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“Pop25” opens in Halmstad

Written by tevensso on July 8, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD (UPDATED) - A second exhibition celebrating Gyllene Tider’s 25th Anniversary has opened its doors to the public. This one is called “Gyllene Popkonst - en resa genom 25 år” (“Golden Pop Art - a journey through 25 years”) and it’s all about records: Per Gessle’s, Gyllene Tider’s and Roxette’s. All in all, over 500 records are exhibited.

  The entrance is free, although one can leave a voluntary contribution. If you do, you may win a ticket to the final concert in Halmstad, or the Gyllene Tider book written by Jan-Owe Wikström.

  The exhibit is a success so far, and the creators are very happy. “We had more visitors hanging on the ropes than the big exhibition at the museum the opening day,” says Jocke Andersson with a satisfied smile.

  Pop25 is open 11-17 CET Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, except for the concert week when it’s open every day.

  Update: The DVD “Join the Flumeride” is being sold at the exhibition as well.

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cant wait to see this one :D

That explains why doodle/michael has not been returning me mails! Good luck boys! It’s looking great!!

Xarrr... make sure you take pics of this, hey!! I want every angle possible!! LOL!

*positively green with envy* This is SOOO my thing... all those records (drool)... I wish I could be there!

Is there actually something in *white* vinyl up there, bottom panel, second from the right?!

Tex: I don’ tknow for certain, but I think it’s a testpress in an inner sleeve. I will see this exhibit next week! :D

Yes, it is absoultely correct. It is an (one of the two records) testpress of the Instant Hits! album in its inner sleeve.

Purple: Well yes, it has been a hectic winter-spring-summer for me and my partner in pop25. However i have answered your emails, altough i havent fond the time to get hold of one of the items that you want in return for the SA- TWATG. Im sorry but this exhibition has taken up all my spare time these past months.

I forgot...

I will post some images of the exhibition on the website one of these days, so keep an eye open.

Doodle... I musta missed you’re last email then (or my one didn’t reach you) LOL, anyways! I’m currently only looking for either of Per’s first 2 CD albums... don’t worry about the old wantlist.

Can’t wait to see those pics! Good luck with the rest of the exhibition!

It’s a great exhibition.
You have done a VERY VERY GOOD job.
Thanks guys for a great afternoon.

Ted, I’m sure you were first in the cue!! :)

it opened this monday i think so no

Actaully, I wish I had all those 500 records in my own collection. Waiting for FANtastic pics from exhibition!!!

*sigh* Don’t people ever get tired of that comment? If there’s nothing to write about Roxette, then there’s nothing to write! Do you want TDR to make up news just so you can read something about Roxette or what?

@Anonymous: Oh my God, that is *SO* clever! Pat yourself on the back for coming up with that brilliant pearl!

maybe we should have to start headlines like

“there’s nothing new about roxette”

“marie is taking it easy”

“there’s still nothing about Roxette”


PS: and now please get back to the subject ;)

its sooo worth visiting. soo awesome and interresting!

I didn´t know there´s “Per Gessle” (the album) gold record.

I do not know where you see the so called “gold album”. There is none in the picture, and there is not any officialy released such either.

Pop On!


For all of you that are not able to visit the exhibition before it closes next thursday:

There is now a streaming video available on the website where you will get a virtual visit of 13 minutes.......

Pop on!

Thanx so much, Micael! It would be nice to be able to download the file in Zip, though!


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