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Dance remake of “Fading Like A Flower” climbs Euro dance charts

Written by gessle_4_god on July 2, 2004 to .

A remake of the Roxette-classic “Fading Like a Flower,” performed by Mysterio, is currently at #7 on the Austrian DJ-playlist and appears to still be rising.

  Mysterio is a dancebeat act formed by Austrian DJ and producer Steve Twain and singer Karin Janda.

 Driving beats and a strong use of vocals mark the six remix versions on the Maxi-CD released May 10th in Germany on the Beatwerk Records label, and in Japan on Quake Records. It’s also included on a compilation CD – “Trance Voices, Volume 11” – released by Polystar in Germany.


Great. I haven´t listened it yet but I will. I like Dance music. And Per get´s some more money :D
I wish Sash!, Tiesto or ATB could make a Trance cover of any Roxette song. That could be so cool.

IMHO they should immediately release “Fading Like A Flower” as a single, with a reference to “The Ballad Hits” - I bet this would improve sales ...

yes yes go go!!!!!
Roxette! I Love IT!

Will it be releaeed in the UK....

I just wish that Lithuania radio stations play this song!!! I think it’s good that young artists are interested in ROXETTE.

my only issue with rox songsa being turned into dance remixes is that it has no soul at all, just like stupid dance remakes of bryan adams songs ..what the point except to prove u have no talent to u just remix someone elses material?

Hello every one,

I have just a part of this single, and i find it sounds good. It amazing how such a song sounds ok for a dance tune ...

What a pitty, anyway, I couldn’t hear the whole song from this german site for technical reasons, obviously.

Hope to get it in Belgium ...

The only positive thing is that it might raise attention to Roxette (that people show interest in Roxette again and buy trheir album) and that roxette gets some oney for it.
These covers/remakes can never beat the original.

I just heard the song...

Such a great way to destroy such a great classic!! :

I don’t like it.

I don’t like it.
Fading Like A Flower was written as a ballad plus the Roxette version can never be beaten!!

why not ? it’s right, maybe it destroys a classic Roxette one. This is a new trend, and you got to do with or without it ... And it refreshes a song that lived 13 years ago ... It “opens” Roxette to a new generation of listeners that couldn’t know Roxette before ( i mean teenagers of today that were too much young in 1990 or 1991).

I´ve listened to this song... it´s not that kind of music i like-but for them who likes that... many peoples do not know roxette(´cause they´re to young)-maybe it will get a kick for listening to the original!

Never heard of it, but it would be a nice remix of the Roxette song... I wish that I hear this on my homecountry...


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