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TDR’s Evensson guests on Stockholm radio program

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on July 25, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Being recognized as somewhat of a Gyllene Tider “expert,” The Daily Roxette’s Thomas Evensson (tevensso) appeared on a Radio Stockholm show yesterday.

  With more than 300,000 listeners daily, the station is Stockholm’s biggest radio station. They had a Gyllene Tider special on a show called “Viktors vänner” (“Friends of Viktor”) as a warm-up before the second concert at the Stadium.

  The show lasted two hours during which Thomas and the host, Viktor Petrovski, discussed different aspects of the Gyllene phenomenon.

  Among other things, the opening acts were discussed. Viktor’s opinion was that The Latin Kings were a good choice while Thomas’ opinion differed… to say the least.

  Tobias Persson, the director and writer of “Flumeride” was interviewed and he gave his perspective of GT and Roxette. Viktor asked if Thomas had seen and liked “Flumeride”, which he had, and did. “You can see it’s made with love, it’s a great short film,” Thomas stated.

  There was also a phone-in with Anders Herrlin who was goofing off and taking in Stockholm’s wildlife while waiting for the soundcheck to begin.

  Viktor and Thomas decided that the frontman of Gyllene Tider actually is Göran Fritzon, the Farfisa Guru. They also agreed that “MP” Persson plays the guitar like no other.

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Aaaahhh... that’s so cute!! Go Thomas!!

My demands are as follows:
- Someone to come forward with a recording of the show
- to mp3 it
- upload it to web
- give the URL of the recording
- give a mirror of the recording in .Zip format
- and lastly someone to translate the entire 2 hour show in 5 languages (spanish, english, german, dutch & russian)

Not to much to ask... is it?

Yea, go Thomas!

Oh and can I get some pictures taken during the interview!!

Nevermind PM... musta been all the poppers I sniffed as a teen!! LOL

Thomas.. THE GT fan ;)

hope we can get to listen to it someday.. *angel* :P

Tev: “Expert” eh? *lol*

Ex = former
spurt = a drip under pressure

expert = a former drip under pressure ;o)

I think the frontman of GYLLENE TIDER is no one else but PER GESSLE.

göran rulez

It´s my gf’s favourite one.

And no other organ sounds like the Farfisa!!

I recorded a part of the program, between 1 and 2 PM, which already seemed to be part 2 (del två they said at the beginning), so I wonder when the part 1 was; after 2 there was already something else. Any idea about a site to upload it? The whole file in MP3 is about 50 MB long as I recorded it all as it went.

I´ll give you an ftp account... just mail me

[email protected]


About what did GYLLENE TIDER talk in that interview???

Awwwwww I missed it...

And his name is Tobias Persson, not Pettersson!

And I, by the way, ran into Anders Celin (mr Likström in Flumride) a couple of days ago.

sigh.. some ppl seem to be jealous ;)

^^ damn I should have unsigned to write this as anonymous :P

So, the recording is already online.
ftp://martina:[email protected]/Viktors_Vanner_040724.mp3

Thanks to Hector/PunxNotDead for providing the server.
I just hope it’s there correctly; it was my first time uploading this way.

Hej - to the ones that the ftp address doesn´t work..

i hope the server won´t go down..there are a lot of connections!! if it´s down.. be patient =)


Thx for the interview!


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