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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

The Gyllene summer is here!

Written by Jud on July 13, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - As most of you might know, Gyllene Tider’s tour premiere is Wednesday, July 14th, in Halmstad.

  All the TDR team will be in place - Lars-Erik is on his way to Halmstad, Thomas and Visa are already there and this reporter leaves in a couple of hours - meaning we won’t be able to cover the premiere “live.” But we promise, of course, to come back to you with our own report about the premiere and great pictures!

  In the meantime, we recommend you read the following online newspapers on the 15th as they will surely have an article about the long-awaited night:

Hallands Nyheter

Have fun!


It looks like it´s going to be a great coverage.
If any of you is able to get backstage, please take pics of their equipment (Their amps, their guitar setups (Pedals, etc.) the Farfisa ;) )

Ferdan... how the hell did you post that comment before the article was written?

Way to go guys, I am sure you will have a great time...

@ Judith, did not know you where going? anyhow have a great time! :) has added a new section which will tell us about the tour :-)

@ purplemedusa - the article was online briefly yesterday then disappeared until today... Rich

have a good time everyone who is travelling to sweden to see the concerts. would have loved to be there myself....had a great time at the RS concerts, but unfortunately i’m on the other side of the world in korea at the moment. anyway maybe next time for a marie or roxette tour...heres hoping even though it may be wishful thinking

I also want Marie/Roxette now. i mean, I love GT and Mazarin, but its seems like nowdays its only Per, Per, Per. I hope Marie will feel good enough soon to make a BIG comeback:)

Have a nice concert evryone you lucky people. What else can I say. Well, take great pics of the show!
PS Stop teasing PER & GYLLENE TIDER!

Anonymous, so why don’t you tell us news about Marie, if you know there’s news.

Did I miss a comment?

Setlist already available anywhere???

@Kiwein: No, not one, about four or five *g*

Kiwein1, you missed lots... usual arguments n’stuff, but thankfully mods are still looking in keeping peeps all in line! ;)

Darn that!!

@denstandigaresan: thanks for explaining :) They forgot to delete one comment, so I got curious! :)

there’s a picture-special on :-D

They’re all starting to post stuff... Aftonbladet have stuff now. :)

I’ve found 2 other articles in which is written that ’En sten...’ is played as the first song :-)

Aftonbladet? Where? I can only find old stuff...

Fair enough. I don’t speak a word of swedish, clicked noje or whatever it is and it had a picture there similar to the expressen one, so assumed it was a write up.
My bad.

Great pictures!!!!!
i love this tour!!

Thanx for sharing your news....

Yes, you can bring your camera! It´s only the big cameras wiht objectives that you can´t take in. A ordinary camera or digital-camera is allowed.

Well, it’s not like they never said they’d only play four songs from FFF, so I’d hardly call that a surprise!

@ Anonymous 7/15/2004 08:49


Some people are never flippin happy.... if case you did not notice it is a 25th anniversary, therefore they are more than likley to play the old stuff rather than the new!!

I don’t think that she was there, Crashi! We would have heard about that already, I hope and guess and pray for..

She could have been there and was hiding from the press... something tells me she would not have missed something so big unless....

Unless what, Ally?

I don’t know, perhaps she might show up at another show with a bit of luck!

In that case I go for the last concert in Halmstad. :)

Marie was NOT there. Reason unknown.

I love the Setlist!!!


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