with you guys out there! I guess it’s basically for the hardcore fan, but still, it’s kinda interesting if you’re into the mesmerizing enigma of songwriting…..
I start with “Mazarin” because I made lots of demos for that particular album. However, a few songs were written in the studio so no demos exist for the two colourful and epic statements “Smakar på ett regn” & “Spegelboll”…

  The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Vilket håll du än går
  2. Om du bara vill
  3. På promenad genom stan
  4. Gungar
  5. Födelsedag
  6. Sakta mina steg
  7. Tycker om när du tar på mej
  8. För bra för att vara sant
  9. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)
  10. Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet
  11. Varmt igen
  12. Mazarin

  Per has written no less than 651 songs according to STIM during his career - so far of course. Per’s career has lasted about 28 years now, so that makes a new released song every two weeks. You have to admit that he’s been quite productive.

Oh and by the way, the name of this album is “Mazarin Demos.”


about time he went into releasing stuff like this fro his fans more, roxette need to do this forget per. Hope he has a long holiday soon.

That means we will get all these demos for free?!?!

It´s Per birthday tomorrow, now we get the gifts...


Oh wow. That’s great news :-)

It’s definitely the way forward for artistes to make available material for free to a keen and strong fanbase. The loyalty is usually repaid by support during official releases. I’ve seen other bands create a lot of interest on websites and forums and then do very well commercially. Let’s hope it’s the same for Per’s future projects!

Best wishes from Rich ;-)

PS I seem to remember that Smakar På Ett Regn and Spegelboll were written towards the end of the Mazarin sessions so maybe there aren’t demos for these songs?

I bow for mr Gessle. He surprises us in the best ways again and again *Dancin’ on the table*

Thank God - it is NOT April Fools day (April 1st)


It would’ve been GREAT if Per did release this on April 1st... :D

more suprises!? :)

haha that would be great indeed! and funny!

Well no one tells him not to do it again on April 1st :)

For now Mr G. thanx for giving us presents on your day! That’s really something! You know that we’re still here and for good.

oh my holy...Gessle! No better news to make me happy. Wow, I’m really speechless, this is fantastic! Can’t wait! It really entered my head and I had loads of work to do...cannot concentrate anymore!

Does 0:01 tonight counts as the beginnig of tomorrow -that is the downloading time or shall we wait till 9.40 - that’s PGs assumed coming to the world time, isn’t it?

THANX for such a stunning present, you really made me happy Per!

Best news ever! Thanks a bunch!

Did I sleep 3 month? It’s not April 1st, is it??

so 12 new demos tommorrow?:D GREAT ! :)

and of course Thanks Mr Gessle! You rule!

Woho! Very NICE! Good PR too!

Cool ! Looking forward to that ! Specially Om Du bara vill - great sing even tho, to me, the lyrics are giberish! :)

Nice touch, Thomas - putting the “By the way...” on the second page of the article (-: I really thought it was a joke! This is really a cool thing for Per to do!

Great!! I am looking forward to more surprises!!!

1000 tack Per! You are the best! *bow*


Is this real or a joke??????

you´ll know tomorrow

WHAT?!?! Oh my, what a nice surprise! Fortunately I’m home tomorrow the whole day ;) (well, except for two hours and I’m not even sure if I should attend the course ;)

Why would this be a joke?? The release is at midnight CET.

and shine, your clever answer should be “Tomorrow never knows”

First of all: really great idea! Guess I’ll have to stay awake until midnight, there’s no way I could sleep knowing the songs are up already - I just hope the server won’t crash...

I knew it wasn’t a joke since I got a mail with the SOAP news :-)
This is one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received - and I don’t even receive it on my own birthday! THANKS PER!

I’m looking forward to seeing the cover, actually!

I can barely wait! You’re great Per!!!

Aha! In the first second I also thougt about the 1. April...
But now we’re all having birthday tomorrow or what?? Cooooooool!! Thanx Per! That’s even better than a cake!!!!!!!! I think I will leave work earlier tomorrow....running down my cellar..get some wine..running up....saying skål....loading down..feeling fine..yippieh
And by the way: one day Per will get an award for funny projectnames!!!! Bad hair day..ohmyGod...:D:D

Really great news!!Thanks Per!!!!!!!!!!!

A birthday cake with 12 pieces!!! :-D

30 minutes to go....

i’m shocked (in a positive way) that Per agreed to upload it on the server, he could make lots of money in sweden with this album + few more GT tracks.

@ Judith - I asked Per some time ago to upload one unreleased song as the Christmas gift, but without any response. I’m glad you persuaded him what is good for everyone :)

It’s Thursday, but where are all music?!

I can’t wait!!! :P


more then great!!!

*Dowloading* while dancin’ on the table LOL





Noticed more lines in Jag tror du bär....unfortunately I don’t understand them all, any clues anyone?

Wow, tehse demos are really very similar to the final versions! GREAT JOB PER!! THANK YOU!

For those of you who already downloaded the cover... does it open for you in Adobe Acrobat? For me it says the file is damaged and cannot be opened. :(

Edit: Forget about it, hehe, it didn’t download the whole file, that’s why...

You have to download the cover - don’t just open it from the page. Then it works fine - at least for me.

ehm, he says ” i will start with mazarin...”


It sounds like that...


My ears hears these extra lyrics in JTDBPESH:

grå stenar över allt
tre flyter iland
du sätter himmelen in brand
du sätter himmelen in brand

grey stones all over
tree floats ashore
you set the sky on fire
you set the sky on fire

f-l-o - at least they say so on the frontpage of! :)

Viewtiful - you must download it again. At the begining it was broken.

not used to write a lot, but this time I can’t just help telling something.

Thanks Per, and Happy Birthday.

Thank you for our Per’s Birthday present.

They are great ! Thanx Per ! Happy Birthday ! A great present :)

Excellent PG - how long though before someone puts one and ebay (and someone buys it!)

This is great and looking forward to even more over the coming weeks/months.

If that should happen, please all of you, mail the potential buyer that this is available for free. :)

Okay! And here you allready can find it at Ebay as a bonus Cd from SOAP!

Have a gr8 birthday Per! This ’Bad Hair Day’ idea is so cool!!!!! Tack!

That’s Taxford from TDR... Although it says “for free” I think it’s kind of low.

Is wonderful, is lovely, thank you PG (very happy birthday!!!!) thanks to wife, Mr. Plum and all those who made possible this cd of demos!!!!

I love you Per Gessle!!!! I wish you de The Best!!!:)

Hugs & Kisses, Love & Peace from Argentina “Mrs. M”


I also had to think if it was April Fool’s ... Right now playing “Tycker om ...” demo for the 1st time ... and in shock!!!

Wow!! I don’t even know what say! These Mazain demos are so nice!! Will save them as though they are diamonds and all the other stuff that supposedly will be made available for us hardcore fans.

Wow, Per!!! Thanks a million! Happyb-day!!!
You are really kind to your hardcore fans. Please, take care of yourself, alright man ? ;-) Thanks a lot again! Yessssss!!!!!!!!

So happy!!!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Isn’t it awesome to be Rox and related fan?

I’m so proud of being one of them!!!! Yesss

Födelsedag Demo, rocks!! Nice beat!!! :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

It’s amazing news :)
Thanx for such a great birthday present :):)

And most importantly, have a nice birthday :)

Hugs and kisses,

Thank you Per! I wish you happy birthday and keep on doing the thinks you do. You are THE BEST!

Thanx Per!!! These downloads are a great idea! :-)

These demos are superb!
I feel so spoilt!
Thanks Per and happy birthday!


Those of you that have downloaded the cover aswell, which I assumes is almost everybody! Have you glued it together yet? And if so, did your CD fit in the sleeve? Mine is like 2 milimeters too small. Maybe I was too thurrow (spelling?) when I cut the cover and glued it together... But you are not supposed to see anything of the folding are you? And if I’m to make the sleeve bigger... I will see the foldings.. so. . what to do to get the‘sleeve to fit the CD?

Otherwhise it is a really great looking cover!

Yeah, this is awesome! Happy birthday Per! appetite for such unreleased pearls is insatiable! THANK YOU SO MUCH Per, now it fells like it’s my birthday too :o). It’s really cool you came up with the idea of dusting off your drawers! Whether your target listeners are hardcore fans like us or not, please go on, because such demos is what I dreamt of for so many years. You made my dream come true PG, thanks again!

Unfoortunately I’m off to work soon so I won’t be able to listen to the songs as intently as I’d wish to. Anyway, already creaving for more. :):):)


Hihi... Can’t stop smiling today ;D Thanx very much for the demos ;)

thankyou Per and happy birthday!!

Baby-C, maybe you didn’t print it in 100 %? You could try it a little bit bigger!

(haven’t done mine yet)

Happy Birthday Per!

and thank you very, very much!

I always hoped, you would be starting a project like this one day and I almost stoped hoping...
Now its here! GREAT!



thank you per!!!! and happy birthday!!!!!.
by the way soap is fantastic , my fabourite song is i like it like that.

@ Sacha:

You were right! I had printed it at 95%... stupid me! I can’t seem to get anything right these days... But now it worked well anyway! Thanks for the simple advice!

Happy Birthday, Per! Long live the King of Pop!!! ( and no, it’s not Michael Jackson) lol

Great demos!

Rox On!

hey bunny!

thanks a lot for those demos! wonderful to have them now... THANKS!!!!!!

wish you all the best for your birthday and a lot of succeess with all that you do. healty, all the best and that ALL YOUR DREAMS MAY COME TRUE (if they still haven´t done that already).

I´m very proud of being a fan, it´s really great what we get from your side. would love to get more surprises, of course =;)

tack sa mycket! it made my day.

HOW BETTER CAN START A DAY, than to download some new songs which are really wonderful and drive to work with that sound in that fucking car?!?! amazing surprise!

btw. mazarin is the best album you ever made, it gets ahead of soap a lot! I prefer it !


THANKS and go on... like this!

This “release” is more fair than the old “Demos 1982-86” CD, only available as part of a box set. This way the demos are widely available for all the fans, not just for a few, lucky buyers of a set. So, I think this is a very good idea.

The demos are nice, sound more like “alternative/acoustic version” than demos. Anyway, I still prefer the definitive album versions. But I have to admit this is a nice addition. The sleeve is ok (seems it was designed in a rush).

Thanx Per! I’m listening to those demos right now.

I’m happy!!!

Happy Birthday Per! Be happy and enjoy your day!!!

We’re with you...

Oh my God!!!! I really can’t believe it!!! It’s so amazing!!!! I’m baffled!!! A bunch of demos for free from Mr Gessle. Unbelievable!!!

Happy Happy Birthday dear Per!
A lot of success with your Plumbing Album outside of sweden too!
Thanx very much for the BAD HAIR DAY Project!
That’s a very nice idea and means a lot to us fans.

Greetings from germany!
Your fan forever!

Thanks for those wonderful pearls. Happy birthday!!!!

These demo versions have enhanced my down-beat mood for at least a week.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Per!!!!!!!!
Och tack så mycket för BAD HAIR DAY!!!!

What an amazing idea Per, you gotta know.....
there is hardly any other person outside my family or friends who influenced my person or my life like you did.
Ha det bra!

Felix, Tyskland

Happy birthday Per!!!!!
Thanx for your gift!!!

And there’s going to be more?
Per - sometimes your just to good to be true!

Lots of joy! /speedo

oh! oh! oh!

will there be ’TWATG’ demos? :D:D:D

Wonderful gift for us. Thanks Per.

Now... when Bad Hair Day will attack again? TWATG demos would be a wonderfull idea.
How about some unreleased demos... like “Myth”?

Waiting for Bad Hair Day 2 !!!!!

I know I’m being selfish but i would have likef these in a a higher bitrate.

Cheers Per.


thanx Per! You rule! =) and demos are great!

Wow! This was really unexpected! A great gift to your real fans, Per. Merci!!

Fantastic freebie!

now, people can be proud when they don’t have a cide hairdo! :D

- don worrie be happi
jhahah =)

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