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“Finn 5 Fel!” drops a notch, but achieves 3x platinum

Written by daniel_alv on July 30, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - In “Finn 5 Fel!”’s seventh week on the album charts, it falls to the second postion, having premiered on the chart at #1. The new Gyllene Tider album has now reached platinum status three times over, with some 180,000 copies sold. GT’s album was pushed out of the top spot by The Hives.

  “GT 25 Samtliga Hits!” stays at #5 while Per’s solo album from last summer, “Mazarin,” is at #23 in it’s 58th week on the charts. It has never left the Top 40 since the release 58 weeks ago.

  Both “En sten vid en sjö i en skog” and Tuffa tider” are in the top five on the Swedish radio charts this week at #3 and #5.

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Wow, I’m shocked that somebody else was able to move GT out of the top spot! No matter, they’ll be back there in a week or two (-:

Well, kinda off-topic, but how many copies has Mazarin sold in the meantime? I guess every Swede must have a copy now. :)

I’m really proud of MAZARIN. 58 weeks in top 40. hmmmmm. I pray that “FINN 5 FEL” will return to number 1 and will sold at least 5 times platinum.

Also unbelievable that Mazarin is in the list for 58 weeks!! Great.
Probably everybody in Sweden has bought the album.

I agree. Hopefully “FINN 5 FEL” will reache something like that.

Good idea, Anonymous. (About MARIE).

Nice site.


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