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“Finn 5 Fel!” drops a notch, but achieves 3x platinum

Written by daniel_alv on July 30, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In “Finn 5 Fel!”’s seventh week on the album charts, it falls to the second postion, having premiered on the chart at #1. The new Gyllene Tider album has now reached platinum status three times over, with some 180,000 copies sold. GT’s album was pushed out of the top spot by The Hives.

  “GT 25 Samtliga Hits!” stays at #5 while Per’s solo album from last summer, “Mazarin,” is at #23 in it’s 58th week on the charts. It has never left the Top 40 since the release 58 weeks ago.

  Both “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and Tuffa tider” are in the top five on the Swedish radio charts this week at #3 and #5.

60s nostalgia on Per’s pause music CDs

Written by roxeteer on July 29, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Expressen has gotten hold of the three CDs that are played before and after each Gyllene Tider concert. It is a known fact that Per selects the pause music very carefully. Many of the songs are 60s rock (The Beatles, Small Faces), but there is also punk music by Ramones and new Swedish music by Raymond & Maria. Read more…

Per keeps his voice in shape with ginger tea

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2004 to .

FALUN - Per Gessle must keep his voice in shape this summer because tens of thousands of people are waiting him to sing almost every night. Stress or flu could lead to a disaster. This time it’s even tougher than during the last summer’s “Mazarin” tour.

  “It was more fine-tuned and emotional. This is much more teenage screaming,” Per says. The key of the old Gyllene Tider songs were chosen 25 years in a lousy training place. “All the songs go in A. It’s not a good key, but that’s what they are,” says Per. “There are many songs on “Finn 5 fel!” that go quite high, too,” mentions Anders Herrlin.

  So far Per hasn’t had problems with his voice. Using an “in-ear” system helps him to keep the voice down because he can hear his own singing. But is there a secret weapon to keep the voice in shape?

  “No, there isn’t. I don’t sing higher notes. And I drink ginger tea,” says Per.

  “Ginger tea? Is that what you call it?” asks Micke “Syd”.

  “That’s right,” Per replies.

Finnish band to play Roxette live

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2004 to .

HELSINKI (UPDATED) - Finnish pop group Nerdee is going to present a Roxette cover song concert this Thursday evening. The band will play at Semifinal Club, Helsinki at 22.30 local time. The tickets cost 6 Euros and are only available at door.

  Nerdee has released two albums and several singles. The band’s line-up has changed many times since its formation in 1995, and only one of the members in the original group is still playing. Currently the band consists of five 23- to 25-year-old women.

  Update: The set list of the concert was “June Afternoon” (+ “Wild Thing”!), “Fading Like A Flower”, “Crash! Boom! Bang!”, “The Big L”, “It Must Have Been Love”, “Joyride”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “Sleeping In My Car” and “Spending My Time” as encore. Also added a picture from the concert, contributed by Mikko Hänninen.

TDR’s Evensson guests on Stockholm radio program

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Being recognized as somewhat of a Gyllene Tider “expert,” The Daily Roxette’s Thomas Evensson (tevensso) appeared on a Radio Stockholm show yesterday.

  With more than 300,000 listeners daily, the station is Stockholm’s biggest radio station. They had a Gyllene Tider special on a show called “Viktors vänner” (“Friends of Viktor”) as a warm-up before the second concert at the Stadium. Read more…

Sing-along with Gyllene Tider

Written by tevensso on July 24, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Delayed a couple of weeks in production, the new karaoke DVD containing Gyllene Tider hit songs has finally been released. “Gyllene Tider Karaoke Hits!” features 12 tracks remixed by Anders Herrlin to remove the vocals:

01. Flickorna på TV2

02. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet

03. När vi två blir en

04. Sommartider

05. (Hon vill ha) Puls

06. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

07. Gå & fiska!

08. Juni, juli, augusti

09. Kung av sand

10. Tuffa tider (För en drömmare)

11. En sten vid en sjö i en skog

12. När alla vännerna gått hem

  So far, you can only purchase the DVD via the tour merchandise stands, with profits on this item going to BRIS, a Swedish charity.

This summer... Sweden belongs to Gyllene Tider

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 23, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Under clear skies, a capacity crowd of some 32,000 people have gathered in Stockholm’s Stadium to see Gyllene Tider’s triumphant return to the venue that was the highlight of the Återtåget tour in 1996. In a few minutes, the crowd will go wild as the opening strains of “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” are heard and the curtain with the 25th Anniversary cake emblazoned on it rips open to reveal Per and the band.

  It’s the biggest rock tour to ever hit Scandinavia. No other act – even the megastar international ones – have attracted such crowds, and none have had such a pervasive impact on an entire Swedish summer.

  Sure, Gyllene Tider was popular before. When the group met with their initial success, teenage girls screamed and fainted in the hysteria that surrounded the group. But to an extent unmatched before, the members of Gyllene Tider have become the favorite sons of an entire nation. “All of Sweden is Proud of You” read one poster being waved by a fan in the crowd.

  “I feel extremely lucky. We all feel unbelievably accepted by the Kingdom of Sweden,” says Per Gessle.

  For some, it’s a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane. The concert set list is full of songs that take Swedish adults back in time to when they themselves were teenagers. But at any concert on the tour, look at the mass of people nearest to the stage, and you’ll clearly understand that this music.. this band… is relevant to today’s teenagers and young adults. In fact, one of the most remarkable aspects of this tour is the demographics: GT’s appeal spans generations. Everyone in Sweden this summer, or so it seems, loves Gyllene Tider.

  Marie Dimberg, who is serving as the band’s manager, confirmed to The Daily Roxette that the the entire anniversary celebration had taken on a proportion far greater than what had originally been expected. “Oh my gosh!,” said Per, in English, to one Swedish reporter.

Read more…

Gyllene Tider rocks the pants off of Norrköping

Written by tevensso on July 22, 2004 to .

NORRKÖPING - When The Daily Roxette arrived at the Norrköping arena early Tuesday evening, we – along with the local newspaper – were invited to photograph the “meet and greet” with, among others, two girls who were fans of GT who had come all the way from Italy. The “Golden Five” were in good spirits and looking forward to the gig. Micke “Syd” was told to keep the beat this concert, to which he replied “Why?!?”… jokingly as always.

  The weather this fine evening was perfect, and when Gyllene Tider took the stage a few minutes after 9pm, the world exploded. The show didn’t differ from the rest of the tour, material wise, but the performance was truly amazing! One could see that Per and his comrades enjoyed the show.

  “This is the best crowd we’ve had, and I mean it!” Per shouted to the 24,000 people present. It had been 23 years since Gyllene Tider last played Norrköping, so Micke “Syd” asked the audience if anyone had been there then. Almost all raised their hands. Micke replied “Anyone younger than 23 is lying!”

  As previously mentioned, the setlist didn’t differ much from the Halmstad gig, they added “(Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän,” and “Fån telefon” that were removed previously, but left out “Skicka ett vykort älsking”. The best songs in Norrköping would have to be “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta” and “Ska vi älska så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly” that really rocked the crowd! After the obligatory break, both Per and MP had changed their clothes, that is almost unheard of…

  All in all a great performance, and a wonderful night. The crowd, the media and Gyllene Tider all felt this was the best gig on the tour so far.

  Photos: Thomas Evensson/TDR

Tour diary by Micke “Syd” and chat with Gyllene Tider

Written by Jud on July 20, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Micke "Syd" Andersson will record a tour diary exclusively for Swedish Radio (SR) Channel P4. This diary will be broadcast at P4's program "Kalas" on Fridays between 19:03 and 00:00 CET.
  The first part of the diary could be heard already last Friday 16th. Did you miss it? No problem: the audio files are available at both Kalas' and Gyllene Tider's websites.
  In addition, Gyllene Tider will chat with their fans at tomorrow July 21st at 18:00 CET.

Singing in the rain

Written by tevensso on July 15, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - The gates opened at 5 o’clock, Örjans vall was transformed into a huge carnival area, with GT-karaoke, food stands, beer stands and the merchandise stands, which featured loads of different things.

  At 7 The Latin Kings came out, were truly unnoticed by the audience, so they left after 25 minutes. Pugh Rogefeldt joined later and played most of his hits, but in the downpour most people only cared about the wetness…

  Gyllene Tider entered the stage a few minutes after 9, and then the rain was forgotten. The boys played for almost two hours. The show consisted of Per’s standard banter, with some additions from Micke “Syd”. Gyllene Tider played old material for the most part, the setlist is almost identical to the one from 1996. After only nine songs the audience cried for “Här kommer alla känslorna” so Per said sure, we’ll play that, and they did. While Per and MP performed the number the rest of the band left the stage. Micke “Syd” explains “It’s Per’s solo song, then he should perform it solo as well.” Per also tells that they had planned to play “Känslorna” but not at that point in the show, but since the audience demanded it they decided to go for it!

  The concert got raving reviews by Expressen’s Anders Nunstedt (5/5) and lukewarm reviews by Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman (3/5). At this point TDR has not yet seen what Hallandsposten’s Jan-Owe Wikström has written about the show(s).

  Enjoy the setlist and the fact that the Thursday concert was performed in perfect weather and with an even better Gyllene Tider on stage… Read more…

The Gyllene summer is here!

Written by Jud on July 13, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - As most of you might know, Gyllene Tider’s tour premiere is Wednesday, July 14th, in Halmstad.

  All the TDR team will be in place - Lars-Erik is on his way to Halmstad, Thomas and Visa are already there and this reporter leaves in a couple of hours - meaning we won’t be able to cover the premiere “live.” But we promise, of course, to come back to you with our own report about the premiere and great pictures!

  In the meantime, we recommend you read the following online newspapers on the 15th as they will surely have an article about the long-awaited night:

Hallands Nyheter

Have fun!

Återtåget DVD to be released July 28th

Written by daniel_alv on July 12, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - While it will be some time before this summer’s Gyllene Tider tour is available on DVD, July 28th has been announced as the scheduled release date for the DVD version of the edited films from Återtåget 1996.

Gyllene Tider special on Swedish Radio

Written by Jud on July 12, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Swedish Radio (SR) P3 program “Musikjournalen” will feature a special about Gyllene Tider tomorrow night. The program runs between 20:03 and 21:00 CET.

  Update July 12: The special will include an interview with Robert Thorselius and another fan called Annika, as well as interviews with Per Gessle, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzson.

  The reporter Anna Swantesson will also go through Gyllene Tider’s history and talk about why the band didn’t make it internationally when Roxette later managed to, how Per feels about his early solo albums and nostalgy - as many fans prefer GT’s old material.

  The program will also be available to listen to during a week at Musikjournalen’s website.

Feature articles arrive!

Written by roxeteer on July 10, 2004 to .

As you can see in the tabbed menu above, The Daily Roxette now has an additonal section called “Features.” It will have all the longer and more exclusive TDR articles separated in their own section. Currently it only has older stories, but stay tuned for something very special!

“Pop25” opens in Halmstad

Written by tevensso on July 8, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - A second exhibition celebrating Gyllene Tider’s 25th Anniversary has opened its doors to the public. This one is called “Gyllene Popkonst - en resa genom 25 år” (“Golden Pop Art - a journey through 25 years”) and it’s all about records: Per Gessle’s, Gyllene Tider’s and Roxette’s. All in all, over 500 records are exhibited.

  The entrance is free, although one can leave a voluntary contribution. If you do, you may win a ticket to the final concert in Halmstad, or the Gyllene Tider book written by Jan-Owe Wikström.

  The exhibit is a success so far, and the creators are very happy. “We had more visitors hanging on the ropes than the big exhibition at the museum the opening day,” says Jocke Andersson with a satisfied smile.

  Pop25 is open 11-17 CET Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, except for the concert week when it’s open every day.

  Update: The DVD “Join the Flumeride” is being sold at the exhibition as well.

GT25 Special - Now only Bio Reflex remains – again

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - It was the evening of March 19th. It was after four o’clock when the car rolled into a wet and black Halmstad. The rain had followed me all the way home from Vollsjö, Skåne, The Aerosol Grey Machine studio and Gyllene Tider’s recordings for “Finn 5 fel”.

  In just a few hours, the tickets to the extra concert at Örjans Vall would be released and just out of curiosity, I took my car by the Ticket Center to see if anyone had defied the weather gods.

  They had. Not one or ten. The full side of the building was lined with sleeping bags, umbrellas, raincoats and anything imaginable to protect against the rain.

  I rode in the diesel Mercedes that in the beginning of the 80s caused teen hysteria. I rode the Återtåget train in the 90s that caused welfare state nostalgia. But this! Grown up people – don’t for a second believe that this was just teenagers – risking their health and being late for work just for these hot tickets for the home arena concerts.

  Sure, I was a proponent for [having GT play] Örjans Vall back in 1996, but back then the idea was buried in the county’s massive red tape and all they gave were cheap excuses, even though Gyllene Tider themselves had offered to pay to have the grass covered. That’s why I believed in one sold out Örjans. One. Not two. And definitely not… three!

But a mass pop psychosis over the generational gap seems to have struck the country, a collective abstinence for “Sommartider”, clapping of hands, power pop refrains, oooh-oooh choruses, and Farfisa organs which apparently got aggravated with the intake of mazarins last year.

  Not even the eternal pop visionary Per Gessle, who once sent a letter to the editor at NME (in Swedish!) and got it published long before Gyllene Tider was known outside of Halmstad, could have known this was coming.

  While I was observing the guys during the recording sessions there were two things that hit me. First was the sound, whose chemical pop formula and enchantment would’ve been broken had any one of the five been missing. Next was the commitment – it has been a long while since all of them actively participated in the recording process. At the same time, I was wondering if they had realized what they had done. I mean, the star quality gauge isn’t really maxing out regarding the image and the rock attribute.

  But then something that the folklore researcher Åke Daun once said hit me. To reach popular appreciation in Sweden, you have to be happy and natural, simply ordinary. You can’t be too brilliant a star here… then the audience may get reserved – which derives its origin from our ideals as an agricultural society. In the U.S. and Great Britain however, it’s the more extravagant and elegant artists that reach real star status.

  As this is being written, the band has become an exhibit at the Halmstad Länsmuseum, and two Örjan concerts have become three. The 50,000 tickets to Ullevi sold out in a few hours and 400,000 will see the golden triumphal process through the country. I don’t know what remains after that. Everything is sort of done. It would in that case be that Gyllene Tider “does” a Rolling Stones; that they go back to their roots and make some really exclusive concerts at Bio Reflex in Getinge and in Figarosalen in Halmstad, where everything started. That would be something.

Translation by Thomas Evensson for TDR

GT25 Special - Reunion – or the art of finding the rights among five errors

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Recording. From zero to fifteen songs in 29 recording days.
From “Snickarglädje” (“Ornate Decorative Carving”) to “Finn 5 fel!” (“Find 5 Errors!”).

  HP was, exclusively, there during the recording of Gyllene Tider’s first studio album in 21 years.

Here is the report from Christoffer Lundquist’s studio, The Aerosol Grey Machine, situated at the end of the road in the middle of the Skåne countryside.

  August 1979 – “This is where you will be boys!”

  Lasse Lindbom showed Per Gessle, Mats “MP” Persson, Micke “Keef” – that was his name back then – Andersson, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon in through the door to the right after the entrance in the EMI-studio in Skärmarbrink, Stockholm.

  Inside the studio technician Björne Boström was checking some settings on the mixer table. Wow, Studer tape recorders and JBL speakers, the bunch established wide-eyed. They had been almost equally impressed six months before when Lindbom in red tracksuit pants and mauve sneakers came to a slushy Harplinge to, on Kjelle Andersson’s behalf, listen to the band.
But it wasn’t big, studio 2 the name was. This was the place the lesser bands used while the big studio, Number One, was reserved for the more established acts.

  This wasn’t anything that troubled five country boys. They were pleased with what was offered.

  “När ni faller faller ni hårt” was the first song that got finished. It was big. Almost a little magical. That night the boys were gathered around a small cassette player in one of the hotel rooms listening to a raw copy of the song. Cool, they asserted.
Six weeks later everything was finished. Thirteen songs. But it was another song that started getting airplay at Village, a discotheque on Körsbärsvägen in Stockholm where it became a local hit. A song Per only included on the cassette as a bonus to Kjelle Andersson to show how productive they were with the note “This really doesn’t fit in here but I thought you maybe wanted to hear it.” The predecessor was an old cassette that MP had had laying around, “Farlig terräng”. Now Per had written new lyrics:

  “Flickorna på TV2”.

  Read more…

GT25 Special - Timeline

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .


January 1959

Per Håkan Gessle is born Jan 12.

February 1959

Mats Arne Persson joins the world February 26.

March 1961

Micke “Syd” Andersson sees the light of day March 12.

September 1961

Anders Herrlin does the same on September 17.

April 1962

Göran Fritzon, the youngest of the golden herd, is born April 28.

March 1967

Per starts his first pop group in Furet – Pepcis – that lip-syncs to The Animals and Tages. Sticks and kitchen utensils form the “instruments.”

August 1969

MP starts playing the trumpet and joins the Youth Guard.

During 1972

Per writes his first lyrics and dyes his hair red like idol David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. Göran joins a classmate and starts taking organ lessons at the Hagström music school. A few years later, he also takes lessons in classical music from Bert Möller who tells him about Anders and Micke’s group. Read more…

GT25 Special - 25 questions to Anders Herrlin

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Anders Herrlin

Age: 43

Family: Jennie and Victor, 14.

Lives: In an apartment in Stockholm.

Car: No.

Hobbies: Yoga.

What is the most important album in history?

Gyllene Tider’s first album of course!

First album you bought?

“Razamanaz” by Nazareth.

What record purchase are you most ashamed about?

I don’t know, but there was an embarrassing incident once at a Statoil gas station. I had produced two songs on a Carola album and suddenly saw the cassette at the gas station. I didn’t have one myself – why I don’t know – but I got this preposterous idea to shoplift the cassette. Of course they caught me so I was thrown out and banned from the gas station. I’d call that an embarrassing record purchase.

What is your biggest concert experience?

Pink Floyd at Earl’s Court.

Which is the best party album before going out?

Bob Marley, “Chant Down Babylon”.

What’s the best day-after album?

To have my iPod set on shuffle so that it mixes all the songs, all the albums, all the artists.

Your best memory from Återtåget?

Stockholm Stadium… the gig was magical. And the closing concert in Halmstad of course.

What do you remember from the Gyllene Tider hysteria during the 80s?

Delight mixed with horror. Everything went so incredibly fast; we became super famous overnight. Personally, I didn’t like that time very much.

Which Gyllene Tider song do you refuse to play today?

Everything from “The Heartland Café” – probably the worst album on the planet.

What web sites would you want to promote?

I usually only visit real music technology nerd websites like, so I don’t really have any recommendations.

Read more…

GT25 Special - 25 questions to Göran Fritzon

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Göran Fritzon

Age: 42.

Family: Jenny; Emma, almost 14; Erik, 11; Victoria, 7; Oscar, three months.

Lives: Villa Tomtebo, Oskarström.

Car(s): ’97 Mercedes E420T, ’97 BMW S23, ’88 230 CE, ’66 MGB Tourer.

Hobbies: Food, movies and diaper changes, that’s all I have time for.

First album you bought?

One of the first was Sweet’s “Desolation Boulevard” (1974).

What record purchase are you most ashamed about?

It’s got to be a record by Michael Bolton…

What is your biggest concert experience?

Springsteen, May 1981, Johanneshov. “The River.”

Which is the best party album before going out?

“Finn 5 fel!”

What instrument would you like to learn how to play?

The piano.

Your best memory from Återtåget?

Many great memories, but one concert that beats most things was Stockholm Stadium.

Your worst memory from Återtåget?

When Per showed up in Lysekil. His back hurt so bad that he couldn’t even stand. We were three millimeters from canceling the show. The hours before that concert were probably the worst.

What’s the best song on “Finn 5 fel!”?

“Tuffa tider.”

What ring signal do you have on your cell phone?

Digirain… some standard signal.

What web sites would you want to promote? and

Read more…

GT25 Special - 25 questions to Mats MP Persson

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Mats MP Persson
Age: 45.
Family: Live-in girlfriend Åsa-Caroline and bonus dad to Mikaela.
Lives: A house in Halmstad.
Car/MC: One of each.
Hobbies: Car/MC.

What is the most important album in history?
John Holm’s “Sordin.”

First record you bought?
“Ett litet rött paket” by Sven-Ingvars.

What’s your biggest concert experience?
The opening act to Black Sabbath 1978 at Olympen in Lund: AC/DC.

Which is the best party album before going out?
No album, but a good day in the studio.

Your best memory from Återtåget?
Stockholm Stadium.

What do you remember from the Gyllene Tider hysteria during the 80s?
The open-air folk park tradition at its best.

What Gyllene Tider song do you refuse to play today?

What’s the best song off “Finn 5 fel!”?
“Tuffa tider.”

What ring signal do you have on your cell phone?

What household chore can you manage?
Turning on the dishwasher and changing the dust bag in the Volta.

Read more…

GT25 Special - 25 questions to Per Gessle

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Per Gessle

Age: 45.

Family: Wife Åsa; Gabriel, 6.

Lives: House in Sandhamn, apartment in Stockholm.

Car(s): Predilection for the Italian ones.

Hobbies: Art, racing.

What is the most important record in history?

In the big picture, probably “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley. But for me, I think it was “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” by The Beatles, which was the flip side of “Yesterday.” John Lennon’s voice changed my universe. And for God’s sake, don’t forget the guitar riff in the same song. Help me, that’s great!

First album you bought?

“The Kink Kontroversy” by The Kinks for five kronor (from my brother who needed money to buy cigarettes in secret…)

What record purchase are you most ashamed about?

Never regret a record purchase! I have both Peter Holm and Metallica in my collection.

What is your biggest concert experience?

Pugh & Rainrock at Folkets Park, in Halmstad 1974 I think. Pugh had just shaved off all his hair…. “Bolla och rulla” was the album. Then there are of course a lot of other goodies. Motörhead in London 1977, U2 with BB King in Melbourne 1989, Paul Simon here and there, Tom Petty is the best of all sometimes, Rolling Stones last year at Cirkus in Stockholm. I wept three times… And Hep Stars in Karsefors 1966. “Surfin’ Bird” was great.

Which is the best party album before going out?

Anything by Sweet. Glamrock is extraordinarily underrated!

What’s the best album to have in a car?

Right now I have The Beatles’ “White Album”, but I like mixing it with R.E.M.

Your worst memory from Återtåget?

My slipped disc that almost ruined it all for us. It was at its worst in Lysekil. Ugh!

What do you remember from the Gyllene Tider hysteria during the 80s?

Ugly Esso Motor Hotels! It was obviously very much fun, we never understood how it happened that we got so popular. But usually we stayed on our own, we were pretty insecure back then, we were very young.

What’s the best song on “Finn 5 fel!”?

There are several that I’m very fond of: “Nere på gatan,” “Jag borde förstås vetat bättre,” “Ordinärt mirakel,” and “Varje gång det regnar.” I like all the songs of course… otherwise they wouldn’t have been recorded! But the band really has really impressed me. They all have become “specialists” in their individual field lately. It sounds incredibly cool.

What’s your worst vacation memory?

I was very disappointed with Mauritius this winter. It didn’t suit us at all. Thankfully, I had a happy guitar with me so I wrote some songs to “Finn 5 fel!” there.

Read more…

“Allsång på Skansen” aired tonight

Written by robban on July 6, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM, SKANSEN (UPDATED) - Gyllene Tider will perform in tonight’s episode of “Allsång på Skansen,” shown live on SVT 1 at 20:00 CET, as TDR reported earlier. The Daily Roxette’s reporter, Robert Thorselius, was on site. With elbow-to-elbow crowds, the audience record of about 32,000 is believed to have been broken.

  At the rehearsals, Gyllene Tider performed “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and “Sommartider”. After “Sommartider,” rain broke out. Naturally these were the songs they performed during the show.

  After the show went off the air, Gyllene Tider continued by playing “Flickorna på TV2” and “(Hon vill ha) Puls” before a screaming audience.

  Update July 7: The audience record wasn’t broken, but 24,000 souls showed up in the pouring rain, the record was set in beaming sun, so Skansen is more than satisfied with the attendance.

GT25 Special - 25 questions to Micke “Syd” Andersson

Written by Jan-Owe_Wikstrom on July 6, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Micke ”Syd” Andersson

Age: 43.

Family: Helena, Dennis 15, Eddie 11, Emil 14 and Louise 11.

Lives: An apartment in Södermalm in Stockholm, summerhouse in Haverdal.

Car: Citroên Berlingo

Hobbies: The family, different exercises.

The first record you bought?

“Wig Wam Bam” by Sweet.

Which record purchase are you most ashamed of?

A few symphonic rock records I bought in my teens, and when I listened to them a while ago, they stood out as big question marks in my record history.

What’s your biggest concert experience?

Springsteen at Ullevi ’81, Bonnie Raitt at Konserthuset in Stockholm, and Joni Mitchell at the same place.

What’s the best record to have in your car?

Songs that feel like they’re made for cars – like “Solsken” from “Finn 5 fel!”.

Your best Återtåget memory?

When I saw the thousands of bikes outside of Sofiero in Helsingborg and I realized they were all there to see us. Then of course I’ll never forget Stockholm stadium and the last gig at Brottet.

Your worst Återtåget memory?

The first gig at Brottet… because we had a “discussion” during the afternoon sound check that resulted in me leaving and staying to myself before the gig. It wasn’t our best gig that tour, if you catch my drift.

Which Gyllene Tider-song do you refuse to play today?

Most of the songs from “The Heartland Café”.

What ring signal do you have on your cell phone?

I change it frequently, but I liked the old monophonic ring signals better. The phones are too damn noisy these days.

What web site do you want to promote?

What’s your worst vacation memory?

When Helena and I got stuck in New York on our first trip together, and our luggage went back to Stockholm.

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Estimated tour turnover €16.3 million!

Written by tevensso on July 5, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish financial industry newspaper Dagens Industri (Today’s Industry), writes this week that Gyllene Tider’s summer tour will generate a turnover in excess of 150 million kronor (€16,339,000). Experts in the business claim that Per Gessle will get a third of the turnover himself. 420,000 tickets have been sold to date.

  EMA Telstar does not want to talk about how the money will be divided or how much profit this will generate. “That’s a trade secret and I don’t discuss that with the media” Leif “Blixten” Henriksson says to DI.

Gyllene Tider gives “surprise” concert tonight at Leif’s

Written by Jud on July 2, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Gyllene Tider have been rehearsing in Halmstad for a while now. Before they go to Stockholm to continue rehearsing and to take part in the Allsång på Skansen television program, the band will perform a few songs tonight at Leif’s Lounge, Hotel Tylösand.

  The performance is scheduled at around 22:00 CET. Leif’s Lounge’s standard cover charge of 100 SEK will apply; minimum age is 23 years old.

  A similar “sneak preview” occured at Beach Club, next to Leif’s, just before the Återtåget tour in 1996.

  Update July 3:
  The five members entered the stage at around a quarter to eleven and played for about 45 minutes. Classics like “Sjömän”, “Det hjärta som brinner”, “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta”, “Leva livet”, “Sommartider” and new tracks from “Finn 5 fel!” such as “Solsken”, “Tuffa tider”, “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and “Ta mej… nu är jag din” could be heard last night at Leif’s Lounge.

Dance remake of “Fading Like A Flower” climbs Euro dance charts

Written by gessle_4_god on July 2, 2004 to .

A remake of the Roxette-classic “Fading Like a Flower,” performed by Mysterio, is currently at #7 on the Austrian DJ-playlist and appears to still be rising.

  Mysterio is a dancebeat act formed by Austrian DJ and producer Steve Twain and singer Karin Janda.

 Driving beats and a strong use of vocals mark the six remix versions on the Maxi-CD released May 10th in Germany on the Beatwerk Records label, and in Japan on Quake Records. It’s also included on a compilation CD – “Trance Voices, Volume 11” – released by Polystar in Germany.


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