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Written by tevensso on February 24, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to a message from Per at Son of a Plumber’s site they shot a video for “Hey mr DJ” last night. “The idea was, as always, vague but interesting…. psychedelica meets Alice in Wonderland in a freak show environment,” Per says and continues “Clarence did a great job lifting weights in a silly costume, Magnus got knives thrown at him (scary….) 10 kids, most of them from Gabriel’s school played violins and trumpets and drums, all looking very handsome and jolly…. Helena played a puppet on a string, Christoffer wore a top hat and I wore a tie. And the coffee was good.”

  The video is expected to be ready late next week.


Sounds like my kinda video... ooh I love it when Per goes all bizarre!!

but now seriously... what are the chances of catching this on MTV? Maybe on VH1 if we’re REAL lucky!!

The way MTV works nowadays I’d say slim at best. I’m sure MTV Nordic will pick it up but that’s not the aim or goal I’d say. I think Viva, VH1 and other major music stations need to pick it up as well. Much Music for instance. I do hope this will be a hit!

BTW hope that there’ll be some behind the scenes footage apearing soon... would love to get a better idea of what we can expect from the video!!! AND I hope that they’re making a video for atleast one of the remixes...!!

It sounds even more bizarre than “I Want You To Know” video. And that one is VERY bizarre!

Great! Hope I see it somewhere!

I was expecting something more conservative and romantic, that would fit the song in a better way. But with Per we never know, he’s too impredictible!

By the way: I like the circus idea.

Sounds interesting and, of course, different.

Would be really nice to watch it on TV. But, oh well...

Also hope it makes the song be a big hit. :-)

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

Violins and tuba but no piano...Isn’t this “Jo-Anna says” video
? The funny atmosphere reminds that song...

Yeah, Carnival in Sweden or what? Helau!!
I really hope that we non-swedes have the chance to see this video somewhere! sounds really funny and bizarre

Well, given the fact that Capitol Records Germany won’t release “Hey Mr. DJ” as the first single, I think chances of Viva showing that video anytime soon are slim to none...

I´m sure only MTV Scandinavia/Nordic will play it every then and now and thats it.

Funny with a new real music video! :-)

MTV showing this video?! Allow me to smile! ;-) Every time the passed year when I have been zapping passed MTV there has been everything but music. They should really think of changing name to NMTV (No Music TeleVision). ;-)

It seems it’s an interesting idea. I’d love to see it on MTV.

Looks very strange indeed.

@miso - good point :) so are we really talking about “DJ” video or Jo-anna?:)

haha wonderful!

Anyone think Per has ’Don’t Come around here no more’ on his mind with this clip?

@Zargo: Yeah, I do! ;) And being a Tom Petty fan, I’m sure Per was thinking the same thing as well...

Somebodys smoking funny cigarettes at the shoot and Per’s inhaling them :D Should be a fun videoclip!

There goes the last DJ, who plays what he wants to play, hey-hey-hey :0) Yeah, Tom Petty for sure! :0P

Since MTV Nordic is nowadays divided into four different MTV’s (Sweden, Finland, Denmark & Norway) I am rather sure the video will be aired on MTV Sweden, anyways.

MTV Finland plays Finnish music that earlier wouldn’t have had the slightest chance getting aired on MTV Nordic.

The video might turn great but I don’t really like Per’s hat. He looked like Willy Wonka. *run so fast before got beaten by gessle fans*

this is exactly why emi didn’t want to support his last english solo album:)

looks like it was fun to shoot:)
more fun to watch? or just weird? :P

Majdy-I thought the exact same thing! Per wants to be Willy Wonka!

I got a bad feeling about this video. Just by looking at the pics, it’ll probably be a bad video.

I’m surprised he actually did a video for this single. He should do one for “I like it like that.”

I Like It Like That... now there’s a song with real international hit potential (-:in my humble opinion of course:-) Rich

*sniggers at Christoffer’s hat*

Nice one! (I love weird videos...) there’s an album with real international potential....Hahahaha...but hey it’s an opinion. It’s all relative.

Totally agree that I Like It Like That has the potential to be a big international hit.

When will it be the single? The next one or will it be the last single from the album?

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

Looks very cool... videos has been a problem in the roxette & related world lately... always with weird things... but let´s hope this one is going to be cool.
It looks very cool indeed.

Go Per, I hope one day in Australia we will be able to see this video.

Is there a way to see the other soap video’s? and “MR DJ” in the future. I’m living in the Netherlands!

lauw1976-the best thing I could recommend would be

I am hoping we’ll get to see this on the web!

Anyone.... know when we are going to be likely to see this!


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