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Per keeps his voice in shape with ginger tea

Written by roxeteer on July 26, 2004 to .

FALUN - Per Gessle must keep his voice in shape this summer because tens of thousands of people are waiting him to sing almost every night. Stress or flu could lead to a disaster. This time it’s even tougher than during the last summer’s “Mazarin” tour.

  “It was more fine-tuned and emotional. This is much more teenage screaming,” Per says. The key of the old Gyllene Tider songs were chosen 25 years in a lousy training place. “All the songs go in A. It’s not a good key, but that’s what they are,” says Per. “There are many songs on “Finn 5 fel!” that go quite high, too,” mentions Anders Herrlin.

  So far Per hasn’t had problems with his voice. Using an “in-ear” system helps him to keep the voice down because he can hear his own singing. But is there a secret weapon to keep the voice in shape?

  “No, there isn’t. I don’t sing higher notes. And I drink ginger tea,” says Per.

  “Ginger tea? Is that what you call it?” asks Micke “Syd”.

  “That’s right,” Per replies.

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Yeah, keep that voice, and yourself, in good shape - we’ll be back to see you soon :) Ginger tea ...quite nice mum LOVED the stuff!

Green tea... ermm might have to get some of that, cause I currently am croaking like a frog after all that shouting! over the past three nights! ;)

hmmm.... not sure about the tea... it sounds pretty damn FOUL! hahahah...
but ja fliss he better keep in shape! Gbg is coming very soon *jumps n laffs n cries at the same time* i cant wait!

I know that musicians drink hot milk with honey to keep their voices in shape. Ginger tea, better choice.

Maybe it’s due to ginger tea or whatever, but Pelle’s voice sounds sweet again for the last couple of years. I really enjoy it after that horrible singing on “HAND” & “Room Service”. His hoarse tenor sounds like heavenly harp when he sings good songs and does it sincerely............. :)))))))))))))

Ginger tea laced with.....?????? ;o)

and your point is.... if you don’t like it sod off....

and another anonymous.. or is it always the same? ;)

Is it really THAT hard to understand that there is nothing to write about Roxette lately? And that when there is, we DO write about that?

Oh. Judith. Don’t pay attention to those anonymous saying “It should be called Daily GYLLENE TIDER” or so.

back to subject please :)

If you want to comment about what should TDR cover or not or what name the site should have (should Visa register new domain too?), please use the TDR discussion in the SmallTalk.


@anonymous, above: Obviously just about nobody else agrees with you about changing the name of the site (temporarily - yeah, great idea, confuse the hell out of everyone) or wants to hear your pointless and endless bitching about the lack of Rox coverage/unnecessarily extensive GT coverage etc. so why don’t you just do us all a favour and shut up about it?

@ Ailsa: Nah, is quite nice ...dunno how PG (not tips! mwahahaha ...ok, dry, but ... :D) has it. The way I know is just your regular cup of tea with a slice of fresh ginger in it...

Yeah but opinions from people always anon ain’t welcome!!

Yes, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion... and just as Judith said, the appropriate place to voice that opinion is in the TDR forum under the “Discussions” tab, NOT in the comments section on an article about Per or GT.

I hope ROXETTE will be on action in the year 2006.

You can here that Per keeps his voice in shape, it still sounds as fresh as 15 years ago. Maries on the other side, I think she’s been drinking and smoking to much :p

I also noticed that MARIE sings in a lower register now. But on the hand, PER’s part of singing in ROXETTE is simplier.


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