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Merry Christmas from Roxette!

Written by tevensso on December 17, 2006 to , and . Source: Roxette.

STOCKHOLM/HALMSTAD - Per and Marie have been kind enough to share a Christmas greeting with us once again:

2006 turned out to be a good year! Not only for the roses but also for this little band from the outskirts of Europe.
We managed to deliver a good-looking
RoxBox as well as 2 new songs (btw, you have to check out the new remixes of Reveal…. very cool if you ask us…) and a few TV-shows to go with that.
2007? Well, who knows. Marie is talking about more art exhibitions and more exciting solo stuff, Per isn’t talking at all at the moment (he wants to go xmas shopping, the taxi’s waiting…) but knowing him some raunchy urban x-rated hip-hop music isn’t far away!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish y’all a white xmas and a sunny new year. And as always, thanks for your heartwarming uncontrollable support and affection.

Marie & Per

Marie also sent a very special surprise to all the fans around the world - which you see to the left; click to enlarge.

Judith contributed to this article.


What a nice surprise! Thanks. A merry christmas to Marie and Per, too! You take care, too, Marie! You’re the best! :-)


Really nice Marie picture! Merry X-mas to everybody in the Roxing world!

Thank you, maybe now it could turn in a nice Christmas.

Take care,

Marie is so sweet


Thank you for the Christmas greetings

What a wonderful new!! :D
Really great!! :D

Love the Marie´s picture too!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
MERRY XMAS Marie and Per from the heart of all the Roxette fans!!!!! :D


:: ::

thanks marie and per, merry xmas to you both and to all roxette fans around the planet.

Merry Xmas to Marie, Per and all TDR staff and members from me too!

A very nice surprise to get a personalised photo from Marie aswell. Loving the ’angel’.
Was hoping for more Rox next year but from the sounds of it we will be getting some solo Marie, which is always a good thing!

What a nice pic, how nice of Marie to do that :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

A big thank to Roxette for this x-mas wishes.
A marry x-mas and a happy new year 2007 to Marie, Per, the staff from TDR and to all Roxers around the world.

Marie looks AGAIN very swollen in her face!! Her eyes are small...

I hope everything is ok!!!!!!

Many thanks for the great Christmas message, Marie and Per!!!!
I wish you Merry Christmas with your families and friends and Happy New Year!!!!

Also thanks for two new singles and new documentary!!! And I hope I will meet you Marie, one day!!


Prague, Czech republic

Zelda, she looks fine and normal. The only reason she looks different is that she doesnt have make-up plastered all over her face like she might do for a public appearance/tv interview, etc. In this picture she looks like a normal 40-something year old mother, nothing wrong with that.

Thanx for the pic and the greetings. I wish you and your families too a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I agree with Neil! She looks much better without make-up! Saw her with her final stage make-up some weeks ago and that was really odd and didn’t fit her at all. On this picture she looks natural, warm, fresh and very happy - a bit tired maybe. She’s simply adorable.


Really nice Christmas greeting, Marie, you are the best :)
Merry Christmas to everyone!

I wish to Marie and Per a new year full of happines and love.... and a year full of work for Mr Gessle...
Thanks Rox! A lot of presents for fans: demos, x-mas greeting, Marie’s nice picture!

hey Marie will there be some new Roxette in 2007???????????? Hope so!
na na na na na

I love the angel! Merry christmas yourself...


Blessed Yule to you and your families. May 2007 bring more joy to you and your familes in all that you do and accomplish.


Tattooed White Trash

Thank you very much for the greetings Roxette, maybe now i’ll have a white xmas here in Bucharest ;) ’cos this year i haven’t saw any snow yet :(( And thank you Marie for the angel. It feels very nice to see Marie so happy!! Merry Xmas to Roxette and to all roxers out there!!!! Wish me luck ’cos i have a hard exam tomorrow :(

THANKS!!!what a surprise!!! the photo is very great!! mari is a good drawner, in her pictures always reflecting her soul... marie is like an angel, and from the bottom of my heart, roxette, i wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year. Be kind, santa is coming!!!!

What a huge surprise!!! Christmas greetings from Roxette. I sooo love the style in which it is written. So we gonna expect some raunchy hip-hop from Per LOL Yeah, now I can feel the smell of Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Per and Marie :) You gave us so much this year: RoxBox (finally), two fantastic songs, a bunch of demos and even a live performance!!! I wish that your angels will be always by your side.

@Gionela: fingers crossed for you!

thanks AURYTE ;)

It’s actually quite nice for once to see Marie talking to the fans and not only Per taking care of these procedures...!

Dear Marie and Per,I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thanks for the Greeting!
I like that Picture it is so sweet!

awww lovely, some nice things to look forward to in 2007 :-)

Merry Xmas to you!!Per & Marie i love you!!!
Merry Xmas and a very happy new year to everyone!
Peace & love!

I don’t write here anymore, but I had to comment on this. What a sweet present from Marie!!! Extra special for me because angels are my favourite things in the whole world!! Thanks Marie!

Merry xmas to you as well, Marie and Per!! Thanx for everything and take good care. Marie, you are so amazing All the best!

Well, 2006 became very surprising and exciting year. Marie finally came back to the light from the dark and together with Per made many people very very happy. With their music, but also with their (esp. Marie´s) smiles on their faces (remember many TV performances).
We have got two new songs, one new video (second come will come), there´s 30 minutes document on the way, mythical Myth and The Rox Box. Some fans were disappointed, but I think they are not yet. Now it looks everybody´s happy and pleasant.
Per gives us fantastic Bad Hair Day (thank you Per for Something In The System, another Joyride for me) in the begining of the year, now he repeated it with really amazing Rox demos (COY, MWMLML, TCOTH, Fool etc.). As I said before, it was really great year.
2007? We will see what will happen. But we all know Per, he will take some time for great vacations ( 3 days as always :-) ) and then he ´ll start to work on another “hip hop” jewel. With Marie maybe. Or without her. But I believe they will come back, together or with their solo projects (another dark and melancholic album from our velvet voiced queen or sunny popy album from Mr. G). I believe another great days are coming.
I would like to say thank you to Per and Marie for this great year. I would like to wish them and their families all the best for the future. It´s great we met you during our ways through the life. It´s now more coloured.
Another big thank is for TDR staff, staff, Little Marie staff and many others staff or persons for bringing good news to us. And also to all fans that stayed tuned for all these years.
I wish all of you another good years, not only 2007.
So Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

thanks for the beautiful picture
a merry christmis and happy new year to marie and per ;)
marie and per

Dear Marie and Per, have a mery Christmas and a wonderful new year!!

Thank you for a wonderful year of music!!

Blessings for all Roxfans all over the world too.

Merry christmas Per and Marie...and a happy new year too all fans.

I don’t think Marie is going to release another “dark and melancholic album” again. She has changed a lot since her decease, and now she sees the life from another point of view. She turned to be a more happy person, and that is reflected in her music as well. On the other hand, it is Per who has released a dark and melancholic album lately (SOAP). They swapped the roles, I think.

What a lovely surprise!!! I don’t like Xmas, but Marie’s picture is really beautiful. I don’t see it as just a Xmas greeting. It’s her way of saying she’s alive and kicking again.

[@Room_service: SOAP dark and melancholic??? Are you sure you heard the album?? :p]

Love and peace for everyone.
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

Thank you very much dear Marie & Per. Thanks for all happiness you gave us with your songs all these years and specially in this 2006 (great news, great songs etc). Thanksssssss!!!!!!!

You’ll be always in our hearts. Your music forever.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! for you and for all roxers around the world.


Elizabeth G. - Perú

SOAP is dark and melancholic, with some bits of happiness here and there (Jo-Anna Says, Substitute, etc). But the atmosphere of the whole record is very quiet and very melancholic. Would you compare it with TWATG?

I wouldn’t compare SOAP with TWATG at all, but then again, Marie didn’t record either of them.

Thanks Marie! Your smile is the best present for this X-mas. God sent you here for us to hear the voice of one his Angels.

Marie, Micke, Josie, Oscar; Per, Asa, Gabriel. All the TDR staff and members. And every single roxer around the world: Merry Christmas (for those that believe in it) and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas from Poland Marie :)))))))))
I love you!!!

A Merry Christmas to you too Marie & Per.

Aww I want that Angel drawing! Happy Christmas Marie! Angel blessings xxxxxx

Marie still got so much The Look!
She’s a distinct lady.
Always beautiful...

Tack Per och Marie!! Ni är bäst!!!

God Jul, tonz of pepperkakor and Glögg and Rock around the Xmas tree!!!

My uncontrollable support will continue to follow you whereever you go!
PUSS och kram

merry christmas to the greatest band ever

Merry RoxMas & Happy new year to everyone:)))
It was a great year with lots of audio material and a great booklet from the RoxBox. I’m glad that Per & Marie could see and feel our “heartwarming uncontrollable support”, despite some of the moaning and the criticism.
Now we’ll wait to see what the Rox-future brings: health, love and money to everyone... lots of work to Per and lots of music to us... just dreaming:)))

Thanx Rox for all!
But about THE ROX BOX... not for everyone, ok?
Only a few can get it easily... not here in Brazil, I’m sure, but thanx ... I love you anyway.

I would like to wish Marie and Per both a very Merry Christmas and hope they have a wonderful New Year for 2007!

And to all the other fans Merry Christmas to all!!!!
( although I have the feeling that a lot of you dont like me for some reason but either way, I still hope everyone a great holiday!)

Dear Marie and Per,

I wish you both a fantastic Xmas and a wonderful 2007 with too much health, peace, love and all the best in this world to you and to your families.
Lot’s of love from Brazil,
Fernanda :)


Merr X-Mas, Roxette and all Roxette-Fans!!!

Per, Marie, I do hope to see you soon again. It would be so so great if Roxette did a new album, tour or whatever. I love you!

Peter, Stuttgart


Thanks for the greetings!

Merry christmas! Frohe Weihnachten!

Hej Marie
there‘s a time for the good in life
a time to kill the pain in life.
Thank you
Merry X Mas & all the best M.

Happy holidays as well, Marie and Per. It felt so great the first time I heard the newest Roxette song. I love Roxette so much. and Marie’s voice is the greatest female singing voice in the world. Best regards, and long live Roxette!


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