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Gyllene Tider gives “surprise” concert tonight at Leif’s

Written by Jud on July 2, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - Gyllene Tider have been rehearsing in Halmstad for a while now. Before they go to Stockholm to continue rehearsing and to take part in the Allsång på Skansen television program, the band will perform a few songs tonight at Leif’s Lounge, Hotel Tylösand.

  The performance is scheduled at around 22:00 CET. Leif’s Lounge’s standard cover charge of 100 SEK will apply; minimum age is 23 years old.

  A similar “sneak preview” occured at Beach Club, next to Leif’s, just before the Återtåget tour in 1996.

  Update July 3:
  The five members entered the stage at around a quarter to eleven and played for about 45 minutes. Classics like “Sjömän”, “Det hjärta som brinner”, “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta”, “Leva livet”, “Sommartider” and new tracks from “Finn 5 fel!” such as “Solsken”, “Tuffa tider”, “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and “Ta mej… nu är jag din” could be heard last night at Leif’s Lounge.

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Whoever will join that event - have fun!! :)

LOL.... being 19 sucks but i have no money anyways ;P and 10 shows + m&g is enough for me :P

Wow, how cool.... if you are lucky enough to get there....

Wow....but an age limit of 23? What is the ’standard’ age limit in Leif’s Lounge (or other bars in Sweden) anyway?

Have a fine a show everybody who is going to this one. It’s kinda strange that age limit is 23...

It’ll be *very* interesting to find out which F5F songs they play!! Rich

ESVESIES, Tuffa Tider, Solsken and Ordinärt Mirakel! :)
At least these are the NEW songs that they have been rehearsing..

great that they are rehearsing Ordinärt mirakel! I love this song :D

The age limit is not 23 just because they sell alcohol, because bars are allowed to sell alcohol to persons over 18 here in Sweden.

Waha, wish I was already in Sweden... :’-(

But have fun anyone who’s going...

Have fun and RECORD the performance, please, lucky ones...

Record AND share would be more precise! :-)

LOL Kiwein :D

@ Kiwein, how do you know what songs they have been rehearsing?

Hmmm... thought Per was feeling really tired right now, I would think the concert nobody knew about anyway would be the first thing to go...

Guess the press just caught him on a bad day (like the time Elton John said he’d never record another album again, and the next day said he was just “bitchy” (-: ).

Hi, I‘m new on the site.
Wish I could be at Leif‘s lounge. “Nere pa gatan” ist really great!

Welcome Sonnelinchen :-)

thx for your post annonymus!

Wow, Ta Mig Nu är Jag Din & Fån Telefon - it will be a dream to hear those songs live this summer!!!! Rich

agree! :) (well to hear them in the dvd at least :P)

Solsken & Ta Mig Nu är Jag Din for the next double-A side maybe?!! Hmmm, there’s more dreaming, Rich

@ktoto: I’ve been hearing them rehearsing when I was in Halmstad a week ago. :)

I wonder why the newspapers call the concert “secret”, and that “rumours” about this show started to spread yesterday morning... it was announced yesterday on and here!!! (and maybe in other places in Halmstad, don’t know)

How secret is that? Or how much of a “rumour” is that? :S

Wow, Fån telefon. That song kicks ass!

sounds like it was a great night!
Does anybody think they will play Billy on the tour? Its my favourite GT track and i would just LOVE to hear it live!

Possible it was played last year on the Mazarin tour.... except my venue Stockholm as Per hurt his finger! fingers crossed for it this time round! did you manage to hear them? do you know some1 in the “inner circles” or what?

No inner circles, no! :) Just BIG EARS.. :D

Oh, great that they played ta mej... It’s my favorite track. Hopefully they play it also on tour :-)

okej so you stod outside the door or outside a window:D

Outside the door hits the nail on the head! :-)

Nobody there has recorded it?
It would be great to hear that songs!!

Anonymous, have you bought Plus membership?

woooowww tag mej nu jag är din.I wanna heart these songs!!!!!


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