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60s nostalgia on Per’s pause music CDs

Written by roxeteer on July 29, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Expressen has gotten hold of the three CDs that are played before and after each Gyllene Tider concert. It is a known fact that Per selects the pause music very carefully. Many of the songs are 60s rock (The Beatles, Small Faces), but there is also punk music by Ramones and new Swedish music by Raymond & Maria.

The list as published by Expressen on their web site:

American Breed: Bend me, shape me

Balloon Farm: A question of temp

Bob & Earl: Harlem shuffle

Undertones: Teenage kicks

Booker T: Green onions

Wreckless Eric: Go the whole wide world

Buzzcocks: Ever fallen in love

The Beat: Rock’n roll girl

Flying Lizards: Money

Tal Bachman: She’s so high

Squeeze: Is that love?

M. Crenshaw: Soldier of love

Phil Seymour: Precious to me

Paul Mauriat: Love is blue

Holly: Tell that girl to…

The Clash: Should I stay or should I go

M. Crenshaw: Cynical girl

Dr & the Medics: Spirit in the sky

Dwight Twilley: Cry baby

Eddie: Do anything

Hollies: Dear Eloise

Paul McCartney: Heart of the country

P. Shelley: Homo sapien

Norman Greenbaum: Spirit in the sky

Bee Gees: To love

Animals: I’m crying

Beatles: Every little thing

Dave Edmunds: Girls talk

Fleetwood Mac: Never going back

Bee Gees: I’ve got to get a

Torsson: Det spelades bättre boll

Tommy James: I think we’re alone

Romantics: Talking in your sleep

Raymond & Maria: Tous les garcons

Dave Edmunds: I knew the bride

Nena: 99 luftballons

Howard Jones: What is love

Sandy Mouche: Cherry pie

Lightning Seeds: Sense

Marie Bergman: Adios amigos

Mott the Hoople: All the way from…

Kinks: David Watts

Billy Idol: Dancing with myself

Tommy Roe: Dizzy

Soundtrack of our Life: Sister Surround

David Bowie: Rebel rebel

John Lennon: Oh Yoko

Small Faces: Afterglow of…

Rolling Stones: Let’s spend the night together

Blondie: Denis

Byrds: Goin’ back

Beatles: Here comes the sun

Billy Idol: Rebel yell

Beach Boys: Help me Rhonda

Ramones: Sheena is a punk

Beatles: Polythene Pam

Dusty Springfield: Just a little lovin’

Rolling Stones: Under my thumb

Tommy Roe: Sheila

Ramones: Beat on the brat

Led Zeppelin: Immigrant song

Beach Boys: Girl don’t tell me

Kinks: Set me free

Stephen Stills: Love the one you’re with

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And one song by Sandy Mouche too... *smile* Not that surprising really.

small faces rule :D it always makes me smile when i hear that before the shows :)

Romantics: Talking in your sleep @ aaaahh... from the mid 80´s, great track.

And here’s a task for all hardcore fans:
Go out and buy all the CDs with those songs on it.
Try to find every different version that has been published of each of the songs.


sandy mouche! wahey! :o) but he has left out bandstarter by brainpool this time... too bad!

Didn’t they play “Monkees”? It seems to me that Per’s vocal is greatly influenced by “Monkees”.

From this list my favourites are 99 lutfballoons & The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

PS Stop teasing hardcore fans.

Lots of good stuff here. :)

I actaully also don’t know many of those songs. Maybe because ot my age. hehehehehehe

it’s a great way to discover ’new’ music. For instance The Undertones: they are way cool!!!!

I even didn’t knew this group.

I think it’s kinda strange to sit with the list.


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