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Written by roxeteer on July 10, 2004 to .

As you can see in the tabbed menu above, The Daily Roxette now has an additonal section called “Features.” It will have all the longer and more exclusive TDR articles separated in their own section. Currently it only has older stories, but stay tuned for something very special!


Look great! Well done folks. Look forward to the something speciell. Rich

Super ! A little something extra for the page I start at is always good !

Nice.... I like it! ;)

Hopefully it’s something on Marie!!!!! A new English album :))))

Good idea

CONGRATULATIONS! What else can I say. It’s great when things are being improved!!!

I would love to think that this “something very special” is about Marie (if it’s about the new cd fantastik) but as painful as it looks, hehe painful in a good way, i supose is something related with Gyllene Tider, or live Gyllene Tider.

Anyway, congratulations on the new section, is great, shows your welldone job as a newspaper.

Great section.

fantastic,let’s hope that the ‘something special‘ bit is that marie is well on the road to recovery & that roxette is about to release an album.once again congratulations on the new features tab


I’ve got a question: If the features are occasional I guess people won’t check it often, in which case how will people know when one has arrived? Will there be a news article to say there’s a new feature?! All the best, Rich

Right, Rich-UK!
a “Look in the features-area for a new piece” link would be great!

How much work is it to check yourself if there is something new in this area? only 1 or 2 mouseclicks!


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