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Sing-along with Gyllene Tider

Written by tevensso on July 24, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Delayed a couple of weeks in production, the new karaoke DVD containing Gyllene Tider hit songs has finally been released. “Gyllene Tider Karaoke Hits!” features 12 tracks remixed by Anders Herrlin to remove the vocals:

01. Flickorna på TV2

02. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet

03. När vi två blir en

04. Sommartider

05. (Hon vill ha) Puls

06. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

07. Gå & fiska!

08. Juni, juli, augusti

09. Kung av sand

10. Tuffa tider (För en drömmare)

11. En sten vid en sjö i en skog

12. När alla vännerna gått hem

  So far, you can only purchase the DVD via the tour merchandise stands, with profits on this item going to BRIS, a Swedish charity.

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I want it!!!! is beautiful!!!!

Does someone know all that costs? $ ...

I want one!!!!

it seems so fcking good!

One of these for roxette wouldn´t be bad in the FUTURE.

I think I paid 160 SEK last night at the concert!

Does this DVD come with the guy holding (in the beige top) the mic?

Really good present for my upcoming birthday...hmmm...

@Purple: You never happy are you? ;)
@anon: Probably, we don’t know.

@ Thomas; Well, I’m gonna need someone to hold up my mic (and this gorgeous wonder seems to do a good job)... there’s no point in doing Karaoke sobre, anyways.

It costs 160 SEK

It has only pictures, not films of the songs... the only track that is a movie is en sten vid en sjö.. there they have taken the movie that TV4 showed as a sneakpreview of the song...

edit: they also sold återtåget DVD for 160 SEK

I am getting this återtåget this evening to be signed!

Lucky mare!!

The Återtåget DVD is identical to the VHS (except that it’s on a DVD).

Such a pitty... DVD is a brilliant medium & they really could have done something impressive with it!!

maybe we will get a brand new great DVD in the autumn (or, maybe, we will get e new DVD in the autumn)

Last night was so great, me amd Jackie need more GT now, so we are about to board a train to FALUN!!!

Really good idea Anonymous.

what about Roxette karaoke DVD? Hope so.

to auryte, to laman

i also agree with him, it would be a great idea ...
because it was mine (no really, i couldn’t log in for technical reasons ...) any way, i am also ready to learn swedish in that way (hey this is a great way to learn a foreign language, don’t you think so ???)

To the others reader, and also to the responsible for TDR, to Marie and Per: it could be a great idea to learn sweedish while singing GT songs like we’d do for english with Roxette’s ones ...

A méditer ... like we say in my country ....

provided you understand what you’re singing ... :-)))


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