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Totta Näslund, 60, dies after long illness

Written by PiR_GeSSLe on June 19, 2005 to .

Swedish blues and folk singer Totta Näslund, 60, passed away Sunday morning after a long illness.
  Marie, in 2001, collaborated in the recording of two of the songs on his album "Duetterna" (The Duets): "Ett Minne Bättre Glömt" (A memory better forgotten) and "Sommarens sista servitris" (Summer's last waitress).

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I am sorry to hear about that. I didn’t know a lot of his stuff, just those two duets he did with Marie. Folk is not my cup of tea, but those songs were pretty good.


Yes, im really sorry too.
Rest in peace. :(

Rest in peace...

What has his dead to do with Roxettet & co? Never heard from him!


I agree, this is yet another tenous Roxette link.

C’mon guys, TDR is better than this.

well i liked his music and ofcourse still do this is a shock never knew he was sick what illnes did he have cancer maybe


so sad i wish his family the best with this great big lost
and again another great musician died


Eh it’s slightly Rox related, I don’t mind reading stuff like this especially when the news is slow. What I do mind is when there was a big article on Marie in Aftonbladet and they refused to report it because it wasn’t newsworthy, but this stuff is!

what do you mean Sparvogamarie ?

he was young at 60 wasnt he to die ?

rox: when The Change came out, Aftonbladet made a huge article on Marie and made it their story of the week. But TDR said there was no new info in the article. I still thought it was news because they made her the top story, and it’s definitely bigger news than some band covering LTYH or some dude dying!

With all due respect, but Aftonbladet’s “big story” was a huge nothing. TDR had published 99% of the info in that article already, so we chose to publish the final 1% at that point. Enough said about that.

I think its pretty newsworthy, considering Marie’s work with him on his duets album. I thought “Ett Minne Bättre Glömt” was a really nice song


Sparvogamarie, im not suprised , half suff on per i wouldnt put as news but we all have our faves, maybe marie isnt there fave as much as marie is for some fans i felt for a while now was happening.

ps i love ett minne battre glomt me. :-) why did he die ? is it clear ? what long illness did he have >

I think it was liver cancer. he had a tomour in his belly but they removed it successfully, but the cancer came back and had been spread to the liver... sad but true

ow ek , so a long battle , someone very close to me has had a number of liver cancer scares , and its one of the worst cancers they is :-(((.

well shit happens when you smoke!

I agree.

R.I.P. :(

looks like the FC caught on the news.. 1.5 weeks later..


I was reading DN just to practise a little ’svenska’ (been studying for some months now!) and thought it was worth publishing in TDR... I was sorry it wasn’t a nice news, but it was news in the end.


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