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Gyllene Tider rocks the pants off of Norrköping

Written by tevensso on July 22, 2004 to .

NORRKÖPING - When The Daily Roxette arrived at the Norrköping arena early Tuesday evening, we – along with the local newspaper – were invited to photograph the “meet and greet” with, among others, two girls who were fans of GT who had come all the way from Italy. The “Golden Five” were in good spirits and looking forward to the gig. Micke “Syd” was told to keep the beat this concert, to which he replied “Why?!?”… jokingly as always.

  The weather this fine evening was perfect, and when Gyllene Tider took the stage a few minutes after 9pm, the world exploded. The show didn’t differ from the rest of the tour, material wise, but the performance was truly amazing! One could see that Per and his comrades enjoyed the show.

  “This is the best crowd we’ve had, and I mean it!” Per shouted to the 24,000 people present. It had been 23 years since Gyllene Tider last played Norrköping, so Micke “Syd” asked the audience if anyone had been there then. Almost all raised their hands. Micke replied “Anyone younger than 23 is lying!”

  As previously mentioned, the setlist didn’t differ much from the Halmstad gig, they added “(Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän,” and “Fån telefon” that were removed previously, but left out “Skicka ett vykort älsking”. The best songs in Norrköping would have to be “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta” and “Ska vi älska så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly” that really rocked the crowd! After the obligatory break, both Per and MP had changed their clothes, that is almost unheard of…

  All in all a great performance, and a wonderful night. The crowd, the media and Gyllene Tider all felt this was the best gig on the tour so far.

  Photos: Thomas Evensson/TDR

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great pictures Thomas!! :D Looks like the new camara does work :P

Yep, congrats on that.
Think that it was really great! and everything ;)

Tack for pics Tev! where do you shotz these pics? In which row i mean?

From the press place, in front of the audience.

great pics tev!!!
remember, we want to see the farfisa and guitar setups from close :P

They did play Fån Telefon in Lysekil ;)

I can’t wait until the concert which I attend begins!


i think this site must be called the daily gyllene tider

Wow, and I thought one single day would pass without a comment like that...

I was thinking of jokingly saying “This site should be called the Daily Gyllene Tider” (because to say something this stupid for real makes you a complete moron) but someone beat me to it! Nice joke, there, frisson!

If any of the moderators/contributors are reading: Thanks for the awesome coverage of the shows, don’t listen to these idiots who would rather see a blank page than news on GT (why? Why??!)... keep it coming! You’re all awesome for sharing with those of us who can’t be there!

Thx for your answer tev!

Great pictures!!
Thanks very much!

PERefect pics.

PS I think that PER’s lips are too rosy, hahaha...

they did play Sjömän in norrköping :)


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